tagMatureWanted: Dog Walker

Wanted: Dog Walker

byDr Kink©

Rick Potter turned into his driveway, shit it was eleven o’clock. He had told Sheila he would be home no later than eight. She was going to be mad, but he was getting use to it. Ever since this new project was given to him, he had not been home before nine O’clock. He had been working on it for two months and it would probably take another two months to finish. Sheila may not like it, but that’s why he was an executive vie-president earning a rather large six figure salary. He got where he was by hard work and not letting anything stand in his way.

He hit the garage door opener, hoping she was a sleep and would not hear the door go up. As he started to pull his Mercedes into the garage, he noticed Sheila’s car was not there. Good he thought, she’s probably out with one of her girlfriends and I got home before her.

He opened the door that led from the garage into the kitchen where their dog, Magic greeted him. Magic was a two-year old black Labrador retriever that Rick had gotten Sheila to keep her company. Magic seemed to like Rick more than Sheila. If Sheila went to bed before Rick got home, Magic would be waiting in the kitchen to welcome him home. After Rick petted Magic, the dog ran to the backdoor and asked to go outside into the fenced in back yard.

Only after letting the dog out did Rick see the note lying on the kitchen table. He sat down and opened the folded piece of paper and read it.

Dear Rick,

I am sorry that I have to write you this letter, I have tried to talk to you but you are
never home. That’s the big problem, I thought I was moving in to be with you,
not to sit home waiting for you. I know it’s your job and you can’t help it, but
it doesn’t mean that I have to put up with it. I loved you very much and I thought
you loved me, but not I guess, as much as you love your job.

I packed my things and I moved in with a girlfriend. I have been thinking about
this for almost a month, so please don’t try and contact me, it will only make things
tougher. My mind is made up and I will not change it; just like you won’t change
your mind about you work..

I hope you find someone that can put up with you not being home, although
I doubt it. Most women want more out of a relationship than a nice house in which
to live. The women that will put up with your shit are nothing more than gold-diggers,
they want your money not you.

I left you the only living creature that can put up with you and not leave you
because of your late nights. I hope you and Magic will be very happy together.

Your EX-Girlfriend


Rick put down the letter. He wasn’t that upset, he had seen it coming. Sheila was only twenty-eight years old. She still wanted to go out and party every night. He was forty-five, way too old for that shit. Even when he wasn’t working late, all he wanted to do was sit on the sofa and watch sports on television or read a book. He had done the club scene; that became old and tired. Oh well, the sex wasn’t bad, at least in the beginning.

He probably should try and date an older more mature woman. Someone more his own age, who would be more career oriented. He tried that several times but he liked younger women. The older he got, the younger his girlfriends became. What could he say; he liked young women with tight bodies.

Rick was brought back to reality by Magic barking; he wanted back in. Rick opened the door and let him in. “It’s just you and me boy,” he said to Magic, ”just you and me. Let’s go to bed.” Rick went to his bedroom followed by Magic. Magic always slept on the floor on Rick’s side of the bed, but tonight he must have sensed something was different. Before Rick could say anything, Magic jumped on the bed and lay on Sheila’s pillow. Rick started to tell him to get down, then he thought, fuck it! He can sleep there if he likes, at least I won’t have to hear a raft of shit about my snoring from him.

Rick woke up the next morning and was greeted by a happy Magic. Magic jumped on Rick and started to lick his face. Rick played with the dog, for a shot time and then got dressed. When Rick opened the back door for Magic to go out into the back yard, Rick realized he had a problem. Who was going to let Magic out in the afternoon? Sheila did that when she came home form work, but now he had no one. Maybe Magic could hold it until he got home. He would give it a try.

When Rick got home that evening, he was greeted by Magic, but he could tell something was wrong. Sure enough, Magic couldn’t hold it. He had pissed and shit on the kitchen floor. Rick couldn’t yell at the dog, it wasn’t his fault he couldn’t hold it that long. Rick would have to make other arrangements. After cleaning up the mess, he decided he would advertise for a dog walker; someone that could walk Magic seven days a week if needed. He needed someone who was dependable and honest and from the immediate area. He decided he would put an ad on the local bulletin board that the civic association maintained. It was set up that anyone in the association could use to get a message across to the people in the area. Tomorrow was Sunday and he didn’t have to work. He would make the ad up tomorrow morning and place it on the bulletin board. With some luck, he might have his dog walker within a few days.

