tagBDSMWannabe Crime Fighter Ch. 04

Wannabe Crime Fighter Ch. 04


Ch. 4 Capture of The Night Terror

Sarah Ranger waited along the wall of an abandoned building next to the Pussycat Club. Official a high class strip club the Pussycat Club was really an upper class prostitution ring run by the mob. She had watched this place over the past few days and had discovered that the man who had killed her parents, Igor Ivanski, was in charge of the mobs club operation. He was well guarded and she couldn't see any way of getting to him coming in or going out of the club and the mobsters would almost certainly noticed if they were being followed so she decided the best way would be to get inside the club and get him there. Sarah had managed to get a hold of some building plans for the club and discovered that the most likely location of Igor's office was accessible from the outside thru a third story window. In order to reach the window she would have to get to the roof and repeal down then enter as quietly as possible. Luckily because of her surveillance she knew what she needed and had brought rope and other climbing implements. The easiest way to the roof was by climbing on top of a dumpster and then using that to reach the drain pipe that ran down the side of the building. She discarded her Coat in the dumpster as it would get in the way of her mobility and hinder her when she was climbing.

Sarah began her accent a few minutes before Igor usually arrived, working her way to the roof. As she set up her rope to repeal down to the likely location of the office she heard several cars pull up. She looked over the edge of the building and saw Igor exit his lightly armored Cadillac Escalade and enter the Pussycat Club, completely surrounded by bodyguards. Sarah hurried as fast as she could and slide down the rope, she hoped that Igor wouldn't immediately head up to the office she wanted to be there and ready before he walked in. She reached the window and found it unlocked, saving her the time it would have taken her to break in. She slide in threw the window and left the rope hanging.

Once inside Sarah turned on her flashlight to see that she had indeed entered an office of some kind. In fact it was a very large office that was actually divided into two separate sections. The section she was in made up a work area. She looked around at the various pictures and papers that were around the office and concluded that it was indeed Igor's office. She then headed to the rear section, which was furthest from the door to the hallway and was separated by a wall with an open doorway. In this section she found a large bed and hot tub, obviously for the Mob hit man's personal meetings with the many women that worked in the establishment, as well as a fully stocked bar. Igor no doubt used this room for his own entertainment. Sarah turned off her flashlight and waited for her prey.

Igor walked through the Pussycat Club greeting the many prominent business men, corrupt law enforcement officers, and city officials that frequented the club; and fondling the multitude of cocktail waitresses, strippers and whores that worked for him (though in reality none of the girls were much of anything more than a whore). Igor went to a second floor booth were the most prominent individuals could get the most desirable booze and women all to themselves. He spent half an hour there meeting with some of the top policemen in the city who were currently being entertained by a bevy of buxom beauties. After he left the booth Igor grabbed hold of an attractive blonde cocktail waitress and fucked her just outside of the private booth. The girl didn't bother resisting, there were two things the women that worked at the Pussycat knew 1-Every girl is the bosses whore and 2-The boss was the best fuck in the city (at least that was what ever girl that he fucked said afterwards, whether or not he was around). The buxom 19-year old screamed like a banshee as the 6'4" mobster pounded her pussy. Like all the other girls she loved her boss' massive cock and would've done anything to be allowed to experience it.

That's why most of the girls worked there; they had done it as a chance to be with Igor Ivanski. Unknown to them was the fact that Igor was not so naturally well endowed or attractive. Physically he looked good but most of the attraction that women had to him was owed to a secret chemical solution that he injected into himself everyday. This cocktail of ingredients to three things to the male user, 1-it increased the size of their penis (in Igor's case his relatively normal 7 inch (when hard) penis became a massive 14 inch fuck stick) 2-it increased the users stamina allowing them to fuck for hours on end, 3-the user would secret a powerful pheromone which would quickly turn any woman around him into an insatiable slut. The solution had been created by a scientist that owed all of his research to the mob and Igor had accepted large quantities of the product as payment for money that the scientist owed the mob.

Igor continued his assault on the blonde bitch hammering away as she screamed in ecstasy. She couldn't count how many times she had cum but it seemed like it had to be more than 5 already. Igor thrust in and out of her his hands mauled her DD cups and ass sending the young slut into an orgasmic frenzy. After nearly 30 minutes of fucking Igor finally filled the girl's pussy with cum. He pulled out of her got dressed and walked away leaving her with his cum dripping from her snatch. She scooped his cum up in her hand and voraciously slurped it down. Once she had cleaned her self up she went back to work, serving drinks and being fucked by lesser cocks.

Sarah finally heard the rattle of keys as the office door was unlocked; she hid behind the wall separating the two sections of the office and waited for Igor to enter. She pulled her revolvers from their holsters and prepared herself, it was finally going to happen; she would finally take revenge for the murder of her parents. The lights flicked on and Sarah heard footsteps coming towards the room she was currently in. They came closer and closer then stopped. She couldn't stand it, she couldn't wait any longer and she sprang out, instead of waiting for Igor to enter the back room. To her shock the barrel of a shot gun was pointed directly at her temple the instant she came around the wall.

