tagIncest/TabooWannabe Crime Fighter Ch. 05

Wannabe Crime Fighter Ch. 05


Chapter 5 Sarah's New Job

Sarah wrapped her lips around the fat cock that stood before her; she took the 6 inch long member all the way down her throat and sucked for all she was worth. She couldn't help bur marvel at her own slutiness, after all it had only been two nights ago when Igor had captured her and now she was possibly the most willing whore in the Pussycat club. Her will had been broken at almost the instant that she new he was going to fuck her, and after their rough sex session he had given her to a bunch of city officials and businessmen to enjoy. The men had gangbanged her and all she could do was cum for them, there had been no doubt in her mind that she was just a whore for the fucking and it didn't bother her in the least.

The 18 year old owner of the cock currently in Sarah's mouth groaned from pleasure as she expertly sucked on his tool. He didn't really care whether or not the beautiful masked girl was really the Night Terror as she had been advertised; he just wanted to fuck her because she was about the hottest thing he had ever seen; of coarse just the idea of having the sexy crime fighter on his cock was a thrill in itself. He grabbed hold of her hair and pushed his cock all the way down her throat, Sarah didn't lose a step and easily deep throated the young mans prick. His didn't compare to most of the dicks she had been enjoying lately but still it was a cock.

"God damn bitch, you sure know how to suck a cock." He let go of her hair and pulled his dick from her mouth then he flipped her onto her hands and knees on the floor. Standing behind her he took in the beautiful site of her shapely ass. Sarah became impatient she wanted cock and she wanted it hard.

"So you gonna fuck me or what?" The young man smacked her across the ass causing her to moan. He kneeled down behind her and positioned his cock at the folds of her pussy lips.

"Shut up you fucking bitch." He pushed his cock into her pussy and began to fuck the buxom crime fighter for all he was worth. Each thrust of his dick brought them both closer to orgasm. His hands groped and mauled her naked breasts and he used them to pull himself deeper inside her incredibly tight pussy.

"Harder, fuck me harder you bastard." He smacked her ass and thrust into her as hard as he possibly could.

"You want hard you stupid cunt?" He smacked her ass again. "Then I'll give it to you hard." The 18 year olds hands grabbed hold of Sarah's hips and he began to thrust into her with greater speed his balls smacked against her clit bringing her to the brink of an orgasm. "You like that slut?"

"Yes, fuck me hard; fuck me like the whore I am." Sarah continued to near orgasm until finally she could hold it off no longer. "Oh FUCK...YES...OH GOD...I'M CUMMING...FUCK YES...I'M FUCKING CUMMING...AAAAHHHHHH." Her pussy contracted around the young mans cock bringing him to the brink of his orgasm.

"Oh fuck I'm gonna cum too, you fucking whore." He pulled his cock out of Sarah, flipped her over, and sprayed his jism all over her tits and face. The young man rested for a moment and then got dressed. Before leaving the private room he threw a few hundred dollars at Sarah, payment for her services. Sarah licked the cum from her chest and cleaned the rest off with her hand, licking that clean of any trace of semen. She revealed in her new found servitude, she loved being nothing but a fuck toy for some random guy or even occasionally some girl. She didn't even keep the money; it all went to Igor, her master as far as she was concerned.

Everything about her had changed in the course of a few nights, she had been turned into a complete whore and she loved it. Even her custom had changed, she had kept the mask but now Igor made her wear an even more revealing costume. The top was a black latex vest which showed even more cleavage than her original vest and barely extended down below the bottom of her tits. Instead of the leather pants she wore black latex short shorts which exposed the bottom of her ass cheeks and to top it (or rather bottom it) all off she wore stiletto heeled, knee high boots. The only underwear she wore was a flimsy G-string which probably wouldn't last much longer the way the clients yanked them off of her. Sarah put on the rest of her costume (per Igor's orders her mask always stayed on), picked up the money and placed on top of a table where she wouldn't forget it. Then she awaited the next of her customers, the boy had been just one of a group of 5 that had purchased her services. She had wanted a gangbang but each had wanted to fuck the Night Terror on his own and she wasn't about to argue. The boy that had just covered her in cum had been the 4th and she only had one customer left. She wondered what he would be like thus far all of the young men had been fairly cute but none of them had been all that well hung, the largest had been about 7 inches.

