tagCelebrities & Fan FictionWarlock Takes a Halliwell Ch. 02

Warlock Takes a Halliwell Ch. 02


Paige Matthews was a social animal, and the Warlock was losing patience with her. The beautiful, young witch was very charismatic and popular so she always had company, no matter where she went. The Warlock would have taken her in her own home, but she had house guests staying for a week and those were always up at all hours.

He had enslaved Phoebe Halliwell, but she could only keep him company for a limited amount of time each day. Her sisters had lots of evil to vanquish and Phoebe could only get away at for a few hours at a time, lest she arouse their suspicions. Still, the pocket sized beauty was a great lay.

The Warlock's patience had officially run out and he prepped to take Paige from her own home, since her hipster guests had finally cleared out. Phoebe arrived and sat in his car. She was restless and distracted. The Warlock saw that she was fighting the possessing spirit for control. He would have to make her cum soon, it had been a whole day since the last time he did.

Paige exited her apartment building and the Warlock's patience evaporated. He sternly ordered Phoebe to follow his lead and left his car. Paige's car was parked just a few spaces away and she didn't hear anyone approach. The Warlock stunned her with his stun gun and caught her before she fell on the tarmac. Phoebe helped him put Paige in the trunk.

After a week of idling in place, he finally saw some action. His adrenaline was pumping, making him giddy with excitement. The drive home was interspersed with his maniacal giggling. Phoebe kept shooting him looks that varied from bemused to openly hostile.

Paige was soon stripped of all clothing and tied spread eagle on his bed. Phoebe refused to gag the girl, so the Warlock had to do it himself. He turned away from his captive, passing up the opportunity to admire her physique and focused on his unwilling slave. The spirit inside wanted to jump obediently at every one of his orders, but the mind's original occupant was starting to subtly influence her own body's behavior. Phoebe now looked and behaved like a petulant child.

"She is far stronger than I gave her credit," he thought. He stood directly in front of her and started to unbutton her shirt. With a finger, he lifted the chin of the girl who only came up to his chest. Phoebe stood still, but he could see the fight in her eyes. He swept her shirt off her shoulders. Her big breasts were spectacular, encased only in the thin cotton of her black bra.

He took her by the hand and led her to the armchair. He sat down and ordered her to strip for him. It was their nightly routine since he enslaved her. She would come over, do a striptease for him, then blow him before he fucked her. Her face started to twitch into an expression of disgust for just an instant, but the Warlock noticed and reveled in it. He enjoyed his obedient slave.

He enjoyed his semi-obedient slave even more.

Phoebe started to sway her hips from left to right, bending her knees up and down. Her hands were busy getting rid of her shirt, giving him a perfect view of her cleavage. When the shirt was finally gone, she turned her back to him and stood still, for just a moment, before her hands started to sweep up and down her sides. He adjusted his erection in his lap.

Phoebe reached down and unbuttoned her leather pants. She slowly peeled the skin tight pants off her hips. As she bent over and began to roll them down her legs, her ass swayed side to side right in the Warlock's face. His eyes were glued to the place where her thong disappeared between her ass cheeks. He could barely hold back from grabbing her globes right then. He opened his zipper and let his erection out.

Phoebe straightened her legs and bent all the way over to step out of her shoes and pulled the pants over her feet. She stood up and stilled. He could see the reflection of her face in the window. There was turmoil and conflict in her features. He reached out and unsnapped her bra. Her hands twitched upwards to cover herself up, but ultimately stayed down. He stood up and swept the straps of her bra off her shoulders, his fingers stroking the soft skin there.

The girl stood still and let out a moan. He reached around and gripped her tits hard, enjoying her gasps. The feel of Phoebe's supple, firm breasts in his hands drove him beyond all limits of patience. He picked her up and set her down kneeling on the armchair. He bent her over slightly and ripped her thong down her thighs. The smooth pussy lips were plainly engorged and he paused for a split second to aim properly before he hilted himself inside the girl.

Phoebe let out a sharp scream and began moaning continuously as he started to piston in and out of her in an accelerating rhythm. He was fucking all the frustration of his week-long wait into her defenseless pussy. She leaned a bit more forward and braced against the armrests. Her tits were swaying wildly to and fro in time with the slapping sounds of flesh against flesh. Her nipples began to drag against the back of the chair, sending electric shocks of pleasure across her body.

