tagInterracial LoveWant to Play Ch. 02

Want to Play Ch. 02


Okay everyone here's chapter two of Adam and Erica and I hope it makes you "wet" with anticipation for the next chapter. And keep the feedback coming!!!!

"The camera is programmed to take pictures for up to one hour. There's a bathroom through this door right here. When you're done I'll be in the office that's right next door here and the pictures will be downloaded to my computer as soon as the hour is up. Any questions?" Adam looked down at the blond-haired couple and smiled. "Well go ahead and when you want to start just press the button on top of the camera to start."

The couple walked inside of the room that held a bed, camera, and bathroom. He'd started painting nudes a couple of years back, another part of his obsession with sex. He walked down the hallway in the loft and away from the door so he wouldn't here their cries of passion. He didn't believe in all that soft sex shit. If it was him in their fucking the blond well...let's just say she'd be begging him to stop. Adam walked into the kitchen and grabbed a bear then he stepped outside to the pool. His parents would shit on themselves if they ever found out what he did. He was from a good family that believed everyone should be a doctor, but of course he was the oddball and not to mention the only one with black hair. Adam sat down in one of the chairs and thought about the dream he'd had last night. It was about Erica damn she was fine, but she wouldn't be able to handle him. It started off like it usually did with him butt naked in his bedroom and his hands handcuffed behind him in a chair...

Erica walked over to Adam and ran her fingers through his hair. He glared up at her. "Erica take these fucking handcuffs off. Now!" Erica smiled then laughed at him.

"Not until you learn how to fix that potty mouth of yours. Plus an animal like you needs to be trapped." Erica ran her fingers down his chest and to his pulsing cock. She lightly traced the head with her fingers and grabbed his heavy sack and squeezed him. Adam bit his lip to keep from crying out. He'd be damned if he gave into her. She smiled then bent over in front of him to grab the vibrator off the floor. Adam leaned in to her ass and licked her sweet pussy from behind. Erica moaned then moved away so Adam couldn't make her come. She tsked at him and walked to the bed.

"Erica baby let me help you. That toy can't give you what I can." Adam groaned in frustration as she lay on the bed and raised her knees. She slowly slid the toy in between the wet lips of her pussy. Her cunt was so wet that her juices began to flow out of her around the toy. She rose up on her elbows and looked at him. The pink toy slowly disappeared into her chocolate pussy then reappeared. Adam moaned and bit his lip. She looked at him desperate for the orgasm only he could give her, but she was hell bent on showing him that she didn't need him. She increased the pace of the toy and fucked her cunt faster. The room began to fill with sounds of her wet pussy being fucked hard. She arched her back and spread her legs wider. Adam was going crazy with watching her play. He was on the verge of cumming and he wasn't even fucking her yet. She threw her head back and cried out.

"Adam I'm cumming!!!!" Erica's pussy became soaked. Her juice just flowed out of her and she dipped her fingers into the juice. She rubbed her juice over the tattoo he'd done then she got off the bed and walked over to him and stuck her fingers between his lips. He greedily sucked the juice off her fingers and damn near begged for more.

"Erica baby lift your leg over my shoulder." Erica obeyed and he got to work on cleaning her up. He ran his tongue up and down her pussy hard and he sucked on her cunt. He stuck his tongue inside her pussy and tongue fucked her. Erica gripped his hair and began to scream as Adam drove her to another orgasm. She pushed his head deeper into her cunt and he laughed, sending vibrations through her tender spot. Erica began to feel a tingling sensation at her spine and it began to work its way throughout her body. She threw her head back and screamed.

"ADAM!!!!! OOOHHHHHHHH...AAAHHHHHH!!!!" She came and soaked Adam's face with her juice. She moved away and Adam smiled at her darkly.

"Erica you're going to have to learn how to talk dirty if we're going to keep playing this game of ours." Erica smiled shyly at him. "Come here baby and sit on my cock." Adam grinded his hips in the air beckoning her to come closer. Erica walked over to him and her pussy hovered over his cock. She slowly sat down on him and moaned at his thickness. He was about 12inches and he spread her cunt wide. She slowly raised herself up and then lowered herself back down on top of his cock.

