tagCelebrities & Fan FictionWarehouse 13; Stone Bonner Ch. 05

Warehouse 13; Stone Bonner Ch. 05


Artie woke up, and looked around, sitting up.

"Uhg...," he gripped his pounding head. "No more drinking."

He was annoyed to find his cock still hard, like it had just cum, and didn't even try to put it back in his pants again. As he was looking at it, some thoughts crashed back in on him, and a spark went off in the complex depths of his mind.

"Oh boy."

Artie rushed to the computer and started looking up information on artifacts with unusual sexual properties.

As he scrolled through the list, his fears were confirmed. He was looking at an old, archived picture of a mini stone figurine, with a large boner.

It appeared to be an ancient tribal fertility figurine. It caused irreversible physical changes, and desires for sexual gratification. Some reports stated that it caused women to respond to any male command.

"Oh no."

Artie remembered seeing the statue over on the--

"Oh no." It was gone. He had to warn Pete and Mykah before it got any worse. Artie grabbed the farnesworth, and called out to the matching device.

"Oh...hey, Artie. Something I can do you--do FOR you?" Mykah's face crinkled between her brows, looking for the world like a kid caught stealing cookies out of the cookie jar.

Artie, confused with her greeting, had a momentary fear that details about what had transpired between he and Claudia had been shared between the girls. He shook his head and plowed on through his fears.

"Listen Mykah, there's a dangerous artifact that's gone missing. It's a little stone figure of a fertility god. Have you seen it?"

"Yes, actually, I have it here. I picked it up when I...er, I mean, when--"

"Listen, we need to neutralize it right away. The ramifications of that artifact getting loose are mind blowing." Artie noticed Mykah lick her lips near the end of that sentence.

"You've been affected by it, haven't you?"

"No, I-I just...well, maybe. What did you say it did?"

"It alters males and females irreversably, and causes a strong sexual compulsion. We need to find everyone who's been affected by it. Round up the gang and bring them in."

Artie saw Mykah's face go serious.

"Okay, I'll take care of it." Mykah severed the farnesworth's connection, and got out of her car, just arriving back at the bed and breakfast.

She grabbed the neutralizing bag from the trunk of the car, and jogged inside. Running up the stairs, she checked Pete's room, the door sitting slightly open.


She heard something down the hall, and walked down to Claudia's room. The door was also slightly open, but the room was occupied.

Calling out Claudia's name died on her lips as she spied the scene taking place before her eyes. She felt her pussy become instantly wet, seeing Claudia on her knees in front of Pete, sucking his cock.

Mykah forgot what she had come there for as her hand snaked down, under her waistband, and she began rubbing her pussy. Claudia was gagging, slurping, and smacking on Pete's cock.

"There you go Claudia, just keep sucking and maybe I'll fuck your ass again."

Mykah gasped, thinking about the image that flashed in her head. Unfortunately, the gasp was a little bit louder than the wet, sloppy sounds of Claudia's mouth on Pete's dick, causing him to look toward the door, and catch her peeking in.

"Well, who's the peeping tom now, Mykah? Come in here." Mykah felt the compulsion, and came inside.

"Wait, Pete..." Mykah was trying to form coherent thoughts through the fog of her mind. "Artie said that the little stone statue is an Artifact that's affecting all of us."

A light dawned behind Pete's eyes. "Oh, wow. Well, that definitely explains this." Pete pointed down at Claudia, still sucking his enlarged cock.

Mykah realized that she still had her hand down her pants, rubbing her clit. She had to force herself to pull her hand out and grab the stone figure from her pocket. She opened the neutralizing bag, and dropped it in.

The bag lit up with a tiny white, contained burst. Claudia coughed and stared up at Pete.

"Oh gross, my mouth tastes like your boner, dude."

Mykah breathed a sigh of relief, but noticed Pete's saliva coated cock hadn't lessened at all.

"Well that...is...AWESOME! I get to keep it?!" Pete jumped and pumped his fist in the air, accidentally smacking Claudia in the face with the end of his dick. "Oh, woops."

"Hey, asshat!"

"Well, at least that's done with, and we can return to normal." Mykah smiled and turned, as if to leave.

"Hey, wait. Mykah?"


"Touch your toes?"

"What? Why?" As she asked, Mykah was bending down, and touching her toes with the tips of her fingers. "--the hell?"

"Woo! I knew it! I'm like Darth Vader. I can totally control your minds with the force!" Pete swung his hands around, together, making light sabre noises, but then abruptly stopped. "Sooo, come here Mykah, and bend over the bed. You too, Claudia."

"Pete, we don't have..Gah!" Mykah was already walking over to Claudia's bed, and had bent over the end, just next to Claudia, who was already in the same position.

"Oh, ha-ha, Pete. Seriously, the joke's over." Claudia said over her shoulder.

"Pete, whatever you're thinking, don't do it." Mykah tried to reason with Pete.

