tagMatureWanna Go to Tallahassee?

Wanna Go to Tallahassee?





Silver Lake Stadium was thundering with the rhythmic stomping of feet, and the chanting of a thousand voices, as Bob Spenser carefully made his way up the steep bleachers.

Whump, whump, whump, wha-whump!


Whump, whump, whump, wha-whump!


Bob was carrying a flimsy cardboard container, which was over-laden with three big drinks, five hot dogs, a cinnamon pretzel, and a big bag of buttered popcorn. It seemed as if everyone in the entire stadium was standing up, stomping, screaming and clapping, or tooting their plastic horns loud enough to wake the dead. They were acting as if this were the last game of the playoffs, instead of the first game of the season. As Bob made his way up the aisle, he dodged elbows, horns and waving blue pennants, desperate to keep his precious cargo intact. He almost felt as if he were in an action movie.

Braving the ascent, he finally reached the spot where he thought his family was seated, but they were nowhere to be seen. Then he heard his older daughter's voice to his right and realized that he'd gone up the wrong aisle. "Fuck!" He had no choice but to go down, circle around and run the gauntlet all over again, this time focusing on the big blue afro wig Nikki was wearing. She'd graduated from high school ten years ago, but she was a die-hard Blue Bear Booster and never missed a game. She regularly shouted herself hoarse, but her voice was still in fine form. As soon as she saw him she shouted hoarsely, "Dad! You just missed the greatest fucking set of plays in Big Blue history! Oh shit! Quick dad! Look!"

Bob looked over his shoulder at the field, just in time to see the Bears taking their extra point kick. When the ball spun through the goalposts, the crowd went even crazier than they already were, and someone jostled his elbow so that he nearly dumped the drinks all over his wife. Luckily, Brenda reached up just in time to steady the cardboard container. Bob was finally able to plop down on the bleachers, exhausted from his stressful ordeal.

Nikki scarfed two of the hot dogs, as she excitedly described everything he'd missed while he was at the concession stand. The Big Blue had somehow managed to score, kick the extra point, then a few minutes later intercepted the ball again, then quickly ran a 60 yard passing play, and now they were seven points ahead.

Bob asked, "Was Bobby playing?"

Nikki rolled her eyes, "No, Dad. Warming the bench as usual. But it looks like the guy that intercepted the pass pulled a hamstring when he was running the ball back, so maybe the coach'll put Bobby in for him."

Brenda huffed, "Well, I certainly hope so. They only let him play six games last season! Maybe I should go down there and talk to that coach. Give him a piece of my mind."

Nikki laughed. "Yeah, go for it, Mom! Coach Hamilton fucking loves it when parents give him a piece of their minds. And I'm sure Bobby would be fucking thrilled to have his mommy come running to his rescue!"

Brenda's eyes narrowed. "Must you be so vulgar?"

"Yeah, Mom. I must. I really fucking must!" Nikki stood up and shouted down at the field, "DRILL THEM A NEW ASSHOLE, BIG BLUE!!"

Bob and Brenda shared a wry look. Then they laughed. They'd done everything they could to make Nikki sweet and gentle like her siblings, but she'd always been the wild child of the family. She had tattoos and piercings, cursed like a sailor, and was always getting into minor scuffles with the law. They used to joke that Nikki would end up living with them forever, considering what a fuck-up she was, but she surprised them by signing up for dental assistant school right after graduating high school, and moving out a year later. It wasn't until she was gone that they realized how much they missed having her around. She made life interesting.

Bob saw a sad little twinkle in Brenda's eyes. He didn't have to ask her what she was thinking. She'd been missing their second daughter Julie ever since the girl went off to college a month ago, and by this time next year, Bobby would be off to college too, and then Bob and Brenda would be all alone in that big, empty house.

Nikki yelled, "Hey, they're playing Bobby!"

All three of them stood and clapped as Bobby ran out onto the field. He had put on 15 pounds lifting weights over the summer, but he still looked so small down there in his blue and white uniform. He was a defensive back, and though he wasn't as big as the other guys on defense, he could run like the wind. Bob settled in and tried to keep his eyes on his son, so he wouldn't miss it if anything happened. But after a while, he found his attention drifting toward the section of the stand where the band was sitting.

Where is she? I can't see her. Damn it. I wonder if she's here. Of course she's here. She's on the Colorguard. Where else would she be?