"Drop the guns cunt." Sarah did as she was told, she could feel tears building up in her eyes but held them back. She couldn't help but wonder how he knew she was there. Igor backed away a little bit and moved in front of Sarah. "So you're The Night Terror. Some terror you are. Stupid bitch, you forgot to close the window when you came in." Sarah couldn't believe it, how could she have forgotten to close the window. Igor looked at her and grinned. "You know I should probably shot you right now but your such a fine piece of ass that I'm gonna let you live, for a while anyway. Move over to the desk and put your hands on top of it." Sarah complied all the while glaring at her enemy. With one hand Igor held the shotgun while he removed her remaining weapons with the other. He then lowered the shot gun, opting to use one of Sarah's easier to wield pistols to keep her in line. After stripping her of her weapons he marched her to the bed where he forced her on her back. Straddling her he grabbed two pairs of hand cuffs from the bedside table and secured her arms at the top of the bed frame, she could feel the large bulge in his pants as it pushed against her breasts. Sarah was now totally helpless; she knew she would be unable to resist the fucking that Igor would be giving her, and to her horror that knowledge was a bit of a turn on.

"Oh I can't wait to fuck the shit out of you. I promise that it will be the best fuck you've ever gotten." Igor threw the gun across the room and proceeded to undress himself. Sarah watched him remove his shirt, revealing his perfectly sculpted body. She couldn't believe that a man in his forties could be so fit and sexy. But it was when he removed his pants that she really got an idea of his true strength. Sarah's eyes widened in aw when she saw his half erect dick, it was already seven inches long and wider than either Luke's or Shawn's and his balls were by far the biggest she had ever seen.

"Holy shit..." Sarah muttered under her breath "that thing is fucking huge." Igor's eyebrow shot up when he heard her talk. He recognized her voice, but he couldn't think of from where.

"Well, I guess it's time to find out who the so called Night Terror really is." He yanked off the mask and stared with a little bit of amazement and a great deal of enjoyment at the face of the girl who had almost put him in jail. "Sarah Ranger, well, well it looks like I hit the jackpot." He grabbed hold of her tits and squeezed them roughly causing Sarah to winch.

"Fuck you ass hole." Igor wrapped one of his hands around Sarah's neck and began to squeeze. She struggled to get free but it was impossible with her hands locked to the bed frame.

"Actually, I'll be fucking you bitch." Even as he chocked her she couldn't help but notice that his cock continued to grow, finally reaching its full fourteen inch length. "And I suggest you take a kinder tone or it will be the last fuck you ever get." He let go of her throat and she coughed and sputtered trying to breathe again. At the same time Igor unzipped Sarah's vest allowing him access to her massive juggs. Her nipples were rock hard, all the manhandling and the sight of Igor's huge dick had gotten Sarah horny, not to mention the fact that her senses where overloaded with the pheromones he excreted. Igor began to squeeze and smack her tits as hard as possible and Sarah began to moan like one of the whore's down stairs.

"Looks like you like it rough you little slut. Am I right you fucking whore?" Igor smacked Sarah across the face as he continued to manhandle her tits. Then he grabbed her long black hair and yanked her head back before smacking her again. "Answer me bitch." Even though she hated this man Sarah's arousal was threw the roof and the domination and humiliation of being raped by him just made it even more uncontrollable. She tried to resist but her lips betrayed her and revealed the unbridled lust that filled her.

"Yes," she moaned "your right. I love it rough." Sarah thrust her tits to his strong hands and the mobster continued to roughly squeeze them before striking her across the face again. This elicited a whorish moan from the sexy crime fighter. She couldn't help it everything about Igor turned her on even the fact that he had killed her parents didn't detour her lust; perhaps it even enhanced the degree of sexual taboo of the situation.

"You stupid bitch, you even like getting smacked around. That's good because I love to smack dumb sluts like you." Igor hit her one more time before getting off of her chest. He pulled off her boots and threw them on the floor then he undid her pants and with one strong pull yanked them off of her body; he then ripped off her panties leaving her virtually nude. Her pussy was already sopping wet and she even spread her legs to allow him access to her fuck hole. Igor positioned his dick at the entrance to her vagina and with one mighty thrust he forced all fourteen inches of his cock inside her.

"OOOOHHHHH FUCK," screamed Sarah as Igor began his assault on her pussy, "OH GOD...YES, YES, FUCK ME...OH GOD YES." It was mere seconds before she had her first orgasm. She began driving herself into his dick even as he pounded her cunt as hard as possible. "OH MY GOD...YOU'RE FUCKING AMAZING...DON'T STOP...JUST FUCKING DO ME." Igor grabbed Sarah around the neck firmly with his left hand and held her in place while he smacked her tits with the other, all the while never slowing the pace at which he fucked her pussy.

