tagSci-Fi & FantasyWanton: Elven and Mortal

Wanton: Elven and Mortal


Rowrke spied the human through the trees. She was bathing in the lake, her long hair being caressed by the water.

"Rowrke, come now. What are ye doing?" He ducked down as his older brother came toward him. Daven did not know what his younger brother was up to, he looked too curious for his own good. But that was Rowrke's way, always had to know what was going on around them, questioning the other elvin-kind.

"Hmmm? Oh, I am, I was only..." he pointed, "Look." Daven followed the direction his brother was pointing in through the trees, his gaze landed on a human. His gasp startled Rowrke out of his reverie.

"Brother, we must flee, now. 'Tis a human in our forest and that makes us in danger." Rowrke shook his head.

"'Tis only a girl human. What harm can she bring us?"



Lorel swam back to shore, ringing her hair out and wrapping her towel round herself. She heard the rustle of trees and looked around cautiously. "It's only your imagination, Lor."

Back home she'd never have been able to take a bath in a lake, let alone without clothes on. She smiled at that, realizing just now that she had for the first time ever, skinny-dipped. Knowing neighbors of her aunt and uncle were miles from here, she spread out her towel and laid down. The warm summer sunshine washed over her.

Ah, but if only she could find summer love, like all of her friends back home. They were surely all having beach parties and bonfires and surfing the waves. She was content with the peacefulness of wood and mountain. At first, she thought her parents crazy for sending her away, but now she realized she did need the break.

"Lor, I just think that Aunt Sarah and Uncle Edward's would be a quiet place for you to spend your summer. Next year, you can go away with your friends. You seem frazzled at home and you complain about this town and your so-called friends. Go out and enjoy nature. You still have a few weeks home when you get back." Was her Mother's argument.

She said a quick, "Thanks Mom." as she shut her eyes.


As the rest of the elves danced and feasted, Rowrke silently slipped away. He quietly crept through the woods, until he came to the willow tree. Stealthily he climbed up the trunk and sat himself down on a low bough. He took out his flute and played softly. He lost himself in his music until he heard a sweet voice accompanying his song.

Lorel's eyes drifted open as she heard the most beautiful music fill the air. She sat up, her blue gaze searching for the source, humming along. Her attention was whisked away by a lovely sight. She grabbed her sketch pad and pencils and began sketching a butterfly that landed on her toe. Afterwards, she continued to search for the music. Rowrke peeked out of the leaves, seeing the girl human. She was sitting up, drawing. Her long waves of ebony locks cascaded down her back. Her skin was pale, but healthy looking. She must prefer moonlight to sun, he supposed. She shimmered as if touched by faery dust. He climbed down, wanting a closer look at the creature.

Finally finding the answer, she gasped in awe. A beautiful man stepped out from behind a tree. His hair was a shimmering silver, his eyes evergreen, danced wide with magic. He was slender, but not skinny. His ears stood up in tiny points, he was dressed in forest wears. In his hand was a wooden flute. They stared at each other for several moments. The only sounds that could be heart were the beating of their hearts. Lorel snapped out of her daydreaming and leapt to her feet, grabbing up her clothes and backing away.

"Stay back!" She screamed, her face scrunched up in fright. "I have a weapon." She announced pulling out her hair band and aiming it at him. Rowrke took a few steps toward the girl. She kept backing up. "What do you want? Who are you?" She was on the edge of the water and ready to tumble in, but he didn't dare approach her holding the odd object. "I'm warning you...Ahhh!" She screeched as she lost her footing and went tumbling, her notepad splashing beside her.

Rowrke leaped into action, running over to her and grabbing her hand as she went over SPLASH, SPLASH!!!" They both crashed into the water. Lorel came sputtering up for air, Rowrke floated on his back lazily watching her.

"What did ye do that for?" He asked in an odd accent, cocking his head to one side, curiously, rescuing the notebook. She still was waving her arms around madly. With a sigh he swam over and put his arm around her. She struggled more.

"Let go of me, you thing!" She punched his gut.

"Oof 'old still or ye will surely drown, m'lady." He threw her over his shoulder, dragging her onto dry land. "Are ye a'right?" Lorel answered with a nod.

