tagAnalWarm Breeze - Allisa's Story

Warm Breeze - Allisa's Story


I recently found out my ex John wrote a story called "Warm Breeze" based on one of our love making sessions. When I started to read the story and recalled that day it really turned me on - it was one of those moments where I could just feel the flood coming on down there before it even wet my lips. So before I could finish reading more than a few paragraphs I went to my bedroom and got out some lube and toys because I knew I wasn't going to make it through the rest of the story without satisfying myself at the same time.

I used my favorite bunny rabbit vibrator and a large realistic looking cyberskin dildo which I lubed up and used to fill my pussy and then my ass. Of course there's nothing like the scent and feel of a real man and real cock pleasuring me, then filling me up with his cum, but it was the best I could do at the time and by the third reading of John's story I was laying back on my bed hot, sweaty and satisfied. Laying there with my ass stretched out and filled with the dildo (I like how it feels in my butt after I've cum) and pussy still throbbing from the last of several orgasms I got an idea - I decided to write my own version of the same story. It would be fun to write and perhaps give him some pleasure too. So here it is, Alissa's story:

It was a very hot summer afternoon and I was hanging out in John's small one room apartment. He didn't have air conditioning or a fan but a window and the sliding door to the deck were open for ventilation and the blinds were flapping in the warm breeze that blew through the apartment. I was reclining naked on the couch trying to stay cool and relax, being an Island girl I liked to be naked when it was comfortable and there was no one around to be offended. Of course I knew John didn't mind my nudity one bit. He'd told me that to him I was a work of art that he could gaze at intently all day and the more he saw of me the better, so I never turned down an opportunity to put on a show for him.

The warm breeze was actually cooling me off a bit, evaporating the sweat from my naked skin. My long dark hair was partly draped over my breasts and I could see John gazing intently at me, enjoying the curves of my body and the glimpses of my sex. Occasionally he'd lean over me and kiss me on the lips, pressing his chest against my breasts which felt good. I would spread my legs and wrap them around his body holding him in the embrace. He seemed to enjoy that and pulling him against my body felt good to me too.

Eventually I held him against me just a bit too long, well actually just long enough I suppose, and I could feel, then see his cock swelling in his shorts. After I let him go John knelt over me and started to take off his T-shirt and unbutton his shorts. John wasn't a muscle bound kind of guy, but his body was quite lean and his torso was pleasing to look at. As he unzipped his shorts and slid them down cock got caught on his underpants and then sprang back with a "thwack!" against his belly. He looked down raising his eyebrows and grinned as if to say "Goodness, where did that come from?", but he actually said nothing, he didn't need to, we both knew where that came from.

Kneeling beside me and stroking my thigh his cock was now bouncing happily with his heartbeat and twitching occasionally with bursts of pleasure. He had a large and straight cock that was uncircumcised, I loved to slide his foreskin up and down and suck on it greedily at the same time. John had said before he wasn't really into fellatio but he never turned my attentions away, and when I let him he would spurt enthusiastically into my mouth with loud groans of pleasure.

Although it was hot and I felt lazy I leaned towards him and held his shaft, looking up at him as I did, I guided one of his hands to my pussy and proceeded to suck slowly on his cock. He knew what to do with his hand, exploring my pussy and clit expertly and occasionally cupping his fingers to his face and inhaling, then offering them to me. I would pause from my ministrations to his cock and suck my own juices from his fingers, just like I did from my own fingers when I masturbated in John's absence. We were both getting intensely aroused on the mutual pleasuring and the smell of our bodies. His fingers felt so good slipping over my silky wet lips and dancing around my clit, periodically pressing firmly against it, but I was starting to yearn for the feel of his cock sliding inside me and filling my body.

I paused from my cock-sucking and laid back again, with my legs spread. As John gazed at my body (still somewhat blissed out from my cock sucking) I let my hands wander down to my pussy and parted my labia to expose my pussy in its full pink glory. Rubbing up and down each side I could feel my juices dripping down between my legs towards my bottom so I knew for sure he could see them. We didn't need to speak - I knew he would now be dying to taste them and enjoy my sex up close and personal. I'd had boy friends that didn't seem interested in that, it was all about penetration and exploitation of my various holes, but John wasn't at all like those, he seemed to worship my pussy and would happily suck on it until I'd cum time after time. His favorite position for this was sixty-nine with me on top, I'd suck on his cock while he'd bury his nose in my pussy and lick me to seventh heaven time after time. The more I rode his face and ground my clit into it the happier he seemed - there really wasn't anything to complain about that.

