tagRomanceWanting Tina Back

Wanting Tina Back


Randall sat on the park bench with his back straight and wearing crisp, freshly pressed clothes, as if he were about to have a job interview. However, the roses in his hand gave away that he was waiting for a woman he wanted to make his best impression on. One of his knees was bouncing up and down with nervous energy, which made him seem more like a teenager waiting for his first date than a college age man waiting for his girlfriend of over a year.

Randall was good looking in a boyish way. He was fit and athletic, but had a naive look in his bright blue eyes and blond hair. Although he had grown up in the city, he looked like he had grown up on a farm and had just come to the big city. He was earnest and sincere, and it showed.

It was a beautiful sunny day in the middle of summer, so he didn't need a jacket. There were a few people walking through the park on the wide pathway in front of him. A little distance from Randall on the other side of the path were some trees, and people moved about in them, obscured by the leaves and bushes. An old couple holding hands walked by and smiled at him, imagining that he was at the start of a budding romance. Randall smiled back at them, because he didn't want to spoil their illusion with the reality that he was there to try and convince his girlfriend to stay with him.

He could almost sense her presence coming as if there was a buzz among the people around him. Almost as if a celebrity were walking this way and people were noticing. She was that beautiful. Men noticed her and sized her up, thinking about what she would look like in bed, and women sized her up, comparing themselves and, for most women, wishing they looked like that. Randall turned to look down the wide pathway, and then stood up to receive her.

Tina was of ethnic descent, with golden tan skin and almond shaped eyes. Her hair was dark brown, but she had subtle blond streaks which gave her an exotic look. She had long legs and an hourglass figure, topped with huge breasts.

On that day she was wearing jean cut of shorts that barely covered her ass and accentuated her long legs, and a plain white T-shirt with a scoop neck that displayed ample cleavage. Her high heels clicked as she walked with confidence, at ease with the fact that everyone noticed as she walked by. One guy even bumped into a streetlight he was so distracted by Tina, and she laughed a soft, playful laugh. She smiled her beautiful smile with perfect white teeth as she approached Randall.

"Are those for me?" Tina asked as she got within arms reach of Randall. He held the bouquet of three roses and small white flowers to her.

"Of course," Randall replied as she took them. She smelled them and then gave him a hug. He melon sized breasts, firm and soft, pressed into him and he felt his penis respond with anticipation. When they released their hug, Randall couldn't help but glance down, looking straight into her cleavage. She caught his glance and smiled. She liked it when he looked at her with lust in his eyes.

"Did you want to talk here?" Tina asked.

"Is this okay?" Randall asked.

For an answer, Tina sat down on the bench, placing the roses on one side of her, along with her small purse. Randall sat on the other side, turned toward her as much as he could. There was an awkward pause as neither of them knew where to begin, though Tina was much more at ease, knowing that Randall would eventually say something.

"I still love you," Randall said.

"I know," was all Tina said in response. Randall had hoped for more, and was crushed because her answer revealed that she had already moved on more than he was hoping.

Randall knew it was going to be a difficult task trying to convince Tina to stay with him. He had caught her with another man, and although he was ready to forgive her, she was ready to leave. He was determined to appeal to the depth of the relationship they had, and convince her that it was worth staying for.

Their relationship was an intense one, starting a little over a year ago when they met in an English literature class at university. It was the second semester of the school year. She was in her first year, and he was taking an elective in his second year to satisfy the complicated credits requirements that seemed to be half the battle of getting through university.

She was obviously pretty, but conservative. She had her hair tied back into a severe ponytail, her clothes were baggy, and she wore little to no make up.

Not that it wasn't obvious she wasn't attractive. A woman with large breasts can come across as looking a little overweight if they wear baggy clothes that take away from the curves that accentuate their figure. However, any guy who looked closely enough could tell that underneath the fabric was a body that was at least decent and possibly really good.