He got up Sunday morning and immediately wrote the ad.


A person to feed and walk my friendly lab. Needed Monday through Saturday and some Sundays. Good pay. Call the following number and arrange an interview.


Rick printed the ad. He and Magic walked to the community bulletin board to hang it up. There were several people there, looking at the various notices and announcements. An attractive lady that looked a few years younger than Rick was reading the ads. She was a blonde about five foot eight; she had a jogging suit on that hid her body, but it appeared that she had a nice body. Rick looked for thumb tacks to post the ad.

“Here, use mine,” she said to Rick. “I’m trying to help my daughter find a job.” She pointed to her ad.

Rick read it, out of courtesy. Part time job needed for eighteen year old girl. Good with children and pets. Call 555-6780 if interested. When he finished, he turned to the woman, but she was busy reading his ad.

“You need a dog walker,” she asked. “Is that the dog? He seems friendly.” She bent down to pet Magic.

Magic loved it when people showered him with attention and he wagged his tail off. He licked the woman’s face and acted like she was his long lost friend.

“What’s his name? Jennifer, my daughter would be perfect for you. Do you live close by? What times are we talking about?”

“His name is Magic,” answered Rick. “I live on Welshire.”

“That’s perfect, we live on Duncan, she could walk to your house. Jennifer, that’s my daughter, wants to go to St Thomas in August, with her girlfriends. It costs almost a thousand dollars for the week. My husband and I told her, we would pay half as a graduation present; but she would have to earn the other half if she wanted to go with her friends. I think she would love to walk Magic. She loves pets and has always been good with them, especially dogs. If you are not busy this afternoon, I could bring Jennifer to meet you and Magic. You can ask her questions and get to know her.”

“That sound’s good…..um…uh…I didn’t catch your name. Mine is Rick,” he said, extending his hand.

The woman shook his hand and replied, I am Angela, Angela Roberts. What time would be convenient for you?”

“How about three,” asked Rick? The woman nodded her head. “I live at 410 Welshire. I’ll see you then,” he said and walked away. As he walked back to his house, he looked down at Magic and said, “that was easy, I hope she works out.”

Exactly at three, Rick’s doorbell rang. He opened the door and found the same attractive woman standing there with an equally attractive slender girl. “Right on time, come on in,” he said to them. Magic immediately greeted the woman and her daughter.

“Oh, he’s such a friendly dog,” the girl said, “and I think he likes me.”

“He gets along with most people, he’s a good dog. My job has me working late, sometimes to ten or eleven and I can’t feed him or walk him. The other person I had looking after him, moved away.” No sense in telling them his personal business, Rick thought, besides it was true, Sheila did move away. “I need someone to come around five or six, feed him and then take him for a walk. I would think it would take about an hour each day. I would definitely need you Monday through Saturday and sometimes on Sunday, I would let you know by Friday if I need you to walk him Sunday.”

“You have a very demanding job, Rick,” said Angela.

Rick laughed, “It’s only certain times that I have to work these hours, only when we have a project due and they pay me quite well to get it done. I think it will take another two months to finish the project, so I’ll probably need you until mid-June.”

Rick looked at Angela and her daughter; both were dressed very well. Jennifer was a cute teenager. She didn’t have all those piercings that most of the teenagers seemed to have now days. She had dirty blonde hair, hazel eyes and a cute smile. When she bent down to play with Magic, Rick could help but notice her cute little butt. She’s a eighteen year old girl, for God sakes, Rick thought, get a grip on yourself.

He took her around and showed her where the food was kept, the door to the back yard, the leash and the pooper-scooper.

“You realize you have to pick up the piles Magic leaves during his walk. I’ll show you how I do it, if you would like?”

“No, that’s OK. I walked other dogs and I am familiar with that little part of the job,” Jennifer responded.

They returned to the living room, “Well, are you interested in the job,” he asked Jennifer.

“Yes, but I don’t mean to be rude, but you haven’t told me what it pays,” Jennifer said, her cheeks blushing.

“Oh, how stupid of me, I’m sorry. Of course you need to know what your pay would be before you commit to the job. How does one hundred dollars a weeks sound? That’s for Monday through Saturday. If you have to walk him on Sunday, I’ll pay you an extra twenty dollars. Now, would you like the job?”

Jennifer looked at her mom and smiled. Her mother nodded her head.

