tagMind ControlWanna Bet? Ch. 11

Wanna Bet? Ch. 11


Ahhhhhhhh, nothing like a sunny day on the beach of a exclusive hotel in Cancun with nobody but yourself and your smoking hot girlfriend tanning naked next to you. I have my own little private beach, my own waiter on call, and Jessica working on her tan. Mmmmm, she just turned over and I'm getting a lovely view of her perfect ass. Tonight is dinner and dancing and then some nice hot sex in our beachside room.

I've got some open time after that, I might head back and see my parents and see how they like their matched BMW convertibles I got them for their anniversary. They of course would love to see Jessica again, even though they are a bit annoyed we won't get married. What can I say; it just wouldn't feel right to be married while having a whole harem of women at my beck and call.

But my future plans are not what you want to hear about.

You want to know what happened after I took Lisa and Diane.

I did my plea, got my fine, no jail time, everything nice and quiet. Lisa eased back a bit on the DA side of things and Diane did make Detective Lieutenant. Jessica finished her Masters, Amber was out working and now was just a very "friendly" friend, Missy was now sporting seven distinct personalities thanks to Dr. Hong (who was seriously playing mad scientist with her, I had to reign her in several times from going way overboard), and she was pretty fun. With one code word I could make the ultra serious Dr. Stannoer turn into ditzy, dizzy, Misty the stripper, or Missy the horny college co-ed, or other fun personalities. I'm honestly not sure who had more fun with that; me or Jessica.

I graduated with honors and decided to celebrate in style. Jessica had already insisted that we take a big vacation and she wanted me to take everyone along. After some back and forth we decided that we would rent a private yacht and do a nice cruise around the Bahamas. I had been making good money, and with a total of nearly fourteen million in the Swiss Bank, I could afford it. Astrid used her connections to find a nice ship for rent, and then hire an all female crew. This trip was going to be a floating orgy and I didn't want any guys around to ruin my fun.

Not wanting to trust my fate against possible blackmail or nasty photos at a later time I decided that I needed to "interview" the crew. The captain was a nice blonde woman named Jody. She had been in the Navy, but had left to work for a friend's startup providing crews for rich people who didn't know anything about sailing. She was fit, and about thirty with a body that looked like it never left the tropics. The crew she had was also all female (Astrid had made it sound like it was a girl's week out and "no men allowed") and included a cook, cleaning woman, purser/director, and four regular crew. The whole crew was female, all were pretty good looking, and all were fairly young with no one being over thirty.

I had Diane set up interviews as the chief of the security detail and I came along as one of her guards. I brought my dice, a whole lot of information dug up on the dark web, and my cards. It was really simple, I'd go in, let Diane talk for a bit, then interrupt with a "Wanna Bet?" and bet them that they would want to bet me more. Then I would gradually program them. I turned Captain Jody into one of my "spies", and turned the remaining women into very horny, very easy, party girls who fully understood what this trip was about. When I was done they were very much looking forward to the trip and would never think of spying on us or telling anyone about this fun time.

I graduated, had a final frat party, picked up my women and headed to Miami. The crew met us there along with some of the other girls. On this trip I had the crew, Captain Jody, Jessica, Diane, Lisa, Astrid, Missy, Amber, Alyssa, Lily (in spy mode), Nina, Natasha, and Svetlana. My other women had been let go as Jessica was firm that only top women would be allowed to work with me. We were on board and underway fast and my women were into barely there string bikinis before we left port. Our boat was a three decked yacht with a pool, full kitchen and dining room, a whole floor of rooms, a master suite, and everything one would want on a floating party boat.

I had a couple of drinks and decided to get started. I moved up to the bridge and saw the Captain was at the helm with another crew woman standing by. Jody nodded towards me and said "Sir, we are underway and have just cleared the harbor. We should be at Nassau tomorrow by about noon."

I moved behind her and cupped her tits. "Lovely. Now then, let's have some fun. You there, take the wheel while I take the Captain."

The crew woman giggled and said "Aye Aye Boss!"

Jody tried to turn her head but I just kissed her hard on the mouth. I whispered "This is your reward Agent Jody, for your loyalty and service to the organization. Let this underling take the wheel while I have you here and now on the bridge."

