tagInterracial LoveWant to Play Ch. 03

Want to Play Ch. 03


Sorry it's short, but I love to keep ya'll waiting, but don't worry the next installment of this story will be out soon probably right after this one. Thx for reading and thx for the feedback!!!!

One month later

Damn she thought as she walked up the sidewalk to the house he's here and I've barely recovered from last night! Erica glanced at the black and chrome Harley Davidson parked in front of the garage. Adam was here again, just thinking about him made her pussy quiver in excitement. Last night he'd made damn sure she barely made it to work on time. Parts of her were still sore from all the experimenting he felt like doing to her body.

She walked into the living room throwing down her keys and chunking her heels into a corner. Then he walked out of the kitchen, all 6'7'' of his muscular body. Just looking at him made her want to cum right then and there. His long black hair fell a little past his shoulders, she remembered running her hands through it last night and longed for another feel. His body was covered in black ink tattoos that resembled beautiful tribal designs. His piercing green eyes focused on her then turned into a hot brand marking her body from head to toe.

"Sweetheart you know better than to leave me here alone. It took all my power not to come to your work and fuck you in front of your boss." He came towards her a dark, powerful man with sex on his mind. He stripped off her button-down shirt and tore off her lace bra. Her nipples instantly puckered and hardened more when he rubbed them with his thumb. He grinned at her before he took one into his mouth. Erica moaned and ran her hand through his hair, gripping chunks of it in order to hold on for the ride.

Adam growled low in his throat as he watched Ericas' eyes roll back in her head. Her chocolate nipples tasted sweet and he'd be damned if he let her go. He picked her up and she instinctively wrapped her legs around his waist. He broke away from her nipple and began to kiss her. He stuck his tongue deep inside and began to play with her. He flicked his tongue over hers, then he began to mimic the motions he was planning to perform on her. He dipped his tongue in and out of her sweet mouth while she moaned and tugged on his hair for more.

Erica was on the verge of cumming and all Adam could think about was kissing her. She rubbed herself on top of his cock when he sat down on the couch with her in his lap. She grinded into him hard letting him know she wanted it now, hard, fast, deep. Adam laughed into her mouth before he broke the kiss. He bent down to her other nipple and began to suck on it hard. Ericas' head fell back in ecstasy as he began to bite and suck. She dug her nails into his chest making him groan. Adam began to pull off Erica's skirt and her panties while she unbuttoned his jeans. She moaned again as he dug two fingers into her juicy pussy. She grabbed his cock with her hands and began to fist him hard. She almost screamed when Adam stuck two fingers into her ass and began to fuck her pussy and ass at the same time.

"Mmmmm...Adam." Erica cooed. She watched through heavy eyes as he laid her down on the couch and lowered himself between her legs. Adam dipped his tongue into her pussy before he became an animal. Adam drove his tongue deep inside her while fucking her. "Ungh, Adam...ooooohhhhh fuck." Adam started licking her clit hard, and then he started biting her clit. Her juices gushed out all over his fingers and hand. Adam continued to pump his fingers inside her ass and pussy after she came. Erica looked up at him and licked his lips. He pulled her up off her couch and sat her on her knees between his legs. Adam began to stroke his thick cock as he watched Erica lick her lips then bite her bottom lip. "Suck on me baby" Adam ran the head of his cock over her lips.

Erica stuck her tongue out and licked the head of Adams' cock. He groaned when she put her hand around his thick cock and began to rub him up and down from base to tip. She took the head into her mouth and rolled her tongue all around the tip. Then she began to lick his cock up and down and sucked his heavy testicles into her mouth. She looked up at Adam and watched him watching her. He bit his lips then put his hand in her hair. He slowly brought her mouth down on his cock and began to slowly fuck her mouth. He moved his hips up into her mouth while she sucked on him hard. Erica moaned around Adams' thick cock and began to move faster. She bobbed her head on top of Adams' cock and started sucking him harder. Adam pushed Ericas' head down faster onto his cock. He began to groan as his balls became tight underneath his cock. His spine began to tingle as cum started to gush out of his cock. Erica moaned as he came into her mouth. She tried to swallow as much of him as she could, but some of his cum started to fall out of her mouth. She licked her lips as Adam bent down and stuck his tongue deep in her mouth. He started tongue-fucking her mouth making her pussy wetter than before. Adam was in the middle of pulling Erica onto his lap when the doorbell rang. Adam gave Erica a dark smile before he got up to answer the door, his cock was straining for another release.

