Want Some Dick


Sometimes I get so hot and horned up that I have to have some cock sex. As most of you who read my stuff know I like it both ways but sometimes the thought of having a big cock in my mouth or in my asspussy is so irresistible that I have to act on it. I have to make it happen.

There’s a park that I know about. Guys go there looking for sex. I assume some genetic type girls go there too. Any kind of sex. And I was so hot for it I had to go and see if I could get some. I had on yellow nylon running shorts and a red silk teddy with nothing on under either piece. I had minimal make-up on but had really laid on the red lipstick—heavy on the eye shadow and liner. My auburn hair teased out in curls. My long legs were bare but I did have on a pair of 4 inch strappys on just so there wouldn’t be any doubt as to my sex if you know what I mean. If you’ve read my other stories you know that I dress well so going out like this; advertising that I was looking for sex, is a departure for me. But I was trying to look like a slut. Trying to look like a girl who wants some cock.

I parked my car and started doing the stroll. Walking until I was in an area that was reasonably dark and where the sound of traffic and the city were absent. Now logically you have to be asking yourself if I’m crazy cause here I am in a park all by myself dressed in next to nothing and seemingly defenseless. HELLO!!!! Can you spell mugging? Or rape? (Well that I’d probably like!) For info’s sake I’m a red belt in karate and I know savate.

I can take care of myself. So anyhow, I’m on the walkway and I come around a bend and I see a guy leaning up against a tree just watching to see what appears. He’s in a leather jacket with a white t shirt and jeans. I have no idea what he looked like as all I cared about was what was in his jeans. I walked over to him. He just leaned against the tree and watched me approach.

“Do you happen to have a light?” I asked as I got close to him.

“No I don’t smoke.” He replied.

“That’s ok. I don’t smoke anyway.” I said as I stood in front of him. I reached out and brazenly cupped his package. “But I bet I can make you hot enough to smoke” I was rubbing his cock through his jeans and he was getting nicely hard for me.

“Come on with me bitch.” He said as he took my arm and led me back into the wooded area near the path. I was making him practically drag me. Making him work for it. We were in a small clearing lit only by the ½ moon. I immediately fell to my knees as he undid his jeans and pushed them down. I pulled them all the way down to his ankles and then looked at his dick to see what I was getting into. He was big enough; seven or so inches and reasonably thick—thick enough so that I knew he’d stretch me. I put one hand under his ball sack and lifted as I lowered my mouth to the head. Nicely cut and shaped like an upside down heart. Just semi hard until my tongue slathered around it. Then it got big fast.

I held it in my hand and looked at the head and shaft. Now it was really thick and hard and all these veins were visible. I sucked on the head and squeezed the shaft making the head swell up. It was all red and slutty looking and I took it into my mouth and sucked on it as I slid my hand up and down the shaft.

He was running his fingers through my hair and pulling at it a little bit. I was stroking him and sucking on the head of his fine cock sliding my mouth all over the head licking at it and sucking it. I pulled his cock up and exposed his balls. My mouth encircled one of them and I started humming as I rolled it around with my tongue. My other hand was on the head of his dick rubbing at it. He was moaning and holding my head moving it up and down like he was fucking my mouth. I licked up the shaft and took the head in. And I slid my lips down until his hairs were in my nose.

I held him in my throat and swallowed trying to get his cock down into my throat as far as it would go. I was gagging and fighting it and he was pushing me down on him—holding me there as my muscles milked at him. I pulled my head up and as I went up his shaft I grazed my teeth all the way up to the head. He gasped and his dick started swelling and pulsing. I held him in my mouth and stroked him with two fingers. He was bucking and trying to get more into my mouth.

I sucked at his head really hard and as I did he pulled my head down on him and shot into me. His cum was so fucking hot in my mouth! I held it there as he filled me up and kept sucking at him until his knees buckled and he pulled away. I was sitting back on my legs as I looked up at him and opened my mouth so he could see his cum. I let some of it drool down the front of my lips and let it spill off of my chin onto my red top. The cum was dark against the silk. My cockclit was sticking out the bottom of my shorts and I used some of the cum to get it wet. I love the feel of cum on my cocky. He looked down at me as he tucked his dick back in his jeans.

“You want some more bitch?” He asked.

“Yeah, I want some more. Get me some. Get me lots if you can. Anything. I’ll do it.”

What would you do with me? Would you fuck me? Suck me? Beat me? Whip me? Piss on me? Cut me? How bad would you be? How bad would you like me to be?

Tell me.

And I’ll tell you part 2 really soon.



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