On occasion I'd wake John up by sneaking out of bed, then I'd play with myself until my pussy was moist and hot with my scent, then scoot back onto the bed with my ass towards him and wave my pussy over his nose. It was hard to pull off without waking him but when it worked it was so much fun - he would obviously start having the hottest dreams as I would see his cock get hard, his breathing get faster and his mouth would pout. I would dangle my ass closer and closer to his face so my pussy would be stretched out right over his nose and you should have seen the look of surprise, then pleasure, as he woke up. Imagine your hottest sex dream and then imagine waking only to find it was true! We'd then make love of course and I'd ask him what he was dreaming about before he woke. He'd usually say it was having sex but he never actually said it was with me - maybe it was just with whatever woman was in his dream at the time I started my tease, I could hardly blame him for that. I wonder what would happen if there were no women in his dreams at that moment? I guess I'll never find out know.

Anyway, back to my story...

Laying there with my juices flowing down between my legs John soon got the message and proceeded to bury his face in my pussy, licking it all over to suck up my juices, and then expertly pleasuring my clit with his tongue. Round and round he'd go with the perfect rhythm, working me up to a peak of pleasure and then stopping just before I came, then moving up to kiss me and suck on my nipples while my clit rested. Eventually either by accident or design he carried on licking on my clit just long enough to send me over the edge and I came strongly and noisily, grinding my pelvis into his tongue as it danced around and around. I never felt like holding back when he was giving me oral pleasure, I knew he'd do it again as many times as I wanted and I knew he'd also do a good job of giving me pleasure while we "fucked" later. He wasn't one of the "Wham bam thank you ma'am!" kind of guys that I'd slept with on occassion, he actually cared if I had pleasure in the experience so I loved reciprocating in *any* way I could for his pleasure too.

Laying back blissed out from my orgasm John playfully caressed my breasts and kissed my neck softly. Eventually as my breathing slowed he returned to between my thighs and kissed my pussy softly too, licking up my last remaining juices for his enjoyment. Then, perhaps sensing that my body had had time to recover he turned around sixty-nine style on top of me. I spread my legs to give him better access but was feeling so relaxed that I ignored his cock which was now dangling semi-erect in front of my face - I knew that he rarely expected any reciprocal pleasure from me, if anything it was just a distraction from his pleasure of eating my pussy.

Although John initially focused on my clit he eventually settled into a rhythm of licking up and down - probing into my pussy and sucking on my labia. Although a different kind of stimulation from having my clit licked and sucked on it was still very pleasurable. As I relaxed and listened to the rat-tat-tat of the breeze on the blinds I noticed that his licking was now slowly progressing away from my pussy and towards my bottom. I think John thought he was being subtle but a girl knows her pussy from her ass just as well as a guy knows his dick from his ass. Sure once in a while a dick gets poked in the wrong place by accident but there is really no way a tongue wends its way from point P-ussy to point A-ss over several minutes by "accident". However what I think John didn't realize was that I'd known for some time that he had designs on that part of me and I had no problem at all with that idea. I'd never encouraged him in that direction as it were before - it wasn't that I wanted to stop him from enjoying my ass, as many men had before, I just figured we'd get there in our own sweet time. He was actually kind of shy and had never mentioned it directly before - so this time I just let his tongue do all the talking and would see what happened next.