Back at the Ranger home, Tiffany sat up wondering where Sarah was she hadn't been home for over 48 hours. Tiffany was worried, she knew that her big sister was the night terror and couldn't help but wonder what had happened. Albert, her brother, said that he was sure Sarah was fine but Tiffany suspected that he two was concerned. Finally she couldn't take it anymore; she had to go look for her big sister. She grabbed her jacket and car keys and headed out, there was only one place that she knew her sister frequented as the Night Terror and she would look there first.

When the door opened Sarah go the surprise of a lifetime, standing before her wasn't some unknown teenager, it was Albert her little brother and Tiffany's twin. At first she didn't know what to do she looked into Albert's eyes and realized that he didn't recognize her, apparently between her mask and the poor lighting in the room he couldn't tell that the beautiful whore he was about to fuck was his own sister. At first Sarah wanted to tell him but she couldn't seem to get the words out. All she couldn't manage was a meek greeting.

"Hi..." He didn't recognize her voice; it was a bit scratchy because of all the blowjobs she had been giving out over the past few nights. He shut the door of the room and walked towards her she didn't move she was having a hard time handling her thoughts. She knew that telling him was the right thing to do; they were brother and sister after all. But that very fact was an incredible turn on to Sarah and she couldn't help but notice the bulge in his pants. The bulge drove two things into her mind, she realized her brother was a stud, even from the bulge she could tell that his dick was at least as big as Shawn's maybe even as big as Igor's. But more than that was the bulge proved that her body turned him on, and she wondered if it had always been that way, did he get a hard on whenever she wore a bathing suit around him or did nothing happen because they were siblings? He grabbed her by her arm and pulled her close to him. They stood at virtually the same height Albert being approximately half an inch taller than his crime fighter sister. He unzipped her top and immediately began to play with her tits.

"So you're the 'Night Terror' eh? Well I don't know if it's true but I'll give you this, you are one hot bitch." He bent his head down and began to suck on Sarah's nipples and she immediately moaned.

"Oh my god, yes." Sarah couldn't believe she was so turned on by her own brother. All thoughts of telling him that she was really his sister went out the window. She wasn't about to risk his stopping for it, she would find away to tell him some other time, but for now she would let him do whatever he wanted to her. Her hands drifted over his body feeling his muscles through his clothes. She drifted to his crotch to find her suspicions confirmed; his cock was indeed huge and eager to be released. Sarah didn't hesitate she unzipped his pants and pulled out her brothers big cock. It was hard and thick and 13 inches long, Sarah's pussy was sopping wet, she had only experienced one dick that was larger and that belong to Igor. "Holy shit it's so fucking big." Sarah began to stroke it as Albert continued to suck on her tits, his hands fell to her ass and he began to squeeze and slap it. "Oh, Fuck, yes. Spank my ass you fucking stud." Albert continued his assault on the lovely little slut's body. He stripped all of her clothes off except her mask and continued to maul her tits ass and pussy. Sarah pulled off her brother's clothes revealing his chiseled body that drove her mad with lust. "God damn you're so sexy, I can't wait for you to fuck me."

"You like what you see, slut?" Sarah nodded her head, enjoying the verbal abuse from her little brother. "Then get to work pleasuring me, you fucking cunt." Sarah dropped to her knees and engulfed Albert's fat cock. She began to expertly suck and lick his dick, and Albert grabbed hold of her hair and pulled her head further down until she was beginning to gag on his dick. Sarah somehow managed to suppress her gag reflex and was able to take every inch of his cock down her throat. "Wow, slut you sure know what you're doing." Sarah was equally impressed with herself, this was the biggest dick she had every taken all the way down her throat. After a few minutes of throat fucking Albert pulled his dick from the mouth of the Night Terror and pushed her on to her back. He lined his dick up with the entrance of her pussy and prepared to drive in. Sarah was eager for her brother's dick to invade her pussy, and her slutiness showed.

"Oh fuck yes, do it."

"You want this in you, you dumb slut?"

"Fuck yes, you stud. Fuck me with it." Sarah was desperate for her brother's cock; she couldn't help but wonder if he would be just as eager to fuck her if he knew who she really was.

"We'll I hope you're ready for it because her it comes." Albert drove his dick into the sluts dripping wet pussy and began to fuck her furiously. He couldn't believe how much she resembled his sister Sarah, and somehow he found that the idea of the girl being Sarah was a turn on for him (of coarse because of the conditions he didn't know that it was indeed that same girl). Sarah herself was still amazed by the fact that her brother could make her so horny, it was as bad as being with Igor in some ways, in other ways it was worse.

