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Wardrobe Disagreement


To begin, this is a true story, so yes it really happened. That said, the names, locations and dates have been changed. A little information to get started, I was raised in Bangor Washington. I am 38 years old at the time, 5 feet 4 inches tall, I have large breasts for my size, and I am fairly athletic. A devout christian, I lived with a loving set of parents in the Navy. I was taught mortals, ethics and etiquette from a young age. As an only child I lacked the peer interaction in my upbringing. For me, that had some interesting way of manifesting itself. For example, I never worried about modesty. I was taught privately by my Aunt, so I did not attend school. I rarely left the house with us living on base. As a result I would wear dresses and skirts with no panties. I would almost never wear any underwear, bra included. This was solely a comfort based decision. As I grew form a girl into to a women my body changed but not my habits. I did not attend college, I got a job when I was 16 and worked for retail store part time. On my 18th birthday my parents and I moved me to an apartment on my dime. My parents had been holding most of my pay for years so that they could kick me out ASAP. The apartment was really nice, so nice in fact i have lived there for twenty years.

Six months ago a new couple moved in next door. The wife Linda, my age and super nice, could be a model. She is super conservative and religious. She believes suggestive outfits and behavior is shameful. and wrong. As time passed though she slowly accepted my nature. (while it was just us women). The husband Tom, was a Chief or E-7. He was a poorly build man; chubby and wimpy looking. He had an unfortunate favorite, basketball shorts and a sports t-shirt that was a little too tight. His shorts could not save the world from a view of his package. (I am SUCH a hypocrite!! WOW) Any onlooker could see his packages "status" with a glance. Tom was such a good person, his gender wasn't his fault.

The first few hang outs were just myself and Linda drinking wine, watching romantic comedies and shopping. She made a comment or two about my outfits being indecent. She would always ask "You crazy girl are you going in that outfit?" I would often wear thin shirts with no bra on, with a one of my nearly transparent cloths that I called skirts with no underwear. From any angle in any light a person could see everything through the colorful flowers. They could see my nipples through the fabric of my shirts. My not see through clothes were admitted too small and would lend a view of my bare crotch and breasts frequently. I would expose something when i sat, walked briskly or bent at the waste. To Linda's dismay this was who I was and how i dressed. The issues began when Tom stated being around.

The time Linda and I had a falling was on a Saturday. I was in a plaid skirt that fit when i was 20, it still fit...just failed to contain my butt sometimes. It would slide up my rear. When i walked, slowly showing more and more crack. I had on a thin white tank top on. (For your understanding, unless underwear is mentioned i wasn't wearing any) I was sitting on a stool with my skirt hitched up my butt, and my butt hanging off the edge. My butt cheeks were spread by the way i was sitting. With my back arched and my butt pushed back and up, cheeks apart, I sat. I was talking to Linda with Tom sitting on the couch directly behind me watching the TV to my left. To my front is Linda and a wall that is also a mirror. As the conversation carried on i noticed Linda giving Tom the evil eye. I was curious so I glanced back and saw Tom was fully erect. At the time I didn't think much of it.

As I was drinking my orange juice Linda walk around behind me. Her discussion with Tom over she return to my front. After 20 minutes to a half hour she said "Look at yourself! You need to stop dressing like a whore." showing me a picture of me from behind. In the picture you could see my back end of my pussy peeking over the face of the stool with my butt hole spread open slightly in clear view, my butt cheeks stretched apart. I was showing a lot but her being offended and a snob made me mad. I said sorry and adjusted to cover myself.

To be continued...

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