tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWannabe Exhibitionist Ch. 03

Wannabe Exhibitionist Ch. 03


After we were through with our lovemaking, the second of the night, we both laid on our backs, catching our breath.

"That club sure got you horny," she said.

"I was gonna say the same thing about you," he laughed. If you haven't read Wannabe Exhibitionist one and two, you might want to do that first.

We laid there for a while longer. I was trying to figure out how to broach the subject.

After a while I took a big breath. "I wanna do that."

Alex looked at me, then looked away, with a strange look on his face. We had often played with fantasies while we made love, but I think he could tell that I meant it this time.

Eventually he turned to me. "You wanna dance naked at a strip club?"

"Oh, no. That was raunchy. The music was too loud and the men were mostly uncouth."

Another pause in the conversation as he mulled over what I had said.



Another pause.


"I don't know."

Another pause.

"Yes you do," he laughed. "You've already thought about this. Tell me more."

I sighed. He knew me well. "I would like some men to see me naked. You're the only one who has ever seen me naked and...I think I'd like to show off my body to other men."

"Do you mean flash some men?"

This time I paused. "No. I'd like to be naked around a group of men. I mean, I don't want to have sex with them, but I'd like them to see my body. It's always been a dream of mine, but I never had the nerve to let another man see me naked."


"When I strip for you I sometimes imagine there's a group of men watching me. When I masturbated for you tonight I was SO hot."

"So was I," he laughed. "That was awesome."

"I've wanted to do that for you for a while. When I was young I used to envision men watching me when I masturbated. When I watch a couple of those women do it on stage tonight I got so excited. I could have cum right then."

"If you would have entered that contest, you would have won. You had the best body there and you are a great dancer. And you would have made a lot of money on tips," he laughed. He was getting hard again.

"How would you feel about having a group of men looking at your wife's body?"

He was silent for a while. "I don't know. This all is sudden."

"I can tell it excites you," I laughed as I climbed on him for session number three. It was the best yet...but that's private.


The next day nothing was said about our conversation. He was extra quiet. I was hoping I hadn't messed up our relationship.

That night as we laid in bed waiting for sleep I said "It is just a fantasy, Alex. I could never do that."

"Sure you could. And it's not just a fantasy. You've been thinking about it for a very long time." He didn't seem mad at all. "I'm just not sure how I would feel about a group of guys ogling your body."

"I understand."

Quiet. "But," he finally said, "I think if it's an experience you would like to have...I want you to have it."

I looked at him. He smiled. "Really?" He nodded. "But how?"" I asked.

"I have no idea," he laughed.

But of course I had already thought about the how. I would not want it to be any of our friends. I mean, everyone thought I was a very good girl...and I am...except for this. It would have to be some guys we would never see again. I didn't want anything to turn into an affair. I wanted Alex to be there to protect me. I wanted there to be some ground rules. No touching, the guys keep their clothes on, a true CMNF. While walking naked on a nude beach really appeals to me, that's not what I'm wanting really. Well, I would LOVE to walk naked on a beach, but what we're talking about here is the true worshipping of my naked body, of letting men stare at me, showing them my boobs, my ass, my pussy...and...maybe even masturbating for them. That last part is WAY out there.

So...where does that leave me? Us? We went to the strip club in Dallas while on vacation but now we're home and I'm still thinking about being naked in front of a group of men. Honestly, Dallas is a little close to do something crazy like that. We're going to have to be farther away from home to find men to watch me strip.

So nothing happened for quite a while, but I knew it was on his mind and it certainly was on mine.

And then my momma called and said that they had reserved a nice condo on South Padre Island but something came up and they can't go. Would we want to take it for a week? Would we? Of course...and my mind started working again.

I did some research and found that there is an unofficial nude beach somewhere on South Padre Island. I brought that up one night after we made love.

"You would like to go to a nude beach?" he asked.

"I would with you."


"Would you get naked?"

"Would you?"

"I asked you first."

I acted like I was thinking about it. "If I knew there was no one there that I knew, I would."

He was getting hard again and I reached out and started stroking him. "But you know what I think would be even hotter?"


"That we invite a group of nice guys to our room and I do a striptease for them."

