tagMatureWarm Spring Rain

Warm Spring Rain


Catherine, known as “Cat” to her friends, descended the trail toward the rushing creek below in the warm afternoon sun. A spring hike on the Appalachian Trail renewed her spirit from a long cold winter in Washington D.C. Though some women would be hesitant to hike alone in this remote area, Cat was not afraid. Since her divorce a year ago she had made a series of choices and decision to live her life more fully, with less fear and more adventure.

“I want to live more like a man”, she had determined. The thirty-nine year old attorney had increased her workouts and was now in top physical shape. Like her nickname “Cat”, she was lithe and at nearly 6 feet very athletic. Her short style blond hair, smallish but pert breasts, were all attractive woman. She had purchased new backpacking equipment during the winter, assembling the gear time and again in her new condo living room, dreaming of this trip in the spring.

Her divorce had brought another change in the way she lived her life. She had always had a healthy sexual side that yearned to be released. She was tired of not being able to enjoy sex when and how she wanted. Her ex had not met her needs sexually; another story, and she had not wanted to have affairs outside of her marriage. As an attorney she knew the heartbreak this usually caused. She had vowed to be the aggressor, when needed, to see that her needs were met. She was surprised, however, how men were often threatened and uncomfortable when they were not the ones in charge. “Fuck them”, she would say to herself when they went running away, “there are lots of other men.” Still, deep inside she longed to find a man who met her needs as an equal, without making her play the traditional subservient role.

She heard the faint roar of Fox Run Creek below in the deeply wooded canyon. Descending steeply, the trail wound back and forth across the terrain beneath the thick canopy of eastern hardwoods. The sound of the rushing water was inviting. She had walked nearly 10 miles in the unusually warm spring weather. Her shirt was soaking with perspiration beneath the heavy backpack. She was looking forward to taking a quick dip in the ice-cold stream just a half-mile below. She knew that the wooden lean-to shelter was just up the trail, at the top of the next ridge, where she would spend the night. In the distance, she had heard the rumble of thunder off and on all afternoon. “It will be nice to have the shelter for refuge tonight”, she thought, as another rumble of thunder joined with the increasingly loud roar of the creek just below.

The trail broke into a small opening just above the creek, rushing over a series of small waterfalls with a deafening roar. Through an opening in the trees, Cat got her first glimpse of the water. The vista was beautiful. She removed her backpack and placed it on the ground to retrieve her pro-level Nikon camera with a powerful telephoto lens. Cat was an avid amateur photographer and had found many incredible images during her trip so far. She especially enjoyed capturing wildlife and had taken images of deer, other animals, birds, and even a black bear on a distant hillside. She moved to the edge of a cliff above the creek to photograph the beautiful cascading torrent below.

On a rock next to a deep crystal clear pool, beneath a waterfall, she spotted him. Her breath caught with excitement as the reality of what she was seeing hit her. He was magnificent, lying there on the rock in the warm afternoon sun, naked. He was tall, well over 6 feet, dark hair, thin and athletic and young, in his mid 20’s she guessed. He was lying on a towel with one arm shielding his eyes. Cat’s breath caught again as she saw his hand move slowly on his impressive rigid cock. She realized that with the roaring creek drowning all sound around him, and from her nearly hidden vantage point through the trees above him, he had no idea she was near. She instinctively brought the camera to her eye. Moving the zoom to its most powerful resolution, she first saw his handsome face. His eyes were closed and she could see he was enjoying himself. Little twitches of pleasure teased the muscles on his forehead and his lips indicated he was emitting some sound. CLICK, the shutter snapped and the whir of the auto advance followed.

She moved the view to his cock. His hand and hard cock nearly filled the frame. She watched through the powerful lens as if in a trance for a few minutes before she snapped the next frame, just as his hand was at the base of his cock and it stood rigidly catching the afternoon sun. CLICK. She panned back a bit and framed his whole body in the frame. CLICK, as she captured him in the bright sun, contrasted against the shadows on the other side of the creek. She watched him for several minutes as he moved his hand, pleasuring himself. Cat felt her own excitement building as she snapped frame after frame until she only had two exposures remaining on this roll of film. She saw that his hand was moving more rapidly and he had his head thrown back. She zoomed in on his cock again just in time to see gobs of cum explode into the air, CLICK, highlit by the sun. She knew she had just captured the shot of a lifetime. She saw him relax and fall back on the rock, spent in his ecstasy, CLICK.