Jody was breathing hard as I spoke and I saw a fevered look in her eyes. She didn't speak but merely nodded. She turned and wrapped her arms around me and kissed me with heat. I shoved her over to the side away from anything important looking and pushed her up against the consol. I reached down and undid her belt and then her white pants. They dropped with minimal effort and I grinned at the nice white lace panties that you could see through. I saw just a hint of bush and rubbed my hand against it.

"Nice, I like it just like that, be sure to keep it up. Now then my fine little spy, I'm going to interrogate you and you'll love every minute of it."

I grabbed her panties and ripped them off. She gasped and I eased my hand between her thighs. She was already nice and moist and I felt a breeze on my cock as she eased my swimming trunks down. We kissed hard and I let my hands roam over her nice body. I ripped open her top and tossed her top over in a corner.

"Captain, from now on you go naked except for your hat and flip flops. Unless we are in port or doing official business of course."

Jody just nodded. She was cupping her tits, at least a 36 DD cup and was licking her nipples as my hand massaged her pussy and my other one traced up and down her back. She pushed back into me and eased up her right tit and said "Sir, for you."

I licked it and then got a little yelp when I bit it. I then kissed it and licked around her nipple until it was nice and hard. I moved over to the other one and repeated the same process. Her pussy was now nice and wet and I could feel her juices start to run down her legs.

I pushed her back to the consol and then gave her a boost up and onto it. I spread her legs and knelt down and took a nice deep breath. I sighed and then kissed her clit. She moaned and rubbed her tits. I then gave her clit a nice slow lick and she moaned louder. I slowly worked my tongue in and out and she would stiffen and moan and then shudder as I eased out. I did this for a bit and then licked slowly up her belly, kissed each tit, and then kissed her on the lips.

I let my dick tip play against her pussy lips while I kissed her and then positioned and shoved in deeply. She let out a loud "OOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" and growled as I started pushing in and pulling out. I pushed her back up against the glass and I could see I was steaming it up. This was fun and I could see that several of my women were on deck and watching me fuck the captain. Natasha was playing with herself and I could see Nina was rubbing her legs together hard.

"Hmmmmm, I'm the only guy here. And I've got a ton of horny or soon to be horny women, I need to fix this up or I'm gonna die from exhaustion." I thought.

I leaned in and whispered "Wanna Bet? If I can make you cum you'll become a bi-sexual and love to fuck beautiful women almost as much as you want to fuck me. If you don't then I'll give you two hours to have me do whatever you want."

I barely made out a grunted "Deal" and I picked it up. Jody was nearly ready when I told her so it didn't take long at all. She was gasping and shoving into me and she stiffened and then let out a scream. "FUCCKKKKKKKKKKK!!"

I blasted a full load of my cum into her and she clenched down for a few moments and pulled on me to milk me dry. Then with a sigh she relaxed and the whole load oozed out onto the counter. She gave me a very spacey grin and then said "That was fun. But I think I'd like a piece of Brenda."

I heard the girl at the wheel gasp and the boat jerked just a bit. I turned around and smiled. "Are you Brenda? Oh ho, nice taste Jody. Are you bi? No? Well, Wanna Bet? I'll bet you I can guess your mother's maiden name, if I win you turn bi, if you win, you get $50,000 as a bonus."

Brenda didn't even hesitate. "Deal."

My hackers had done their job well. "Samsons."

Brenda stiffened and then gave me a very inviting smile. I grinned and said "Captain, have another crew member take the wheel. Then enjoy."

Captain Jody eased down and touched a button. A few second later another young woman came in and gaped at her naked captain. "Take the wheel, keep it on course." Jody said. The woman did and Jody grabbed Brenda and kissed her right there. I left the bridge as Brenda was getting pinned against the wall by Jody. I heard an "Ohhhhh, CAPTAIN!" as the door shut.

I was naked and horny. I grabbed another drink and moved out to the pool where most of my women were gathered. All of them were topless, some were completely naked, and I could tell all of them were horny. I moved right over to Jessica and kissed her on the lips. I turned to Diane and Lisa. They were both topless and I motioned them over.

"Wanna Bet? I bet if I roll high you will become bi and find each other very attractive when not working. Like now. If I win, you each get me for an hour for whatever you want to do." I pulled out a set of dice and handed them a set. Nina had given me a new low roll set and she swore that it never rolled higher than a five in a thousand rolls. I tossed a twelve, Lisa a three, and Diane a snake eyes. They both blinked and then gave each other a very inviting stare.

