tagInterracial LoveWant to Play Ch. 04

Want to Play Ch. 04


Okay everybody here's Ch.4 and I hope everybody is happy. The editor that I emailed didn't respond back, but I did read over my work about 3 times. I hope I added enough depth to the story and enough depth to Adam and Erica. Thx for reading and keep the feedback coming.

Adam walked up the gravel trail to the warm cottage that lay ahead. He smiled as an older woman opened the door and walked out towards him. She had red hair and green eyes that lit up the sky when she smiled.

"Adam you naughty boy it's about time you came to see your grandparents." Her voice held a lilting Scottish accent. Adam smiled as he leaned down to hug his grandmother. Margaret was a beautiful woman and age only helped to increase her beauty.

"Look at you; you're as skinny as a pole. Well come on in I'll fix you something to eat to put some meat on those bones." Adam laughed out loud at his grandmother. He was easily 280 lbs, yet his grandmother would always see the small lanky boy.

"Grandma I'm not hungry really. I just finished eating."

His grandmother led him into the small kitchen and sat him down at the table. Just then an older version of Adam walked into the kitchen.

"Laddie, where the hell have you been?" His gruff voice entered the kitchen. Nolan walked into the kitchen and pulled Adam out of the chair. He pulled his grandson into a bone crushing hug.

"Hey grandpa I missed you. I came over to talk...and eat." He watched as his grandma filled the table with food. He sat down and began to fill a plate with all types of food, but he didn't eat it. He looked up at both of his grandparents and looked them in the eyes.

"I've met somebody and I want you to meet her, but you have to promise you won't judge me or her when you see her." When both of his grandparents nodded in agreement Adam went outside and pulled Erica out of the car.

"I thought you were going to leave me in there." Erica teased. Adam almost lost his heart to her right then when she smiled at him. He led her into the house and into the kitchen.

Erica looked at the man and woman who were inside of the kitchen. They looked at her, and then broke out into full blown smiles. The man came up and pulled her off the ground into a hug.

His Scottish accent made her warm on the inside. "Lassie if you're the one who made our Adam this happy then welcome to the family." The woman came up behind the man and smiled at her. The man put her down and the woman immediately snatched her up.

"Hello beautiful I hope Adam has been treating you well?" She smiled at Erica and Erica almost lost her breath. She looked back at Adam and he smiled at her then introduced his grandparents to her.

Adam looked at both of his grandparents in confusion. "You guys don't care if she's black?"

Nolan looked at his grandson before he popped him upside of the head. Then Margaret came forward and slapped him on the arm. Adam looked incredulously at the both of them. "What the hell was that for?"

Nolan glared at Adam. "For even thinking that her race would be a problem. If she makes you happy then be with her because you're the one who's going to be in a relationship with her. We're not in love with her, you are."

Adam smiled at his grandparents then guided Erica to the dining table.

"Erica this is my grandpa Nolan and my grandma Margaret. Everyone this is Erica." Adam sat Erica down at the table. "Erica my grandparents are the ones that mainly raised me. While my parents were at work I was here baking cookies and fixing the house with my grandparents."

Nolan and Margaret smiled at Adam then smiled at Erica. "We came over in the early 30's from Scotland. It's a beautiful place full of fresh green air and a peaceful atmosphere. We had Adams' father while we were here and we also lost him here." They smiled sadly at Erica. Erica turned to Adam questioningly, but he just shrugged his shoulders in response.

"Adam and his father don't have a good relationship. He's still living, but they've decided that they really don't get along. Adams' father, Colin, has dedicated his life to Adams' stepmother. She's a wretched woman she is. Adams' real mother died a few years after he was born."

Margaret left the table to grab more tea and Nolan turned his kind green gaze onto her. "Well sweet how did you meet my grandson? I hope he's being nice to you." He threw a menacing glare towards Adam and Erica began to laugh. She started to tell them how she met Adam and how they started to fall in love. They laughed and talked for a while before Margaret pulled her away into the small living room.

Margaret turned around to face her. "Look at this place, it's small and needs a number of repairs yet we refuse to let Adam buy us a new home. I wouldn't leave this place for anything because I love the natural warmth it gives off." Margaret turned to Erica. "Adam is a hard man to love sweetheart. Now I'm not telling you to leave him I'm just saying that he's been hurt too many times in his life and he seems to love you with all his heart. He should considering how sweet you are."

Erica smiled at Margaret. "Well Margaret I-"

"Please call me Maggie." Margaret smiled at Erica.