"I thought you were going to hurt me." She explained.

"I heard you 'umming, I wanted to play for ye."

"It was you that made such beautiful music?" he nodded "Who and what are you?" Rowrke took her hand in his, placing a kiss upon it. She blushed pulling her hand away.

"I be Rowrke Oaken of these woods. I am elven."

"My name is Lorel. I have never seen an elf before. I thought you were only creatures in fairytales. Are there more of you?" She put her hair up in a ponytail.

"Lorel, like the flower?"

"No, Lorel like the Lorelei." He nodded.

"And are there more of you?" A shadow crossed her face.

"I am told I am the only one like me." The she brightened, "But you mean humans, right?" He nodded again. She smiled. "Not too many around here. But yes there are some." She searched around for her sketch book, gasping.

"OH no!"

"What's wrong m'lady?"

"My notebook!"

He held it up, "This?" She nodded grabbing it from him.

"Thanks." She took the notebook and tried in vain to dry it off with her shirt. Rowrke watched, curiously, he took it from her.

"What are you doing?" He put a finger up to his lips shushing her. Then he blew a gentle breath upon it. The water evaporated. She smiled, brilliantly, accepting it back.

"May I sketch you? I mean if you don't mind." He had never been sketched before. He knew the rule of being seen, but did not see the harm in being seen on paper. He shrugged. Lorel, inspired by such beauty, spoke no words, only drew. There was no need for embellishment, he was beautiful already. So tall and handsome. His eyes held wisdom and a touch of wild woods and magic.


As she sketched him he sang to her in his tongue. The music was enchanting and made her sleepy as if in a beautiful dream. Rowrke saw the effect his voice was having on Lorel, and for a moment thought the better of entrancing her. She had a dreamy expression and didn't notice him walk up to her and move her hand away from the sketch. He nodded his head, amazed at the likeness of the portrait and himself.

"'tis a masterpiece, no" Lorel refocused her attention on him.

"It isn't done yet, Rowrke." She looked into his eyes.

"Do you wish to finish it, m'lady?" She stumbled on her words.

"Perhaps another time, please sing to me more. Please play for me." She pleaded with him. She didn't know what was happening to her. She was in total control of her thoughts, which was alarming, because all she wanted to do was gaze into his eyes. She started leaning backward and he was behind her catching her. Rowrke sat Lorel back up and broke the trance. She shook her head and frowned.

"I want you."

"You want the magic I hold over you. Nay, this will not 'appen. If you want me, you must want me without glamour, without magic. Only want me with your 'eart." He knew how easily it could have been to take advantage of her, he's seen many elves do the same, impregnating the mortal woman with a halfling child. He would not sink to that level.

"I want you Rowrke, with my heart and soul. You have no hold over me, this is my choice." She said as if hearing his thoughts. She turned herself around sitting on her knees, face to face with him. they were a breath away from each other. Rowrke framed her face with his long hands, caressing her cheek, she wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling herself closer. She snuggled against him. Taking the hint, Rowrke gently kissed her lips. This was his first kiss, not just with a human, but any woman.

Lorel sighed as Rowrke's lips met hers. This kiss was as she had always dreamed her first kiss would be. Sweet, tender, passionate. She opened her mouth a bit and slid her tongue against Rowrke's lips. He made a funny sound in the back of his throat surprised. He tested the waters by brushing his tongue against hers, and sucking on her lip. She quivered in his arms.

"More, I need more." He obeyed this woman's request and her needs. He stood up and held his hand out toward her. She slipped her hand in his and once on her feet he swept her into his arms.

"Where are we going?" She questioned, trying to kiss him.

"Somewhere safe." They came out of the woods and found themselves in a glade by the river, the waterfall rushed hurriedly down and Rowrke stepped behind the falls. The spray of water felt arousing on Lorel's bare skin and she wondered where she was being taken. "This is my place, no other knows of it." He set her down on the ground and showed her over to the crude bed he made of moss and grasses.