As he licked towards my ass I spread my thighs wider for him, spilling one leg over the side of the couch and hiking the other up over the back. As his tongue made its first flicks across my ass I was still relaxed - I didn't have nerves about being "dirty" down there, for one thing I'm pretty meticulous about cleaning up after going to the bathroom, and for another I knew he wouldn't be doing what he was doing if it was any kind of problem. In fact I was quite enjoying his tongue lapping at my ass, tickling the crinkles of my rosebud more and more frequently. I raised my ass off the couch briefly and angled my hips to give him even better access. Without saying anything John took the hint and now started licking exclusively on my ass, probing it gently with the tip of his tongue and circling around and around. As he probed me I reached for his cock and sucked on it simultaneously, when he stopped I stopped too, and pretty soon we were playing a little game - the more he probed my ass the more I sucked on his cock. I was so totally relaxed and enjoying the fun by this time that I was able to completely relax my ass too and his tongue was easily able to push past my outer sphincter.

Eventually I decided to "pop the question" as it were.

"John...," I asked with a pregnant pause, at which point he stopped his licking and looked back towards me between our bodies expectantly.

"Do you want my buttons?" I continued. That's what I called my ass, "buttons", my cutesy non-anatomical, non-gratuitous way of naming my butt-hole. I knew he would understand, especially since I'd asked him many a time before if he thought I had a cute "buttons".

"Your buttons?" John replied. Yes he knew alright and that was a rhetorical question, with an unwritten "OMG hell-yes!" included in it.

"Yes my buttons. Do you want to fill my buttons with your cock?" I asked him, ending the game with a question that was also an unequivocal invitation to do just exactly what he was dreaming off all this time.

John gave me a shy but certain response to the affirmative while keeping his enthusiasm somewhat restrained. He was so cute, we'd been together several months now and it was as if I'd just laid a golden egg for him. I wasn't sure if he knew what else to do next but I certainly did, partly through some painful trial and error, and the occasional hook up with a guy who knew how to treat a girl's ass properly.

"Lick your finger well and use that first, go easy sweetie," I said.

So he turned around to face me and obediently licked his index finger getting it good and sloppy wet, and then proceeded to rub my clit with this thumb and gently probed my ass with his finger just as he had done with his tongue. As he started to push against the entrance to my ass I could feel it was well lubricated with spit and his finger nails were nice and smooth so I just bore down like I was taking a nice poop and just like that his finger slid into my ass. I smiled at John and he paused with his probing which was good because I wanted to get nice and relaxed again. Then after a suitable pause John started to slide his finger in and out a bit, and just at the right time he pulled his finger out, slowly, and licked it for more lubrication. Maybe he thought I would be grossed out by him licking his finger but I was just happy that he was comfortable doing that and that he was aware of the need for more saliva. That made me more at ease and having got this far I knew we would be able to have some intense, pain free fun and that he was going to have the time of his life filling my ass with his cum and that made me quite turned on again.

"Why don't you use two fingers?" I suggested helpfully after a minute or so of single finger probing. Not that I was in a hurry or anything, I just knew that a single finger didn't even approach the size of a cock, especially his, and that I could already easily accommodate one so it was time to set the next "stretch goal" so to speak.

Without removing his index finger I watched him bend down and moisten his middle finger and slide it up against the other one. I bore down slightly again for another imaginary bowel movement and his second finger slipped into me, rubbing against my sphincter a little but without any pain.

After a brief pause we could both feel my sphincter relax further and he added some more saliva to his fingers and my ass. As his fingers begin to probe gently in and out I reached my hand down towards my pussy. Although I normally didn't masturbate around John unless he asked me too I figured he wouldn't mind now. Normally during anal I might grab a dildo and fill my pussy with that (or on the rare occasion it was available, another cock, but that had only been a couple of times so far in my life) but rubbing my clit was the next best thing right now. It wasn't that I didn't enjoy John's fingering of my ass, it was just that pleasuring myself gave me even more pleasure and helped me relax even more.

Pretty soon his two fingers were sliding in and out an inch or so and he was licking his fingers and periodically licking my ass too. Between that and my own clit-rubbing and pussy probing I think we were both having a fine old time and I could see his cock twitching enthusiastically and dribbling a bit with pre-cum, mmm, I was really starting to get turned on seeing it oozing out. Then just at the height of it I felt his fingers "discover" something in my ass and stop. "Damn it," I thought to myself. I hoped he wouldn't freak out, it didn't seem like he would after all his enthusiastic ass and finger licking but you just never can tell when the ass is involved. It's like some guys will munch on your pussy all day but totally freak out at the slightest sight of blood, or expect you to suck on his cock and swallow his cum but gross out if they even get a hint of their own cum on your lips. Oh well.

