tagIncest/TabooWanton Mom Needs to Fuck

Wanton Mom Needs to Fuck


My name is John and I am 20 years old, I stand at 5' 10" and have blue eyes and short brown hair; and still live at home with my parents and sister Kate who is 18 years old. Kate is really beautiful, she is 5' 10" tall with deep blue eyes and frizzy blonde hair down to her shoulder blades. She has 38D boobs which I found out by going through the clothes hamper one day. My mom is 38 years old and has an almost perfect body. She also has blonde hair but its a little longer and straighter than Kate's. While going through the clothes hamper that day I came across my mom's bra too which told me she was a 38C. Mom is 5' 7" tall and has a beautiful heart shaped ass. My sister is just as beautiful as my mom but mom is a little slimmer and they both have great legs. I have masturbated regularly over the last couple of years to what it would feel to fuck them both together.

My dad is 39, and his work as a truck driver has him traveling all over the country; so he is away a lot, which pisses off mom as she needs a good fucking at least once a day from dad. Mom was sexually happy with dad, as I would hear every night with their bed shaking and squeaking. But now dad has his new job and mom has been feeling very lonely in the sex department.

I never thought any of my fantasies would ever come to pass. But I was soon to learn that dreams do come true sometimes. Mom wasn't getting her daily fuck and this was beginning to irritate her ; she would complain of headaches and would snap at Kate or me for the least little thing. She was obviously starting to get desperate but didn't not want to cheat on dad. She had tried to keep herself satisfied with her hands and a few dildos but they were not hitting the spot anymore for her.

After a week of no sex mom was climbing the walls and was that desperate that she would have fucked the dog if we'd had one . I had got up out of bed about 10 am that morning as it was the summer holidays so both me and Kate were home from college. Kate was probably still sleeping as we had been out partying the night before and she was completely out of it by the time we got home in the early hours.

I was in the shower yanking on my morning wood when I heard the handle of the bathroom door being turned and someone walking in to the bathroom and then the door being closed. It couldn't be Kate so it must be mom.

"Hey if you didn't notice I am trying to have a shower here!" I called out.

There was no answer but I could here someone moving about, then all of a sudden the shower curtain was pulled back all the way. There stood mom in her black silky bra and matching panties, her eyes now glued to my 8" hard-on that was still in my hand from my morning wank.

"What the fuck..." I began to stutter.

"Well now what do we have here?" She asked as a wicked grin began to cross her face.

"I think I have found a solution to the craving I have."

Mom gasped as she looked from my cock to my eyes and back to my cock again.

"How would you like to stick that big stiff cock of yours up my hungry cunt?"

She said as she gazed at my cock with that, I-wanna-fuck look.

"Do you realize what you just asked me mom?" I asked as I tried to cover myself as best I could.

"Your father has been gone over a week now and I am climbing the walls here!" She piped back at me.

"I am so damned horny I am willing to try just about anything right now to scratch this itch." She answered.

My cock was even harder, if that was possible, with what mom was asking me and the way her lips were now covered in her own saliva as she drooled over my dick. The only thing on her mind was getting laid and it just so happened I was the main course at this moment in time.

"What about Dad?" I asked as I began to panic a little.

"Oh he won't be home for at least another week and I can't wait that long, I need a cock and I need it right now!" She said in a demanding voice.

"What about Kate, she will hear us." I said as I tried to find away out of the situation I was in.

"I am sure she will enjoy the show." Mom said as she licked her lips again.

With that mom unclasped her bra and dropped her panties to the floor and stood completely naked in front of me. The amount of times I had fantasized about having her naked in front of me and having her begging me to fuck her and fill her with my cum.

"This way I won't need to go looking for another man and I can keep it in the family." Mom said as she walked towards the shower stall. Mom decided to take things into her own hand and stretched out and took my manhood between her fingers. Mom continued to caress my now throbbing cock, stroking it up and down a few times before she bent over and began to lick her tongue down the underside of my shaft and onto my balls before taking one of them into her mouth.

I stood there rooted to the spot with my eyes closed as I just gave in and moaned in pleasure. Mom's sucking of my cock was impressive and if she kept it up I would soon be exploding all over her face. I began to thrust my stiff cock into Mom's open mouth back and forth. She let it glide between her lips and closed her lips around it as she took me deep into her mouth and finally into her throat. One of my hands I placed behind her head, and my other hand massaging one of her full boobs I began to fuck her mouth in earnest. Mom could feel my balls begin to tighten in her hand and she knew it wouldn't belong before I spurted my cum into her mouth. As I looked down I noticed mom was rubbing her clit as she rocked her pussy back and forth over her fingers. Mom increased the pace of her sucking on my hard cock and on her clit.