He could see a patch of blue flags whipping about on the far side of the band, so he knew Dana Lee was probably there with her fellow flag girls, but she was hidden behind drummers, trumpeters and tuba players. Oh well... it'll be halftime soon.

Bob felt Brenda's hand squeezing his and he looked down into her quizzical eyes.

He shouted over the din, "What?"

She shouted back, "What are you looking at, Bob? Bobby's over there." She pointed toward the field.

He smiled. "Sorry. I... I just have a lot on my mind. Our meeting with the Canadians didn't go that well today. We're probably gonna lose that contract."

Brenda cocked her head with concern. "Oh, Bob. That sucks. I'm so sorry."

Bob kissed her, and even though he'd been lying, he was touched by how loving she was. Damn, I have the best wife in the world. I don't deserve her. I honestly don't. Then the crowd started yelling, so Bob looked down at the field again. The Saints were making a big offensive play, and the guy with the ball was heading right for Bobby. Nikki was screaming so loud by this time that Bob was almost certain he was going to pop an eardrum, and Brenda was squeezing his hand so tightly he could feel his bones crunching. This was just the kind of play Bobby would have choked on last year. If he flubbed this one after finally getting a chance to play, all three of them knew he'd spend the rest of the week kicking himself for it.

But last year was last year. With a confidence they'd never seen from him before, Bobby ran directly at the running back and drove his shoulder pad directly into the runner's midsection, taking him to the ground and managing to make him fumble in the process thus allowing the Bears to regain possession of the ball. The crowd went crazy, and Bob hugged his family as they all jumped up and down screaming, "WAY TO GO, BOBBY!"

But even as Bob embraced his loving family, he felt like a fraud. He'd lied to them all summer long. He'd betrayed their trust. And worst of all, he would do it again if the opportunity presented itself. He simply couldn't help himself. Dana Lee was just too cute.

Not that he'd planned to commit adultery. He'd watched Dana Lee Pruitt grow up across the street. To him, she was nothing but the neighbor's little girl, and one of Julie's occasional playmates. But one weekend in August, Brenda and Bobby went to Orlando with Julie to check out apartments for college, and Dana Lee, now 18-years-old and not such a little girl anymore, challenged him to a basketball game and... well... one thing led to another, and before Bob knew it, he was fucking the shit out of his daughter's little friend. And when they were done, they ordered a pizza, as if it were the most normal thing in the world. After eating it, they fucked again and again until it was dark, and Dana Lee's dad called her cell phone wondering where she was.

The next day Bob felt like a total shit, so he promised himself he'd never cheat on his wife again. But then... a few days later Brenda took the kids to visit their grandparents in Omaha. After only an hour alone, Bob sent Dana Lee a text message asking her what she was doing. Five minutes later she was in his bedroom, stripped naked and on her knees sucking his cock again. For the rest of the summer they hooked up whenever the opportunity presented itself. He'd fucked her in every room in the house, all at Dana Lee's insistence. Even in Julie's old bedroom, which was still full of her stuff.

But then the school year started, and it was like she dropped off the face of the earth. She no longer sent him random pussy pics, and the two times he'd sent her a text wondering what she was doing, she said she was too busy. Maybe that was true. She was a senior after all. But he'd convinced himself that she'd grown tired of him. Sure, he was in tip top shape, but that didn't change the fact that he was bald, married, and thirty one years her senior.

He sighed. I need to stop torturing myself. It's over, goddamn it. It's over.

When the first half ended, Brenda said, "I need to make a pit stop, Bob. Care to escort me?"

Bob frowned, "Uh... well... I was hoping to watch the marching band."

Brenda shrugged. "Want me to get you anything?"

"No thanks."

After she left, Nikki looked at him sarcastically, "Marching band? Bullshit, Dad. You just want to ogle the cheerleaders."

Sure enough, the cheerleaders had already taken the field, and were doing an enthusiastic dance routine to Who Let The Dogs Out in their silver-and-blue uniforms. Bob laughed, "No, really. I hear the band's really good. That's what... uh... I read in the paper."

Nikki said, "Yeah, they're awesome." Then she peered through her binoculars at the cheerleaders. "But goddamn! Wouldja look at those fuckin cheerleaders! Mmm... yummy."

Bob grinned. My daughter is such a dyke.

Nikki said, "Damn. If I was still a student... sigh. Man, oh, man. Look at the ass on that one. Fuck." She passed the binoculars to her dad, saying, "Check out the one with the short, curly-blonde hair, dad."

