tagErotic CouplingsWannabe Crime Fighter Ch. 01

Wannabe Crime Fighter Ch. 01


Chapter 1: Guns and Cum

Sarah Ranger got out of her brand new luxury car and headed down the alley way to the entrance of what was probably the seediest gun shop in the city. It was in the worst part of town and at this time of night the streets were filled with crack whores and drug dealers all of whom were looking to make it big as best they could. This wasn't the kind of area you would have normally found an upper class twenty two year old like Sarah but it was the place she needed to be that night. It wasn't like she couldn't take care of herself after all her father had paid the finest martial artists to train her in self defense. And she had put it to good use before, upon the night of her parents' deaths, when she found the murderer still rooting around the house looking for something. Now she wished she had killed the fucker, after all it would've been better than what he got. His mob connections had allowed him to beat the rap and he had walked away with out as much as a slap on the wrist. This was the reason for the drastic measures she was about to take. She was going to avenge the murder of her parents.

She reached the door to Luke's Guns N' Ammo and opened it inside she found only one person sitting at the counter. It was a man she estimated to be approximately thirty years old. He looked up from his newspaper and looked up and down the body of the raven haired beauty, not exactly an uncommon occurrence for the young woman who was used to the eyes of men and even women looking over her exquisite body. Besides it wasn't like she made any effort to conceal her large breasts or perfect ass and legs from the world. In fact she rather enjoyed the effect it had when she wore a low cut top and a short skirt like she had on now, it made it easier to get what she wanted. The 5'7" beauty doubted there was a straight man in the world that wouldn't want to fuck her. Sarah approached the counter and leaned up against it offering up a fantastic view of her massive juggs to the man behind the counter who was now standing.

"How can I help you young lady" he said his eyes still fixated on her ample cleavage.

"I'm looking for some guns, some specialty items, if you catch my drift." The man gave her a knowing smile.

"I think I can help you, just come with me." They headed off to a door near the back of the store and he guided her through it. Inside was an older man, probably about fifty years old.

"This young lady is looking for some specialty items" The first man said to the older man.

"Alright I'll see what I can do, you go back to work." The first man left Sarah with the older man. He was short only about 5'3" but he was very muscular and not entirely unattractive though not exactly the type of guy she would find herself in bed with. "Now what exactly are you looking for." He said to her, even as her studied her seductive frame. Sarah hesitated for a second a bit unsure of what to do but then she spoke up.

"I'm trying to get some automatic weapons and possibly some other items if you have them." The man looked at her, she didn't seem the type that would be in search of illegal weapons, though he doubted she was a cop, he still wanted to make sure. By looking at her clothes he could tell that there was no way to conceal any recording devices or bugs as they clung to her body to perfectly however she could have something in her purse.

"Before we discuss any further business I'm going to have to ask you for your purse." before she could react he had already grabbed it and was rotting through it "You'll understand if I'm a bit suspicious, you aren't exactly a typical customer." She decided to let him look through it as she had nothing in there that would cause any problems. "You have cell phone in her, while I doubt that there's a bug or anything in it I would still rather not have it in the room with us so I'm going to put out front with Gary."

"Alright I understand." Sarah accepted and watched him as he left the room, she was a bit nervous as she didn't want to get in trouble either, but it was important that she get these weapons as it was the only way that she felt she could fight the mob.

In the main store the old man walked over to Gary at the counter and handed him the purse.

"Do me a favor Gary and get her number out of that cell phone in there. And find anything with her name or personal info on it and write it down."

"Why don't want me to do that Luke?"

"I think this chick is planning on doing something and I want to have a way to contact her incase she's going to get us into trouble. This way if she's doing something stupid that will lead back to us or if she's doing something illegal we can blackmail her."

"Sure thing Luke, I can do that."

Sarah waited inside the room idly examining the various items on the shelves while she waited for the old man to return. Luke walked thru the door and headed over to a pile of boxes along the far wall. He moved them to reveal another door which he opened and went thru beckoning Sarah to follow. Inside the room where several crates he opened one to reveal various submachine guns.

"Do you know exactly what you are looking for miss?"

"Call me S.., Call me Susan." Sarah did not want to reveal her real name to him, she didn't even think about the fact that she had her drivers license in her purse.

"Well what are you looking for Susan?"

"I want several different things. I'd like something small and easy to conceal, I'd like an assault weapon of some kind and I'd like some pistols as well. What would you recommend?"

