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Wanna Play?


Ethan picked up his trilling phone. "Levy," he said.

"Levy," she mocked.

"Kylie!" he said warmly, leaning back. "To what do I owe the pleasure?"

"Well, Mr. I'm-so-important-that-I-work-late-every-night, your wife is calling to humbly request your presence at Chez Levy on this night, at something approaching a reasonable hour," she said cheekily.

"We here at Silver, Diamond & Goldenberg aim to please." He checked his schedule.

"You're a lucky little lady. I actually have no pressing appointments after 7, so I can come straight home."

"You had better." Her voice lowered to a confidential murmur. "Tonight's the last night before I ride the red, as it were, so if you're interested in a bit of 'wink-wink, nudge-nudge, say no more' then you had better act today; supplies are limited." She purred on, "So kill your work, soldier, because I don't want you thinking about anything other than me tonight. Which reminds me, check the upper left pocket of your briefcase. I left you a present."

Ethan rummaged a bit before coming up with a lacy black pair of bikini panties. He grinned and tucked them into his breast pocket, then checked his watch. Five o'clock. He groaned inwardly. "You're killing me, here. You call two hours before I can come home and you expect me to be coherent for the rest of the workday?"

She laughed. "Just wanted to ensure that you're in fine form for tonight. Bye!" she drawled.

He shook his head, laughing to himself. After six years of marriage, his wife still knew just how to command all of his attention.


As he walked into the house, Ethan smelled the warm scents of lamb stew simmering and bread baking. He walked into the kitchen to see his wife putting the finishing touches on a triple-layer hazelnut cake. He leaned against the doorjamb, crossed his arms, and watched her. Thoroughly engrossed in pressing the crushed hazelnuts into the milk chocolate frosting, she didn't hear him behind her. Something classical played on the stereo and she danced and sang to herself while she worked. Ethan loved watching his wife when she didn't know that he was there. A smile crossed his blade-sharp, lupine features as he watched her.

Her black, pencil-thin, knee-length dreadlocks swayed from side to side as she moved, exposing tempting glimpses of her silky, coffee skin. She was so much smaller than him, 5'3" to his 6'0", her lithe body seeming to belie the fact that she had borne twins a mere six months ago. The only permanent change seemed to be her enlarged breasts, but he wasn't complaining. He moved behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist and resting his head on her shoulder. She leaned back against him, twisted her head and vaguely kissed at whatever she could reach.

"Hey," she said, turning around in his arms and wrapping hers around the back of his neck.

"Hey," he said, leaning down for a kiss.

She leaned back and said, "Don't be mad."

Warily, he said, "What is it?"

She sighed, "Too late."

"Too late?" he asked, his voice full of disappointment.

She nodded. Then, slyly smiling up at him, she said, "However, if you want, we could play a game."

He grinned, bending her backwards and kissing the tip of her long, elegant nose. "I love your games."

She kissed his Adam's apple and straightened, pinching his bum. "Grab some dishes; dinner is almost ready."

"Yes, ma'am," he drawled. Looking around, he asked, "Babies?"

"Down for the night. They were feeling a bit fussy, but Mrs. Carbone put them down before she left," she said, referring to their nanny.

He began setting the table for dinner. "How was work?"

"Wonderful," she said. "A few new clients were referred to me today and I'm really looking forward to working with them." Kyle was a clinical psychologist who had recently moved from working in a mental hospital into private practice with a few of her grad school friends. Ethan and Kyle actually met in grad school. She had been going for a Psy.D while he was going for a law degree.

He still remembered the crisp autumnal day that he saw her walking across campus. Her hair had been shorter then, but other than that and well, her breasts, she looked exactly the same. He had thought her so beautiful that he found himself following her. Suddenly, she changed direction. Ethan hadn't been paying attention to how close he was following, only how good her hair smelled, so when she turned, he had no room to move and she crashed into him. He held her to prevent her from falling, but flinched back when she looked up at him and gasped.

He knew what she saw. A looming guy, who might have been attractive except for one glaring flaw. He was an albino. He felt his face flush and he moved to let go of her when he heard something that made him stop in surprise.

"You're beautiful," she breathed. Her doe eyes, the colour of bitter chocolate, widened and her jaw dropped in dismay as she realized that she had spoken aloud. His eyes were drawn to her full, pouty mouth.

