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Wanted to Be Alone


Has it ever happened to you that work, home, stress and everything else just seems to build up that you need to just get away alone? Well that is just what I needed. My working two jobs, the stress of a failed marriage, the pressures of the daily routine has been so heavy these past few months that I decided to take a long weekend and escape. I searched for a wooded area to rent a cabin in, one that was away for the city but just close enough that if I needed something it would not take the entire day. After a long and inquiring search I found an ad for a cabin in the woods, high upon a hill with a view of the city, my long needed weekend was about to begin.

It took a while to get to this place and I only wish I had a SUV, my little sports car was not happy, when they say not a paved road better ask next time if it might be more like a back trail. But I did finally drive up to my home away from home and opened the door to a small but cozy little cabin. I guess I was the first in a long time to be here, dust was all over, the smell of a closed house lingered within. But these people were in luck, I had the time off and I just can not help it, I opened the windows and got the water on, the gas going, water heating, and in a few hours I had myself a clean house... Now I was ready to begin.

I lit a fire and got it warming the room, I filled the tub with nice warm water and took a bottle of wine and started my soaking routine, nice bath salts, scented candles and a bottle of wine, music on the radio and a beautiful breeze coming in from the fresh fall air. Oh was my body starting to unwind, muscles relaxing and I, well I started feeling pretty good with the wine. I did check to make sure my manhood work and yup, it was in fine shape. All I did was play with it for a while, I have been working such long days that I don’t even think about jerking off. I new this weekend I was going to have a masturbating weekend all alone here at this cabin but I wasn’t going to start it out just yet, I am relaxing now.

About 30 minutes past when I pulled the plug and drain the tub, took a shower and got into my robe, grabbed the wine and off to the front porch I went. I poured some more wine, kicked my legs up on the railing, let my robe fall open, feeling the cool breeze I was now ready for my masturbation marathon to begin. Dusk was upon me, the fire crackling inside, the smell of fall, and the quite all around me, my wine, and my robe falling open. I am getting myself worked up, I am getting myself ready to grab myself and jerk off. Ah yes, finally I got a hold of my pride and joy, not every man is proud to be holding his own cock but I am. I moisten the top and start slowly stroking it, nice long slow tight strokes with my hand. I give it a few squeezes and feel that baby throb. I untie my robe and scoot down exposing myself to nature in my full glory. Boy I could be an exhibitionist if I wasn’t so shy but here I am in the middle of no where and feeling good. I put my head back and I am letting my hand take care of business right now and boy is it feeling great. I did not waste too much time and in a matter of a few minutes I was shooting my load all over the porch. I give my cock a few good jerks and a final squeeze and let the final cum fall to the floor.

So I picked up the wine and went into the kitchen and fixed some dinner, a good steak, a potato, salad and corn, poured another glass, lit a candle, put another log on the fire and sat down to eat. My body, my mind and now my head is feeling free form all the pressures of the life I have been stuck in and a great big smile breaks out over my face. I feel my cock relax and my balls turn, yes, I knew this was the thing to do. To get away and be alone for a weekend and just get this stress gone and I feel like I am going to achieve this. I finish eating, finish my wine and clean up the kitchen and head back to the porch. My robe is just swinging around just like my cock is as I walk out. I know I am alone and I am getting ready to go jerk off another load. I feel the urge, I feel the need and I have the want to jerk off my cock, in fact I want to jerk off non-stop, I just want to cum over and over. So as soon as I hit the chair I put my legs back up and grab hold of my cock, moisten the top and with a firm hold I begin masturbating again. I decide to make this a nice long one, jerking nice and slow and enjoying every moment. I am going to fantasies about having someone suck me, oh yes. I can almost feel those warm lips all over my cock. I lick my lips as I imagine the wet feeling of a hungry mouth sucking my hard cock. Ah, I sigh out loud saying to suck it, suck my cock. Besides, there is no one here to hear me. I am alone and all I hear I guess are the deer tracking in the woods around the cabin. I move down on the seat, my ass hanging over the side. I reach and squeeze my balls, I massage them, I pull them, and I hold them tight and continue my long slow strokes on my cock. After a while I moisten my finger and run it to my hole. I pat it and then moisten it again and begin to press my finger in. Oh yes, I say out loud, fuck me fuck me good and I thrust up and down on my finger. I pull out my finger and moisten it up along with two others and in no time I have three fingers in my ass and my hand is going to town. I rub my prostate the best I can, this drives mw wild, so wild that I sit up and fuck my hole the best I can with my fingers and jerk my cock hard and fast that I shoot in seconds. I am moaning and sighing so loud and hard that I think I scared the deer. I leave my fingers in my hole and fall back on the chair, legs still perched on the rail. God, what am I doing I think to myself, but I want to do this, I want to fuck myself and jerk off as much as I can. I knew this is what I was going to do here and now I wish I had a toy to play with in my ass. My fingers feel nice but I now something else would feel so much better that I wish someone was here to take me, to use me, to fuck the hell out of me. With that thought I speak it out and I sit back with my eyes closed still playing in my hole. I hole my still hard cock and smile, that good ole-boy hasn’t let me down so far. The light from the fire looks great from the porch and when I open my eyes completely and look out I notice two eyes looking back.

