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Wanton Halloween


The club was crowded with colorfully costumed partiers living it up on this hot and sultry Halloween. Lisa, Tanya and myself were behind the bar trying to keep up with the drink orders, each of us dressed for the occasion. It’s Lisa’s club, and she has made it a tradition to have the most outrageous, sexy celebrations each Halloween. This year, true to her usual flamboyant style, Lisa chose to dress as a Dominatrix in a leather halter bustier, thigh high fish net stockings, and leather thigh high stiletto boots. To finish it off she has a six-foot long whip tucked into the belt of her bustier.

On any one else this outfit would look ridiculous on Lisa it looked fabulous. She attracts comment all the time, no matter what she is wearing. She is almost angelic looking with her long blonde hair and sapphire blue eyes but any and everyone who knows her knows she is no angel.

Tanya was at the other end of the bar wearing a very tiny nurse’s outfit, the white of the silky material beautiful against her dark skin. Her beautiful long legs were encased in white fishnets stockings and on her feet she wore red stiletto heels. Her dark eyes flash each time she takes an order; I swear that woman gets more tips than any other barmaid in town.

Then there is me. I have my own business, but when Lisa has a busy night at the bar, I will pitch in and help behind the bar - and there is no busier night of the year than this. She is my closest friend, and this bar is my second home. So there I was that night, standing between them in a little red silk dress, red thigh high fish net stockings, black stiletto heel on my feet and to top it off, a pair of devil horns on my head.

During one of the rare breaks when the crush at the bar was more manageable - Lisa had booked a really great band, and people were dancing and singing along to some classic rock songs - Lisa came over to me and mischievously pressed her mouth to my ear. She tried to whisper, but the place was so loud she almost had to shout.

‘Jess, that is the perfect costume for you, because you are both sexy and devilish.’

I winked slyly at her and continued drawing Coors for the guys in front of me, who were looking at me like they agreed with Lisa. As I served them, I looked out across the club at the crowded dance floor. For the first time that night, I saw this party was getting a little wild - though that is no surprise in Lisa’s club. She lives for wild and wanton parties and this is nothing less than I would expect of her. If it wasn’t for the fact that several prominent local businessmen are among her best customers, I am sure the place would have been raided years ago!

I feet Lisa’s leather clad body brush mine as she moved behind me to reach for some bourbon on the shelf at my back. I was grinning; I knew she had done it on purpose. When I took the money for the Coors, I turned and pinched her ass before she could escape back to the other end of the bar. We both laughed, and she blew me a kiss that was so blatant it had the customers at the bar whooping for more.

A little later, I happened to see that something on the dance floor had captured Tanya’s attention. I took a look to see what had her so transfixed, and caught sight of two men and a woman in the beginning stages of a hot threesome. The two men had the woman trapped between them one on his knees devouring her while the other was behind her impaling her on his cock.

I turned back to watch Tanya and smiled as her beautiful face lit up with the arousal she was feeling from the show on the floor. I knew she was extremely turned on by the trio on the dance floor, imagining, as I was, what they would do when they left Lisa’s club and rushed to the guy’s apartment. The thought of it caused my own wetness to flow between my thighs.

I felt cool leather pressed against my bare skin of my back. Lisa was depositing some cash into the register, but I saw that she had been watching the show too. I turned my head even more, my eyes locked on her full ripe lips. Her eyes glittered. I slowly moved my head in towards hers my tongue slowly sliding over her bottom lip, my eyes moving up to hers. There was a wicked gleam in her eyes that I knew was mirrored in mine.

Someone was bawling out an order, but the regulars silenced him. They know how these moments work at Lisa’s. A smile on my lips, I turned so I was facing her, my hands instinctively moving up her arms slowly to the straps of her bustier, my mouth pressing harder to hers. She allowed my tongue to slide between her lips, and I tasted her, drinking the deliciousness that is Lisa - far more exotic and satisfying than anything else she served. My fingers trailed back down her arms taking the bustier with them, freeing her small perky tits. Our tongues sliding and tangling, I feel her soft hands on my shoulders pulling the straps of my dress slowly down freeing my own heavy breasts.

Suddenly I felt my hair being lifted from behind and a warm mouth on the back of my neck nibbling and kissing me where I am most sensitive. I inhaled sharply at the unexpected touch. I pulled my mouth away from Lisa’s so I could see who was touching me so intimately, and of course, I found Tanya’s beautiful face looking down at me. Her skin glowed with perspiration under the hot lights of the bar, but I also liked knowing she was a little hot for me!

We’ve played these games many times. I turned back to Lisa and once again my mouth found hers. With growing hunger, I kissed her deeply and felt her hands cup my breasts. Her nails flicked over my stiffened nipples. Tanya’s mouth moved down my neck and over my spine sending shivers of pleasure through me. I, in turn, dropped my hands down Lisa’s back to cup her beautiful ass.