He started to say something, but before he could open his mouth, she had pulled out of his arms and run away. He let her go. He turned and walked in the opposite direction, toward his dorm. He wasn't worried; he knew that he would find her. It was a small campus and besides, he grinned to himself, in her eyes, he had recognized his beshert.

Ethan shook himself out of his reverie to find Kyle staring indulgently at him.

"Ready to eat?" she queried.

He grinned and nodded, patting his flat stomach. "Feed me, little wife."

She rolled her eyes and handed him the crock of stew and they began to eat. When they were finished, he loaded the dishwasher and she disappeared upstairs. She reappeared just as he finished and said dulcetly, "I drew a bath for you. Why don't you go scrub off the day while I set up our game?"

As Ethan walked by to go upstairs to his bathroom, Kyle slapped him on the bum and gave him a wink. One of the things that she had insisted when they first moved in was that another bathroom be built off of their bedroom, so that they could have separate spaces. Although it had been annoying at the time, now he was grateful not to have to deal with wading through various lotions and potions anytime he wanted to do anything bathroom-related.

He leaned over the sink and removed his contacts. Kyle may not have minded his eyes, but the majority of the population looked at him like a freak when he didn't wear the silvery-grey contacts that he used in an effort to blend in with others. It was also easier on his eyes to wear the tinted contacts, given his sensitivity to light. He trimmed his goatee, ran a rueful hand through his thick, straight hair when he realized that he was way past due for a haircut, undressed, and then took his bath.

When he emerged from the bathroom, he found the bedroom covered in scented candles. He breathed deeply. Lemon verbena, Kyle's signature scent. Noticing a piece of paper on the bed, he walked over and read it.

"Don't put on anything. Lie face-down on the bed, with your arms above your head." He smiled in anticipation. Kyle always played the best games. Lying as directed, he waited for his wife. After awhile, he heard her enter the room. He wanted to say something, but some instinct told him to stay quiet. He heard her walk over to the foot of their bed, then felt the mattress dip as she climbed onto it. He felt her crawl over his back, her thighs parted against his sides, until she leaned down to breathe into his ear. He realized that she was naked when her full, soft breasts pressed into his back, nipples poking insistently at his skin. He couldn't help it; he squirmed. He heard her chuckle softly as she wrapped something around his eyes and tied it firmly.

Leaning back down, she said, "These are the rules. You are not allowed to speak; only to make noises as it pleases you. I am going to tie you down. If you speak, the game ends. If you refuse to be tied, the game ends. If you don't follow my directions to the letter—" here she licked the rim of his ear from lobe to helix, making him shiver, "—the game ends. Nod if you understand the rules." He nodded. She nipped his earlobe, and then said the words that always began their darker games. "Do you trust me?" He nodded again. "Good," she crooned into his ear.

She dragged her palm along his arm, and then tied it to one of the bed posts when she reached the wrist. After repeating the action on the other side, she flipped her hair, so that it dragged over his body as she moved down his legs to tie him spread-eagle to the bed. He began squirming in earnest now, the feeling of vulnerability mixing with his response to the light touches of her hair and body to cause blood to begin filling his cock.

Kyle climbed back on top of him, reaching under him to adjust his cock to a more comfortable position. He sighed in relief. Then he felt her take her other hand and roll on a rubber cock ring. She kissed the back of his neck and then laid her body totally against his. He could feel every dip and curve of her against him, like a warm, soft blanket. He loved the feel of her skin, like heated silk. Slowly she began rubbing her body all over the back of his, her nipples dragging over his shoulder blades, down his spine, over his ribs, her thighs rubbing his, occasionally brushing against his vulnerable and heavy scrotum. Ethan groaned and tried move his body so that it caressed hers. She laughed delightedly, and then leapt off of the bed.

He stifled an exclamation as the soft heat of her body left his. He heard her walk over to their dresser. When she returned, she straddled his buttocks, grinding her hot, silk-covered sex over them. While Ethan understood why she was wearing panties, he ardently wished that he could feel her slick cunt rubbing against him, spreading her wetness all over his skin. Suddenly, he felt something hot, so hot as to just straddle the threshold between pain and pleasure, gliding over his back. He moaned in earnest and thrust himself against the sheets.