Erica watched as Adam walked to the door butt naked. Whoever was on the other side of that door was going to get an eyeful and probably an ass whopping for interrupting. Adam opened the door and she saw through the cracks that it was a woman dressed in a brown uniform. She was smiling and looking at the huge erection that Adam was sporting. The woman was flirting with her man. Erica got up and walked to the door butt naked and pushed her front to Adams' back.

"Is there a problem baby?" She asked in a husky purr. She ran her hands down his stomach and grabbed his cock. The woman on the other side of the door sneered at her and she gave her a shit eating grin. "Adam I need you now!" She pulled Adam back inside and closed the door. She glared up at him.

"Did you like her? I bet she loved you!" Sarcasm dripped from Erica's mouth while Adam walked up behind her.

"I didn't take you for the jealous type baby. Plus you don't own me." Erica looked at Adam and began to walk away when he grabbed her and shoved her against the wall. He crowded between her legs and started rubbing his cock through the lips.

"Erica sweetie I own every inch of your body sweetheart. Don't think that you can walk away from me." Erica moaned as he grinded into her cunt hard then sighed. They had been playing this game ever since their first night together. It was a battle of control in the game and she refused to lose it. She grabbed chunks of his hair and pulled his head back.

"Adam who's the one that made you scream for mercy last night? Or did you forget about begging me to make you cum?" Adam laughed then kissed Erica. Damn this woman has got me whipped. Adam moved away from her and slid her down to her feet. "Put your clothes on baby I want to take you somewhere."

Erica walked over to the pile of clothes and dressed. "Adam what's in the package?" Adam smiled over at her and shrugged.

"I guess we'll both have to find out when we get to the destination." He said.

Adam had driven them to a loft on the outskirts of town. It was sleek and sophisticated, nothing at all like the man on the side of her. She got out of the passengers side and walked behind him into the house. He led her to a bedroom that had a camera in the middle. She looked at him questioningly.

"What's this for?" She asked as she walked over to the big black bed.

"This is where I do my nude paintings. I know it's weird, but I took it up a couple of years ago. I take pictures of couples while they have sex and then they choose the picture they want me to turn into a painting." Adam walked up behind Erica and handed her the box.

"Open it." He whispered into her ear. Erica opened the package and saw the pink vibrator that was inside. Adam reached down and began to unbutton her shirt. He rubbed her nipples through her bra.

"I want to have a painting of you on my wall sweetheart. I need it actually." Erica turned around and looked up at Adams' face. She smiled and began to take the rest of her clothes off. She leaned back on the bed and raised her knees up. Adam walked over to the camera and turned on the timer. His eyes glazed over as he watched Erica begin to slowly fuck herself with the vibrator. The pink vibrator slowly disappeared into her cunt then came back into view sticky and soaked from her pussy. She began to moan and arch her back.

"Adam...oooohhhhhhhh I need you." She turned onto her stomach and began to fuck herself from behind. From this position she was looking directly into the camera. Fuck this is going to be one hell of a painting he thought. Adam began to stroke himself through his jeans. He undid his pants and took out his cock. He slowly stroked it up and down imagining it to be Ericas' mouth and Ericas' pussy. Her creamy cunt was getting wetter and he couldn't take anymore. Adam walked over to Erica and she moaned in relief.

"What do you want me to do baby?" He stuck two fingers inside of her along with the vibrator. She cooed and moaned while he licked her from behind. Her brown ass was wet from his tongue and her juices. Adam took the vibrator from her cunt and turned her onto her back. She cried out as he entered her slowly then began to pound into her fast. Adam took one of Ericas' nipples into his mouth and damn near came. He increased his pace and pounded her cunt harder.

Erica arched her back and was crying out from Adams' cock. He was working her cunt and making sure she knew who she belonged to. Her legs began to shake and her body began to tingle and go numb. She pulled on Adams' hair.

"Adam I'm cumming!!!! FUCK ADAM!!!" Erica blacked out as the most intense orgasm she'd ever had washed over her. She came back into her body slowly and saw Adam leaning over her with a grin on his face.

"Hey baby you okay?" Erica nodded her head and Adam picked her up. Damn this is one helluva man she thought. Erica closed her eyes and absorbed Adams' warmed.

Adam looked down at Erica as she began to fall asleep. This is going to be the beginning of something good he vowed silently.

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