Adam was going fucking insane from Erica. She could play this little battle of control, but they both knew he controlled whom. While she was fucking herself on his cock he was working his hands out of the handcuffs. He smiled darkly when he got one hand free. He brought them around and raised them in front of her face. Erica's eyes widened.

"I thought I handcuffed you." Erica asked and he arched a dark brow at her.

"You did sweetheart, but I'm magic." He smiled before he put his hands around Erica's hips. "Baby you're going to be begging me to stop when I'm done." Adam began to pump Erica on his cock hard and fast. She gripped his shoulders then his hair. She was screaming and crying out his name, but he didn't care. She was going to pay for teasing him. He began to jackhammer her cunt and her breasts were bobbing all over the place. He dipped his head and grabbed one nipple with is mouth and sucked on it hard. She began to scream even louder.

"Please Adam...I can't take much more..." Erica cried out and her eyes began to water. She wasn't going to be able to take much more if he kept this up. Adam began to fuck her even faster and she felt the release work its way through her body. Adam felt his balls tighten and his cock get harder. Almost there he was about to...

The alarm on Adam's watch stole him from his thoughts. He cursed and began to walk towards his office so he could consult with the couple he was going to paint a picture for. He looked down at his lap and began to rearrange himself. Not that it helped any, but they'd just have to deal with it. He looked at the bare walls in the loft and thought about Erica. He'd love to have a painting of her on the wall.

Erica lifted her shirt and looked in the mirror at her new accessory. The black ink of the tattoo made her look sexier. Hell it made her feel sexier. She looked over at the number that had been lying on her bedside table for a couple of weeks.

"Just call him." She whispered to herself. She grabbed the number and walked downstairs to the living room. She took a deep breath as she reached for the phone.

"Will you just call the damn number already? All the suspense is killing me!!" Erica glanced and glared over at her friend Bianca. She was a Brazilian beauty with the thick body to match.

"Bianca I'm not used to this type of thing okay so back off!" Erica reached for the phone and dialed the number. The ringing on the other line seemed to go on forever before he picked up.

"Hello?" The dark, sexy voice replied on the other end.

"Hey Adam this is Erica from the tattoo shop the other-"

"Hey sweetheart how's that tat doing. It turned out right didn't it?" She almost moaned at him. Damn no man should be this sexy she thought.

"Yeah it turned out good, but I was just wondering if...ummm....you were free tonight and wanted to go to dinner?" She rushed out the last part and cringed while waiting for his answer.

"Oh I'm sorry sweetheart I can't go out to eat tonight."

Erica slumped her shoulders in defeat. "That's okay maybe another time."

He laughed over the phone. "But we could eat at my place. I'm not that bad of a cook once you get past the heartburn." Erica laughed and agreed to go over his place.

"So around 8 o'clock I'll pick you up okay?" Erica gave Adam her number and hung up the phone. Her friend looked at her expectantly.

"Well Erica what did he say?" Erica looked at her friend then smiled.

"Hot damn Erica let's go find you something to wear!" They ran into her room and began to search through her closet. Tonight Erica was going to learn a few lessons in Bad Girl 101.

Adam came up to Erica's door nervous as hell. He'd even took a trip over to Nick and Nynias' place for advice. Nynia sat there and laughed at him when he told her he needed dating advice then her asshole husband started laughing too. He'd got nothing out of them both. He knocked on the door and almost came. Erica was on the other side with white dress on. The dress barely covered the tops of her thighs and barely covered the back of her ass. The dress was even having a hard time holding her breasts in. Adam licked his lips and smiled at Erica.

Erica was afraid he'd see her pussy juice running down her legs. This man was gorgeous. He had on a black shirt with black pants and black wrist cuffs to match. He was the epitome of bad.

"Hey Erica you ready to go?" His voice was a husky purr. Erica nodded and invited him into the house.

"Yeah let me just get my purse and a few other things." Those few other things being a condom and underwear for tomorrow if something were to happen...

Adam came in behind her and shut the door. He watched Erica's ass giggle as she walked to her bedroom. Fuck I'm not going to make it to the car he thought. Erica walked back into the living room and he swore he saw a glimpse of her wet pussy. Keep it cool Adam don't scare her off yet. He smiled at her as she walked up to him.

