tagLoving WivesWardrobe Malfunction Pt. 05: Surrender

Wardrobe Malfunction Pt. 05: Surrender


As you may recall from reading Wardrobe Malfunction parts 1 - 4, my beautiful wife Kara managed to evolve from experiencing an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction to becoming an accomplished exhibitionist to relentlessly teasing then, occasionally surrendering to men in my presence. Her second submission occurred several months ago at a sales conference in Jacksonville Florida. Dr. Dreamy as he is affectionately referred to, and his friend Travis, had their way with Kara in a hotel room.

Kara is gorgeous. She is 5'4", 120 lbs, delicious ass, perfect curves, flawless skin, and an amazingly cute innocent looking face. Kara has aged well. Her figure is actually a little better than when she was young, with shapely curves, full 34 C breasts, 36-inch hips, a 25-inch waist and toned legs. Her libido has increased with her age and over the past few years she has managed to shed many of her inhibitions. It has not been easy as it took years for Kara to acknowledge the pleasure she got from exciting other men and after her first experience of extramarital sex it took her nearly a year to overcome her guilt feelings from the experience. Her second outing was five months ago. The day after her fling we had driven about two hour towards home when Kara received a text from 'Dr. Dreamy', one of the men Kara had sucked and fucked the night before. His polite thank you and hope that she was feeling well and had enjoyed the evening was a classy touch after a more animalistic encounter the night before. His closing comment, "Maybe again in the future?" held open the prospect of more fun but made it clear there would be no stalking or emotional engagement - just adults having fun.

The event did not haunt her as had the earlier one, but she was still measured in talking about it and threw herself back into her work and family. As our daughters are older, the sexy lingerie and sex toys are locked in a cabinet. I made six check marks on the inside of one drawer to mark the six men that have had the pleasure of fucking Kara since my conspired wardrobe malfunctions lead us down the path of sharing her. Every several weeks I made some offhand comment about planning our next outing and Kara had received a couple of texts from Dr. Dreamy inviting us to a New Years and a St Patrick's day party both of which we had to decline due to family commitments. Kara was reluctant to commit to any additional modeling assignments - the activity that fed our voyeuristic/exhibitionist needs and a forum for finding potential men for Kara to seduce. My hints were far from subtle but seemed to fall on deaf ears - not hostility or explicit rejection, just indifference and deflection.

Kara seemed to have gotten over any feelings of guilt about enjoying extramarital sexual experiences and after the various adventures had come to terms with the fact that enjoying sex with others could be exciting and fun even without emotional attachments. She had enjoyed multiple orgasms that proved an emotional attachment was not a requirement for hot sex. In fact, the lack of emotional attachments seemed to allow her to focus more on her own pleasure. I was beginning to think her coolness was a possible result of a fear that she had enjoyed it too much and was afraid that she would get addicted to the sexual high and it would impact her family and professional life. As I had shared that same concern, I hesitated to raise the issue and was appreciative of the fun we had had and quietly hopeful that occasional sharing might be possible in the future.

Did you know that various acid dilutions and acetone can be used to weaken thread and fabric such that it gets brittle and fails? My obsession, the internet and a devious mind can lead to some crazy ideas. After a few hours alone at home when Kara and the girls were out, Kara had three of her blouses with treated button threads and a couple of bras with straps that had been treated. I had no idea what would happen as this was an experiment. Most likely if the treatment worked the failures would occur when Kara was getting dressed or perhaps when the items were laundered. The chances of a public failure were limited and the items not ones she would be wearing to work or ones that would do more than cause some embarrassment. In the absence of new adventures this plan fueled my fantasies as I waited to see what would happen. A few weeks later I noticed one of the blouses on the sewing table with a missing button. One of the Bras disappeared from Kara's inventory also without mention.

It was nearly a month later when Kara and I were laying in bed one morning and Kara told me to mark Memorial Day weekend on my calendar as she had made plans for a beach getaway. A getaway without the girls. I of course, had visions of sabotaging bikinis or finding topless beaches. When I asked where, she simply said, "Gulf coast, the rest will be a surprise."

When I suggested bikini shopping she said "Nope, that will be a surprise too."