Her skin and structure of her face were like a doll's, and what attracted Randall the most. He knew that even though she was dressing conservatively and possibly insecure about her looks, Randall knew that other guys would quickly see what he saw, so right from the first day he made a move to sit beside her and strike up a conversation. Right from that moment on, they were on a road to a relationship.

Randall was at ease with picking up women. He wasn't a player or overly aggressive, but he was charming and genuinely friendly. He had gone out with his share of women before meeting Tina, and wasn't lacking self confidence.

The story with Tina was that she had come from a small town that was quite conservative. She had never dated, and this was her first time away from home. While she had undeniable potential for beauty, her parents were strict that she work hard at school and not be distracted by boys.

The result was that she was quite smart, but shy. She was hesitant to have sex for quite a long while, but Randall sensed that she was a keeper. She was charming, innocent but not naive, and liked to laugh.

Although they didn't have sex during the entirety of that semester, they did make out a lot, and slowly Randall discovered that underneath her conservative covering, she had not only a fine body, but an absolutely killer body. She could easily be on the cover of Maxim magazine and put other models to shame. She was fit, exercised, and was naturally blessed with incredible proportions, including huge tits.

They spent the summer in their own little world. Randall encouraged Tina to dress a little more sexy. He was careful not to pressure her so that she felt like she had to dress to please him. He just constantly tried to reassure her that she was beautiful and should enjoy what she had been blessed with. She hesitated at first, but when she saw how dressing a little sexier, like with a shorter skirt, excited Randall, she began to enjoy the reaction.

One time they walked by a store, and Randall was stopped by something he saw in the window.

"What are you looking at?" Tina asked. She looked in the direction that Randall was looking in. Randall didn't have to answer for her to know he was looking at a white Chanel dress.

The store was a Chanel store, so this wasn't some knock off. The dress was simple, and yet did all the details right, as a high quality dress should do. The wearer would look sexy, not slutty.

"I couldn't wear that!" Tina said.

"Why not?" Randall asked. "I bet you would look amazing in it! It's like it was made for you."

"It's probably way too expensive anyway," Tina said, and stepped to move on. However, Randall was holding her hand, and he didn't move, so she had to stop mid step.

"Let's go in and you can try it on," he said. She opened her mouth to object, but before she could speak, Randall intercepted her. "There's no harm in just trying it on." Seeing that Randall would not be dissuaded, she reluctantly agreed.

A few minutes later, and after talking to a slightly doubtful saleswoman, Tina was in a changing room with Randall waiting in a chair outside. The saleswoman clearly would have preferred to not bother with two students who almost certainly couldn't afford the dress. However, it could have been a confrontation to make an issue of it, so the saleswoman resigned herself to largely ignoring them. As a result, Randall was alone in the little alcove outside of Tina's dressing room.

"How does it fit?" Randall asked, speaking a little louder to be heard over the distance between them.

"Perfectly." Tina said. In her voice there was a hesitation, a nervousness, as if she couldn't believe herself how well it fit.

"Can I see it?" Randall asked hopefully.

"It's too..." Tina paused. Randall could hear shuffling as she turned side to side to see herself from all angles in the mirrors inside. "It's too sexy." Tina said at last, not realizing that for Randall, that was all the more reason to want to see her in it. His imagination ran wild, imagining her curves, her cleavage and her legs all on display in the dress.

"Please come out." Randall asked with an obvious hint of begging in his voice. "If we're not going to buy it, at least let me take a look at you in it." There was a long pause, and then the curtain slowly moved. Tina was revealed, and she looked incredible.

"Wow! You look incredible!" Randall blurted out. Then, suddenly, Tina closed the curtain again. Randall hadn't laid eyes upon her long enough to really hang on to the image of her. He had a fading impression of her looking incredible, but it wasn't enough. "Tina! What's wrong? You look great! Don't be embarrassed."

"It's not embarrassment," Tina said. "I just don't have clothes like this. I don't want you to see me like this and want it all the time and be disappointed that I can't look like this all the time."

"Tina, I'm never disappointed in how you look," Randall said. "Aren't I always the one telling you how amazingly beautiful you are?"