The Warlock changed his angle of penetration and slowed to properly bottom out in the girl on each stroke. The fire in his belly was too strong for him to hold out and, before long, he came with a groan of release. He leaned into Phoebe and her breasts were mashed into the back of the chair almost to the point of pain. The feeling of his hot seed inside her womb made Phoebe cum as well. She let out a series of shrieks in time with her convulsions of ecstasy.

They stayed that way for a while, just catching their breaths and enjoying the afterglow of an orgasm. Phoebe tried to mold her supple body into the Warlock. Despite the fact that her buttocks felt wonderful against his groin, he pushed away from her. There was work to be done.

"Where is the sexual endurance potion?" he asked Phoebe and slapped her buttock.

Phoebe let out a squeal. "It's in a vial in my front pocket," she said, pointing to her discarded pants. He retrieved it and gulped it down.

"Alright," the Warlock nodded, "I'm gonna summon the possessing spirit for your half-sister. You cast the spells to keep her from accessing her powers, and keep her unconscious until I'm done."

Phoebe nodded and hopped to her assigned tasks. In less than an hour, they both stood naked at the foot of the bed containing Paige, ready to enslave her. He gave Phoebe a nod and she lifted the spell from Paige's mind. In a matter of seconds, Paige's eyes started to flutter open. She tried to wipe away the drowsiness from her eyes, but then realized she was bound to the bed. The sleep cleared from her head instantly.

Her eyes shot open and darted about the room, taking in her situation. She finally settled her angry gaze on the naked man in the room, plainly reading the beautiful, naked girl's deference to him.

The Warlock had ample time to study Paige Matthews while he waited for the opportunity to take her. He watched her dance, eat, laugh, run, cry, even sleep. He felt he knew what made her tick, what kind of a person she was inside. He was also still a bit miffed at her elusiveness. His gaze traveled up and down her body, taking in her big orbs, now heaving with anger, her narrow waist and large, sexy hips. She had a great body, just like Phoebe. Her face didn't do her justice at the moment, screwed up into an expression of pure hatred with lips distended around a ball gag, but her red hair fanned out to frame it nicely. A triangle of hair above her mound confirmed "the carpet matched the curtains".

The warlock decided to play a little game with the unintentionally elusive witch, as a sort of payback for the long wait. He quickly decided on an approach and grinned in anticipation. He saw a shudder of revulsion spread across Paige's body in response. "Oh, I'm going to enjoy this," he thought.

"Ah, you are awake at last," the Warlock said, affecting a generically foreign accent. "As you can see, you are naked, gagged and tied on a bed. Please try to remain calm after I say this, but you are going to get raped."

Paige began thrashing immediately. She screwed her eyes shut and pulled and tugged at her bonds with all her might. The Warlock was mesmerized by the sight of her heaving bosom, jiggling wildly in all directions. He also noted how strong her thighs were, the muscles there were rippling under the smooth skin. The entire bed started to creak and shift by a few millimeters in all directions. The Warlock was starting to worry the young girl would break the bed frame and get loose. He glanced to the nightstand and the tazer on top of it.

His worries faded when Paige stopped thrashing. She looked to be completely exhausted. Her bosom was heaving for breath, making her breasts shudder delightfully. She leveled an even glare at him again. The fight might have been out of her limbs for a while, but her eyes told a different story. The Warlock smiled broadly, thinking to himself how good it was a witch's look couldn't actually kill.

"Well, that wasn't very calm of you," he said jovially. "But, perhaps, I wasn't very clear." He paused and seemed like he was searching for the right words. "You see, I will now have sex with your body," he nodded slowly, "Yes. Yes, that's the proper phrasing. I will now have use of your flesh for my carnal pleasure." He smiled a beaming smile at Paige who was looking at him in utter disbelief.

"My lovely assistant," he said, nodding at Phoebe, "will assist us." Phoebe smiled warmly at Paige and gave a nod and a wink. Paige's brow furrowed, and she regarded the young woman with contempt. How could a fellow woman just stand idly by while she was raped like an object? Worse yet, how could she assist too?