For the next two weeks Kara was very discreet about our weekend plans.

On our drive to the beach, Kara mentioned that she was grocery shopping a few weeks prior and when she leaned over to pick up a bag of cat food two buttons on her blouse popped off.

She continued, "As I was flustered, I dropped the bag and it split spilling cat food all over the aisle. Needless to say, the commotion drew attention. Two men were very helpful as they glared at my cleavage and bra as I fumbled to cover up and recover from the wardrobe malfunction."

She went on, "One of my bras ripped apart two weeks ago when I was running errands so I had to drive around half the day with a skimpy blouse and no bra hoping I didn't run into anyone I knew."

She then turned to me and said, "I think my husband has been up to his shenanigans again so I planned this little weekend outing."


Kara told me to head toward Bonita Springs Florida. As I inquired she mentioned the name of the particularly exclusive resort we were headed toward. I commented, "Pricey".

She responded, "The client has comped to our suites."

She hadn't mentioned working this weekend but I immediately presumed she had committed to doing some promotion for the agency she had worked for the prior year. I responded, "So you are going to do some product presentations this weekend? What product are you promoting?"

Kara responded with a smile. "Yes and no. Definitely some modeling but I'm not selling any product. More along the lines of facilitating some entertainment."

Now I was curious. Kara was being careful with her language and not very explicit. I knew it was intentional. I probed deeper, "Did I hear you mentioned suites, as opposed to suite? How many other women will be there and are they from the same agency as last time?

Kara responded, "Yes I mentioned suites. This is more of a private event it isn't being run through the agency. I need my own room to carry out some of my responsibilities so they arranged for adjacent connected rooms."

Her response ratchetted up my curiosity and adrenalin an order of magnitude.

"So how much are you being compensated for your services and how much of our weekend will you be tied up for? I asked.

Kara smiled, "Good question. I don't know if I will be tied up or not." She grinned. Our room and any charges to the room are being picked up by the client. Additional remuneration will be in the form of cash based on how successful I am. We will check in separately. The client knows you are with me but the customer does not - at least not yet. Relax it will be fun. I'll tell you more when we get checked in."

This was getting interesting. It was unlike Kara to be so secretive and proactive in her behavior. It made me nervous and excited. As we got within 20 minutes of the destination, I began asking more questions.

"What am I supposed to do when you are working?"

"There are beaches, golf, tennis, pools, trails, and, you have been known to enjoy watching me work." Kara said with a sly smile on her face. "You might be able to watch me in action part of the time."

"Just part of the time?" I questioned.

"You were not around when my blouse buttons failed a few weeks ago or when my bra split last month so you just might not be around the whole time when I am working. Just trust me." She smiled. I am sure you will have fun."

Now I was really curious. I knew this engagement must involve men but beyond that, I was still clueless.

I followed Kara's instructions and let her check in alone then got my room 15 minutes later. She knocked on the adjoining door and greeted me wearing a white bikini bottom and nothing else. It fit her perfectly with a French cut that highlighted the curves of her hips. She was carrying the speaker from our baby monitor system and nonchalantly said that she had set the microphone up in her room and the speaker was for my room so I could hear what was going on if I wasn't with her. She farther informed me that the blinds were partly ajar and that I could get a view of part of the room from my balcony and that she may or may not leave the adjoining door unlocked depending.

Then Kara handed me the bikini top of what was evidently a new bikini and asked, "Mr. Wardrobe malfunction, since you are an expert with woman's clothing, can you cut out the liner from these bra cups for me? A little sheerer look might help with my assignment."

I mumbled, "A white bikini top with no lining will certainly get attention."

As I sat at the desk to perform my surgery on the bikini top Kara told me the weekend mission.