I could feel his cock twitch. We never finished this conversation that night because I climbed on him and while we fucked I imagined a group of men watching me strip. I had an awesome orgasm.

So I had planted the seed...the how. Of course I really didn't know how we could find a group of...nice men to watch me strip but it was out there. And I knew he was thinking about it.

"How do we find a group of nice men?" he asked one evening.

I thought about it for a bit. "Well, that's your job," I said with a smile.

"So you don't want any input as to who I choose."

"I didn't say that," I laughed. "I would want a group of hunks."

"And you can forget THAT," He laughed. "I was thinking about a group of old men. You know, give them a thrill in their old age. At least I would know they can't...perform so well anymore."

"No touching, no matter who you choose. And they have to stay clothed. I mean, it doesn't have to be come in sit down, I strip, they go home. I think it would be cool if we serve some snacks and after I'm naked I serve them and sit and talk with them. THEN they go home...and I fuck your brains out!"

That surprised him. "There's that word again," he laughed. "You NEVER say that word. Why now?"

"Because I'm getting horny," I said as I reached over and unzipped him. And then I fucked his brains out.

I felt like Alex might be on board with this. The nude beach would be hot, but the hottest would be the striptease. A true CMNF.

The next night we went out to dinner. Alex started teasing me. "What about that guy?" he asked, nodding at a guy two tables over.

"Oh, wow!" I teased back. "I've GOT to get naked for him! He's so cute!"

We went back and forth with most of the evening, him pointing out different guys. It was fun.

We were just about ready to leave when three middle aged guys took the table across from us. They looked like they might be business men away from home. But how do you know?

"Ok, those three guys. Just hypothetically, how would you approach them about watching me strip?" I asked Alex.

He thought for a bit. "Well...I think that maybe you would need to flirt with them first, get their attention."

"I could do that."

"Then maybe unbutton a button or two, let them see some cleavage. "

"Like this?" I unbuttoned my top two buttons.

Alex looked at me. "Are you serious? Tonight, these guys?"

"No, silly. I said hypothetically. We're just fantasizing. I could never do that around here. Now, what next?"

He looked relieved. "Good, I'm not sure I'm ready yet." I wasn't sure I was ready yet either...but my panties were getting wet.

"OK, what else would I do?"

"Well, you might flash your panties."

"Like this?" I faked like I was turning toward them. Then I smiled and turned back to him. "Then what?

He thought for a bit. "Well, I guess we would need to be sure that they were interested in you."

"Oh, they'll be interested," I laughed.

He thought for a while. "Then you could walk over there and ask if you could strip for them," he laughed.

"Um...noooo! I'm not going to ask that. You have to have something in this too."

He thought for a bit more. "OK, if we really felt that they were safe guys, and we both were ready, and we knew they were interested..."

"They WOULD be interested!"

"Then I would say that you might go the ladies room and then I would go over there and ask them if they liked my wife."

"They would say yes."

"Then I'd tell them that you have a fantasy and would they like to help make it happen."

"And they'd think I wanted a gangbang, right?"

"OK, I guess I would tell them what your fantasy is before I'd ask them if they wanted to help."

"And go over the rules?"

"And go over the rules."

"Which are?"

"Only looking. No touching. Their clothes stay on...and all buttoned up."

"And no rubbing themselves!"

"That might be hard for them to keep from doing. You are WAY too sexy."

I smiled. I like when he says things like that. He's going to get a striptease tonight!

So leading up to our trip to South Padre Island I began to prepare. Alex got a lot of stripteases, and a lot of masturbation scenes. I told him one night I might do that for "our guys". He was quiet for a bit. "That would be hot!" he finally said. "Do you really think you could do that?"

"If I was comfortable with "our guys"." I had started to call them "our guys". It made it seem more like it would happen.

I bought a number of very nice sets of underwear, things I felt I could take off easily. I prepared skirts, blouses and dresses for the same reason. I figured it might take a few dinners before we found the right guys. I went to the tanning booth so I could get an all-over tan. I didn't want to wear stockings or pantyhose. Those are not graceful to get out of. I kept my pussy shaved and soft.

When we finally hit the road I was very excited. The condo was gorgeous. The first thing I did when I got there was to figure out the layout of the room for my striptease. This room would do fine. It was just like I'd been envisioning it.