The band was still playing, the customers were still waiting, but for those few moments no one was complaining that they were getting poor service. Lisa moaned deeply into my mouth, and I moan softly in return. Tanya’s mouth moves slowly down my back I can feel her teeth nipping at my cheeks her hands sliding slowly between my cheeks causing me to spread my legs. Lisa broke our kiss, and I whimpered. My eyes flickered around the line of men and women at the bar watching us. I didn’t feel at all ashamed to be exposed and caressed in front of them this way. It’s one of the main attractions of working at Lisa’s!

Lisa slowly ran her tongue down my neck, kissing down my chest and over the swell of my breasts. I watched as she cupped my breasts to her open mouth; the sight and sensations sent shocks of pleasure through my heated body. I felt her teeth on my aching nipples and sighed deeply - I couldn’t help myself. Her tongue began to flick my nipple back and forth.

Between the two of them, they pushed my tight dress higher up my hips, not that it was that long to begin with. Cool air hit my aching wet pussy. Then I felt Tanya’s tongue pressing persistently against the tight entrance to my ass and I had to lean against the bar, knowing my legs would not hold me much longer. I was barely breathing except to whisper ‘Oh God’ as Tanya’s tongue slid slowly into my ass. I didn’t dare open my eyes, in case I net the eyes of any of the customers on the other side of the bar - surely they had to know exactly what Tanya was doing, and just how much I adored it!

Lisa pulled away from my breast leaving my nipples aching and throbbing. Her tongue slid slowly down my body, over my mound. I inhaled sharply at the feel of her breath on my swollen clitoris. She skirted around the hardening bud and moved to my swollen wet lips; her teeth nipped at me, then she sucked at my wet flesh.

I was close already. Tanya’s tongue presses in and out of my ass soaking me; Lisa’s mouth worked at my dripping wet center. I gripped the bar tightly, moaning as these two beautiful women filled me with such lust and desire. Lisa slides her tongue all around my pulsing, wet opening and then pulled away to lick my swollen clit. A scream escaped me as I felt her take my clit between her teeth, her tongue circling around it, then flicking it back and forth, driving me mad with need. Tanya’s hands gripped my ass tightly as her tongue pressed in and out of me. My hips pressed down, driving her probing tongue deeper into me. I felt Lisa’s fingers sliding down my wet slit and into my molten wetness. I was slowly being filled with tongue and fingers. The sensations of Lisa’s tongue flicking my clit became almost more than I could bear, and I orgasmed in a long, deep, slow burn, almost tumbling to the floor as my strength escaped me.

‘Make a little room,’ I heard Lisa tell the people at the bar, and then I was being helped up onto the counter, my skirt up around my waist, and my body dripping with lust. Lisa crawled back between my legs, and Tanya loved over my face, her own tiny skirt pulled up and her panties drawn to one side.

I buried my head between her legs - at least I didn’t have to meet anyone’s eyes like this! Growling deep in my throat as the smell of our combined arousal filled my senses, I flicked out my tongue and tapped against Tanya’s swollen clit. I heard her moan softly, and sucked long and hard at her wet, chocolate flesh.

Lisa was devouring my clit roughly. The wet slurping sounds were so wanton, they urged me on. I took Tanya’s clit between my teeth and begin to nip and suck at her just as wildly as Lisa was taking me, unable to control myself any longer. My fingers worked over her shaven mound, seeking her hot silken center. Finding what I sought, I sank two fingers into her. She was begging for more, and so was I. Lisa’s mouth moving from my clit to my hot dripping center, and I writhed to hurry her on. My fingers were rhythmically sliding in and out of Tanya’s dripping cunt making her soak my fingers and wrists. Her soft brown cheeks were pressed on my face, and her dark pucker was just above my eyes. Oh, God, I wanted that hole badly. I wanted to take her with a strap-on and hear her scream my name.

That wicked fantasy finally took me over the edge. Lisa’s tongue was stroking in and out of my dripping pussy. Tanya was leaning forward, and I knew she had found a way to get fingers on tongue into Lisa, completing the chain. Lisa pressed tighter into my cunt; my own tongue pressed in tightly beside my fingers, deep in Tanya’s delectable pussy. My orgasm crashed through me as I thrashed and writhed on the bar. I heard Lisa scream, and then Tanya’s voice join in and the three of us screamed our pleasure as one.

Afterwards, as we all lay entangled in a heap of wet bodies and rumpled clothes, I heard a guy offer Tanya $30 to lick her fingers, just to taste Lisa there. Lisa was laughing loudly, and slapped Tanya’s rump to tell her to get back to work. I lay on the bar for a moment longer, until I had the strength to slide off and get back to serve a bunch of very thirsty customers. This is the kind of thing that makes Lisa rich... unpaid (but very happy!) bar staff and great customer service!

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