He heard her wicked chuckle just before he felt her hands spreading around what he now realized was hot, scented oil. He relaxed as she kneaded the muscles of his lower back with her hands, finding knots that he hadn't realized had even been there. Moving up, she ground her hand into the muscles beside his spine, then switched to her elbows to work against the bunched muscles of his shoulders. He was moaning in earnest, now. Ethan loved Kyle's massages. Nothing relaxed him, yet turned him on more than her hands caressing his skin.

Kyle alternated between her elbows and hands as she massaged the muscles around his shoulder blades and shoulders, sometimes grinding, sometimes chopping, and sometimes using her fingers to knead his tight, recalcitrant muscles into relaxed submission. Moving to his neck, she delicately caressed the muscles, there, occasionally dropping kisses and nips on the back and sides of his neck as she massaged. She poured oil over his right arm, then pressed her fingers deeply into the muscles as she worked out every kink he didn't know that he had. He could feel her breasts occasionally brushing against the back of his head as she switched to his other arm and he briefly regretted the fact that he had such a full head of thick hair.

She moved back down his body, allowing her hair to drag against his now sensitized skin, causing him to roll his hips against the mattress. When he felt her gently sink her teeth into his left buttock, he gave a strangled cry and pulled against his bonds, everything in him rising up in demand that he take her hard and fast. Kyle, however, was a mistress of knot-tying and no amount of tugging would loosen his bonds. She tsked and sucked the place that she had bitten. "Now, now, Ethan. Be a good boy, if you still want to play." He growled back at her, but the sound was strangled as she rubbed her cheek against his right thigh.

Ethan felt her hot, wet, questing little tongue tracing circles around toward the inside of his upper thigh and his cock throbbed in anticipation. He felt her hair brushing against his inner thighs as she gave his balls one hot, leisurely lick. Then another. Then another. He felt her hum against them and he relaxed until he felt almost boneless.

More hot oil slicked over his thighs as she ran her hands over them, rubbing in the oil and massaging his muscles. She pressed her thumbs into the backs of his knees, stimulating one of his favourite personal erogenous zones. Kyle ran her oil covered hands up and down the backs of his calves, gently coaxing the muscles into relaxation. Ethan was so relaxed that he could almost forget the blood pulsing against the skin of his dick. She ran her fingertips up the insides of his legs to his taint, her hands meeting in the middle to massage his sweet spot. Then she climbed back on top of him.

Pouring more heated oil over his back, he felt her lie against him once more. Then Kyle began undulating her body, using her breasts, stomach, and thighs to massage the oil into Ethan's skin. He panted, and then bit down hard on his lip to keep from humping the bed. "Oh, do you like that?" she breathed into his ear. Her thighs wrapped around his waist and she used just her stomach and breasts to massage the rest of the oil into his skin while biting and sucking the back and sides of his neck. Ethan could feel his dick throbbing with every beat of his heart and behind the blindfold, his eyes rolled back into his head, as, with every thrust of her body, his dick was pressed against the bed.

When he thought that he couldn't take anymore, she dragged herself off of his body and untied him. "Turn over," she commanded. He gingerly moved to lie on his back, feeling the puddle of pre-cum that he had left on the blanket wet his buttocks now pressed into the wet spot. She swiftly retied his arms to the bedposts, but left his legs free. He could feel his hard cock resting against his stomach, the cock ring making his erection even bigger. Kyle straddled his belly, his dick pressed between his hard stomach and her soft cunt. She lowered her body until they were breasts to chest, and then began to nibble along his jaw-line, rubbing it with her lips.

She nibbled her way to his mouth, and then licked the seam of his lips. She kissed him, her mouth hot and insistent, her tongue flickering around his mouth until he opened it and let her inside. She moaned into his mouth and Ethan felt like the vibrations went straight to his cock. He ground his hips against her, mindless in his pursuit of pleasure. Moving back, Kyle kissed and sucked his Adam's apple, and bit and sucked her way around his neck. Moving up to his ear, she flickered her tongue inside, causing him to shiver uncontrollably, and his cock to leak even more pre-cum onto his stomach. He was her willing slave; he didn't care what she did as long as it kept feeling this good.