He focused in on a pretty, petite little blonde, who was shaking her sexy little booty twice as erotically as the others. He felt his cock stirring at the sight. But then he saw her face. "Oh hey, I know her. Sort of. I think she's friends with the Pruitt girl across the street. Whatshername."

"Dana Lee."

"Yeah, Dana Lee. Don't know her friend's name."

Nikki took the binoculars back and aimed them down at the field again. "Her name's Amy, Dad. And she's a dyke."

"How could you possibly know that?"

"Well, for one thing, I've eaten her pussy, a dozen times at least."

Bob stared at his daughter with surprise. Is she serious? You never can tell with her. She's always saying outrageous things to get my goat. "You sure like embarrassing your old dad, don't you?"

"I'm serious, Dad. You haven't tasted pussy till you've tasted teen pussy."

He blushed. She's so right.

She laughed. "Though, I suppose, technically, Amy's bi. She's got a boyfriend. Remember Rashawne Williams? All American running back from last year?"

"Yeah. He's her boyfriend?"

"And I'm her girlfriend. One of them, anyway. Amy says everybody's basically bisexual, but not me. I'm all about the pussy. Know what I mean, Dad?"

He couldn't help but laugh. He squeezed her shoulder and said, "I sure do, Nikster." In many ways, Nikki was more a son to him than his actual son. Bobby was so quiet and moody that Bob had no idea what was going on upstairs. But Nikki was an open book. They loved ogling chicks together. Maybe I should tell her about Dana Lee. She'd love it if I shared a secret with her. No, am I crazy? If she knew I was cheating on her mom, she'd take a hammer to my nuts.

He watched the cheerleaders in silence for a while, admiring Amy's sexy little ass, but then he saw the marching band starting to assemble behind the home team goal posts, and he began to scan the blue uniforms for Dana Lee's slender form, but they were too far away. As soon as the cheerleaders yielded the field to the band, he snatched the binoculars from Nikki's hands and began to look for Dana Lee. When he found her, his heart skipped a beat.

Oh, god, she's so beautiful!

He'd never seen her in her skimpy little majorette costume before, or at least he hadn't noticed it back before he was balling her. But now it blew him away. It was covered with silver-and-white sequins, and was sparkling just like her sky-blue eyes and brilliant smile. Her long blonde hair was tied back in a ponytail, and she pranced forward with her fellow majorettes, with all the pride and grace of a Lipizzaner stallion, carrying her flag high. He knew that she was turning 19 in October, but she looked like a 15-year-old in that adorable outfit.

A woman's voice came over the stadium speakers. "And now, we're proud to present, 2011 Florida State Marching Band Champions, and Grand National finalists: The BIG BLUE BAND!"

Bob had been to a lot of games the previous year, but he'd never really watched the band before. But now that he had a reason to watch, he was stunned. Not simply because Dana Lee was the sexiest thing on two feet, but because the Big Blue was absolutely awesome. Their choreography was intricate and imaginative, and the kids moved about the field with stunning precision, and rollicking enthusiasm. They played their instruments with such power and aplomb, he could hardly believe they were high school kids. They made the football team look like a bunch of middleschoolers. And the Colorguard was brilliant as well. Although Dana Lee wasn't a particular standout, she was in perfect sync with the other girls, as they swirled and tossed their flags in the air.

But the star of the show proved to be an amazing redheaded twirler, who did impossibly difficult tricks with her baton, while dancing about with an acrobatic grace and difficulty level that reminded him of the rhythmic gymnasts he'd watched in the Olympics. Her electrifying performance brought the entire stadium to their feet, and seemed to inspire the entire band to heights of unimaginable energy. I remember her. She used to be one of Julie's friends when they were kids. Always spinning that baton everywhere she went. Hmm... what the hell was her name?

Nikki whistled. "Wow. Alyson must have been practicing all summer! I've never seen her do stuff like that before! She's fucking awesome! And fuck... just look at her tits!"

Oh, right. Alyson Ferrie. Damn, she's really filled out since she was a kid! But as awesome as Alyson was, and as big and bouncy as her boobs were, Bob could barely take his eyes off Dana Lee. He held the bag of popcorn over his lap, trying to hide his rapidly hardening cock. He sighed, feeling an agonizing pang of desperate longing for that adorable slender majorette of his dreams.

Damn. She has the tightest pussy I ever felt. I wonder if I'll ever fuck her again. Probably not. It's just as well. If my family ever found out...