Our first night out to dinner did not yield any possibilities. The second was no better. I was disappointed...but relieved, if you can figure that out. But Alex and I had some awesome lovemaking each night.

The third night we had dinner at a nicer restaurant just a two minute walk from the condo. As we walked to our table we walked past a table of four nice looking guys. I saw a couple of them checking me out as I walked by them. I made sure I sat facing them so I could check them out...and they could check me out.

These guys looked like they had potential and I told Alex that.

They we slightly behind Alex, so he turned as if he was looking for a waiter. "OK, now what?" he asked when he turned back.

"Give me time. I caught a smile from one of them."

In a minute I caught another smile and smiled back. As he was watching I unbuttoned the top button on my blouse. Tonight I was wearing a white silk blouse, with a blue wrap-around skirt. My underwear was light blue silk. This might be the night.

I watched the guy as he said something to his friends. They both turned around to look. I smiled at them.

"Looks like you have one on the hook," Alex remarked.

"Four." And I unbuttoned another button.

We ordered. I got something light. I didn't want anything heavy on my stomach. We also didn't order any alcohol. "Are you sure you don't want something to calm your nerves," Alex asked.

"No, I want to enjoy this. I don't need to be drunk." I also noticed that none of the four guys were drinking alcohol. A good sign. I didn't want drunk...viewers either.

As we ate I kept making eye contact with a couple of the guys and we would smile back and forth. I was getting excited. I unbuttoned my third button and leaned over to taste something off Alex's plate.

"Good cleavage?" I asked.

"Very nice."

"One more button?"

"I think you can probably get away with one more button," Which I did.

As I sat back I gave them a very big smile. They HAD to figure out I was doing this on purpose.

"Have you flashed your panties yet?"

"Not yet. Are you ready?"

"Go for it."

I sat back in my seat and turned slightly toward them and spread my knees slightly. It was obvious that the two facing me saw what I did. They're eyes got big and one of them said something to the other two. They turned around and I smiled at them as I opened my legs even more.

I closed them back so we could finish our meal, but whenever I would catch one of their eyes, I would spread my legs, or touched my nipple though my blouse. I even slipped my hand between my legs once.

Alex was watching all this with a look that I wasn't sure about.

"Are you OK with this?" I asked.

"I'm OK, just nervous."

"You think YOU'RE nervous," I laughed.

"You seem to be enjoying this."

"I am. Is that OK?"

"You're fun to watch. Are you ready for this?"

"Are YOU ready?"


"So am I."

We sat there looking at each other for a minute. Then he said "Go to the bathroom. Give me a few minutes."

I gathered my purse and slipped out of our booth, giving the two guys a good view of my legs and panties. As I walked by their table I placed my hand on the table and continued. I wanted to look back to see if they were watching my ass, but I didn't.

When I returned Alex was standing at their table. I slide up to his side and wrapped my arm around him and kissed him on the cheek.

"Guys, this is my wife. Honey, they are agreeable."

I looked at the guys. "My rules?"

They all shook their heads.

I turned to Alex and said, "Then let's go."

"Give us five minutes," He told the guys. And slipped them a note with the address of our condo.

"Showtime," I said under my breath as we left the restaurant.

"You're the star."

"You're my bouncer." I had confidence that Alex could protect me. He had been in the Gold Gloves competition until he was in the 10th grade.

"I don't think we'll have any problem with these guys," he said. I think you picked well. They were all very respectful of you."

"What did you tell them?"

"Well, I asked if they thought my wife was pretty."

"And they said?"

"Well, they were embarrassed at first. I told them I knew what you were doing and I was OK with it. Then they opened up. They said you were gorgeous. Then I told them you had a fantasy. I told them that you were not a slut, but wanted to do a private striptease for a group of men. I outlined the rules and they were agreeable."

"That simple?"

"Well, there were a bunch of hem and haws from all of us," he laughed.

"Are you OK with this?" I asked.

"Yep." No hesitation.

"I am too...and scared."

"Can you go through with this?" he asked.

"Yes!" I answered emphatically.

We got to our condo. I gave Alex a great big kiss. "You are wonderful to allow me to do this."

