tagIncest/TabooWanting My Mother

Wanting My Mother


I have wanted to make love to and fuck my mother for as long as I can remember, from the very first day of my very first wank I had thought of her, my pal from school had told me how to wank.

I had tried several times to reach that unbelievable tingling sensation he had told me about that made your bell end almost untouchable until it had subsided.

Then one day after at home I was laid on my bed playing with my dick, working it up and down when it happened, I nearly went thought the ceiling such was the fantastic sensitivity of the tingle.

He was right as well; I wasn't able to touch it for a long time afterwards that's when my sexual education started from such humble beginnings.

What I was to experience later about 2 months after my first wank, was I shot my first load, Don had told me it would happen, he was always a few weeks ahead of me, Twat!

It amazed me, and I was a little horrified to see it and watch as it unexpectedly shot out of the end of my tingling over sensitive prick.

Then as I grew older and I learned more and more on the playground, and I learned that kissing girls was a great past time, and onto feeling them up, grabbing their tits and all of that that my thoughts began to turn towards my mother.

I had a girlfriend, but that didn't stop me chasing skirt!

I am Jamie by the way; I am what you would call a strapping 18 year old, 6ft tall, black wavy hair got the proverbial well toned body.

My current girlfriend tells me that Im the best looking guy in school, boost for my ego there then!

Im good at the sports I play, known as a bit of a tough guy, been in a few scrapes here and there, but never been out done on the odd occasion in matters with the fists, which helps with the girls, they all love a roughy toughie don't they?

Bad boy dangerous and the rest of it, but I knew it was all part of growing up.

I suppose Im more experienced than a lot of lads at my college, but not as much as others, so there's equilibrium.

I have never known my dad, he did a bunk one day and never came back leaving me an only child

Now, to my mother.

I love her to bits, she is gorgeous, well she would be wouldn't she?

But lots of the guys mention about her being a MILF.

She is of Venezuelan extraction; her great granddad was in the navy and married a girl from there who was a beauty in her own right looking at her photos.

Which through the generations that followed was certainly passed down to my mum.

She too has jet black hair that grows upwards about an inch before it cascades down her neck past her shoulders in waves and on to her back, she spends ages brushing it, it is shiny and glossy beyond belief, her hair care products are nothing but the best.

About 5ft 10" in height and her weight matches that, although she moans about being over weight I can assure you she is not and I tell her so repeatedly, she is darn near perfect as far as I am concerned she is slender but no where near overweight.

She is incredibly lovely, high cheek bones, roman type nose, flashing dark eyes, heart shaped mouth squarish chin that sets it all off.

A body that is to die for in my opinion, full high pointing breasts that I have been lucky enough to have seen now and again.

Firm waist and flat stomach even now.

Her backside is a sight to behold, so rounded it looks like it has been moulded somehow, she looks great in a swimsuit or bikini, and her strong toned symmetrical legs go on forever!

She has one drawback, and it has been causing friction between us for as long as I can remember.

Its her temper, she can blow like a fucking volcano sometimes, it used to scare the hell out of me when I was a kid, all sorts would go flying at the drop of a hat it seemed to me, but she never once directed it at me it was always something or someone else.

I can see it coming from her actions or that look in her eyes.

So I just normally get out of the way for a while.

But as I've grown older I haven't, in fact I've challenged her sometimes, much to her consternation and ire.

One day she jumped at me in her anger because I had disobeyed her or something and much to my surprise I held her off by her arms, I actually was stronger than her because I had always thought other wise.

I just grabbed her wrists and refused to let go until she calmed down she tried kick and knee me but I fended her off easily, she cried later and apologised.

I had learned something now.

Like I was saying I wanted to love my mother like a son shouldn't want to love his mother.

She had never remarried, she went on dates now and again but she never met anyone worth her while she would tell me.

I had been trying to get close to her feeling my way as it were, little innuendoes, touches, hugs, little kisses, snuggling up to her on the sofa, but I seemed to be wasting my time.

She even said to me one day, 'what the fuck are you up to, are you a fucking pervert or what? Im your mother'

'Mum, I love you I just want to be close to you, is that such a bad thing?'