"OH FUCK YES. FUCK ME...YES...YES...YES. I'M FUCKING CUMMING ALREADY. AHHHHHHHH." Albert continued to fuck the raven haired crime-fighter as hard as when he first started. He powered into her with all his might bringing her to several more orgasms, she continued to scream in lust as he fucked her.

"You like that slut, you like getting your pussy fucked by a big cock?"

"YES...I LOVE IT. I...FUCKING...LOVE...IT." She came again, she was coming more than she ever had before. It was a combination of her brother's massive dick and the incredible taboo of it being her own relative that was bringing her so much pleasure. It was better than sex with Igor, some thing Sarah had thought impossible. Albert pulled out of Sarah and grabbed hold of her hips then flipped her onto her stomach.

"I'm gonna fuck your hot little ass now." He then positioned his cock to enter her asshole, she had never had a cock as big as his in that particular orifice but it didn't bother her.

"Yes, fuck my ass with your giant cock. Fuck me like the filthy slut I am you stud." Albert grinned he couldn't believe the luck this was a particularly nasty slut and she happened to look just like is big sister. He pushed his dick inside her anus and she screamed bloody murder.

"AAAAAHHHHH. OH FUCK. IT...FUCKING...HURTS....OW OW OW." Tears filled her eyes; his dick was so much thicker than any that had previously been insider her ass but she continued to grind up against his dick, pushing him further inside of her. Albert didn't bother going slow, he fucked Sarah's ass as hard as he had fucked her pussy before.

"You like getting your ass fucked don't you? You're just a fucking butt slut aren't you?"

"YES...I love getting my ass fucked. OH FUCK YES. I'M...JUST...A... LITTLE...FUCKING...BUTT...SLUT." Albert could tell she meant it, had fucked enough whore's to know when someone was faking and someone was being serious. This girl couldn't get enough of his fat cock. He wondered if either of his sisters would act the same way. The thought of one of his sisters being his submissive whore sent him over the edge.

"Oh...Fuck. I'm gonna fucking cum you bitch. I'm gonna fucking cum in your ass."

"Oh yes do it. CUM IN MY FUCKING ASS." Sarah experienced what would be the finally orgasm of her fuck session, it was by far the biggest. As she came her ass hole clinched around her brother's cock and he began to unload copious quantities of cum inside of her. He released the biggest load that he had ever experienced inside of Sarah's butt hole; so much so that it began to drip out of her ass around his dick. After a few moments of lying there Albert pulled his cock out of her ass. Sarah lovingly cleaned his cock and balls with her mouth making sure to get every last drop of cum. As she did this she never took her eyes off of her brother's face. For the first time in a long time she had been sexually satisfied and she knew that her brother was the only man for her. Albert put his clothes back on and left leaving money in the hands of the raven haired whore, not knowing that he had just fucked his older sister. After he left Sarah also got dressed, but this time she wouldn't be getting ready for another client, the sex session with her brother had broken Igor's hold on her and she intended to finish what she had started when she first showed up at the pussy cat two nights earlier.

Outside Luke's gun shop a short buxom girl stood in the rain, Tiffany hadn't come back to Luke's since the night when she was gangbanged and performed oral sex on her big sister. She had loved the sex, especially with Sarah but since then she couldn't shake the feeling of disgust that had come over her later that night. She had been sexually active with her own sister; it made her feel like a whore. She tentatively reached for the door and opened it. Inside were the four men that had covered her in cum that night and they stared at the beautiful 18-year old. There was a long silence until finally Luke spoke.

"Where the fuck is your sister? I haven't seen her in two days and she hasn't answered her phone. She should be her sucking my dick."

"I don't know where she is, I was hoping you had seen her. I'm really worried." The four men didn't share her concern, they just wanted pussy.

"Well since your bitch sister hasn't shown up we'll just have to use you." Gary grabbed hold of the enraged teenager and dragged her inside before shutting and locking the door.

"WHAT. What the fuck is wrong with you, my sister is NOT a bitch, and I'm NOT going to let you fuck me." Luke slapped her across the face and Tiffany feel to the ground tears coming from her eyes.

"Tough shit, your sister isn't holding to our agreement. She said that she'd basically be my fuck whore in exchange for not revealing her identity, now if you behave I might let her off, this time."

-To Be Continued

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