"No moving," Pete commanded. He leaned forward and pulled down Mykah's pants to her ankles, exposing her naked ass. He repeated the same for Claudia, who had only had on a thong, from the earlier fun they had been having.

"My my, look at these pretty little things."

Pete went right to it, and burried his tongue into Mykah's pussy, occasionally licking down to her clit, and up to her ass. Mykah was protesting, but felt so hot being in this predicament.

Pete moved over to Claudia and shoved his tongue up into her light pink snatch. He then flicked his tongue over her clit, lightly.

Claudia looked at Mykah. "Well, at least he knows what he's doing, the damn perv."

"Hold that thought." Pete ran out of the room and came back a moment later, with some lube, which he coated his monster with. "Okay, Mykah, time for some fun."

"Pete, please. Artie is waiting for us, and we need to get ba--ugh! No no no. Bad Pete." Pete was putting pressure on Mykah's asshole with the tip of his cock.

"You'll like it, Mykah. I showed Claudia how it's done, earlier."

"It's true," She replied. "It was actually pretty good, but hurt like hell, at first."

"No, Pete. Stop. We need to--FUCK!" Mykah yelled as Pete pushed the head of his cock into her tight sphincter.

"Exactly what I'm thinking," he replied. Pete pushed further in as Mykah was panting, and gripping the bed sheets tightly. She started to grunt as he pushed further in. "Relax. You're so uptight, Mykah. Just let it go and enjoy it."

She instantly responded, letting go as he slid further in. He spread her ass with his hands, watching the lewd scene. After a few moments, he was able to start a rhythm of grinding in and out of her, as she rubbed herself. She had started to enjoy it, and was saying some very dirty things about how much she loved Pete's massive cock, and the taste of his cum.

"Alright, NEXT!"

Pete pulled out of Mykah's abused ass, and stepped to the side, aiming for Claudia's little pink pussy. He couldn't describe how good it felt to get most of his cock crammed in that tight cunt. She was moaning and really getting into it right off, looking back at him and smiling as he grabbed a handful of her hair, and spanked her ass.

Pete knew he was building up to a finish soon, and pulled out of Claudia, wetly. He ordered both women to get down on their knees in front of him and suck him off, promising them a big load if they did it well.

They both shared, letting eachother take turns trying to take more of the cock each time. Mykah's mouth stretched around his shaft, and he felt her tongue licking the underside rapidly. Claudia then took a turn, her hot tongue licking around the head before taking it back down as deep as she could get it, which was about halfway. She was improving, actually.

They ended up sliding up and down his shaft, their mouths on each side, lips sometimes touching. Their constant moans added to the feel of their soft lips and tongues.

"Oh, my little whores. I think I'm about to give you that load you both wanted." He made them each wrap a small hand around his shaft and pump him. His legs felt weak as he knew it was fast approaching.

"Here it comes girls. Fuuuuck!"

They continued to jerk as he hit the edge of his orgasm and hung there, swelling in their small hands. They waited in anticipation, watching his face go blank and then scrunch up in pure pleasure as he exploded with his first jets of cum.

Pete exploded with force, hitting Claudia in the face and open mouth, just splashing her thoroughly. She gagged on the amount of cum that streamed out and drenched her. He moved his hips a little and caught Mykah in the same way, coating her tongue, which was sticking out, and filling her mouth to over flowing. He continued to hose them down, coating their hair and faces.

Just as he thought he would finish, he felt another orgasm boil up and he made both girls turn around, and lift their asses in the air. He plunged his cock deep into Claudia and dumped another couple streams in her tight pussy, until it overflowed, and then pulled out and quickly shoved his still spewing cock deep in Mykah's pussy, bathing her insides in his cum, which squirted out and ran down her legs in a steady flow.

He finally felt it end, and fell back, breathing heavily.

After a time, they had cleaned up and made their way back to the warehouse, where Artie awaited them.

Mykah held up the bag, proudly, displaying the nullified artifact inside. "Tag it up, Artie, because this artifact has been licked."

As soon as she said it, they all shifted in an uncomfortable silence.

"Smooth move, ex-lax." Pete taunted.

"Shut it," she responded, making a face at him.

They confirmed that the physical changes that both Artie and Pete suffered were permanent, but that no other serious changes took place.

"Well, that's not entirely true," said Pete, who leaned over and whispered something into Artie's ear, outside of Claudia and Mykah's range.

"Oh, I see," said Artie, his eyes moving rapidly, as he thought things through. "In that case; Mykah, come here, I need to fuck your ass."

Mykah gasped and started moving toward Artie. As she passed Pete, she looked at him angrily, "You told? You asshole!"

"Hey Artie, make sure to tell her to call you big daddy while you're rockin' her world. She likes that," Pete said, and laughed.

Mykah hit Pete on the arm as she passed by him. "You suck, Pete."

"No Mykah, you suck. Get it? Like, weiners. HAH! No? Well, you will."

"Hate you," she replied, off-hand, as she was already focusing on what she was told to do.


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