She relented somewhat and said, 'no I suppose not.'

I had found her vibrator that she kept in a drawer so I knew she still wanted to be fucked or what ever and I wanted to be the guy that gave it to her.

I had even kissed it and licked it, and rubbed around my cock and balls hoping she would use it and I knowing it had been on me and she was at least getting an unknown piece of me.

Things came to a bit of a head one Thursday night, I was being 'nice' to her hoping for a response, and well I got one!

But it wasn't the one I was hoping for.

She just railed at me, 'what the fuck is wrong with you, you are fucking twisted, you want to fuck me is that it, or do you just want to love poor little lonely momma?'

'Well let me tell you Mr, I ain't that fucking frustrated yet and if I was I would go and get a man, not a fucking BOY like you!

'I want a man who can, not a fucking BOY who thinks he can okay!'

Her great big eyes were on fire blazing at me.

She pushed me violently in the chest and stormed out of the room and went upstairs to her bedroom.

I was stunned to the core, she had never spoken to me like that, and then I got annoyed, followed by serious anger.

I raced upstairs after her and charged into her bedroom.

'Hah here come's the BOY who thinks he is a man!' she laughed.

I went over the top and slapped her face really hard; it took her by complete surprise and me too.

It sent her reeling and tippling backwards over the bed to land on her knees facing me at the other side.

She rose up quickly shouting 'YOU BASTARD,' and raced round the bed at me, she drew back her right hand for a good roundhouse punch and sent it on its way, I dodged it easily and the power of her own swing and missing me spun her off balance, I landed another perfect slap on her other cheek and sent her rolling over the bed again this time to land in a heap on the floor.

I was absolutely stunned at this turn of events, at me and at her, never had we done anything like this, I went to help her up, purposely using her tits to do it.

'Get off me you bastard,' she just got to her knees and pointed at the door, 'Out now, get away from me, 'she said.

I just stood there.

'Out Now!' she yelled at me, I left in a hurry, and went to my room.

What was going to happen now I thought to myself, I don't know why I but I really believed that she wanted me, but wouldn't let it ever happen, wouldn't let it out, it was something in her eyes, it was there Im sure, I know my mother inside out.

I was determined now that I was going to have her come hell or high water but how, that was the problem.

I could go back in there and force her into it; I knew I could over power now that was for sure.

But I wouldn't be able to fight her all night with the possibility of getting nowhere, and her screaming the house down, no there had to be another way.

I sat and thought of possibilities, and the only one I could come up with was to capture her, immobilise her, have my way with her and hope that she would go with it, a big ask I know, but I couldn't think of anything else.

I never saw her that night again, and in the morning we kept out of each others way, I tried to talk to her but she just blanked me, not in a nasty way, just refused to speak, but I did detect a note of acquiescence towards me.

I went into town that morning instead of college, and went to a sex shop to try and find something for my mission which was in my still empty brain.

I was looking at all sorts of things, and some I had no idea what they were or use of, but I did spot something that triggered my mind, it was a thin strong leather belt with a handcuff attached to each side, for immobilisation!

That's it I said to myself, get that on her and bingo!

As I was walking out with my purchase I saw a butt plug and it was a vibrator too, so I bought that as well along with 2 high powered rechargeable batteries, then I saw a small Velcro fastening ball gag that went into my bag too.

I went home and then to college, I had got what I thought I needed, including 2 pieces of soft rope from the garage in case I needed more bondages, all I wanted now was the wherewithal to do it, because once down that path there would be no going back.

But I had determination in my heart, the resolve was there, tonight I was going to capture my mother and make her mine, or end up dead or in jail!

When I arrived home she was waiting for me, I was devastated to see a slight discolouration on both sides of her cheeks.

But she looked so sexy too, dressed in heels a flowery skirt and short sleeved blouse, I marvelled at her composure and alluring stance.

'We need to talk Jamie about last night, and what led up to it, I want to apologise from my heart for what I said, I am wrong, totally, you are a man in every sense honey, but what you want is wrong, it would be illegal, no matter how you feel about me, and no matter how I feel about you either!'

