tagInterracial LoveWant to Play Ch. 06

Want to Play Ch. 06


Okay everybody here's the last chapter. I hope everyone likes it and I made sure it didn't rush. I hope it doesn't seem like I rushed it. Anyway I'm glad you guys read my stories and I plan on writing another one, but freshman yr of college is coming up and I'm trying to come up with an idea for a story. Anyway keep the feedback coming and thx to the fans for reading. I hope you enjoy the ending!!!


Curious Virgin N.O.

Giselle walked into the house like she owned it. She walked through the living room angrily. That damn Adam he was going to pay. She smiled to herself. He lost that little bitch he was seeing and now he's going to lose his father forever. Giselle had made a stop at a lovers' house before she came back home. She told him to fuck her roughly and make it look like rape. Then she rolled her Jimmy Choos and her expensive clothes through the dirt and broke one of the heels. She was still upset, but Colin would buy her another pair. She was on the way upstairs when Colin came out of the kitchen. She put on her best hurt face and started crying.

"Colin you'll never believe what happened to me!!!" She sobbed out.

Colin looked at her with concern etched on his face. "What happened baby? Who did this to you?"

Giselle looked up into his eyes. "Adam. Colin I tried to go and talk to him to tell him to come home. He looked at me and told me I was the reason he was staying away!!! He told me ever since you married me he'd been wanting to...wanting to...fuck me!!! He was so disgusting!! He did this to hurt you. He forced me in his car and he raped me!!!! I ran from him, but he dragged me to the ground and finished the job!!!" Giselle fell into Colins' arms as sobs racked through her.

Colin held Giselle in his arms. She could feel the anger coursing through his veins at his son. Giselle secretly smiled to herself, her plan was working perfectly.

Colins' angry voice entered the home. "I'm going to kill him. I've given him everything and he's trying to take you from me? That bastard is going to pay!!"

Colin pulled her face into his hands and looked in her eyes. "Baby were did you leave Adam? When I find that man I'm going to kill him!"

Giselle looked at him with sincerity in her eyes. "Yes sweetheart I wasn't going to tell you, but you caught me. I was going to forget about all of his because I didn't want to ruin the little relationship the two of you have."

Colin looked down at her thoughtfully. "Good because from what I've heard Adam has been in the kitchen all this time." Colin gave her a dirty look and pushed her away from him.

Adam came out of the kitchen. Anger radiated from his body in waves while Giselle ran and cowered towards the couch.

Colin looked at her. "Hey sweetheart don't worry Adam can't tear us apart. I'm "in to deep" right? Isn't that what you told Adam? Well listen bitch, you don't own me and you never will."

Adam looked over at her. "How much longer did you think I was going to let you hurt my father? So who helped you look like you just finished fucking. Oh wait don't answer that I know the man I think I did one of his tattoos. Yeah you know Todd right?"

Giselles' eyes widened in fear. She couldn't believe Adam actually found her out. She looked at Colin. "Colin he's lying he just doesn't want us to be happy!!!!"

Colin looked at Giselle coldly. "I should've known when my son didn't like you. Instead I didn't listen and I put him through a life of hell. Well it's about time I listened to my son and trust in him." Colin looked to Adam. "Like he trusts in me. Get your shit Giselle and get the fuck out. I'm through with you."

Giselle looked at Colin and began to protest, but quickly stopped when Adam pulled her suitcases and started throwing them on the lawn. She ran outside to try and save her clothes, but was stopped when Adam grabbed her wrists. He held his hand out.

"The ring, in my hand, now."

Giselle took her ring off and along with it went all her dreams. Karma was a bitch.

Adam walked back into his fathers' home and looked at him. "I'm sorry dad."

Colin walked over and pulled his son into a hug. "Son I'm the one who needs to apologize for all the shit I've put you through. But right now you need to save your energy right now because I have a feeling you're going to be doing a lot of begging."

Adam smiled at his father then pulled the wedding ring he'd bought for Erica. Yeah he was going to be doing a lot of begging.