"This is the last time we are going to do this. The girls are getting older and we will inevitable get caught if we keep this up. This is the last time so let's have fun. I got a text a few weeks ago from Dr. Dreamy. He had tried to contact you but he didn't have your new phone number so contacted me. He has a colleague, Art, who has spent the last 18 months going through a very tough divorce. His wife had become an alcoholic and it was a nasty scene. This weekend is a getaway divorce party for him. It is my job to take his mind off his ex. Dr. dreamy has picked up our room bills and his buddies are chipping in $500 if I can get Art in the sack. He does not know anything about it but Dr. Dreamy assures me he is safe and has been celibate for over a year. I have seen his picture and he is nice looking, a little younger than we are so he may not be interested in me at all. I will be wearing my wedding ring and let him know I play around a little but am happily married and not interested in a serious relationship."

"He arrived this noon and I will try and find him by the pool. Dr. Dreamy arrives this evening. Dr. Dreamy will keep me informed of their plans to give me a couple of chances to seduce him. Beyond that we will play it by ear. Dr. Dreamy knows you are here and now has your correct number should he need to keep you in the loop."

I handed the finished bikini top to Kara and said, "With your body and charisma and that bikini I expect to hear that baby monitor transmitting the sounds of you earning $500 before dinner. Let me send a text to Dr. Dreamy asking what the reward is for the subsequent romps." I joked.

Kara tried on the top. It was sexy but not slutty in coverage. It looked nice when it was dry and when Kara's nipples were not aroused but I had every expectation that if either or both of those conditions were not in place the top would be adult rated. To Kara's credit, she did have a cover-up should she need it. She was ready to head down to the huge lagoon pool area and see if she could find her mark. I had to let the erection running down my leg subside before I would head down to discretely watch Kara in flirt mode.

The weather and pool area were delightful. A large lagoon pool surrounded by lounges, a waterfall spilling into the pool, separate kiddie pools well away from the adult area and a nearby bar with servers anxious to keep everybody happy. Kara set up her outpost in a strategic location where she could see what was going on. She had her reading material, towel, cover-up, suntan lotion, her cell phone and a drink at the ready. An adjustable umbrella enabled her to avoid too much sun should that be necessary.

I watched from across the pool. Kara got in the water to cool down a few times but stayed in the areas where she did not need to get her top wet. The cool water aroused her nipples making them visible from several yards away and I think even she was too embarrassed to get her top wet in this public of a place. Several other men had noticed her and one man had bought her a drink but she was quick to dispatch any interest by flashing her rings and I presumed issuing polite rejections.

About 4:00 a man approached the pool area from a nearby hiking trail who matched the picture Kara had received. He had evidently taken a hike and was wearing walking shoes, shorts, a sun hat and tank top. He was a nice looking man. Fit but not a jock, professional looking but not stuffy. Someone Kara would find attractive.

Kara quickly got into the pool and made her way over toward where Art would be passing the pool.

He quickly noticed her as had every male at the pool and as he looked her way she stepped into the waterfall soaking her top. As she emerged, Art was greeted with a close-up full frontal view of my wife, her aroused nipples and areoles making their presence known, and a smile that could boil water. Art moved along slowly taking several looks back as he evidently headed to his room.

I was betting he would be back in his swimsuit in short order. And I was right. The flirting began. Active visiting, a refresh on their drinks then a dip in the pool. Kara had been discrete getting out of the pool earlier using her towel to absorb the water from her top returning it to some semblance of respectability but the return to the pool ended that as Art enjoyed the benefits of my handiwork as the thin wet fabric did little to conceal Kara's impressive breasts. I had never seen Kara be quite that aggressive in her flirting. I don't know if it was the multi-month break since her last outing, Art's appearance and personality, or Kara's desire to pull out all stops since she had resolved for this to be our last hot wife outing.

Kara made a halfhearted attempt to be discreet as she finally left the pool covering her virtually sheer bikini top with her arms as she hurried to her lounge and gathered her belongings. She took Art's hand and practically dragged him toward the hotel. I practically sprinted the long way to my room hoping to avoid running into Kara and Art. I settled in the room only moments before I could hear Kara's room door open. I unlatched the sliders to the balcony. The baby monitor in the room quickly picked up the conversation.

"I'd love to stay but I have to meet some friends for dinner. We just met. You're married and we hardly know each other. What would your husband say?" Art questioned.

"Relax, I just needed a little companionship. My husband understands. Are you sure you can't stay a while?" Kara responded in her syrupy southern accent.