"But neither of us can afford this dress," Tina said with disappointment in her voice. Randall realized that she wasn't hiding because she didn't want to look like that, but because she did want to look like that.

"Tina, one day I'm going to buy this dress for you," Randall said with a firm resolve in his voice.

"They'll probably have sold it by then," Tina said, not wanting to talk Randall out of it, but trying to keep her expectations down.

"It will only take a maybe a few months," Randall said, "if I work at it. I'll check with the sales staff."

While Randall talked to the unimpressed sales woman about how long the dress would be available, and if he could hold it for an extended period, Tina took it off and got back into her regular clothes.

Randall left that day with the feeling that the day he gave her that dress would be a symbolic day. More than just a nice gift, it would demonstrate his devotion to providing for Tina everything she wanted.

By the end of the summer, she was dressing boldly, with short skirts, short shorts, high heels, and low cut shirts and dresses. She let her hair down, and started experimenting with make up. Her confidence grew, and that, more than anything, attracted Randall. He loved seeing her feel good about herself, and supported her new self assurance.

Shortly before the next year of school started they had sex after she came back from a short trip home to meet her parents. Her parents didn't approve of her new look, but she was gaining independence from them. When she got back, both she and Randall were so excited after the absence that they just couldn't stop it. It wasn't fantastic sex, as she was a little scared and stiff, but Randall was happy to have crossed that line. At this point he was convinced that this might be the love of his life, so he was in it for the long term.

Over the next couple of weeks, sex became a more regular part of their relationship. She wouldn't go down on him or let him go down on her, because her conservative attitudes about sex still had an influence. However, as she relaxed more she enjoyed fucking more, and came to want it more.

As her confidence grew, and her outward appearance became more deliberately sexy, she began to be more and more noticed by men around her. She clearly liked it, and so did Randall.

One time, just a few days before the school year started, they were at a book store, and they went separate ways. Randall had to get some books on finance, and Tina stayed in the art history section. After about twenty minutes, Randall came back to where Tina was, and found a guy hitting on her. Just as Randall turned the corner, Randall saw the man hand a card to Tina as he was walking away. Randall didn't get a good look at him, except that he was in suit, and a little taller.

"Who was that?" Randall asked as came up to Tina.

"Nobody," Tina said. "Just some guy asking me out." Randall was a little surprised. He looked at Tina with new eyes. In her tight jeans and her gravity defying breasts just visible under her loose fitting blouse, she had come a long way since he first met her. Of course other men would find her hot and hit on her. It's what Randall had been helping her to become. Seeing her actually be hit on for the first time, though, made Randall fully appreciate what she had become. He realized she was probably being hit on all the time when he wasn't around.

He was jealous, but she seemed to blow it off, so he did too after a while.

That night, however, things were different. They were in Randall's dorm room, having sex. Tina seemed a little distracted, though, despite Randall trying his best. He had to ask her a few times if something was wrong, and she denied it, but clearly she had something on her mind. Randall pressed a bit, and then she brought up the guy who had hit on her.

"Do you think he's thinking about me?" Tina asked.

"What do you mean?" Randall asked. "Like, right now?"

"Maybe," Tina said. "Is it... normal for a guy to, you know, touch himself, thinking about a woman he just saw that day?"

"Yeah, sure," Randall said. "Why?" For an answer, Tina seemed to be getting more responsive to the sex. She closed her eyes, and softly moaned. Suddenly, it hit Randall. She was turned on thinking about the other man wanting her. "He might be spanking off right now, thinking about you," Randall added as quickly as he realized the case. Tina looked even that much more sexy when she was in the throws of passion, and he was eager to see it. He would do anything to turn her on.

"I like it when men look at me," Tina whispered, as if she were confiding a dirty secret. She clutched at him harder and he began to thrust into her as hard as he could.

"I bet he's thinking about you right now, wishing he was where I was, fucking you," Randall said breathlessly. "I bet he's so frustrated he can't be with you!" Randall added, and Tina let out a moan of pleasure like she never had before. She loved that another man wanted her but couldn't have her.