"You fucking hoe, you love this don't you?" Igor took one of Sarah's tits in his mouth and began to suck and bite on her nipple. "You fucking love being my little bitch." Sarah continued to scream as her body was racked by orgasm after orgasm. His dick continued drive deep inside and his balls were perfectly positioned to smack her ass hole.

"OHHH...FUCK...YES...I...FUCK...ING...LOVE...IT." Igor smacked her across the face a few times; all the while Sarah continued to moan her approval of his domination over her. Even as his hand tightened slightly around her throat she continued to thrust forward in order to make sure his entire cock was inside her.

"You're just a fucking whore aren't you?"


"Whose whore are you?" Igor continued to fuck the sexy crime fighter as hard as possible; he could feel her pussy clench around his dick with every single one of her orgasms.

"I'M YOUR FUCKING WHORE...I FUCKING BELONG TO YOU." Sarah screamed, she almost couldn't believe it. "OH GOD DAMN IT." This was the man that had murdered her parents, "OH FUCK" the man that just a few minutes ago she was planning to kill, "YES, YES, YES" and now she was his submissive whore, "OH YES, FUCK ME" she knew that at this moment she would do absolutely anything to please him. "OH MY FUCKING GOD." Sarah's response was exactly what Igor wanted to hear, he had turned this girl that hated him into his obedient whore.

"That's right you fucking cunt, you do fucking belong to me." Igor was now on the verge of cumming and continued to pound his submissive slut. She ground against him doing all she could to keep his cock inside her. "Here I cum you stupid bitch."

"YES, FUCKING CUM INSIDE ME, FILL MY CUNT WITH YOUR CUM." Igor obliged and unloaded his semen inside of her. There was so much cum that it couldn't be contained by Sarah's pussy and it began spilling out of her hole completely covering the inside of her legs, Igor's cock and balls, and the bed sheet. Sarah came yet again, she had no idea how many orgasms she had experienced but she was sure that the number surpassed that of any other sexual encounter she had ever had, even her gangbangs at Luke's didn't compare. As Igor pulled his cock out of her pussy Sarah moaned in near agony, "No please don't stop," she still wanted to be filled with his cock "please keep fucking me." Igor grabbed hold of her hair and stuffed his still hard dick in her mouth.

"Don't worry whore, I'm not done with you yet." Sarah could barely stretch her lips around the massive head of his cock. As he pushed his cum covered cock in her mouth Sarah savored the taste of his cum. Igor pulled his dick out of her mouth and slapped her face with it before stuffing his balls in her mouth. She sucked the cum from his hairy scrotum and swallowed as much as possible. "That's right you fucking slut, suck my balls. Oh fuck yeah; you're a good little whore."

Sarah continued to lick and suck on her captors balls and cock for a few minutes until he again stuffed his cock in her mouth. He pushed his dick as deep as possible until he reached the back of her throat, causing Sarah to nearly gag on the giant penis. It would be impossible for her to take the fourteen inch cock down her throat but that didn't stop the beefy mobster from trying. Igor thrust and thrust into her mouth and held her nose shut with his fingers, enjoying the look of near panic as he blocked off her airways. Sarah didn't dare bite down; she was both afraid of retribution and adamantly convinced that it would be a crime against nature to damage the magnificent dick. Just as she neared the point of passing Igor let go of her nose and pulled his cock out of her mouth, she gasped for air at the same time as she moaned for more domination. Igor undid Sarah's hand cuffs and pulled her off of the bed he then ordered her to put all her clothes back on, including the mask. She obliged not knowing what he was planning but willing to obey for a chance at his cock again. He then secured her hands behind her back with one of the pairs of handcuffs.

"It's time for you to see what a whore you really are." He dragged his slut downstairs to the private booth that was used by the top city officials stopping just outside the door. "From now on you work for me, you fucking slut. I fucking own you, do you understand?"

"Yes I understand, I'm your property and you can do whatever you want to me."

"Good." He opened the door before him and pushed her inside. Sarah was surrounded by men and women engaged in an orgy, she instantly recognized a few of the many. One was the Assistant Chief of Police Edward O'Hare, another was the cities DA, Doug Mathews, and another was Peter Grant a man that ran an arms company that was based in the city. There were several other men that she didn't recognize but she was fearful that they would recognize her when her mask came off. The men stopped fucking the various whores and starred at the masked sex machine their eyes lingered over her nearly flawless body.

"Gentlemen allow me to introduce my newest whore, The Night Terror. She's yours for the fucking; the only rule is that the mask stays on, only I get to know her true identity for now." The eight men all pushed their respective whore's away and surrounded Sarah, cocks in hand all of them ready to fuck the sexy crime fighter.

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