tagErotic CouplingsWanna Bet? Ch. 09

Wanna Bet? Ch. 09


Kerry and Derrick began their bet as usual... although they were getting much less creative. Either way they were going to have some kind of sex - Derrick wanted to spank her and then take her in the pussy AND ass, Kerry wanted to tie him up and play with him. Neither of them even really cared if they lost, they both knew that they were thoroughly going to enjoy the afternoon... and it was a good thing too. The end of summer was coming closer and they would be going back to their separate colleges soon, a sad prospect but also an inevitable one.

Sitting on the couch, neither of them could have said who started it. They were idly caressing each other of course, teasing touches designed to arouse, get each other going... waiting for the end of the bet had become a lot more fun of late. Derrick slid his hands under her shirt and brushed against her breasts - a teasing gesture that backfired on him when he found that she wasn't wearing a bra. Sliding onto his lap, Kerry ground her ass down against his already hard dick, feeling it press against her asscheeks. One of them started kissing each the other, maybe they both started kissing at once... it intensified and deepened as Derrick began to press her back onto the couch, his hands sliding back up her shirt and caressing her breasts.

Moaning she pressed up against him, spreading her legs to feel him pressing against her groin.

Pushing him back away from her, their lips reluctantly parting, she smiled and said, "Aren't we going a little fast for before the bet..."

"Maybe," he grinned at her, "But I don't really mind, do you?"

"Nope," she smiled back and then grabbed the back of his head, pulling him back down for another kiss. They began pulling at each other's clothing, passionately caressing and kissing... it was almost a new experience because they were now both equals. No one had won or lost yet and it was exciting to exchange pleasure for pleasure, not working towards anything but just taking enjoyment in the other's body.

Derrick got a sudden idea and pulled himself off of her, turning around so that his dick was poised above her lips and he began pulling her legs apart and lowering his head and his dick. Realizing what he was about Kerry giggled, but opened her mouth to accept his lowering member, moaning around the fleshy shaft as his tongue began to lick at the junction between her thighs and her body. They sucked and slurped, taking enjoyment in giving the other pleasure and also in taking their own; Kerry shuddered and her legs closed over his head as he began to press his tongue into her pussy hole, wriggling it inside of her.

Rubbing her hands along the backs of Derrick's thighs, Kerry caressed his ass, her fingers searching out the small crinkled hole. He groaned as she found it, her fingertip rubbing and pressing against the sensitive nerves that were bundled there, making his dick throb in her mouth. As he pressed further into her throat Kerry was a little nervous, but found that in this position it didn't bother her gag reflex as much. Sucking harder she made little circles over his anus, pressing down gently on the hole.

All the teasing and fore-play was too much, not to mention the fantastic feeling of her throat actually massaging the mushroom of his dick. Losing control, he let his hips press all the way down, sliding his dick into her throat completely as he began to cum. Kerry swallowed frantically, surprised at his sudden climax but willing to go along with it... she started to run out of breath but he finished cumming and pulled up off of her before she could panic.

Gasping a little for breath, she smiled at him as he crawled between her legs and said, "You're turn." and buried himself into her pussy.

Her hips jerked as he began feasting on her body, sucking and nibbling on her flesh. Using that first lift of her buttocks he slid his hands under her and kept her hips up, using the extra space to slide his tongue from her pussy down to her ass. Teasing the small crinkled hole he wet it with his mouth, making her moan and writhe in pleasure as her pussy burned with excitement. Moving his mouth back up to her pussy, he slid his hands out from underneath her and began pressing a finger into her excited pussy hole. Coating it with her juices he pumped it in and out a few times, rubbing along the inside of her body. Pulling it from her heated aperture he moved it slightly lower and began pressing it against her asshole.

It was a tight squeeze as he began to fit his finger into her ass, continuing to lick her dripping pussy, it clasped his finger and gripped down hard. Kerry moaned as he pleasured her, it felt like her pussy was itching with passionate fire that needed to be scratched and quenched. The one finger seemed very large in her ass, pressing inwards and filling her, creating a pleasantly full sensation that went along with the exciting stimulation to her pussy. Pumping her asshole with his finger, Derrick found her clit with his tongue and flicked it, making her hips jerk and her ass come down hard on his invading finger. Sucking the little bud into his mouth, he bit down and began to roll it with his teeth while her body started to shake.

Opening her mouth into an ecstatic "O", Kerry thrashed and her ass clamped down hard on his finger as she came. It was quite a sight to watch from between her legs as her breasts jiggled spastically and her face contorted with passion, he felt himself getting hard again.

As her orgasm slowed he pulled his finger from her ass licked up the remaining juices coating her pussy before coming up for a kiss. She could taste herself on his lips as they kissed deeply.

Suddenly she pushed him away from her and looked at the TV, "Who won the bet?"

The program they had been watching wasn't even on anymore.

"I don't know..." he said slowly, a little distracted by his partially hard dick which was slowly growing as it pressed against his thigh.

Turning her head back to him she smiled, "Do you really care?"

"No." He grinned at her and she pulled him down for another passionate kiss. As his hands gripped her boobs, squeezing hard, she could feel his dick slowly growing along the inside of her thigh, almost as though it was purposely growing towards her pussy. Spreading her legs a little more she pressed her splayed pussy against his groin, moaning as her clit rubbed against his skin.

Sucking on one nipple he pinched the other with his fingers, tugging on it like he was doing with his teeth. Kerry moaned and writhed underneath him as the heat in her pussy grew again, she was eager for the hard dick that she felt pressing against her. Pulling on his hips she tried to hurry the process along, but he held fast, just nuzzling his head along the outside lips of her excited pussy. Moving her hips up and down she tried to tempt him with the slickness inside, her sweet juices that were ready to cover him and ease his entry.

Finally he began to press inwards, groaning under his breath as her tight hole opened for him and squeezed him deliciously. She was so wet that he slid in easily, a long quick plunge that made them both gasp with pleasure. Trapping him inside of her with her legs she began to hump back as he thrust into her, both of them moving in rhythm as they fucked. Her tits were smashed against his chest, hard nipples rubbing into him.

Leaning forward for more leverage he slammed into her body, over and over, almost as though he was trying to drill her into the couch... she was almost surprised that they weren't moving the furniture with the force of his thrusts. They split open her shocked pussy, making her lose her breath with every powerful blow and she gripped him hard in pleasure. Every plunge filled her up and she clasped his dick as he receded, trying to keep him inside of her.

Groaning, he held himself fulling inside her and ground against her body, rubbing her exposed clit with his groin and making her shriek with pleasure. Returning to his thrusts, he made sure to grind against her every few strokes, making her pussy burn with excitement. Pulling him even deeper into him with her legs as she tensed, he felt her pussy begin to ripple as she came, throbbing walls that closed around his dick. With five quick and hard thrusts that made her orgasm soar even higher, he plunged in a final time and began to empty himself into her body, arching his back with the intensity of his climax.

Sometime later they both lay there, content and tired. Propping himself up on his forearms, Derrick looked down at her and kissed her, "I'm going to miss you."

"I'm going to miss you too," she told him, "I missed you all this year." Then she smiled seductively, "You should come visit me... I'll make it worth your while."

For a moment he hesitated before asking, "So... are we dating now?"

Kerry hesitated too and then giggled, "Well, we definitely act like it." Looking down at her naked body with his dick still lodged in her pussy he laughed too.

"You have a point." He grinned at her and they kissed again, finally both completely happy with where they were.

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