"I want my employees to have a fun time. Please, have fun and do whatever strikes you're fancy; just remember who made this all possible. In fact, why don't you show me how loyal you are?" I said.

Diane looked at me and I glanced down. Diane knelt down and lowered her head to the deck. "Sir, you are my master and I am so happy that you have taken me into your service. I will serve you until I die." Lisa watched and with a quick glance and Jessica and me, she dropped down and repeated the same thing. Jessica began to breath hard and her hand started to stroke my cock right there. I smiled and said "I'm happy to have you both. Now have some fun."

Diane was quicker than Lisa and before Lisa could even say "Thank you" Diane had her locked in a mouth to mouth kiss. Diane's fingers rapidly found her clit and her ass and began to rub and massage. Diane eased her back right there on the deck and was soon eating my lawyer out with some serious tongue action while my lawyer thrashed and babbled nonsense. I let my hands roam freely over Jessica and called out to Dr. Stannoer.

The Doc came over from a tanning bed. She was actually the only one still dressed in a white two piece bikini and mirror sunglasses. I wasn't in the mood for stern doctor so I said "Tee Hee" and watched. That was the code word to turn Dr. Stannoer into Missy the bimbo and she blinked and then let out a giggle of pure empty-headed bliss. She looked at me and licked her lips. I shook my head and pointed at Nina.

"I think Nina needs some loving Missy, go over and let her have some fun with you." Missy giggled again and slinked over. Nina was bi-sexual already, partially due to Dr. Stannoer's attentions, and I knew she liked having Missy as a bimbo and even more as a plaything. Nina smiled as Missy sauntered over and I called out "Missy is going to stay with us the whole trip, have as much fun with her as you want. But first, let me hear who your master is."

Nina didn't even blink she slid down to her knees and said "Ted is my Master and I will serve him forever." Missy knelt down in front of her and kissed her. I said "Missy girl? Who's your daddy?"

"Like Teddy is my Sugar Daddy! He's my man and my boss and like, I only obey him and Jessica!" She got out with a giggle at the end.

Nina gave me a thumbs up and spread her legs. Missy practically dived into her muff. I heard a loud slurping sound as Missy went to work and in a few moments Nina was gasping and her head was rolling back as my former owner went to work on my assistant gambler.

Jessica was now on her knees sucking my cock. I put my head on her hair and let my fingers play. "That's it my love, keep doing that. I need to make sure everyone is having fun. Now who else? Ah, I know. Lily, I need to test the loyalty of my banker. I want to see if you can get my bank account number from Alyssa. Seduce it out of her. That is after you affirm your loyalty."

"Sure thing boss." Lily said and stood up from the bar stool. She came over and gave me a heated kiss and then backed up a step and knelt down. "I, Agent Lily, am loyal to Ted and the Organization. My life and my soul belong to them and them alone."

Alyssa had been sitting near the pool watching Diane and Lisa get it on and apparently hadn't heard my instructions. Lily moved up behind her and cupped her tits. She jumped but Lily locked her arm behind her. "If you want to resist go ahead, that will be more fun for me. And you." Lily said in a heated voice and then kissed her softly on her lips. She broke the kiss and then said softly "Swear your loyalty to your Master."

I didn't know if Alyssa was bi or not, but she was either so shocked she didn't register what was happening or she was bi and didn't care. Alyssa's eyes got a wild look to them and she gasped as Lily's hands worked her pussy and her tits while she nibbled her ear. I gave her an expectant look and Alyssa babbled out "I serve Ted! I serve, oh fuck! I serve, "gasp" Ted!" I nodded and Lily gave her another long soft kiss.

Alyssa may have been straight when Lily started but she was bi by the time Lily finished working her over. The interrogation actually lasted nearly four hours as Alyssa was under my control and wouldn't give up the goods. I had to break it up and give Lily a consolation fuck and Alyssa a reward fuck or Lily would still be at it and my banker would likely be a babbling idiot who could only say "Fuck more?"

Lily's kiss was long and soft and Alyssa's eyes were rolled up when she was done. Lily then gently took her by the wrist and put both her hands behind her. I heard a "click-click" sound and then Lily stood up and gently pulled Alyssa to her feet. She let a dazed and handcuffed Alyssa over behind the bar, sat her down, and then whispered something in her ear. Then she kissed her again and started eating her out.

I found out later that the handcuffs were Diane's and she had left them there when she jumped Lisa.