"And in the morning," the man continued, "you will be set free. You will gather yourself and go to the police, they will do a, a..." he looked to Paige to be searching for words, "A rape kit! Then they will come here, only to find us gone. They will then struggle on how exactly to inform you of this, but they will never prosecute me."

Paige leveled a mocking look at the foreign sounding man. She wasn't buying his story one little bit. The man smiled, "They will inform you that I have diplomatic immunity." Paige's expression slowly began to change into one of wary disbelief. "By the time they get on the horn to the State Department to have them issue a 'Persona non grata' on me, I will already be on the ground in my home country.

"You see, I am a diplomat that has already been recalled in disgrace for failing to secure a negotiation, so I have nothing left to lose here. You will scream, shout, protest, lead petitions, but I am a member of my country's royal family. I always travel everywhere with a diplomatic passport, and no one will ever arrest and extradite me. So that is the current situation, I will rape you with immunity and impunity. Then we will go our separate ways.

"My own country will never allow me to return to the States, and neither will your country ever allow me to return, after you turn me in. It is highly unlikely our paths will ever cross again. Those are the facts of the coming night. So the question is, what will we take away from this little encounter? Will you become a bitter rape victim, always to be seen by her peers as the helpless one, the violated one? Will you waste your years seeking justice that will never come? Or..."

His little speech made Paige's skin crawl with dread. Her mind raced with the implications of his claims. She studied his eyes, looking for any sign of deceit, but all she could see there was lust.

"Will you take command of yourself?" he finished his question.

How was Paige supposed to "take command of herself", bound and gagged? The gag muffled her short, but bitter stream of expletives. The Warlock leaned back with a growing smile.

"Ah, yes, there is the real Paige Matthews," he said, and Paige felt like she would faint. How did he know her name? She forced down her panic as she realized he probably read her driver's license. "All fight and spirit," he continued.

"Will I succeed to reduce you to a reproductive organ for my use, or will you actually partake of the night's proceedings? Is the little bit of effort needed to abduct you enough to break you? Destroy your spirit?"

Paige's jaw set firm and the Warlock almost burst into laughter. The girl's innate spite and stubbornness will be her undoing! She shot him a defiant look of challenge. He nodded to Phoebe and she moved closer to the head of the bed, temporarily disrupting Paige's brave visage. She bent down and began to gently tickle the inside of Paige's arm with her lips. A shudder ran through Paige at the intimate contact. She looked to Phoebe's eyes and was nearly lost in the lust contained therein.

The Warlock splayed his fingers over Paige's flat belly and began to tickle her with a smile. Paige was astounded. Truly erotic kisses on the sensitive insides of her arms by a hot chick and being tickled all over her stomach were not things she would expect while being violated. The touch relaxed her and tempered most of her worries.

Phoebe moved to Paige's neck and began to bestow sucking kisses there, just nibbling on the skin she would pull in past her lips. Paige moaned in response. Those hickeys would be useful at the police. The Warlock caressed the sides of her rib cage, the touch turning from ticklish to genuinely erotic. His hands moved to her breasts and began to lift and knead them.

Phoebe's face lifted above Paige's and the girls held a look between them for a second. Then she lowered herself down to suck on one of Paige's nipples while the Warlock sucked the other one. Their tongues and teeth on her nipples sent waves of electricity all over her torso, but mostly to her clit. Paige felt, with a bit of shame, that she was getting wet from their ministrations.

Phoebe left the nipple and kissed her way down Paige's torso to her groin. The warlock continued to play with both big breasts. Paige's heaving breath caught in her throat as the other girl gently tongued her outer lips apart. Phoebe sucked on Paige's outer lips, bringing them in her mouth and tickling them with her tongue. Paige bucked her hips in frustrated response. The touch was bordering between pleasure and pain in a way that always made her wild with desire.

Phoebe soon delved into Paige's pussy with an open mouth kiss, her tongue penetrated the inner lips and tasted the nectar gathered there. Paige arched her back to force a stronger contact with the girl's mouth. Phoebe licked with wild abandon, sending Paige to greater ecstasy. When she caressed her clit with her lips, Paige almost came right there and then. She was so close. Phoebe sensed this and straightened up with a light spank over Paige's vulva.