"You're WHAT!!!" Nicks' voice boomed through living room. Erica cringed at the man. He wasn't her father, but damn for some reason he made her feel terrible. Nick started pacing and running his hands through his hair. Nynia turned to her.

"Have you told Adam yet?" Nynia asked her with kind eyes.

Erica looked at them and grimaced. "No I haven't."

Nick looked at her in disbelief then started laughing. Nynia rolled her eyes at him then slowly started to join in. Erica looked at both of them like they were crazy. She had come over to talk to them about an hour ago. Since they were Adams' closest friends she thought they would be able to help her.

Erica looked at both of them. "What's so funny?"

Nick shook his head. "Nothing it's just that Adam has a lot on his hands. You are one hell of a woman. First you leave him, and then you don't tell him about being pregnant."

Nynia gazed at Erica. "Do you still love him?"

Erica nodded her head as tears flowed out of her eyes. Nynia came over and gave her a hug, and then Nick came over and picked her up. "Erica sweetie you have to give him a chance. And since I owe him for helping me get my beautiful wife back I'm going to help him get you back." Erica looked in Nicks' eyes and saw a mischievous twinkle. The same identical look resided in Nynias' eyes.

She looked at them cautiously. "What are we going to do?"

Nynia shrugged her shoulders. "Well since Cece is at her grandparents' house and since we have a few minutes we're going to get your man back. Of course he's going to have to work for it."

Erica looked at them both. What did she get herself into?

Adam walked away from his grandparents' house in defeat. He was for sure Erica would have been here. Instead of help he'd received a beating from his grandpa and his grandma gave him a tongue lashing in her native language. He was still shaking his head from the absurdity of it. He jumped in his car and began to drive when his phone started to ring. He looked at the ID and saw that it was Nynia.

"Hey Nynia I'm kind of busy right now."

Nynias' warm voice came through the phone. "Yeah I know fathead so listen up. Erica doesn't want to see you ever again. I just want to let you know she's at your house only to get her stuff so you would know to stay away from her. Don't even come over here-"

Adam shut off Nynias' voice as he turned the phone off. He was going to get his woman if it damn near killed him. He pushed down on the gas and sped off towards his house.

Erica looked at Nynia like she was crazy. "Nynia he's going to come over here and he's going to probably kill everyone in his way."

Nick threw his head back and laughed. He turned to look at Max and Derrick. "Sweetheart I've never known Adam to fight, but if he fights us tonight then he really wants you, but we need to see how much. Especially since you're pregnant."

Erica shook her head at the man. Nynia just smiled at her. "I know he's crazy, but he's a hell of a man."

Erica was beginning to respond when a loud knock sounded on the door. Then all of a sudden the door was being beat in by Adam. They had locked all the locks on the door to insure that Adam couldn't just use his keys to get in.

Colin walked out of the kitchen and looked at Erica. "Sweetheart he's going to hurt himself."

Erica looked at him. "You want me to open the door?"

Colin looked at the door then shook his head. "No he needs to work for it." Then he smiled at her and she almost caught her breath. It was the same smile Adam gave her when he was planning something...well you know.

Adam had successfully bashed the door in and he came through looking like a wild man. She was on the verge of an orgasm just from looking at him.

Adam spotted Erica. "Baby please all the stuff about Giselle wasn't true. I-"

Adam was cut off as Nick, Max, and Derrick made a wall between him and Erica. Erica looked at him with tears in her eyes. He hated when his baby was upset and if these idiots didn't move out of the way he was going to kill them.

Erica took a deep breath. "Adam I know the truth about Giselle and I'm sorry about leaving. But I have to tell you something. I'm...I'm pregnant."

Adam looked at her. "What does that mean? Am I supposed to leave you now that you're pregnant? Well screw that shit I'm here to stay. You could be having twins for all I care. That's even better because I wasn't planning on waiting to get a family started with you."

Erica looked at Nynia and smiled. "Well I'm having twins and I love you, but I deserve to be fought for. I'm tired of being walked over. I want to be in control."