I figured that would hold those two. I was close to the edge by now and let Jessica finish me off. I came hard and had to sit down. Jessica slid up next to me and said "Keep going my Love! This is so fucking great! Look at them! Your slaves, your thralls, your puppets! You command and they obey. WE command and they obey."

That got me hard again, well that and Jessica's hand slowly rubbing me. I looked about and then nodded at the hot tub. Astrid, Amber, Natasha and Svetlana were all topless and drinking wine. I could tell Natasha and Svetlana were into it because they were already making out while Amber and Astrid watched and giggled. I called out "Enough playtime girls get serious and show your sugar daddy what you can do."

Natasha didn't need any more convincing she took Svetlana by the hand and led her out of the tub and laid her down. She kissed her and then eased off her bottoms. "Svetlana, we sixty nine now for Sugar Daddy yes?"

"Yes!" Svetlana replied heatedly and both her hands grabbed Natasha's ass and pulled her snatch down to her face. Natasha let out an "Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!" and bent down over Svetlana's pussy and kissed it. Just as Natasha was about to get completely into it they both called out "We loyal and love Teddy out Sugar Daddy!" I sighed with content as my two Ukrainian strippers went to work. I then looked at Amber and Astrid. I motioned them to me and told Jessica to stand by them.

"Jessica, Amber, Astrid, Wanna Bet? If I win, you will all become bi-sexual and be attracted to women as much as me; except of course I will be you're first and foremost man. You will want to do nothing this week except have fun and lots of sex. You will love showing off for your Master this week and fucking him whenever he wants it or doing whatever he desires."

I pulled out a deck and dealt out five cards. Thanks to my programming they all folding and I saw them freeze just a minute and then look at me and then each other with appraising eyes. I looked at Astrid and then Jessica and got an idea. Normally I wouldn't think about incest, but I was drunk and I was definitely NOT thinking with my brain if you follow. Right then all I saw were two incredibly hot women and I decided they needed to get busy.

I motioned Amber over and sat her down on my lap facing them. I eased into her and she started to slowly go up and down. I then said "Jessica, Astrid, give me a show and enjoy doing it."

Jessica seemed to hesitate just a second but Astrid didn't. Astrid turned her daughter's face to hers and kissed her full on the lips. Jessica froze for a split second and then wrapped her arms around her mom and returned it with passion. Her hands roamed over her mom's tits and her mom's hands began to play in Jessica's pussy.

The kiss broke and Astrid said "Oh baby! You are so hot! Mommy's always been so proud of your looks! You make men and women melt with your eyes! Hmmmmmmm, Mommy's so glad your boyfriend helped you become the gold digging whore you were meant to be!"

Jessica gave her mom a laugh and then kissed her tits. "You say the nicest things mom, but I'm not a whore. I'm Ted's WOMAN. He is my Master, and he has made me into his right hand." Jessica kissed her mom on the lips again and said "And that means YOU serve ME. On your knees mommy, time to give your little Jessica some pleasure."

Astrid didn't resist as Jessica pushed her down on her knees and guided her face into her pussy. Astrid kissed her on the clit and then began to gently kiss and lick her daughter's pussy and let her hands run up and down her legs. Jessica looked down with a look of triumph and laughed what I would call an evil laugh. Amber joined in, but hers was cut short as I was picking up speed and she was grunting along with my pace.

Astrid knew what she was doing and soon she had my Jessica twitching and gasping. I picked up my pace as the show was hot as hell. Jessica's naked body was shining from sweat and she looked like a goddess standing there in only heels while her mom, fully nude knelt before her and worked her pussy like a pro. Jessica gave me a look and her eyes seemed almost mad with lust and then she tensed and screamed.


Jessica squirted all over Astrid's face and I saw Astrid shudder and then cum just from the excitement. I tensed and then came in Amber, who also then came. I watched Jessica stumble back and sit (or flop really) on to a deck chair while Astrid had fallen backwards and was now looking up at the sky with empty eyes while she sighed and giggled. Amber was leaned back on me with a groggy "Mmmmmm, so good." coming out of her mouth. I just listened for a moment and heard the sounds of my women all fucking each other and damn I felt good.

I eased Amber off me and went over to Jessica. I said nothing but simply moved her onto a tanning bed, kissed her, and then fucked her. I was pretty beat so it wasn't anything epic, just a nice slow fuck. I came and then I just laid there looking into her eyes for a bit.

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