I freeze, unable to move I see a large man with a two-day growth just staring down at me. His jean coat open, shirt unbutton to his navel, hair just rolling out from under it. His dirty boots covered in mud and his tight blue jeans that have a very large bulge in the front of his jeans.

“And just what are you doing here all alone” he asked me

Me, I still have a hold of my hard cock still glistening with cum and my fingers still in my ass and I just ca not find the words nor can I even move, I am frozen in the chair.

He says, “Looks like you may need some help. I have been out walking these here woods for quite sometime and I sure would enjoy helping you out. Now you have a choice here, either you do as I say or I do as I will”.

My mind races so fast, am I going to get raped today, what am I going to do. My mouth hangs open still staring at him motionless. I have been caught in a horrible predicament and there is not way out of this. He walks over closer and takes my hand I have in my ass and pulls them out and continues to pull me up to my feet as he pushes my feet off the rail.

“Now we might as well get to know one another a little better” and he walks me inside the house. Now why does he shut the door and locks it is beyond me but after all, he just came up from no where, are there more of him out there that I don’t know of. We walk to the bathroom and he tells me that I am going to wash him up, make him clean or I can have him dirty, don’t mater to him as he said. So I turn on the shower, he pushes off my robe and I start to undress him. As I do I notice that this guy has a nice chest, he is a rugged man, doesn’t sound well educated but built tough. I then take off his boots and socks and reach for his belt. Here I get totally nervous but also excited. I am naked squatting before him and going to take off his pants. It really turned me on but I can also get raped, what the hell is going on in my head. But I unbutton his pants, lower the zipper and begin to pull down his pants. Oh how beautiful he looks as I slowly pull them down. The hair over his rippled stomach, the beginning of his bush around his cock and the cock that is hard within and just starting to be exposed. I finally get them down and his cock flips up, slapping his chest as it is freed. Oh my god, look at it. Hard, stiff, long, thick, a work of art, his manhood is perfect and he is going to give it to me, is this heaven? I help him step out and lead him into the already warmed shower and close the curtain behind us. I turn him under the water and then I wash his hair. I stand so close to him, feeling his cock touching me. I just can not wait to touch it, to feel him but I can not let him know how much I want him.

I lather the wash cloth and start cleaning his face, his strong chest, his back, arms and ass. Oh, his ass, two strong pieces of muscle there that I just had to keep rubbing, I lathered them again with my bare hand and wash in-between his crack. I felt him squirm a little when I pressed towards his hole and decided that I better not although al I wanted to do was to drop to my knees and lick that hole clean. I turned him around and started washing both legs and feet. This man is going to be clean once I am done with him and I will let him use me in any way, shape or form he ever so desires. I stand in front of him and hold the bar of soap and then proceed to wash his cock and balls. Yes, talking about saving the best for last. Oh the lathering I am doing on him. I use both hands, one on the balls and the other on his cock. I am stoking him and as I gaze into his blue eyes I can not help think that he is actually very handsome and even though he had me here in the shower, I really do not feel forced. I am willing and now wanting ever so much to please this guy. I feel my cock throb and few times, I know that all I have to do it touch him with it and I will loose it right then and there. I am so worked up. He tells me that he liked how I was fucking myself with my hand, show me again he says. I turn around and put my leg on the ledge and I insert three fingers back inside my already sore hole. I slide them in deep and I trust them in good and hard. I want to stretch out my hole good for this guy. His thick cock I know will feel so hot and good in my hole and when he shoots out inside me I will feel so good. God, fuck me I say to him. My cock is going off the wall right now. My balls are turning, they are ready to shoot.

I feel him stand behind me and he pushes me into the wall. My cock is now pressing up against the ledge making it feel so good. “Fuck your ass” he tells me and I start fucking my ass with my fingers, moving them in and out.

“I want you to fuck me, I want your cock in my ass” I tell him. My fingers are thrashing in and out of my ass, my cock pressing harder against the ledge. I can feel his body behind me, I hear him tell me to fuck my ass and that is all I needed. I start exploding all over the ledge of the shower, cum just shooting out of me, My ass tightening up around my fingers. My fingers slowing down as I press them deeper into me. Ah yes, that felt so good, I can not wait to feel his warm hard cock in my hole. I turn me head to tell him that and I am alone. I open my eyes wide and look around. I pull my fingers out, I wash down quick. I turn off the shower, pull open the curtain and no one. I am alone. The floor is dry, there is no evidence that he was here, no mud on the floor. I dry off and walk out of the bedroom and look at the front door that is open, my wine still out on the porch, the fire still burning. What was this, did I just have the best fantasy of my life or was he real, was he here? God I want to have him, God, I don’t want to be alone!

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