She moved down his body to lick his right nipple as her deft fingers pinched and rolled his left. His body thrust up so sharply against her that she reached down to grab his cock at the base. Ethan could almost feel the cum angrily boiling up in his balls, but the sensation gradually faded as Kyle squeezed the base of his cock. When she was satisfied that he had calmed enough, she sucked one of his nipples back into her mouth, swirling her tongue around it. He gave a strangled moan deep in his throat as she leaned back and blew cool air over it. Rubbing it with her thumb, she switched to the other side, laving that nipple with her tongue and gently pulling it with her teeth. Ethan's hips bucked under her, so she rubbed her cheek against his chest, calming him.

Leaning back, she reached for the hot oil and began to pour it on his chest. She rubbed her hands in a circular motion over his chest and abs, while leaning over and letting her swaying breasts gently brush against his face. He turned to kiss them, to try to catch one of her impertinent little brown nipples in his mouth, but Kyle evaded him, driving him out of his mind with desire. He could feel her warm breath on his face, her hair caressing his chest, her soft breasts touching here and here against his face and neck, her hands rubbing oil over his nipples and her hot core pressed against his abs. She was in constant movement, simultaneously everywhere and nowhere, all at once. She massaged his ribs and up the sensitive undersides of his arms, leaning over to nip the tender flesh and lick the shaded hollows of the inside of his elbows.

She moved to open her hot mouth over his inner wrist, licking it even as her lips kissed it. Moving over to his other wrist, she rubbed her mouth over it, then scraped her teeth against it. These slight moments of pain interspersed with the long moments of pleasure only heightened the sensations. As she moved back down over his body, he caught the light scent of her hair and inhaled deeply. Nothing smelled better than his wife. No perfume, nothing artificial, could match her natural scent. His nostrils flared as he smelled her, his instincts clamouring for him to drag her small body beneath his and fuck her until she could remember no name but his.

Ethan could feel her breasts slipping over his chest as she poured more oil between them and once again used her body to massage it into his. Her taut buttocks rested against his thighs, and he realized that Kyle was slowly, agonizingly moving down his body. His cock, slick with oil and precum, slid between her breasts, and she pushed them together, warm heat surrounding his pulsing shaft.

He heard Kyle groan and breathlessly say, "Mmmm, lover, you look so good! All the veins are sticking out all over your beautiful cock and you're leaking all of this thick, sweet pre-cum all over me." His cock swelled a bit more, as if in acknowledgement of her words. He swallowed hard, biting his lip to keep from speaking. He felt like he was going to blow his load at any moment, but every time he neared the edge, she either squeezed his cock ring, or backed off, until his balls felt so full of cum that the skin was hot and tight. Sensing his frustration, Kyle sat up and positioned herself between his open thighs.

Kyle poured the rest of the hot oil over Ethan's angry red cock and balls. With the thumb and forefinger of each hand, she grasped the sac below his balls and gently pulled down, forcing his balls up toward his body. She took her free fingers and lightly rolled them. His body melted into the bed, every last whisper of tension slowly dripping out of his cock with his pre-cum.

When she sensed that he was fully relaxed, she put one hand around the head of his shaft and one at the base. While holding the base firm, she gently pulled on his head to stretch his shaft. A new sort of tension began to tighten and seductively dance along the taut muscles of Ethan's thighs as she stroked her thumb up the underside of his dick and drew small circles under the head. Ethan's breath caught in his throat. He opened his mouth to beg her to do something, anything--his mind couldn't coherently figure out what--but bit his lip just in time, remembering Kyle's rules. Growling as a shaft of fire licked along his spine, he tensed in her hand.

Ethan's deep growl turned into a whimper as Kyle wrapped her thumbs and forefingers around the middle of his cock, one right on top of the other, and then slid them in opposite directions. He fucked his throbbing dick up into her hands, the veins sliding past her fingers slick with oil and his pleasure. He hotly wished that it was her tight, wet cunt that he was fucking, but her hands felt incredible, too.

Kyle moved her hands and started stroking Ethan's shaft with one hand while pulling down on his sensitive balls with the other. She kept this up until he was moaning so loudly that she worried that he was about to cum right then and there. Grinning wickedly, she pressed two fingers into his perineum, stroking his own pre-cum into the soft skin. The urge to blow his load into her maddening little hands began whispering through his feverish hind-brain.

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