Adam looked at her. "Baby you can have control. Tell me what you want me to do baby I'll do it. You want me to go fight for you? I'll do it. I'll go join a boxing class if you want me to fight that bad. I'll give up my businesses for you. I'll make sure that you don't have to lift a finger for the rest of your life."

Erica felt her breath catch. "Adam...I love you so much."

Adam tried to make his way towards Erica, but he was stopped by the men. He looked at them. "Nick I don't give a damn about hurting you, but Max and Derrick need to move. If you men value your lives you'll move."

The three men looked at one another then looked back at Adam. That was all the encouragement Adam needed. He punched Nick in the face then was wrestled to the floor by Derrick. He turned and pulled Derrick in a headlock while he punched Max in the stomach.

Erica looked at the blood bath on the floor then she turned to Colin. "I thought you said he wouldn't fight them??!!!!"

Colin shrugged his shoulders. "Well I said that because he usually doesn't, but it seems like he'll make an exception for you."

Erica looked at Nynia. Nynia sat there and looked at the men like it was a TV show. She threw up her hands in defeat and ran to the kitchen to get some water. She ran back in and threw the water on the men. They broke apart and started shaking the water out of their faces. Erica took the opportunity to grab Adam and pull him down for a kiss. Adam deepened the kiss and stroked his tongue along hers. She moaned softly into his mouth.

Erica broke the kiss to see all the men smiling. "How can you guys be smiling when you've just been in a fight?"

Nick smiled at her. "Fake fight sweetheart. It's a little game we play."

Erica shook her head and went back to kissing Adam. He picked her up and carried her back to his car. He sped off and drove to the loft he used when he did his paintings.

Erica ran in behind him and looked at him. "Baby what's wrong?"

Adam shook his head then slowly began to kiss Erica. Erica responded by kissing him back harder and then she bit his lip.

"Adam I want you now, hard and fast." Adam laughed darkly then tore off all of Ericas' clothing. He then picked her up in his arms and slowly slid her onto his cock. They both moaned at the contact and he carried her to the bedroom. With every step up the stairs his cock slowly entered her wet core and slowly slid out. Erica threw her head back in pleasure at the sensation. She cried out in protest when Adam slid her off his cock and put her on the bed. He walked over to the bedside table in the bedroom and pulled out a set of handcuffs. He looked at her then went to sit in a chair.

"Erica I've always had control in my life. But when you're around I don't know what to do. I'm always doing something crazy and I have no control over the way I feel for you baby. So I want you to be in control for me baby...I need you to be in control for me."

Erica looked at Adam incredulously then walked over and grabbed the handcuffs out of his hands. She pulled his hands around his back and locked them behind him. She came around to face him and almost came from the look he was giving her. His eyes were heavy and he was biting his lips. She didn't want to put him through this, but she would do anything he wanted her to do. She looked down at his cock and moaned at the sight. His cock was proudly erect and thick waiting for her to ride him. His sac was hot and heavy underneath his thick cock. Erica slowly lowered herself to his knees and slowly licked a trail from his sac to the tip of his cock. Adam threw his head back and moaned.

Erica began to massage his sac with one hand and stroked his cock with the other. She watched as his cream began to come out from the tip of his cock. She leaned down and sucked the juice from the head of his cock.

Adam sucked in his breath. "Erica I'm going to fucking lose it baby."

Erica smiled up at him then slowly slid her mouth over his slick cock then back up again. She slowly bobbed her head up and down while Adams' head fell back in ecstasy. She swirled her tongue around the head of his cock then slid her mouth back down his cock.

Adam felt his sac tighten beneath his cock. His muscles tensed as his orgasm slowly climbed up his spine. Before he could come Erica pulled away from his cock.

Erica moaned at the taste of Adam. She slid two fingers between her legs and rubbed her swollen cunt. She felt her juices run down her legs as she came closer to Adam. She swayed her breasts in his face and he caught one of her nipples between his lips. She moaned as he sucked her nipple hard between his mouth. She pushed his head away from her nipple then slid her sticky fingers between his lips. His tongue flew quickly over her fingers and it made her cunt throb even more.