She reached for some new film in one of the outside pockets of her pack. Keeping one eye on him as he recovered below and sat up. She moved a bit back from the edge to be sure he would not see her if he looked up in her direction. He stood up and wiped the cum off of his stomach and chest with his towel and quickly dressed. “God he is beautiful”, Cat thought, “too bad he is so young”, “I would really like to fuck him”. A part of her was surprised by the thought; another part of her was smiling. “Cat, you are becoming an old lecher,” she thought. Still, she felt the tingle between her legs and knew that this voyeur experience had excited her, as she had not been excited in a long time. She saw him put his backpack on and move up the rocks to the trail. He disappeared beneath the canopy below as he began climbing the trail up the ridge. “I wonder if he will be staying in the shelter tonight”, she wondered, and the thought brought excitement. Her body reacted to her thoughts of spending the night with him in the shelter, and the possibilities, brought a new awareness of the wetness between her legs. “Damn”, she thought, “I am really going to need a bath now”.

Cat dropped her heavy pack near the trail, and made her way to the rock where he had been lying. As she began undressing to take a quick bath in the clear stream, raindrops began to fall from a thundercloud passing overhead. Darn, she muttered, as she bent over to retrieve the shirt and put it back on, I had better get to the shelter. As she reached for the shirt she saw a glob of his semen on the rock. Instinctively she touched it with her finger and brought her finger to her nose. She smelled him and the sensation was overwhelmingly sexual. She rubbed the cum on her lips and tasted it. She loved the taste and this experience was especially erotic because of her recent experience of watching him masturbate. She was highly aroused as she licked his sexual essence from her lips and finger. A loud clap of thunder startled her and brought her back to the present. She had better make her way the last mile up the ridge to the shelter. The approaching storm had darkened the sky and she knew that she would probably get caught on the trail in a thunderstorm, not a pleasant thought.

The climb was steep. Thankfully, a soft warm mist was falling from the edge of the passing clouds cooling her a bit from the strenuous climb. The afternoon light was fading, exacerbated by the thickening thunderclouds. Catherine was thankful for her conditioning work the past winter. The trail began a long side hill sweep toward the top of the ridge. “Just a little further she thought”, looking up and seeing the skyline against the dark gray sky. Reaching the top of the hill, she rested for a few minutes before continuing the now level trail toward the shelter. “I wonder if he is there she thought”, her mind returning to the stallion of a young man she had observed by the creek. Rounding a bend in the trail she saw the log cabin like lean-to just ahead. There was no sign of him.

She felt disappointment. “Darn”, she thought to herself, “oh, well, I have some wonderful photos to relive that moment by the creek”. As she neared the shelter it began to rain harder. “Just in time”, she said to herself as she removed her backpack and sat on the seat of the small wood plank picnic table just under the eve of the open side of the enclosure. It smelled musty with the scent of wood ashes from the small stone fireplace in the corner. But, it was dry and comfy to find a shelter like this in the wilderness. “Sure beats a tent on a stormy night like this, she thought, listening to the rain fall on the wooden shake roof overhead. After she had rested a few minutes and caught her breath, she explored the shelter. Someone had gathered a nice pile of firewood and placed it in the corner next to the fireplace. As she looked at it she noticed there was even some paper to use to start the fire. She noticed some writing on the paper.

Curious, she picked up the paper. “To Camera Girl” was written on the folded notepaper. She was astounded and blushed, looking quickly around her to see if he was near. “Was this note for her she thought”, as she unfolded the paper, “how could he have possibly have seen her with her camera? Nervously she read the message written hastily in pencil. How about sharing the photos with me sometime? I enjoyed the encounter with you by Fox Run Creek. My phone number is 202-486-3800. Jonathon.

She was incredulous. And, the thought that he had been engaged in her voyeurism with her excited her. She again felt frustrated that he had gone on instead of staying in the shelter for the night. It was getting dark and she felt tired, dirty and getting cold in her wet clothes, now that she was cooling off from the exertion. “First a fire”, she mused, knowing that the cheerful glow would warm both her body and spirit. She folded the note and placed it in her backpack, found some matches and soon had a nice fire glowing brightly. She quickly prepared and ate a meal of dehydrated stew of some kind and warmed a pan of water to wash herself. She dug through her pack and found an ingenious folded plastic container that expanded to a nice washbasin size. When the water was boiling she mixed it with some cold water and placed the washbasin on the edge of the picnic table. She undressed, placing her wet clothes on a clothesline someone had left strung above the fireplace near the rafters. Now completely naked, she reveled in the warmth of the fire and the warm rain beating on the wooded shake roof above her head. “I need to wash my hair”, she thought and stepped out from the eves into the pouring rain. It was a warm rain and she was comforted knowing she had some hot water and fire near by. Once her hair was wet she used some biodegradable, environment safe, soap in a small bottle to work up a nice lather. She washed her hair, poured a small amount of the warm water to help rinse the soap, and stepped again into the rain to complete washing the soap from her hair.