He shuddered at the thought. He'd managed, so far, to create the image of the perfect father and husband. Sensitive, dutiful, hard working, firm-but-fair, and an absolute paragon of virtue.

I can't. I won't do it again. Not even if she begs me. Hot damn... just look at her legs!


Most of the girls were exhausted by the time the half-time performance was over, but Dana Lee wasn't even breathing hard. In fact, she was vibrating with energy, and could have run a dozen laps around the stadium, with ease. As soon as the band was off the field, she ran up to Alyson and hugged her, along with about a dozen other band members, all babbling their thanks and congratulations for her astonishing performance.

"You totally killed it, Alyson!"

"Just listen to the crowd!"

"You're the best, Alyson!"

Alyson's freckly cheeks blushed bright crimson as she looked around at her bandmates. "Thanks.... that was fun."

Miss Ostiago, the band director, charged up. She had a crazy look in her eyes. She stared at Alyson for a few moments with searing intensity. Everyone was certain she was going to chew them out again. She was a tireless task master, and no error went unpunished. But instead, tears began to flow from her eyes and she said with choking emotion, "That was incredible. All of you. Just incredible. Alyson..." She couldn't say another word. She just nodded her approval.

They all cheered, then began to make their way back to the bleachers. As they got close, Amy broke away from the Cheerleaders and gave Dana Lee and Alyson a great big hug. Then she looked at her redheaded friend and said. "Holy fuck, Alyson! What the fuck was that? I thought I saw everything when you did that crazy video performance from bible camp, but what you did just now... well fuck. That was beyond beyond."

Alyson was beginning to tear up now. "Stop it. You'll fuck up my mascara." Then she sniffed, and went up into the bleachers to take a seat next to her boyfriend Christian Peller, smiling widely as she was congratulated on all sides.

Amy and Dana Lee looked up after her. Dana Lee said, "What did I tell you? She's been on fire in practice. But she was holding back, I guess, because that was off the hook. No wonder she never has time to hang since school started. She must be practicing all night long, every night."

Amy laughed. "Yeah. I guess so. Heck, I could be that good if I wanted to..."

"If you wanted to give up smoking, you mean."

"Oh, you're the one to talk. How many packs have you gone through today?"

Dana Lee was about to say something sassy, but then she felt a little buzz against her ribcage. "Oops... who's texting me now? Probably my mom." She reached down her armpit and fished out the cell phone she was keeping in the little pocket inside her spandex uniform. She grinned and blushed when she saw who it was from.

"Who is it?" asked Amy, instantly sensing the lustful gleam in her friend's blue eyes.

Dana Lee licked her lush lips, and said, "Well... you know the guy who lives across the street from me?"

Amy thought about it for a minute. "Uh... I'm not sure. You mean Bobby Spenser? He's playing tonight. Is he calling you from the locker room?"

Dana Lee shook her head. "Not Bobby. His dad, Mr. Spenser."

Amy cocked her head quizzically "Mr. Spenser texted you?"

Dana Lee smiled wickedly, then giggled.

Amy gasped. "No! You...? And him?"

Dana Lee nodded, then batted her eyes dreamily. "Yeah. I wanted to tell you a million times, just with Alyson around I never had the..."

Amy pulled her aside and whispered, "Tell me now! When? How?"

"I guess, uh, July or August sometime. He saw me shooting hoops in the driveway and we played a little game, and then I helped him dig some holes for his fence, and then we fucked."


"And then we ordered a pizza."

Amy shook her head smiling. "God girl, you are such a cock whore."

Dana Lee laughed giddily. "I know! We must have done it another dozen times. He was one of the guys I thought got me pregnant. Anyway, I've been too busy to see him since school started." Then she looked out into the stands, wondering if he was watching.

"Well, what does it say?"

"What? Oh! Right!" Dana Lee looked down and opened the messaging app. She giggled. "He says it was a great performance. But he only had eyes for me."

Amy rolled her eyes. "Barf."

"No. He's sweet. And so sexy. Ten trillion times the man Tanner is."

"But married."

Dana Lee shrugged. "Well, nobody's perfect. But his cock is!"

Amy laughed, "Then why don't you go suck it?"

Dana Lee laughed. "I should. Right here. In front of everybody."

Amy smiled. "No, I mean it. Have him meet you somewhere. Maybe the equipment room."

Dana Lee bit her lip, "Oh Amy... you're such a bad influence!" She looked up into the stands, then said, "I'll do it!"

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