Paige flinched with all her might, her cycle of pleasure so unpleasantly interrupted, her heart beat like a wild thing, fueled by pure adrenaline at the unexpected contact. She was seconds away from cumming. She looked at Phoebe with wild eyes, but the other girl's eyes held no malice, only mischievous amusement. The Warlock let go of her breasts and switched places with Phoebe. As he took his erection in hand and aimed at Paige's center, she was torn between her lust for more and the dread of an unknown man's spunk inside her. If only he had a condom, she would truly enjoy herself.

Phoebe leaned over and let her breasts drag over Paige's and she broke her train of thought. She kissed up and down Paige's jaw line as their breasts mashed together. The Warlock hilted himself roughly in Paige's wet snatch and began to thrust in and out fast. The friction on her genitals was maddening to Paige. Again it was the kind of touch that did it for her, pleasure with a good deal of pain mixed in.

The warlock was grunting loudly with the effort of plunging his shaft in and out of her snatch. All fear and disgust faded into the background as her hips started rising off the bed on their own. Her body was on autopilot and, even without her willing participation, it was about to climax. Paige made her peace with the inevitable and focused on just the physical sensations. All she needed to cum was some contact on her neglected clit.

Phoebe's hand reached down and began to circle Paige's clit in time with the Warlock's thrusts. Paige was lost in the maelstrom of physical sensations and came hard, the orgasm fueled by all of her earlier fear. She felt a heat envelop her in waves from head to toe. She saw gold blossoms behind her firmly shut eyelids. The Warlock paused his thrusts during her convulsions and then resumed with a ferocity that again shot sensations of pleasure tinged with pain from her pussy. Paige gathered her wits only long enough to plead for him to cum outside of her, but her pleas were muffled by the ball gag.

The Warlock emptied his balls in her pussy with a loud groan. Phoebe turned and started to kiss all over his face and chest. Paige's expression changed quickly from one of defiled disgust, to confusion, to fear, to serene adoration directed to her rapist.

The Warlock pulled out and sat back on his haunches, catching his breath. He gestured to Phoebe to release Paige and she did. As soon as the ball gag was out, Paige addressed him as master, her voice dripping with lust. Despite his exhaustion, the Warlock was acutely aware of the fact he had two super sexy witches at his beck and call. He ordered Paige to clean her own juices off his cock and balls, and she did, with light and slow licks. He became rock hard again, thanks to her tongue and the potion. He stood up at the foot of the bed and stretched his protesting muscles. The girls' eyes roved up and down his body in appreciation. He chuckled.

"Alright, ladies," he said, "Make the other one cum, but do not cum yourselves, except when I allow you to."

Phoebe and Paige immediately mashed their lips together in a ferocious embrace. Their hands began to roam all over the other one's breasts. Their kiss broke and they regarded each other with lust for a few seconds before Phoebe lowered her head and suckled on Paige's breast. Paige tilted her head back with a moan. Her fingers twined in the shorter girl's hair.

The Warlock was impressed by the display before him, yet he ordered them to sixty-nine one another. The girls immediately complied, Paige on top of Phoebe. Phoebe used both hands along with her talented mouth to pleasure Paige and the redhead was soon wailing in frustration. She switched her balance to one arm and penetrated Phoebe with four fingers, while sucking her clit ferociously.

The girls were grunting with frustration and wailing for release. Their fingers made squishing noises rushing in and out of their snatches. The Warlock raised Paige's head by her hair and she got the hint right away. She took her hand out of Phoebe and aimed his cock at the drooling pussy. He bottomed out in Phoebe without meeting any resistance.

Phoebe removed her mouth from Paige's clit. "Please," cried Phoebe, "let me cum! Please, Master, I need your cum inside me! Please! Oh, please, make me cum!"

The Warlock ordered them both not to speak. He preferred their frustrated, animalistic moans. He set his jaw and thrust into Phoebe with wild abandon. Despite having cum twice already that evening, the velvet vice of her pussy drove him crazy. It was so tight and slippery. He pulled out and tugged Paige's hair. She looked up at him questioningly.

"Jack me off," he groaned out insistently. Paige complied instantly. Her hand felt cool on his shaft but he came in a matter of seconds, nonetheless. His seed spurted out of his cock and all over her nose in time with her tugs. When he was spent, she licked his head clean and then deep-throated him. Her swallowing motions made him hard all over again, and he pulled her off.

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