She saw him through half closed eyes. He was standing in the shadows beneath a huge pine about 50 feet away down the trail. It was Jonathon. Startled for a moment she pretended not to see him. Her first instincts were to cover up. But she was not a modest woman. She loved her body and was proud of it. She felt a warm glow knowing he was watching her as she had watched him earlier in the day. Instead of retreating with modesty, she decided to put on a show for him. She began washing her face and neck with the soapy washcloth and warm water. Then she stood in the rain to wash off the soap. She threw her head back and let the rain cascade on her face and down her body. She posed so her breasts were fully visible in profile in the fading light. Ducking under the eves again she sat on the edge of the picnic table and washed her breasts, lingering on her nipples until they were rigid.

She then moved the washcloth downward over her stomach. Spreading her legs she turned toward him, as naturally as possible, and washed her pubic area. She moved both hands to her pussy and spread her labia, her eyes appeared closed but she was watching him as he began to masturbate. She was really getting excited and felt her own moisture begin to flow with the warm bath water. “I want to get off for him”, she thought as she relaxed on the edge of the table and spread her legs further, giving him a better view. She snuck a peek at him and was surprised to see him beginning to undress. He had placed his pack on the ground and had removed his shirt. “This is getting interesting”, she thought, as her excitement grew from her gently circling fingers over her hard clit. She watched him, not caring anymore if he noticed. He bent over and removed his hiking boots and socks, then his pants. Finally, he pulled down his under shorts and his semi hard cock swayed in front of him. He grasped it in his hand and began stroking it as he moved through the rain toward her. She held his eyes with her eyes, smiling as he drew near.

“Hello Jonathon”, she said softly as he stood before her. “Hi Camera Girl”, he replied in a wonderful resonant deep voice. She stood up and moved to him. “Would you like a bath she asked sexily” ”Sure”, he replied, stretching his arms to her sky and grinning at her. ”I am all yours”. She moved the soapy washcloth to his face. “Close your eyes until I tell you to open them, she tested. He smiled and closed his eyes. His submissiveness excited her and put her at ease. She washed his face, under his arms, his arms and hands, and then his chest, lingering on his nipples until they were hard. She the knelt down and washed his legs, moving upward she found her face level with his magnificent penis, fully erect, sticking straight out at her. She grasped it with one hand, and began washing it with the other. He let out a sigh of pleasure as she began to move her hands over his penis. “Lets get you rinsed off now”, she said to him.

Standing up, she put her arms around him and they embraced, kissing as they moved into the rain to rinse the soap from their bodies. The warm spring rain poured over them, cascading down their bodies as their kisses inspired their passion. “ My stallion, that is what you are”, she whispered in his ear. “Take me like a stallion. I want you to fuck me.” She moved to the picnic table and bent over it, raising her buttocks to greet him as he stepped forward and nestled behind her. He may have been young but he knew what to do. He held his hard cock to her entrance, moving it back and forth to lubricate it with her wetness and then entered her. He paused with just the head inside her. Impatient, she pushed back against him.

Together they found the fullness of his penetration deep in the innermost part of her wantonness. Lightening flashed just over the ridge, lighting the evening air and a huge clap of thunder shook the air around them. The rain began pouring in torrents as they increased the tempo of their thrusts as if spurred on by the energy of the storm exploding around them. She was lost in his deep thrusts. She began to urge him on. “ Fuck me Stallion Man”, oh god you feel so good.” He was now grunting with each thrust. She recoiled by pushing against him and squeezing in perfect harmony, their sounds of passion providing the melody. She felt him tense and knew he was close. She had been at the edge for several moments and waited until she felt him thrust deeply and begin contracting his huge hardness inside her. She felt his cum gush just as she let go. Wave after wave of pleasure took her breath away as another clap of thunder accompanied their ecstasy. He collapsed against her, holding her as they succumbed to the mist caressing their spent bodies, blown by the winds of the warm spring rain.

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