"Maggie I love Adam so much I wouldn't hurt him. Trust me I know what it's like to be lonely in a world full of people."

Maggie looked at her with kind eyes. "I know sweetheart and that's why he loves you."

Erica looked at Maggie. "I just don't understand why he needs to be in control all the time. I mean when we...I mean..." Erica began to blush as Maggie looked at her.

Maggie burst out with laughter. "Honey we know all about Adams' lifestyle. We know what you mean about "control". He grew up in a home that didn't want him to have his own dream. He was forced to conform to his fathers' views hence why he's the rebel that he is."

Erica smiled at Maggie. "Well he has helped me a lot. I used to worry about everybody's opinion, but now the only one that matters is my own. I feel reborn when I'm with him. I don't know what I would do without him. He makes me smile and laugh...he's just...words can't even describe how he is."

Erica looked into the kitchen and saw Adam with his grandpa. He turned and smiled at her and she almost lost her breath. Erica was quickly falling in love with this man.

In the kitchen Adam turned to his grandpa. "Grandpa I don't know what to do."

Nolan looked at his grandson and smiled. "You're in love aren't you? Don't fight it Adam just accept it and give yourself up to her."

"But I've never given myself to someone. I don't know if I can, hell am I even good enough for her?"

Nolan glared at his grandson. "You stop that foolish talk. You know you're good enough for her, Adam. You can't have control all the time sometimes it's taken away from you. Adam don't lose your savior, she's changed you Adam. I've never seen you smile so much."

Adam gazed at his grandfather with sadness in his eyes. "Grandpa I don't know if I can."

"Adam either you give yourself completely or lose yourself to the coldness you're surrounded in. Either way you have to make a choice and both of them cost you the control you seek as safety."

Adam gazed at Nolan and hugged him fiercely. He had some thinking to do.

A few hours later Adam led Erica out to the car. She turned in her seat to look at him.

"So where are we going now?"

Adam looked at Erica and smiled. "We're going to see my baby."

Adam had to hold back his laughter at Ericas' shocked expression. He drove out of his grandparents' driveway and headed towards his friends' home. They drove until a large brick home came into view. He went to Ericas' side and opened up the door. He looked at her and his heart ached for her. She was still in shock over his confession about a baby. He smiled to himself she was so cute when she was worried. He knocked on the front door and a squeal sounded from the other side. The door opened and a tiny figure jumped out and into his arms.

"Adam!!!!!! Cece missed you!!" Adam glanced down at Nick and Nynias' child.

"How much did you miss me Cece?" Adam laughed as she spread her arms wide and squeezed his neck with all her strength. He laughed and tickled her while her mother came to the door.

"Adam come in here and close the door!!! I swear you're paying our next electricity bill!" Adam gazed down at Nynia who was heavily pregnant. After Elizabeth had turned two they decided to have another child.

"Don't let that bastard in until he gives me my car back." Nicks' voice boomed through the door.

Adam walked in and led Erica in behind him. He gazed down at Elizabeth.

"Cece go beat up your daddy for me please." He put Elizabeth down and she ran over to tackle her father. He brought Erica to his side and introduced her.

"Everybody this is Erica. Erica the beautiful woman in front of you is Nynia and the little girl is my "child" Elizabeth, but I refuse to call her by her first name so I call her by her middle name Cece, which is short for Ceara. The ugly man on the floor is Nick. I know he looks hideous, but everyone can't be as beautiful as me."

Erica laughed at Adam and then looked at the people in the room. Nynia was gorgeous and the glow from motherhood only added to her beauty. Her belly was rounded and it was obvious she was likely to give birth any minute. Erica gazed down at her stomach. She would love to have a child, even better would be having Adams' child. Then she gazed at the little girl. She was cute and cherubic. Her eyes were a golden, green and she had a head full of black curly hair that fell to the middle of her shoulders. She had dimples and cute pouty lips. She looked like she was on her way to becoming a heart breaker. Nick was a wickedly handsome blond. He had baby blue eyes and dimples that were an exact match to his daughter.

Adam interrupted the silence. "She's the woman I've been dating."

Nynia and Nick turned to look at Erica, then at Adam. Nick burst out laughing and Nynia just shook her head and came up to Erica. "Don't worry about him; he's just a little senile. It's about time Adam met a woman of worth." Erica smiled at Nynia and allowed herself to be dragged away into the kitchen.

Adam glared at Nick as he continued to laugh on the floor. Elizabeth came up to him and smiled. "Adam we're baking cookies do you want some?"