Inside the cave, the walls and ceiling sparkled, dazzling Lorel. She was unsure of whether she was dizzy due to the bright lights or from being with Rowrke. He slid off his garments and went to her. She stretched her neck out to watch him. He was now in plain view and she gasped once he was naked in front of her. He had the equipment he needed, alright, but it was silver, like his hair. She stared in wide-eyed.

"It's silver" She whispered, "and beautiful." He nodded proudly.

"You are beautiful, sweet mortal Siren." He walked back over lowering Lorel onto the bed, his body hovering over hers as he kissed her lips once more. He looked down at her breasts unsure.

"Is this proper?" He asked. She giggled.

"Yes, it feels very good when they are touched and sucked on." She purred as Rowrke put one hand on her left breast and one on the right, pushing on them slowly and watching them come back up. He looked up to her face again and she nodded. Without anymore urging he caressed her breasts, teasing the tips with his finger, twisting them and rubbing them, watching the skin grow taut.

He quickly looked down at himself, embarrassed to see his silver member standing at attention. He moved away from her.

"No, please. Let me see it, let me touch it."

"I 'ave never done this before." He confessed shyly.

"Neither have I. We will learn together." He agreed as she moved her small hands and place them around his silver shaft, moving slowly up and down it, watching it grow and shimmer beneath her manipulation. His eyes were closed and he moved his body to give her the best possible position. He continued to play with her breasts, and driven by desire took one nipple into his mouth, sucking on it and nibbling. She moaned, he did the same to the other breast and put his hands in her hair bringing her closer. She raised her chest up higher. He kissed from her face down to her ear, sticking his tongue in it. She laughed. He moved his mouth across her collarbone and down between her chest, until he got to her stomach.

She moved her hands back and forth, faster and faster, then moved her hands down below to hold and squeeze his silver jewels. He groaned, as he kissed up and down her leg, nearing her center. His fingers traveled up to her dark triangle of hair. He looked at it in wonder and petted it. Marveling that she would have hair down there.

He was hairless except for his mane of silver. He put his thumb against her and moved his fingers to part her lips, slipping them in and out of her slit. When he drew his fingers out they had a thick coating on them. He put it up to his nose and inhaled it, and then put his fingers in his mouth, tasting her.

"You taste like nothing I 'ave ever tasted before." He remarked before putting his head between her legs and licking where his fingers had left off. Lorel bucked her body up and down trying to feel more. She let go of him and dug her nails into his back. His tongue was doing wicked things. Things a girl can only dream about. His tongue was long and oh so hot. She could only imagine what the silver shaft would feel like inside her.

"Rowrke, I need to feel you inside me." He looked up at her.


"Nara bensa Lorelei kin." He chanted softly, she gave him a questioning look.

"To protect you from my flow." She sighed, glad he had thought of it. Rowrked raised his head, bringing it up to her lips to kiss her. She felt her body weep, at the taste of herself mixed with his heady woodscent. He placed his body over hers and lined his silver rod up with her open passion, sliding in a few inches. Lorel winced in pain.

"I wish not to hurt ye." He said, seeing the pain written on her face.

"It won't last long, I'm OK, please, I need you." After a moment of consideration he whispered a few words to relieve the pain she would feel and then plunged deep. He used his magic to levitate them he held her in his arms. She melted against him urging him on, her muscles squeezing him, milking him. He sang and they flew higher. She felt herself climaxing and screamed his name, as her juices flowed into him.

"Open your eyes, precious one." He whispered against her neck. She opened her eyes and startled, clutched him tighter. "you 'ad your turn, now is mine." He announced as he flew higher and plunged deeper, chanting her name over and over again, exploding inside of her. They both saw the moon, nothing existed but each other and the stars around them. His shaft rocketed inside her and her body opened itself to him. They kissed hungrily, sucking, nibbling, drinking each other in.

Rowrke wrapped his magic around her and descended, heading back for the cave. He flew them through the waterfall and Lorel orgasmed again and again. He landed softly on the ground, laying Lorel down and resting beside her, pulling her against him. He kissed her tenderly and she cuddled into him, yawning sleepily.

"Rest now, sweet Lorelei, for tomorrow will come too soon." He whispered and closed his eyes as well, at last, feeling whole.

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