Luke gave her a few recommendations as to what he thought she would like best. Eventually Sarah selected an H&K MP5K (SMG), 2 Beretta M93R's (fully automatic pistols), an IMI Galil (assault rifle), 2 Smith and Wesson SW99's (automatic pistols), and 2 Smith and Wesson Model 625's (revolvers). She knew this would be expensive but she had brought enough cash to be able to pay.

She offered him half of the cash she had brought which amounted to about $12,000 (MP5's are fucking expensive on the Civilian market so black market would be pretty expensive to).

"Sorry, but twelve grand ain't gonna cut it I'll need at least $30,000." Luke was hoping to get as much money out of her as possible, as he figured she probably wasn't experienced with the black market. Sarah was pretty upset she didn't think it would cost so much.

"What the fuck. Why so much money for these things?"

"It's not that the guns are so expensive it's that they're hard to get and I could get in a lot of trouble if I got caught." Sarah thought about it for a moment then figured she could probably flirt her way down to a price she could pay for. She put her hand behind her back and thrust out her chest a little then put a pout look on her face.

"Well all I have in cash is $24,000." She leaned forward to give Luke a good view of her D cups "Do you think we could work out some sort of deal?"

"Well one thing you could do is not by a few of the guns, but I take it that isn't an option for you." He said smiling as he looked at her tits.

"Nope, it's not?" Sarah said giving him puppy dog eyes, though they had no effect as he was still staring at her chest.

"Maybe you could provide me with some kind of service." Sarah's heart instantly sank, she had fucked up. She knew he meant some kind of sexual favor but that hadn't been her intended offer. Though it looked like the only option at this point. Sarah needed the weapons to avenge her parents.

"What kind of offer did you mean?" She asked even though she was already pretty sure of the answer. Luke unzipped his pants and pulled out his rather larger cock.

"Suck my dick and I will only charge you 24 grand." Sarah stared at his dick for a moment; she was surprised at its size. Even though it was fairly limp it was very thick and at least 5 inches long. "Suck it 'Susan' or you don't get the guns." Sarah accepted the offer and dropped to her knees. She took his thick cock in her hand and began to stroke it watching as it grew harder. Luke's cock quickly rose to its full 9 inches and Sarah took its massive head into her mouth and teased the underside of his penis with her tongue. She was quickly getting into it and was starting to enjoy the BJ as she hadn't had any kind of sex in a while.

"Oh baby you really know how to suck dick." She felt Luke's hand as it traveled through the long strands of her black hair. He held her head in place and began to fuck her face. Sarah opened her throat to prevent her self from gagging and began to moan around Luke's massive dick. "Damn girl, you're one nasty slut." She was surprised to find that she was enjoying this so much; she wasn't use to having her face fucked. Most guys had her do all the work or tried to be tender with her, but now she was beginning to find that she liked sex kind of rough. Luke continued to assault her mouth while Sarah moved her hand underneath her skirt and pulled aside her panties. She began to rub her clit and quickly built her self into a frenzy and before long she was coming close to orgasm. She began to work her fingers into her cunt at a frantic pace her moans grew load even with Luke's dick in her mouth and she came with a shudder of pleasure. Luke was just behind her. "Oh baby here it comes. I'm gonna blast this load all over your fucking face." He pulled his dick out of her mouth just as his cum began to gush from the head of his penis. The first blast hit Sarah just below her eye and the next one sprayed across her lips and into her open mouth. Luke then aimed his dick lower and shot the final few blasts across her neck and her cleavage. Luke pushed his cock back in her mouth and she sucked the last few drops of cum from him.

"Now that was one good blowjob baby," said Luke "those guns are all yours I'll even through in plenty of ammo for no charge."

"The pleasure was all mine." Sarah got up and straightened her skirt then whipped the cum from her face and chest before licking it off her hand.

Sarah walked out of the Luke's Gun Shop, her purse returned but short $24,000, and a large duffle bag inside which there were several firearms and ammunition. She headed up the alley back to her car. Inside the store Luke walked up to his employee Gary and asked him if he had gotten what Luke had asked for.

"Sure did." Said Gary "Her name is Sarah Ranger, her phone number is 555-5923, and she lives at 512 Walker St up in Harper Heights."

"What else did you find out?"

"Well I looked through her purse and she appears to have two siblings 1 brother and 1 sister, they looked like they were in their late teens or maybe early twenties."

"Good job, I'm sure will be seeing that slut again."

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