He smiled down at her. "Of course sweetheart I'd love some."

She gave him a hug then turned to glare at her father. "Good because someone won't be getting any and I don't want my cookies going to waste." Then Elizabeth stomped away like a woman on a mission, not to mention she was only two.

Adam began to laugh while Nick put a hurt look on his face. His friend led him to the couch to sit.

Nick looked at him and smiled. "Well, well, well our little Adam has finally met his woman. Does she know that you're really a vampire that sucks blood?" Nick started to laugh again. Adam punched him in the arm.

Adam glared at his longtime friend. "Could you stop insulting me for a couple of minutes?"

Nick glanced at him innocently. "No."

Adam rolled his eyes. "I think I've found the one and before you start laughing again may I remind you that you were whipped worse than I was. Or did you forget running from the police and ending up in jail for Nynia?"

Nick lost his smile and got serious. "Adam, are you seriously telling me that you're in love? Does she know how you feel about her?"

Adam shook his head. "No she doesn't know and yes I'm in love with her. Damn I'm so deep that I can't get out or maybe I don't want to. I feel like I need her now and without her...I don't know what'll happen."

Nick gazed thoughtfully at his friend. "Adam it's about time you let go. Just let go of all this anger you have and love her. She deserves a whole lot better than you from the looks of her. But she seems to be in love with you too."

"Nick I don't want to let go and have it thrown in my face again. I fell in love once and when I told her she laughed in my face and told me she was just in it for the sex. I don't want to fell that hurt again. I want...no I need to be in control."

Nick gazed sadly at his friend. "You can't have your cake and eat it too."

Erica was enjoying her time with Nynia in the kitchen. The woman was so funny, telling her stories about how she met Nick.

Erica looked at her in disbelief. "He really took out three police officers?"

Nynia laughed. "Yeah and then he was still fighting all the way to the car and the jail cell. I swear I wouldn't trade that man for anything."

Erica smiled and watched as Elizabeth came up to her. The little girl seemed to be attached to her, but she didn't mind.

Elizabeth looked at her. "Adam is pretty isn't he? Everytime he comes over and mommys' friends are here he has to turn around and leave because they start to go crazy!"

Erica smiled at her and then Elizabeth leaned in and began to whisper loudly. "If you ask me I think he's sick and every time he comes over he makes mommys' friends sick. When he's here they start to fall out of their chairs and talk funny."

Nynia and Erica laughed at Elizabeth. Nynia grabbed her daughter and gave her a plate full of cookies and a glass of milk. "Take these cookies out to Adam and your father."

Elizabeth turned on Nynia with a stern expression too developed for a two year old. "I told daddy he couldn't have any, but if he's good he can have one." The women erupted into laughter once again.

Erica followed Nynia to the table and Nynia turned to her with a serious expression. "Do you love Adam?"

Erica looked at Adam playing with Elizabeth on the couch. "Yes I love him. I can't imagine being without him. I wake up sometimes and just smile to myself. Adam doesn't treat me like I'm some little girl. He treats me like a woman. Because of him I feel beautiful. I never imagined myself to be with a man like him. I just...I just feel like when we're together we can take on the world. He doesn't care about society and its rules and he's helped me to break out of the box."

Nynia smiled at Erica. "Yeah you love the man. He is one in a million isn't he?"

Erica shook her head. "No he's the only one and no ne else can compare to him."

Nynia looked at Erica and fell in love with the woman right then. "So did he tell you about himself besides his obvious likes and dislikes?"

Erica thought for a moment. "No he just told me the basic story about his life. Why is there something I should know about him?"

Nynia shook her head. "No that's for you to talk about with him. But I will tell you he's had a hard life. His father practically disowned him, which is why they don't talk anymore. He was on the path to marriage, but the woman left him. As you can figure out he's been alone most of his life."

Erica looked at Nynia. "Well he won't be alone with me."

Erica and Nynia talked for a few more hours before Adam took her home.

Erica smiled as Adam slowly pulled her clothes off and then slowly pulled his clothes off. Adam pulled Erica down on top of him as they lay in the bed. He held her softly to his heart. Tonight he wanted to show that he was more than a person who could give her sex. He wanted to show her that he could love her better than anyone else.

The next morning Erica woke up to an empty bed with a rose on the pillow next to her. She smiled softly at Adams' thoughtfulness, but the smile quickly disappeared. She jumped out of bed and ran to the toilet and threw up.

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