“Yes, I’ll take the job. When do you want me to start?”

“Tomorrow, if possible,” Rick answered. “Let me get you a spare key and I’ll have to give you the code for the alarm. I’m sure you realize, I only expect you to be in my house.”

“Sure,” Jennifer answered. “I won’t disappoint you, Mr. ..err….”

“Call me Rick.”

You can count on me Rick. This job will give me even more money than I need for my trip. Thank you so much, Rick.”

Jennifer was so happy she got up and gave Rick a big hug. He could feel two firm breasts pressing into his body. Then the mother gave him a hug. He felt her soft boobs press into his chest. He broke the hug before she could feel his dick, which was beginning to get hard.

“I’m the one that should be thanking you, Jennifer and you too Angela. I didn’t expect to get this settled in one day. This takes a big load off my mind. Thank you so very much. I’ll leave an envelope, with the check, on the kitchen table every Saturday. Is that alright?”

That’s fine, Rick,” said Angela. Thank you again. Well we should be going.”

Rick watched them walk down his front walk. He looked at both, but his eyes spent more time glued to the girl’s ass. I know I like young women, he thought, but this is ridiculous, she’s younger than my daughter.

The weeks flew by and Jennifer took good care of Magic. There were no messes on the floor or carpet. Magic seemed happy, even though Rick had not been home much. He was well fed and groomed. Jennifer had done a great job.

Finally, the project was finished. When it was presented to the top brass of the company, they loved it. Everyone was sure it would bring sixty to seventy million dollars into the company each year. It was a big success. Rick received a huge bonus and an extra months vacation; that meant he had almost the whole summer off. He would not have to go back to work until the end of August. There were rumors that when he came back he would be getting a big promotion. Yes, life was good to Rick.

Rick decided to spend the first few weeks of his vacation just lying around the pool getting a tan. The weather was getting warm and he just had his pool set up for the summer.

Magic was happy to have him home. He stayed by Rick’s side, getting affection from Rick. Around suppertime, Magic disappeared. Rick didn’t think anything of it, until he went in the kitchen to get a beer. There was Magic lying on the rug by the back door. Rick walked into the family room and called Magic, but he did not come. Rick didn’t know what to make of Magic’s strange behavior until he realized what Magic was doing lying there. He was waiting for Jennifer.

“Magic, come here boy,” Rick called to him. “I’m afraid you’re stuck with just me fellow.”

As the week wore on, Magic’s behavior became stranger. He spent most of the day lying by the front door. He didn’t play with Rick; not even when Rick got Magic’s favorite toy and tried to play with him. Rick began to worry. He had hope Magic would snap out of it, but he seemed to be getting worse.

Finally, a week of Magic acting strange he decided to call Jennifer up and see if she could come over. It was the end of June, so she was out of school. He wasn’t sure if she was home in the afternoon, but decided to give her a call. He was happy when she answered the phone.

“Jennifer this is Rick, Magic’s owner. I have a problem and I think you are the answer. Magic has not been acting himself lately. At first, I thought it was just because I was home all-day and messing up his naptime. Now I think it’s because he misses you. I was wondering if you could come over and see if that’s the problem. I’ll pay you.”

“Rick, I’d be glad to come over, I’m already bored and I’ve only been out of school for three weeks. You don’t have to pay me, you paid be enough already. I not only earned enough money to pay for my trip; I have enough to buy some clothes. Let me throw some clothes on and I’ll be right there

Ten minutes later there was a knock on the back door and Jennifer came in. Magic went crazy over her. He wagged his tail, he cried, he danced around in a circle, all the time licking Jennifer’s hands and face.

Jennifer had on a tight tee shirt that allowed her flat stomach to be seen. She also had on very tight shorts. As she entered the room, her small muscular ass and hips were show cased in those shorts. Her figure was spectacular. Her tits were not large, about the size of oranges, but on her slim body they looked much larger especially since she had such a tiny waist and small hips.

Magic made such a fuss over her that Jennifer said, “Let’s go out in the backyard I think Magic wants to play.”

Rick shook his head, “Well, that’s obvious. I haven’t seen him that excited since you were here the last time.”

They went out in the backyard. Rick sat down on a lounge chair while Jennifer played with Magic. She played catch with him for a while and then just wrestled with Magic. Rick could not take his eyes off Jennifer. First he stared at her tits, straining against the material in the tee shirt. Then, when she faced away from him, he stared at her ass.

