War Games


They shuffled closer on their knees and had a good look at my crotch. I had often dreamt of such moments but these weren't quite the circumstances I'd imagined.

After an embarrassing inspection, Chloe spoke. "Well, we're just going to have pull his trousers down to get the knife."

It's funny but if you'd asked me how I would have felt to hear Chloe McRoss say she wanted to pull my trousers down then I don't think my reply would have been absolute terror. But it was.

Because I knew exactly what would happen if these two young goddesses started to fumble at my crotch. I would get an erection. And then surely my life would be over in a storm of humiliation. I could see it now as word spread across the school about Martin's hard-on. Oh, the shame.

"No, you can't!" I said, pulling my knees up to my chest defensively.

The girls looked at each other before some unspoken agreement saw Jenny shuffling a touch closer so that her face was a foot away from mine. Her eyes were ever so blue.

"Please, Martin. I'm really sorry I was rude to you. I'm just very frightened. But I really need you to be my hero," she said. I noticed Chloe raise an eyebrow sardonically at this shameless attempt to manipulate me.

Even so, I blushed once more and smiled inanely. "Um, OK," I agreed because right at that very moment I would have done anything for her.

"Thanks, Martin," Jenny said before turning on the spot laboriously on her knees to face away from me.

"Chloe, help me" she said as I opened and extended my legs.

Chloe sighed, "OK, back a bit, bit more right, you're there."

Jenny shuffled back a touch more until her hands they were groping at my lower stomach. She could move them reasonably freely as they were bound at the wrist. "Where're the laces?" she asked, groping a few inches above my genitals. My cock twitched at her touch. I tried to think of something other than her lovely bottom only inches away from genitals.

"There! You've got it!" Chloe said as Jenny deftly pulled at the loose ends of the drawstring to undo the bow holding up my green lightweight trousers.

It took a lot longer to undo the button though and, by the time she eventually managed to do so, I was feeling pretty uncomfortable. It wasn't just Jenny's fiddling with my trousers or her peachy bottom enclosed so cosily in her khakis either. Chloe was leaning in close guiding Jenny's scrabbling and her jacket was open giving me a wonderful view of her magnificent bosom under her green vest. Considering her trim waist and slender legs, she really did have enormous tits.

"Jenny, please, I think you should stop," I warned.

"It's OK, I'm nearly done," she replied obliviously.

My cock had got harder and harder even though I was doing my best to distract myself by thinking about Mrs. Thatcher nude and trying to recite the Arsenal first XI.

Luckily it wasn't too obvious as it was pointing down my left leg, trapped by my boxer shorts.

However as Jenny managed to get hold of my flies to tug them down, I could tell that Chloe had noticed my predicament.

I looked into her big brown eyes in a panic knowing that any second now my erection would be fairly obvious to both of them even if it were inside my underwear.

And then Chloe made everything worse. She glanced at the bulge down my leg and smiled, before pushing her chest out and deliberately and lasciviously licking her lips. My hard-on reached its maximum dimensions instantly.

"Oh fuck," I said just as Jenny grabbed hold of my trousers and pulled them down hard.

Unfortunately she grabbed a handful of my boxers with it and, although the lightweights came down enough to expose the top of the knife, my cock exploded out of my shorts like a startled pheasant.

Chloe's eyes widened as Jenny, still unaware of my exposure, fumbled around behind her. "Where is it?" she asked, trying to find the knife.

It took a few seconds for her to realise what she was holding as her hands came down around my straining stiffy. I didn't disabuse her as her soft fingers felt divine as they gently and quizzically clasped my cock, squeezing perplexedly.

"Oh, fuck!" I sighed.

When she did finally comprehend that she was holding my dick, she shot forward in a panic. "Oh my god!" she screeched as she fell unceremoniously flat on her face.

Chloe giggled maniacally as Jenny turned to gaze at my cock in utter disgust. Then she looked up at me like I'd shat in her porridge.

"You animal," she said emotionally.

"I'm sorry! I couldn't help it. I told you to stop. I'm not used to anyone touching me there!" I said.

Jenny shook her head incredulously as she stared at my erection.

She turned to the hysterical Chloe. "And you! You could have warned me. This just isn't funny!"

However, Chloe obviously thought that it was as she rolled around in uninhibited mirth.

"You, you, should have seen your face when you got hold of it" she eventually gasped. Jenny didn't crack a smile.

I was feeling highly embarrassed as my erect penis stood proudly exposed but at the same time elated. After all Jenny Andrews, the gorgeous willowy blonde babe Jenny Andrews had just held my cock. In her actual real hands. Still the situation was awkward to say the least.

"What do we do now?" Jenny asked after Chloe had eventually composed herself.

