tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWarm Summer Night Turn Hot

Warm Summer Night Turn Hot


One warm and balmy night, Jamie and I decided to take a midnight stroll. We lived in an older neighborhood with tree lined streets and large two-story homes, and as we walked arm in arm along the sidewalk in the soft night shadows, the air was heavy and still, and the smells and night sounds of summer surrounded us heightening our senses. I looked up and noticed a second story window across the street with the lights on. The curtains were open, most likely to invite the evening breeze in. To my surprise and delight a young, naked woman walked past the open window and sat on her bed still in view from the waist up. I only had quick glance of her entire body, but what I saw was quite nice, and as she sat I could still see and admire her firm young breasts. Of course, I slowed to a stop to watch and enjoy the view.

My sweetheart was starting to pull me along with the exasperation women typically show when their man openly eyes another women, but suddenly she stopped tugging my arm. A naked man had now appeared, and with that addition Jamie seemed less in a rush to keep walking. He was also young and fit, and his back to the window we had a view of his tight ass ... the kind many women seem to like. When he turned giving us a profile view, it was obvious that he was already becoming excited and nicely endowed.

We stood motionless while quietly watching things quickly became more interesting. He moved directly in front of his lover and she quickly took his semi-hard cock in her mouth. With our eyes fixed on the passion play before us, I moved behind my lady and wrapped my arms around her. Jamie watched intently as his cock swelled and began sliding deeply in and out of her talented mouth. I knew that Jamie had never watched anyone else making love, and her quickening breath made it apparent that it was exciting her. I pulled her tightly against me so it would be obvious that it was having the same effect on me. Jamie could feel that my cock was now as hard as the man she was watching.

"Do you like watching, baby? It seems to be exciting you, too," I whispered directly into her ear feeling a shudder run through her.

"Oh god, this is sexy, but I feel like we're peeping Toms or something" she whispered back while pressing tight to me.

I wanted to stay and see what would happen next, so I assured her.

"We're just standing here on a public sidewalk. What could be wrong with that? They left the window open and the lights on. Maybe they like knowing someone might be watching."

We stood watching and pressing slowly against each other. Jamie started moving against my cock, as we became more and more aroused. I slid my hands down to caress her. She was wearing a light summer dress ... the kind that wraps around and ties, and my hands quickly found their way inside to caress her ass. When our mystery lover boy dropped down to his knees and his girl fell back on the bed, we could see his head was now between her open legs.

"Oh baby," I whispered. "He's eating her pussy now. I can hear her moaning."

Wanting to keep pace, I moved my left hand around in front and cupped Jamie's hot, panty covered pussy. A moan of passion was all the encouragement I needed to get bolder yet, and I found the tie to her dress. Once untied the dress fell loose and I pulled it aside. I slipped my hand inside her panties while the other moved to her now bare breasts.

We continued watching as he moved onto the bed and between still open legs. When lover boy's ass started moving up and down, it began obvious that his hard cock was inside her, and they were making hard fast love. At that sight, my probing fingers moved down from Jamie's hard clit and slipped onto a very wet pussy. She held my hand tight against her pussy while her hips started moving in time with our second floor lovers. At that point I knew I had to have her right there and then. I pulled my rigid cock out of my shorts and pulled her panties aside. My cock slid easily into a wet, hot and slippery pussy, and we started making love standing there still watching. Through the open window we could hear the increasing moans of our unknown lovers as they become more and more excited.

"They sound like they're getting close. I want to cum inside you when they do, baby. Watching and feeling how aroused it made you has me ready. I'm so close that it better be soon," I breathed into my lover's ear.

"Oh god yes, me too. I want you to cum deep in me."

We heard their orgasms start, and ours quickly followed. My cock throbbed and pumped deep inside Jamie. I felt her pussy start to squeeze and contract as her orgasm started. Our attempt at silently watching failed as neither of us could contain the moans of our own passion. I held Jamie tight to keep us both from falling onto the ground from the intensity of our release.

After we regained our senses and realized what we had just done, we both laughed and quickly got dressed. We heard some giggling from the window above. Perhaps they were putting on a show for us, or perhaps they were still enjoying one another. It didn't matter right then as we headed for home. What did matter was that both us of knew weren't finished for the night ... only starting.

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