While Rick’s was looking at Jennifer’s tits, she glanced up at him. He looked away fast, but he was not sure if he got caught. When he looked back, she was still playing with magic. Rick breathed a sigh of relief that he hadn’t been caught. Jennifer then rolled on her back and Magic was licking her face and arms. Her tight shorts hugged her body so tight that her mound was outlined and her sit was visible He had to look away in fear she would see him looking at her or notice his ranging boner he had developed while leering at her.

“Jennifer, I’m so happy you came to visit; Magic really missed you. He was so sad, he just wasn’t his self.”

“I’m glad you called,” she answered, “I missed him too. He is such a good dog. Anytime you want me to visit, just call.”

“Why don’t you come tomorrow; we can go swimming. You should see Magic in the water he loves it.”

“That sounds like fun, I’ll be here. I just bought a new suit for my trip. I’m dying to wear it, but it’s a little risqué. My parents would freak out if they saw me wearing it. If you don’t mind, I’d like to wear it tomorrow. Thanks again for inviting me and I can hardly wait to go swimming tomorrow.”

After Jennifer left, Rick sat on the lounge chair, soaking up some sun. He tried not to, but all he could think of was Jennifer. In his mind he could see her tits, her beautiful, young, eighteen year old tits. “What the hell am I doing,” he said out loud to no one but him self. The term jailbait was appeared in his mind, although technically she wasn’t; she was just so young.

After supper, he was still horny. Rick put in a porno film. He hadn’t had time for sex these last two months. He hardly had any time to even jerk-off. He thought tonight would be perfect. He put a film in and began to watch it. He got out his cock and began to rub it up and down. He closed his eyes and tried to image the blonde in the film sucking his cock. It worked for a short time, but when he got close to cuming, it was Jennifer’s lips wrapped around his hard cock he was imaging. She was looking up at him with her sweet young eyes as he filled her mouth with his cum.

After he cleaned himself up, he wondered what he should do. The smart move would be to call Jennifer up and cancel her visit. That would be the smart thing to do. But Magic would suffer, he thought. I don’t want to punish my dog. I probably can control my urges.

He watched some TV and went to bed. During the night, he had dreams of sex, wild sex with a sexy girl. He was pounding his cock in and out of her pussy and she was screaming, yelling she wanted more. He saw his cock was being shoved into a young pussy and when he looked at her face, it was Jennifer smiling at him and urging him to fuck her.

He woke up in a sweat. He went to the kitchen and made coffee. He was having his third cup when the phone rang, caller ID showed it was Jennifer. I’ll just tell her I’m not feeling well. That’s what he was going to say, but what came out was “sure, come over any time. You can have lunch here, if you like.”

Why did I say that he wondered? But deep down inside of him he knew, he wanted to fuck her, to suck on those young tits and taste her young pussy. He was about to throw caution to the wind. He just hoped she wanted him too. He went to change into his bathing suit. He threw a tee shirt and shorts on and waited for Jennifer. He didn’t have to wait long. A half an hour after she called, there was a knock on the back door. Rick and Magic went to answer it. There stood Jennifer in a large tee shirt and baggy pants.

“Hi Rick,” Jennifer said as she entered the house. “Hello, Magic,” and she leaned down to pet him. “What a beautiful day, perfect for swimming and getting a tan.”

“Let’s do it then. I checked the temperature of the pool and the water is 750 , just the way I like it. Here is a towel and I have the lounges set up around the pool. Is your mother OK with you coming over here?”

“Yes, she’s happy I have something to do.”

When they got by the pool, Rick took off his shirt and then his shorts. He thought he heard a quiet gasp and when he turned around Jennifer had her head down and he thought she was blushing. Jennifer turned her back and slowly took off her shirt. A small piece of string, tied around her back was all Rick could see. Then she slowly pushed down her shorts. As her suit came into view, it was evident it wasn’t covering a whole lot, in fact It was a thong bikini. It looked like she wasn’t wearing anything, which allowed Rick to see all of her magnificent ass. Rick could hardly wait to see the front and when she turned around he wasn’t disappointed. Her top was two small pieces of cloth that covered her nipples and little else. Most of her tits were visible. When he looked down her body, a brief triangle covered her pussy and little else. Now it was Rick’s turn to be stunned and a rather loud gasp escaped from his mouth.

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