As I peeked in the room I could see that Kara had Art practically pinned against the wall. Her breasts were smashed against his arm and she had one hand on the front of his swim trunks. As I watched Kara began to grope and massage Art's package.

Kara continued," Are you sure you want to go to dinner right now?

Art again protested feebly, "But we just met. You're married. I hardly know you. I'm not sure this is safe"

Kara had shifted slightly to where she had one hand on Art's ass and the second was aggressively stroking him through his swim trunks. Her breasts were still smashed against his arm and most of her right breast was exposed as the bikini top had shifted. I presumed her second hand was grabbing Art's ass.

Kara responded," I'm not worried, Dr. Dreamy - I suppose you know him as your friend, Jake, assures me you are safe. You are divorced now so you need to relax and have some fun."

Art looked confused. But it was too late. He was panting heavily and Kara's efforts were rewarded as Art erupted in his swimsuit.

"Oh shit!" He responded. "I'm sorry it's been so long."

Kara giggled, "It does feel long."

Art responded, "Something fishy is going on here. Dr. Dreamy, as you refer to him, has some explaining to do. I have to go but this isn't over yet."

And with that Art grabbed his towel and sunglasses and headed off using his towel to cover the wet spot on his trunks. Moments later Kara barged through the connecting doorway, one tit still hanging out of her top, her nipples engorged and a determined look on her face as she pushed me toward the bed. Art had revered her motor and I had no choice but to sate her needs. I quickly latched my lips onto that expose nipple and my hands instinctively pulled down her bikini bottom in seconds. Any pretense of foreplay or romance were not to be as Kara had my trunks off and was straddling my torso in seconds as she sank her steaming pussy on my cock. A few grunts and moans later we both erupted in orgasm within minutes.

As we laid in bed recovering, I was laughing about how Art was obviously interested but scared of engaging with Kara. I can imagine how someone would be a little anxious about a beautiful married woman throwing herself that you and wanting to get you in the sack within one hour of meeting. I assured Kara that his reaction had nothing to do with his interest in her but was an appropriate responsible behavior. I rejected Kara's invitation for round two suggesting that the evening was young.

We showered up and headed off to dinner. At dinner Kara got a text from an unrecognized number. "This is Art, Dr. Dreamy gave me your cell phone number. Him and his buddies are still laughing hysterically as I told them what happened. He leveled with me about inviting you and your husband for the weekend. Meet me in the hot tub at nine. Can't wait to see that bikini top again."

Kara smiled.

Three hours later Kara was slipping into her bikini top but had replaced the bikini bottom with a thong - smiling that since it was after dark she felt okay wearing the thong bottom. I chuckled at her implied modesty when only hours earlier she was prancing around in the swimming pool in broad daylight with a virtually sheer top. We headed down to the hot tub area.

I could tell Art was anxious as he approached. Not every day do you meet the husband of a woman with whom you have every expectation of fucking before the day is over. He was polite and friendly as we shook hands. I congratulated him on his divorce and told him to relax and enjoy the weekend as Kara and I certainly expected to. I noted, "Your friends must care about you a lot to have planned this weekend." I leaned forward to whisper in his ear such that Kara could not hear, "No means no. No pictures. Pleasure delivered will be returned many fold." And with that I moved to a lounge chair some distance from the hot tub.

Art seemed a little taken aback as he processed the reality of the situation before him. But he didn't have too long to think about it as Kara had removed her cover up and taken his hand and was pulling him toward the hot tub. The sight of Kara in her skimpy top and thong bottom returned his attention to the matters at hand. The two of them were soon acting like newlyweds on honeymoon in the hot tub. If it weren't for the fact that there was another couple I suspect they would've consummated the relationship in the hot tub. At one point Kara extracted herself from Art's embrace and moved to sit on the edge of the tub to take a break from the hot swirling water. Her engorged nipples prominently displayed through the skimpy top signaled her arousal. Art remained in the tub. I suspected he was reluctant to reveal his aroused state until the other couple left. The other man may have been in a similar state as he was dividing his attention between his attractive and attentive wife and the excitement of an attractive skimpily adorned woman who clearly wanted to be fucked.

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