Fortunately he almost instantaneously reached for a Kleenex that was on the coffee table and slid whatever it was (okay, not hard to guess) out of my ass and into the Kleenex and wiped his fingers clean. Then he moistened his fingers again and got back to it before I'd even really finished my "Damn it" train of thought. So with that "issue" quickly over I got back to my clit rubbing and he joined me at the Y with his tongue where he alternately licked at my labia and moistened his fingers which by now were burying themselves up to their length in my ass.

I find I can really quite enjoy the feeling of as man's cock in my ass as it rubs me internally, but the feeling of something going in where stuff usually comes out often leads to the instinctive feeling that something is going wrong with the body regardless of whether it actually is pleasurable or not. But by now after a couple of dozen or more anal experiences I was able to easily ignore those feelings. Indeed having something slide out of my ass and leave it empty could often as not feel wrong to me now. So since I was now nice and stretched out and relaxed, and the pathway was pretty much clear I told John just what I wanted.

"Now give me your cock baby." I instructed.

He looked pleased but also faintly puzzled.

"What without any lube?" he asked.

Trust me there was a time when I wouldn't let a finger or a cock anywhere near my ass without lube, and there are still times like that, but today wasn't one of them. Between his saliva and the relaxed state of my ass and the steady drip of my juices it was actually getting pretty sloppy down there. Plus I knew John wasn't going to go gonzo on my ass without warning like some guys had done in the past (and truth be told there are times when I quite enjoyed that too, but only because we'd virtually pumped me full with lube first till I was squirting it out like a garden hose).

"It'll be okay," I assured him, "so long as you keep your cock nice and wet".

"Really?" he asked again.

"Yes, just take it easy to start with okay," I reassured him and winked indicating that something less than "easy" would be okay later on.

And at that I rubbed some of my own juices down to my ass and rubbed them around, John seemed to really enjoy watching that. Then I put my finger to my mouth and sucked on it and his eyes just about popped out of his head. In fact it was a wonder he didn't blow his load all over me right then - it wouldn't have been so bad if he had but it would have cut our fun short for a little bit. Then I rubbed some more pussy juices on my ass and held out my finger for him and he sucked on it himself that time. It was a very erotic moment, like we were now both irrevocably joined by my ass, pussy and our mouths. Then I put my hands under my ass and raised it up, spreading my ass cheeks as wide as I could for him and he leaned over me, his cock quivering in one hand, his other holding one ass cheek too.

"Wet it baby," I reminded him.

He dribbled a nice gob of saliva into his hand as he held it under his cock and then slathered the end. Then he repeated that, pausing to get a nice load of saliva again, and moistened the rest of his shaft.

Then I felt the warm softness of the tip of his cock brush up against my ass, so much nicer than a finger tip - hotter and softer by far. We weren't using a condom since we'd both had clean blood tests and I was on the pill so I was glad he didn't feel the need to whip one out just to go up my buttons. After all this closeness it would have almost felt rude, like putting on a glove to shake an old friend's hand. In fact the feeling that we were imminently going to begin this ultimate act of closeness between our bodies, funk-spunk-and-all, made me feel quite overcome and anxious to have him inside me, trapped, together, throbbing, pulsing, thrusting, and hopefully squirting too. Yes now I really wanted to feel his cock in me and have him to fill up my ass with his cum.

At that moment I pushed my ass up against his cock, past the softness of the tip until I felt the full stiffness of his erection, and smiling at John I bore down again and just like that it was in past my outer sphincter. He was pushing forward slightly at the time so before we knew it he was sliding into me further and past my inner sphincter. Not exactly a plop but it definitely sucked home into me by an inch or so. I saw him staring down at his cock in my ass and I knew he was enjoying the view. For a short time we did nothing, just enjoying the moment, then I grinned at him and let him know it was okay to thrust a bit. He remembered my earlier instructions and added more saliva to his cock and with a few gentle in an out motions we soon managed to slide his entire cock into my ass until his balls were literally up against me.

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