Erica gazed at Adam and saw he was looking directly at her pussy. She got even wetter when he licked his lips. She wanted him to taste her and make her cum a thousand ways. He walked up to her and leaned down to her ear.

"Erica can I taste you before we leave." Erica didn't even feel herself nod, but she must have because he carried her to the recliner and spread her legs wide. She was almost embarrassed at how wet she was, but she got even wetter when Adam groaned out loud. He stuck two fingers deep inside of her and stuck his tongue out. He looked up at her and they both watched each other as he leaned down licked her pussy from top to bottom. He flicked his tongue over her clit then sucked it in his mouth. She moaned and grabbed a chunk of his hair. She pulled on him trying to make him sit up but he only leaned in deeper and began to lick her faster. Erica grabbed another chunk of his hair with her other hand, but instead of pulling him away she pushed him into her pussy.

"Erica what do you want me to do to you baby?" His voice vibrated into her pussy.

"Make me..." She couldn't say the word "cum" she wasn't used to saying that.

"Say it baby say "Please Adam make me cum"" She rolled her eyes back and whispered what he told her to say. He growled and began to fuck her harder.

"Scream it for me now!!" Erica threw her head back.

"Please Adam make me cum!!!" The orgasm knocked her back deeper into the chair and she screamed his name. She slowly came back into her body only to find that Adam was still fingering her cunt. He smiled at her slowly before he took his fingers out of her. He got up and leaned over her to kiss her. She tasted her juice on his tongue and moaned at the sweetness. He played with her tongue then he started to tongue fuck her mouth. Her sopping cunt got even wetter when he tweaked her nipples. He broke the kiss.

"Adam please let's go have sex."

"Listen Erica I'm going to teach you a couple of lessons. For one when we're together you're going to talk crude and nasty you understand." When she didn't respond he smacked her pussy causing her to cry out. "I said do you understand?" She nodded and watched as he stood up then pulled her to her feet.

"We're going to my place to fuck baby. And while we're there you're going to learn a whole different vocabulary." Adam smacked her ass then rubbed her cheeks. They walked out the door, got into his car and headed towards his house.

Adam walked inside of his home and walked upstairs to his bedroom. Erica followed closely behind as he dragged her by her arm. He opened up the door and threw her on the bed. Erica sat up and watched as he stripped and his cock sprang out of his jeans. She wouldn't be able to take all of him. He looked up at her through hooded eyes and she began to get nervous.

"Take off the dress." He demanded she quickly complied and stood there in the middle of the room naked. Adam circled around her and came up behind her. He slowly ran his cock in between her ass. She leaned back and moaned.

"Turn around and get on your knees." Erica did as she was told and almost came from her excitement. Adam pushed his cock in between her lips and slowly began to fuck her face. He watched as Erica's eyes rolled back in her head and she moaned. She squeezed his sack while he fucked her face. Damn her she likes this shit he thought. He pulled his cock out of her mouth.

"Go to the bed and bend over. Now!" Erica did as she was told and cried out as he shoved his cock into her pussy. He began to fuck her slowly his hands gripped her hips tightly while he slid his cock deep into her pussy.

"Adam...harder please." Adam spanked her ass hard and gave her three brutal strokes of his cock. She screamed and gripped the sheets tighter.

"What did I tell you Erica? None of that soft shit do you understand?" She nodded her head then rephrased her request.

"Adam fuck me harder!" He increased his pace then thought fuck it. He began to jackhammer her cunt from the back and watched as her ass and breasts went everywhere. She screamed and moaned while he fucked her hard. Erica gripped the sheets tighter and her pussy began to tighten up around his cock. Her legs became numb and her pussy began to leak around his cock.

"Adam I'm cumming...ahhhhhh fuuucckkkkk!!!!!" Her pussy creamed Adam's cock. He felt her juice run down to his balls and between his legs, but he couldn't stop fucking her. Her pussy was sucking the cum out of him and he came finally. He cock squirted cum inside the condom and he leaned over onto her back. Fuck that was good he thought. He rose up and gazed at her ass from the back. Maybe tomorrow they'd play a different game he thought as he dipped a finger into her ass.

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