"I think it will be fun. Are you going to masturbate for them also?"

"I don't know. I'll play it by ear. Are the refreshments ready?" I knew they were. I was just making small talk.

Then came the knock. Alex looked at me. All of a sudden I was hit by stage fright. I took a deep breath and nodded my head. Ready.

Alex greeted them at the door with me right behind him. I shook their hands and gave each a kiss on the cheek. "Thanks for coming," I told each of them.

They all responded alike. "My pleasure." I'm sure, I thought to myself.

They all were perfect gentlemen. Al four of them squeezed onto the large couch. We had some chips out on the coffee table. "Feel free to partake. We have no alcohol, but we have some cokes." I served them our drinks and they settled in. They guys all introduced their selves, Jim, Stan, Billy and Mark. All were from Louisiana here for a technical seminar. Jim and Mark had a heavy Cajun Accent. Stan was a real hunk. It was difficult to find anything to talk about because we all knew why they were here, so Alex decided to start out.

"Gentlemen, I want to go over tonight's rules so there are no misunderstandings. There will be absolutely no touching so don't even try. You will be escorted out should you attempt to touch my wife. There will be not vulgarity, no rubbing yourself and of course you will stay totally clothed at all times. My wife is quite nervous, having never done anything like this before. You may compliment my wife. That will help her to relax.

"Your wife is very beautiful," one of the guys said. The rest agreed. They all said that because they wanted to see me naked, I thought to myself. That's OK, I want them to see me naked.

"If she is comfortable with you, when she is done she may stay naked and serve you more snacks. But when she says it's time for you to leave, you leave. Are there any questions?"

There were none. They looked nervous as I was.

"Gentlemen, let me present my wife. Do you have anything to say, dear?"

I took a big breath. "Yes, I do. First of all, I am not a slut! This is just a fantasy that I have that I hope to live out with you guys tonight. I expect to be treated like a lady. This is for MY enjoyment and you may observe my enjoyment." They all agreed.

I nodded to Alex. I was ready. Show time! Alex started our boom box. I had chosen some light jazz for my performance.

I closed my eyes and started to sway, a sensual dance. I didn't shake my ass like the strippers at the strip club but I ran my hands up and down my body. I slowly turned around so they could observe my clothed body. Then I began to unbutton my blouse. As I turned back to them I opened my eyes. All eyes were on me, watching my hands unbutton my blouse.

We had moved the coffee table a bit further away from the couch, giving me a path that I could walk in front of them. As I unbuttoned my blouse I stopped in front of each of them and undid a button. When I ran out of buttons I returned to the far side of the coffee table and slowly pulled it out of my skirt, opened it revealing my silky blue bra. The bra was not see-through but it was thin enough so you could see my nipples poking through. I was excited. I removed my blouse and walked over to Alex and handed it to him.

I danced for a bit, then reached for the zipper of my skirt. I slowly slid the zipper down and my skirt fell to the floor. This isn't so bad, I thought. Here I was in my bra and panties with four good looking guys watching me. My panties were a modified thong, not totally displaying my ass but with ties on the side.

I twirled for them and they lightly applauded. "Very nice." "You are beautiful." "Wow!" All very respectful. I bent down, giving them a very good look at my cleavage and picked up my skirt. I walked around the coffee table and handed it to Jim, the one on the right side.

I walked in front of them, letting them have a good look at my body in just a bra and panties. I was having fun. Their looks were wonderful, a cross between lust, appreciation, awe and apprehension.

I was beginning to get apprehensive. At this point it was almost like going to the beach in a bikini. Now I was getting ready to show my boobs to four strange men. I danced a bit more in my underwear, running my hands up and down my body. I even cupped my boobs, squeezed them together for them. But I knew it was time to expose my boobs.

I turned to them and took a big breath. I reached between my boobs and unlatched my bra. I held the bra to my boobs and looked at all four guys, one at a time. All of them kind of nodded to me. They were ready to see my boobs, my hard nipples.

I looked at Alex and saw that he was sporting quite a bulge in his slacks. I hadn't noticed that with the four guys. I hadn't looked. I was so intent on my performance, but now I looked at all four guy's crotches. Yes, they were all hard. Stan's looked especially impressive. I was turning them on.

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