"I suppose we get the knife," Chloe said, leaning in close to have a look at how it was strapped to my thigh. "Wow, Martin, you've got a big one."

"Really?" I asked incredulously.

"Yeah. It's the biggest I've ever seen," she said with perhaps a touch of enthusiasm in her voice. For the first time ever, I felt proud of part of my body. Chloe McRoss had said I had a big cock!

"She should know," Jenny said bitchily. "And I'm going anywhere near that," she added firmly.

Chloe raised her eyebrow again. Fuck, she was beautiful. "In which case it looks like Kenny will be back in ten minutes to find you here and Martin's cock waving around in the wind. I, for one, am not keen on that situation." She gave me a surreptitious wink. My cock twitched in response.

Jenny looked defeated. "It's just that I don't want to touch..." she spluttered to a halt.

"Come on, Jenny," Chloe said. "It's just a cock. You gave Kenny handjobs didn't you?"

"Yes, but I fancied Kenny. This is different. Anyway, why don't you get it? You've felt loads more than me," Jenny challenged, unwisely in my opinion.

Chloe's eyes flashed briefly in annoyance. I decided that I would never want to get on the wrong side of her.

"Let's do it together," Chloe suggested after a moment. Jenny nodded.

They actually managed to get the knife off my thigh disappointingly quickly, although Chloe gave my cock a little friendly squeeze as they did so. I couldn't see her face but I think it might have been deliberate. In any case it certainly had the result of keeping me hard and proud.

"Ow!" I squawked as they ripped the surgical tape off my leg to release the knife, taking half my leg hair with it.

"Oops! Sorry, Martin, I'll kiss it better later," Chloe teased, unnecessarily but with an affectionate smile.

"What do we do now?" Jenny asked, looking at the slightly blunt and somewhat pathetic steak knife.

Chloe thought briefly. "It depends. If they're going to our camp directly then they'll be back in about thirty-five minutes. But if they go via here they could be here in five minutes."

Jenny shook her head. "It's on the way. They'll come back here first," she said resignedly.

Chloe agreed, "I think so too. And I think it's going to take more than five minutes to cut through these ropes even if we free only one of us. Which means we need to hide the knife and put Martin back into his pants and do him up before they get back. And then when they go off to our camp we can get away."

Jenny stared aghast at my erection but nodded.

Chloe looked me in the eye. "Martin, be honest, is it going to go soft by itself?"

"No," I answered honestly.

"Right, Jenny, we're going to have to help him because there's no way we'll be able to get it back in like that," Chloe said.

"Oh, my god," Jenny cursed. "Chloe, please will you do it?"

Chloe frowned at her but said, "I'll start it off but you might have to help, Jenny. After all this is all your ex-boyfriend's fault," she chastised. I thought that this was a little disingenuous as Chloe had seemed to have gone out of her way to make and keep me hard but I decided not to contradict her as my heart was in my mouth.

They weren't they really talking about tossing me off, were they?

My question was answered as Chloe shuffled around and grabbed my cock between her two delightful elegant hands. They felt cool and soft and divine.

"Let me know when you're going to come," she warned before beginning to bounce awkwardly on her knees to move her bound hands up and down my shaft.

It's difficult to describe how I felt. It was a mixture of disbelief, pleasure and frustration. It was amazing that I was being masturbated by one of the most beautiful girls in existence but it was also immensely irritating that she couldn't really get hold of me to do it properly.

Chloe rapidly came to the same conclusion. "It's not working, Jenny. I can't get into a proper rhythm. Martin, do you think you'll come if I keep going like this?"

Now, the honest answer was yes. It might not have been as wonderful as it could have been but it was by far the most fabulous feeling I had ever experienced. But I decided to play along and see what would happen if I said no.

Jenny groaned in annoyance at me. "Let me have a go," she said.

Jenny's hands felt just as good and to be fair she put a lot more effort into it even though it was still stilted and clumsy. I could feel myself building up to orgasm but then Chloe leant in towards me behind Jenny's back and mouthed, "Hold on," and then licked her lips slowly.

Although the sight of her long pink tongue sliding over her moist full lips made me even more excited I managed to blurt a lie out to Jenny. "Jenny, it's not working."

She pulled away from me just in time and swore. "Well what the fuck do we do now? They'll be here in a few minutes!" she cried in a panic.

Chloe glanced up at me briefly before saying, "There's one more thing we can try. We could use our mouths."

Jenny looked at her in absolute revulsion. "You have got to be kidding. I'm never ever going to put that thing in my mouth. You can do it if you want to."

Chloe finally allowed her annoyance to show. "Well, fine. I'd be happy to do it but my neck hurts from when your ex's goons attacked me so I can't do it by myself. Let's just sit here and wait for them to come back and find Martin with his cock sticking out. I can't wait to see how Kenny reacts. I wonder what position he's going to take you in? I'd guess from behind as he seems to love your arse." she finished acerbically. What a girl.