Adam looked at her through dark green eyes. "Baby let me eat you. Fuck put your leg over my shoulder."

Erica thought about obeying, but instead shook her head and slid the fingers he finished licking back into her wet cunt. His eyes watched her fingers as she slid them in and out of her pussy. Adam growled at her and Erica gave him a secret smile. She walked over to him and stood over his cock.

Adam looked at her. "Erica stop fucking teasing me and sit on my cock!"

Erica laughed at him. "I'm not teasing baby, I'm taking control."

Erica slid on his lap, but didn't let his cock enter her. She started grinding her cunt into his cock and almost came from the heat his cock was sending through her core. When she couldn't take it anymore she slowly slid down onto his cock. They both groaned at the sensation. Erica slowly rode his cock then she slid her tongue into his mouth for a deep kiss. She played with his tongue and explored his mouth with her tongue. Erica slowly broke the kiss and nibbled on his bottom lip. She looked him deep in the eyes as she rode his cock slowly. She leaned up on her knees and leaned over Adams' head. Adam took the opportunity to suck on her breasts while they swayed in his face. Erica reached behind his back and took the handcuffs off. She sat back down on Adams' cock and he gazed at her with confusion.

Adam pulled her face in his hands. "Baby I thought you wanted to be in control?"

Erica shook her head. "No baby I want us to be in control."

Adam growled then put his hands around Ericas' hips. He started fucking her hard and deep and he groaned as her breasts started bouncing everywhere. He increased his pace and started fucking her faster and he felt the familiar tightening of his balls. His spine began to tingle and he looked at Erica. Her eyes were glazed over and she was panting fast. He gave her two hard strokes and watched as she went over the edge.

Erica felt the orgasm pulse through her with a powerful force. She went into another orgasm as she felt Adams' cum squirt inside of her. She slowly faded from her blissful orgasm and gazed at Adam. He smiled at her then carried her to the bed. He laid her on the bed softly then leaned in to kiss her deeply. He pulled away then leaned down towards his jeans. He looked at Erica.

"You know baby I've never regretted meeting you and I'm glad I did. Fuck I don't know how to do this sentimental shit. Baby I love you and I demand that you marry me."

Erica laughed at Adam. He was never going to change and that's why she would always love him. Erica gasped at the sight of the ring he slipped onto her finger. It was a canary diamond ring surrounded by smaller diamonds. It was simple yet extravagant. She looked up at Adam with tears in her eyes. She jumped into his arms and kissed him.

"I love you Adam."

"I love you too baby, but do you remember what I said to you when we first met?"

Erica thought for a minute then smiled at him. "You told me when I was ready to play to give you a call."

Adam looked at her. "Well are you ready to play?"

Erica shook her head in laughter and Adam sighed at the sight. She was so beautiful his ebony angel.

Erica looked at him and bit his bottom lip. "Yes I'm ready to play. For the rest of my life."

Adam twirled her around in a circle. He'd finally got what he wanted; a family.

Two Years Later

"Daddy's home!!!" Adam came into the house and smiled as his twin boys laughed and reached for him. Erica came from the kitchen glowing as usual. He leaned over and picked up Jaden then turned to pick up Zach. He then grabbed Erica into his arms and gave her a deep kiss.

"Adam there are children present."

Adam smiled and picked his children up. They were beautiful. They had his thick black hair and his sinful smile, but they had their mothers' gorgeous brown eyes and her open honest face. He smiled at each one of them.

"How would you boys like to go and visit grandpa?" Adam laughed as they gurgled and slapped his face with wet palms.

"I'll take that as a yes."

Erica looked at Adam in confusion. "What's going on? Are you planning something special for tonight?

Adam shrugged his shoulders while he got the twins an overnight bag together. "No, but I have a question for you and I already know the answer and well I don't want to twins around while I answer your question."

Erica looked at him with confusion. "What's the question?"

Adam gave her an evil smile. "Want to play?"

Erica laughed as Adam hurried to get the twins to the grandpas' house. She would always say yes to that question. For the rest of her life.

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