My God, she had admitted she wanted me, though she probably hadn't realised she'd said it, she did want to love me but her beliefs would not allow her to, now I knew I was going to capture her and change her thoughts, I was sure it was more than achievable now.

'Mum, it broke my heart after I hit you, Im so sorry, please forgive me?' I said.

'I do and Im sorry too baby, come here,' she held her arms out and I went willingly.

We hugged and kissed and would you believe it I got a fucking hard on!

She felt it and broke our embrace, sadly for me because I would have tried my luck again!

After dinner which was fairly quiet I went up stairs to await my chance; my heart was beating hard enough to burst.

I rehearsed getting the belt on her whilst I was sat twiddling my stupid thumbs etc.

Then I heard her coming upstairs, she stuck her head in the door to find me 'studying' and asked if I was okay.

I told her I was and she left and went to her room.

I took up my bag of things and stalled my way to her room.

I knocked on her door and she told me to come in.

She was sat at her dresser brushing her beautiful hair; my cock lurched in my pants.

I was as nervous as hell, but I wasn't going to turn back now, I was in for the duration.

I sat down behind her and put the bag on the bed, she hadn't seen it yet.

I was such an easy step to get the belt around her waist, and fasten it at the back before she even looked down to see what it was.

'What is it? What are you doing Jamie,' she asked me not too concernedly.

I took hold of her left arm and placed it in the cuff and fastened before she realised something was amiss.

She jumped up and looked at it then me, 'what the fuck,' she growled.

I pulled her from the dresser and onto the bed where I fastened the other cuff.

She was captured and it had been too easy!

That's when she started to struggle and kick at me, but I was on top of her with my knees either side.

'Mum, this is going to happen whether you want it or not, but I believe you do, no matter what you have said,' I told her.

'What have you done, let me go right this minute Mr or you will be in more trouble than you can ever imagine.' She yelled at me.

'Sorry mum, I want you, Im having you and that's that!' I told her.

'And if you scream and shout, I'll use this,' I said showing her the ball gag.

She bounced herself all over the bed under me, trying her best to knee me and kick me, I just sat on her until her strength and breath ran out.

'Now,' I said as I worked her over on to her stomach, with a bit more struggling.

She started crying then, and it almost broke me, 'how can you be doing this you bastard, to your own mother?'

I cast the doubts out of my mind, and undid the hook of her skirt and pulled down the zip, sliding down her long legs I took her skirt with me, freed it from her and threw it aside.

Her panties I unceremoniously tore from her leaving her beautiful arse for me to gaze at.

She was still trying to feebly wriggle away from but there was no where to go now.

'Please Jamie what are you doing, please stop darling I'm so sorry for treating you badly, I'll be good to you from now on I promise.' She asked of me.

'Mum this has to go to its conclusion Im sorry but there's no other way now.' I told her.

I reached into the bag and got hold of the vibrating butt plug, the batteries were fully charged I had made sure of that.

She started struggling again but thankfully she didn't scream and holler.

I waited until she subsided again out of breath.

I was straddling her calves now and using my thumb and forefinger opened up the crack to her wonderful arse, her little round hole looked just so inviting I wanted to kiss it, I popped the plug into my mouth to lubricate it and slid it into her ring piece.

That made her squeal for sure, 'Jamie what's that, what are you doing?' She bleated.

I noticed that her legs had clamped together at the intrusion of her arse and her head had reared up from the bed.

'Don't worry mum, Im hoping you are going to learn to love it,' I said as I pressed the little button to turn it on.

She grunted at the buzz, and a muffled moan came from her mouth buried in the pillow.

I immediately got off her and rolled her onto her back now.

She raised her knees straight off, and the upper half of her body rose from the bed.

That could only mean it had hit her button.

She was naked from the waist, so I stroked the inside of her leg; this resulted in her attempting to kick me.

So I climbed back over her with my arse more or less on her pussy, this allowed her to kick her legs but not me.

She looked me right in the eyes with those blazing fires of hers and demanded I release her and stop this nonsense, but it was clearly said through gritted teeth, and neither she nor I bargained for the arousal the vibrator was going to have two seconds later.