Jenny looked extremely distressed and I almost felt sorry for her. I was about to say something when she nodded. "Chloe, show me what to do."

Oh fuck, I thought. She wasn't really going to, was she?

Chloe gave me a quick satisfied smile before bringing her head down so that she was a few inches from my cock. "I'll start him off, Jenny. I know you've never done it before but it's really easy." Her breath tickled me as she spoke.

As Jenny watched on, Chloe looked up at me and slowly, deliberately slid her mouth down over my cock, pulling my foreskin down with her lips. She swirled her tongue around my knob, grimacing slightly at the taste - after all I'd not had shower for two days. Despite this she unhurriedly moved her mouth up and down, smiling at me around her mouthful of cock.

It felt better than I had ever imagined. I mean I'd always thought it would feel good but this really was way way beyond anything I could have dreamt. Her mouth was hot and wet and tight around me.

When she broke off suddenly, I groaned in frustration.

"Go on, Jenny," Chloe said. "I've started it off for you but my neck hurts..."

Jenny's eyes were wide with apprehension but as her mouth enclosed me, for some reason, my sympathy for her disappeared to be replaced by unmitigated bliss.

"That's it, move up and down and lick him with your tongue," Chloe directed with a smug smirk.

Jenny did as advised and it blew my mind. "Oh fuck, oh fuck yes," I moaned as she closed her eyes tight and bobbed her head frantically,

You could tell she wasn't as experienced as Chloe but it still felt astonishingly marvellous.

"That's it keep sucking hard. He's getting close," Chloe offered helpfully and she was right.

"When he comes, make sure none of it escapes. It'll be obvious if any spunk drops on his trousers," Chloe warned causing Jenny to moan in alarm, probably at the thought of a mouthful of my gunk. However probably because she didn't have much of an option, she kept going.

Unfortunately for Jenny, when I did come it was the most explosive orgasm of my life. I spurted and spunked repeatedly, filling her pretty virgin mouth with my jism. Rather sportingly she kept bobbing her head gently until I had completely finished after which she spat it all onto the ground in disgust.

"Oh, my god, that was horrible," she complained. I have to say I disagreed with her.

Chloe gave me a huge smug smile before the two of them tried to get me back into a presentable state.

They weren't able to lace or button up my trousers but as they managed to pull the top of my jacket down enough so it wasn't obvious. The knife was hidden underneath my bottom and we were ready a good five minutes before anyone came back, more than enough time for us to have cut through at least one set of ropes if we'd started right at the beginning. I decided not to mention this.

Kenny and his thugs came back in triumph with the captured Blue standard. They seemed to be excited about the prospect of getting the Green flag but Kenny still had time to abuse Jenny a little more. This time she didn't particularly struggle.

In fact when he squeezed her tits, she just looked him in the eye challengingly. And when he tried to kiss her, she just opened her mouth for a long lingering snog. Kenny gave a mild grimace at Jenny's bad breath but I guess he just thought it was a consequence of being on exercise for two days rather than the slightly more remote possibility that she'd just sucked me off.

"You evil cow!" Chloe exclaimed after the Red squad had left for their next acquisition.

Jenny burst into a fit of giggles. "I know! He always used to go on at me so much to suck his cock, I just thought he should find out what it tasted like," she sniggered wickedly.

And really that's the tale apart from a few loose ends, I suppose.

Jenny managed to saw through Chloe's ropes pretty quickly and we were all free very soon afterwards. We even managed to win the exercise because we'd seen where Kenny had stashed the Blue flag and we were able to find the Red one too, so we were the heroes of the platoon.

Not that I really cared. All I could think about were those big brown smiling eyes. Apart from when I was thinking about those sparkling blue ones. Oh and those hot wet mouths. And those big firm tits. In any case, I had a lot of nice things to think about and I did it incessantly.

Jenny extracted a promise from both Chloe and I that we would never tell anyone about what had happened but she seemed a lot more relaxed as soon as she was out of Kenny's power. When I saw her at school that week, she even made a few jokes about what happened.

However, in the end, despite having come in Jenny's perfect mouth it was Chloe with whom I became friends. In fact we actually went out for a few months or at least we had a private series of casual sexual encounters as, if truth be told, she didn't really seem too keen to be seen out with me in public.

Not that I was complaining. It was nice to be wanted even if it was only for my body. I decided not to feel cheap or offended. In any case, she taught me an awful lot and gave me real enduring confidence.

So now although I'm still a nerd, I'm a confident one.

And that's my story. Every word absolutely true even if it might all be very unlikely. Believe me.

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