After that night, it became a regular part of their sex. They would talk about Tina being desired by men, and she loved the thought of men masturbating thinking about her. She loved to feel beautiful, wanted, desired. Randall liked it too, both because it turned her on, and because it wasn't a bad feeling to be with a woman so desired by other men.

Usually Tina was hit on by men when Randall wasn't around, so often she would mention to Randall about some new guy hitting on her. She was hit on daily, so there was plenty of guys to talk about. However, because Randall had actually seen the man in the bookstore, they would come back now and again to speculating about him.

When school started back up again, it was like a whole new debut for Tina. Right from the first day, as she would walk around campus, people would stare and whisper and make comments. Guys started coming up to her on a daily basis. Women were clearly envious. They would nudge their boyfriends with irritation as their boyfriends would stare at Tina as she walked by. Randall couldn't help but like the attention as well. To be with the most beautiful woman on campus boosted his ego. He felt a little guilty for indulging in the feeling of having a trophy girlfriend, but when he confessed to her about her feelings about it, she consoled him by saying she liked it too. Never before in her life had she been the center of attention like this, and he had helped her come out of her shell, so why shouldn't he enjoy it as well?

The first two months of school were the best time in Randall's life. It wasn't just that his social life had improved because Tina was getting invited to more social events that he would go to with her. It wasn't just that he was the envy of all the men at the school. It wasn't just that he had this incredibly beautiful woman to be with. It was that Tina was sweet and caring, and not at all like the stereotype of a beautiful woman. Having been conservative for so long, she was appreciative of the attention, and didn't take her looks for granted. She wasn't egotistical or cold. She was also intelligent and able to converse about anything.

Randall was on the verge of proposing to her. How could one ever hope for anything more from a woman than what he had with Tina?

Things began to change as the weather got colder. The attention Tina got from other men seemed to increase, and she enjoyed it more and more. Randall didn't mind, though, as it was a natural part of being with such a beautiful woman.

The first change was subtle. In the bedroom, they would still talk about other men wanting her, but then Tina started to want to explore Randall's feelings. She asked how Randall would feel if he were one of the guys hitting on her, instead of her boyfriend. She asked if he ever thought about her and masturbated when she wasn't around. Randall confided that he did, and Tina like the thought of that. She even wanted to know when he would do it so she could phone and catch him in the act. She liked to talk to him while he spanked off.

When she asked Randall about how he would feel if it were him hitting on her instead of being her boyfriend, he found it difficult to answer. Obviously, he would see how beautiful she was and want her like any man. However, the way he knew her now, he also knew she was a fun and interesting person as well. His attraction was more than just looks. It was hard for Randall to imagine not knowing that about her, and that influenced his perceptions of what he might think if he were one of the many guys hitting on her. He told Tina that if he knew what he knew, but wasn't her boyfriend, he might become obsessed with her. She loved hearing about that. Hearing how bad he needed her, how he longed for her when she wasn't around, turned her on. Randall would pursue any fetish in the bedroom that turned her on more, so he would confess to her all his deepest feelings.

The attention she got from men became more and more, and in a self perpetuating cycle, as Tina became more emboldened by the attention, she would wear more provocative clothes and make up. The men paying attention to Tina became bolder too. Instead of just hearing about it after the fact from Tina, Randall would see men clustering around her. Randall often found that if ever he left her alone, he would soon find her talking with other men. Sometimes, when he came up to meet her, she would be talking to one or two men and then as soon as Randall got within earshot, they would disperse, and she would be evasive about what they were talking about.

Randall reacted by trying to keep his circle of friends smaller. He would arrange that it was only him, Tina, and his friends Ryan, Andy, and John. John was one of Randall's best friends. By having John around, Randall felt that he could leave Tina now and again and know that with John beside her, other men would find it hard to approach her. Randall even sometimes asked John to hang with Tina when Randall had to study or work, just so he could be a little more confident of where she was and what she was doing.

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