She suddenly reared up, I felt her knees at my back, her eyes closed her mouth opened in a silent moan, her head tipped back and then whispered, 'oh oh my God, oh God oh oooooooooh, I I I I oh no please, Mmmm, humph Aargh!' and she came right there under me, it was amazing I was astonished.

I leaned forward then and took advantage of the situation and kissed her man to woman for the first time, and she kissed me hard back, voluntarily or not but she did.

I felt her relax under me, so I undid the buttons of her blouse, exposing those wonderful proud tits, Jesus were they proud, her nipples were like small brown egg cups, and while we were kissing I pushed her blouse over and down her shoulders.

Her bra went the same way as her panties, I snapped the stitching and it joined her skirt on the floor.

Her eyes were still closed so I jumped off the bed and stripped off in moments, and got back on and laid beside her as she slightly opened her eyes to me.

Before she could speak I leaned over put my arm around her and kissed her again, she sort of kissed me back.

I slid my other hand down over her wonderful tummy and pushed my middle finger into her slit which was moist, her tummy arched upwards and her head went backwards, she was sexually aroused, I knew it, I could have shouted it from the roof tops.

I went at her then, I found her secret spot, her clit and worked on it with some great help from the vibrator in her arse, was that an inspirational buy or what?

She began slowly moving on the bed again but this time it was her body responding to my stimulation, not trying to get free.

I was laid at her side and I felt her fingers trying to reach me, I moved closer to her and she scratched at me with her nails but gently, was she giving in to her desires?

There was only one way to find out so I leaned down and sucked a huge brown nipple into my mouth her moan was immediate, I swapped to the other and again a low growl and moan.

My hard on was getting to me, so I thought here we go then, in for a penny in for a pound, I got over her and aimed my prick at her wet glistening slit.

And in it went, she was tight I'll say that for her, I was hardly all the way in and out about twice when we both orgasmed together, I was as quick as that!

But I stayed hard too, I rested for a while keeping my weight off her using my elbows, and then I started to fuck her, or make love, call it what you will, but I gave her a good fucking I know that, I was looking down at my mother her eyes closed a grimace on her lips, and I was looking at the woman I was in love with.

I fucked her long and hard and soft and gentle, she had her legs around me, I don't remember her doing that, they were just there holding me tight.

I was kissing her a lot and she was kissing me back, but she never opened her eyes to me while I was doing her.

It took me a while to finish this time but I blew another load into her and then settled down on her beneath me.

I was in la la land for sure because I could hear a voice in my head.

But it wasn't a dream it was my mum.

She was asking me to please remove the vibrator because it was still driving her nuts and she could hardly stand it any more.

I complied readily, and she moaned and groaned when I slid it out.

She looked at me after a while and there was a tear in her eye, my heart jumped, had I hurt her?

'Kiss me,' she whispered.

I did with as much love as I could muster.

Then, a kind of inquisition.

'What we have done here today is wrong Jamie, why did you do it baby?' she said quietly.

'Because I love you mum,' I said, 'and Im sorry but I couldn't think of any other way to make you see how I was feeling.'

'Well I must admit that this has been the most erotic love session I have ever had in my life darling.'

'I have never ended up wanting sex so much as I have today.' She told me.

'But what you don't know is because of that fight we had, I was going to give into you the next time you really tried,' she admitted.

'Oh mum,' I muttered, 'if only I had known, I would never have done this.'

'It's okay darling it was honestly fabulous, its not that often I get there like that I assure you, I loved it once you got me going, but I wasn't very happy at the outset though!' She gave me a small embarrassed laugh.

'Mum it was the most amazingly happiest day of my life, I am so so thrilled you don't hate me or anything,' I told her.

'I could never do that Jamie, you are my son and I will always love you no matter what.' She said.

'Love me like what?' I enquired.

'Like the man you so obviously are darling.'

'Like a man and not a boy then?'

'No darling, not or ever like a boy again.'

I was overcome with emotion and cried into her shoulder, 'I love you mum, and will protect you and defend you until forever I promise.'

'Good,' she said, 'now please remove this belt around me?'

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