"Oh fuck, I am going to come in your mouth, Oh fuck, it feels so good mom!" I grunted.

"Fuck, I'm cummmmming!"

Was all I go to say as my cum began its journey from my balls to her mouth.

Within seconds my throbbing manhood started spewing hot sticky cum in Mom's mouth, which caused her to squeeze her thighs together as she came at the same time as me. She kept swallowing my sweet cock juice down as it erupted from my cock deep into her mouth and down her throat. As our orgasms subsided Mom put her semen smeared mouth to my lips and kissed me, giving me a taste of my own cum for the first time.

As I looked up from mom I noticed Kate standing there by the door with her eyes closed and her right hand on her full left boob tweaking her taut nipple. Her other hand was on the soft mound of flesh between her thighs as she rubbed at her clit with a fury. A few moments later her plump cunt lips, which were covered with a thin layer of blonde bush, burst like a dam as she collapsed on to the floor in a heap as her orgasm ripped through her.

As soon as her orgasm subsided Mom removed her mouth from my cock and looked behind her at her daughter who was slumped on the floor by the door. Mom let me catch my breath for a few minutes as her eyes bulged out at the sight of his daughter's perfect body laying there twitching as her fingers still rubbed at her dripping cunt. Mom crawled over to Kate and rose to her feet in front of her daughter and pulled her close to her. As mom moved Kate's head to her crotch area mom began humping her cunt into Kate's face.

Mom was now lust crazy I don't think she even knew what she was doing at that very moment. My cock was beginning to show signs of life, and it was soon standing up in full glory as I stood there watching mom humping her pussy into her daughter's mouth. Kate was now licking and sucking mom's erect clit which made mom moan continuously and press her cunt hard on Kate's mouth. My hard cock now wanted in mom very badly and gave a little jump as at the same time mom placed her thighs on either side of Kate's head as she wrapped one of her legs around the shoulders and head of her daughter and fucked her cunt over her daughters face. Soon she was coming in Kate's mouth with her juices pouring into her mouth as Kate began swallowing all her mom's juice as her orgasm ripped through mom.

As soon as mom had recovered she turned her gaze to me and her eyes were totally glazed over. Both mom and Kate were covered in sweat and Kate's face was also covered in mom's cunt juices.

"My cunt is on fire, now put that thing of yours inside me and fuck me!" She growled.

She just lay down on the tiled floor on her back and spread her thighs in total readiness. She was now like a wanton woman as she lay there rubbing her clit with total abandonment. I stood there with my long stiff cock jerking in my hand as I looked at Kate laying there and mom begging me to fuck her wanton cunt.

As I moved to within reach mom grabbed my cock and pulled me towards her opening. The situation had now gone beyond incest, it didn't matter who or what was in front of mom she would have fucked it without blinking an eyelid. My cock head touched her wet lips and mom thrust her pelvis forward making the head of my cock disappear inside her. As I thrust forward forcing my throbbing erection into her slippery cunt as it disappeared inside her up to my balls in one swift movement.

"Oh my god that feels so good, don't move, let me savour the moment!" Mom cried.

After a couple of minutes, she started thrusting her crotch up at me which gave the signal for me to start fucking her in earnest. I began to make deep thrusts into Mom's cunt while kissing Mom in a deep tongue sucking embrace. Kate moved to her mom's head and lifted her top half up as she moved in behind her as mom leaned back on to her daughter. Kate put her hands on mom's boobs which were jiggling with the force of every thrust from my cock. She started to squeeze those soft melons making Mom moan louder.

"Oh, fuck me, fuck me hard, fuck me, fuck me harder, come inside me, fill my cunt with your cum!"

She gasped between each thrust of my throbbing prick.

As I increased my thrusting even more Mom's body was shaking violently with every thrust all the way up to my balls . Grunting like a bull I was taken over the edge by her cunt as it began to milk my cock as I blasted my hot cum deep inside mom's cunt which triggered her own orgasm as her body started jerking. Both lay on their backs covered in perspiration from the vigorous exertion as mom recovered from her long hard fuck. At last both stopped moving and I slowly got off mom as my now shriveling cock slid out of mom's cum filled cunt with a plop.

"That was fabulous, if I knew you could fuck like that I would have seduced you long ago." Mom sighed.

"Oh baby, you don't know how good it felt, its been such a long time since I fucked last." Mom said as she lay in her daughters arms.

"I didn't know I could come twice in such a short time. Seeing your naked body did something to me mom." I replied.

Mom smiled back at me and raised herself off her daughter as she took my semen covered cock in her mouth, cleaning it up

"I hope we can do this often?" Kate asked.

"Oh I am sure we will be doing this often." Mom answered with a huge smile across her face.

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