tagIncest/TabooWarm-ups Ch. 2

Warm-ups Ch. 2


Author’s note: This can be read as a stand-alone story, at least after reading the introductory paragraphs for background. But perhaps it might work better after reading Chapter 1, which can be found on this site by clicking on the link at the end of this story. Sorry, readers, that it took me a while to post this. I’ve been busy in my real work.

Let me tell you a little bit about my brother Bill. I’ve been following him down a trail that has led to some pretty wild times. But for the most part I can’t complain. First, thanks to Bill getting her warmed up, I managed to bag my kinky sister Marcie, a curvy, little nineteen-year-old blonde. I’ve been fucking her ever since. Bill and I also had a wild fuck party with her, during which we twisted and turned her tanned, toned body every way but loose. She loved it just as much as we did.

Now that—that was good. And it was just as good when later Bill had me over to his house, and we ended up watching porn movies, getting a little tipsy, and then sweet-talking his wife Gina into fulfilling her fantasy of being double-fucked. Better yet, Gina is just as gorgeous as Marcie. She’s an Italian fantasy girl—tall, wild mane of dark hair, creamy olive skin, big, proud breasts, flat belly, and a round ass that looks great in a tiny pair of white panties. And, man, did she look good that night all stretched out on a red satin sheet, with her thighs spread and her crotch pointed at me, while looking at me with wild eyes, and waiting for me to help her husband drive her crazy.

So, I shouldn’t complain, right? I was a college student living the kind of sex life that a young guy can only dream about. But I was worried that my brother was going to blow our set up. The whole thing involved secrets. Marcie didn’t know about Gina, and vice versa. I didn’t think Marcie was going to want anyone, even Gina, knowing that she’d been fucking her brothers. And I have this feeling that Gina wasn’t going to like knowing that behind her back her husband was fucking his own sister.

But Bill wanted to move the story along, to bring everything out into the open. He wanted to have another fuck party, but this time with all four of us involved. He said it would be the wildest time yet—think of all the things we could do. Well, of course I could imagine quite a few things, so even though I wasn’t convinced it was a good idea, I went along with his plan.

It was decided that we would borrow our father’s cabin cruiser for a weekend, and we would go from there. So on Saturday morning Marcie and I drove out together and met Bill and Gina at the Marina. Though she didn’t let on, Marcie was a little surprised to see Gina. As planned, I had told her that Gina probably wouldn’t be coming, that it was going to be just her, Bill and me. She had been primed and ready for some all-night, threesome fun. I saw the same look of disappointment in Gina’s eyes. Bill must have told her something similar.

While we loaded up the boat and got ready to head out, I was worried about how the girls would react. But as the Florida sun warmed my face, I forgot about all it. When we were a couple of miles from shore, Bill cut the engine, and we dropped anchor. He popped the tops of a couple of Coronas, and we sat on deck chairs in the cockpit, enjoying the gentle swaying of the boat. “Well, what do you think? Could it get any better?” he said.

My eyes followed his down to the deck below. Marcie and Gina had stripped down to their bathing suits and were soaking up all the sun they could on what might be one of the last sunny days of the year. Marcie was stretched out on her stomach, wearing a bikini that consisted of nothing but three little, neon pink, triangles with flimsy strings holding it up. If you didn’t look closely, you might think she was naked because the back consisted of nothing but a piece of string that ran between the cheeks of the round hump of her butt.

Although wearing a one-piece, Gina looked just as fine. The front of her suit had a deep Vee that tapered down past her naval and stopped just above her pubic hair. The top lifted and pushed her breasts in, revealing almost everything but her nipples. She was lying on her back, looking up toward us. Because of her sunglasses, I couldn’t tell if she was looking at me. I wondered if she could see how turned on I was, how much I wanted to fuck her again.

We mixed up a pitcher of Margaritas and went down on deck, where we all sat laughing and talking about this and that. Suddenly, Gina stood up and said to me, “I’m going to get in the water. How about it, Tim, want to get in with me?”

I figured this might be a way to get things started, so I stripped off my shirt and dived in after her. As I swam around the boat, I tried to see what Bill and Marcie were up to, but I couldn’t see because of the railing. In a little bit, I saw Marcie’s blonde-streaked hair bobbing up and down in a slow rhythm. Meanwhile, head down, swimming in a strong crawl back toward the boat was Gina. I met her at the ladder and stopped her, hoping to make a little noise and give Bill and Marcie time to get themselves together. “Having fun?” I said.

“Yeah,” she said. She lowered her voice and said, “But I didn’t know Marcie was going to be here. Bill kind of led me to believe it was going to be just you.”

“I couldn’t say no. I mean, what was I supposed to tell her? She couldn’t come because the three of us were going to … you know.” I cupped one of her cheeks in my hand and pulled her up tight against me.

She blushed and said, “Yeah, I know. It’s all I could think about on the way out here. My panties were soaked by the time we got to the dock.” She gasped when she felt my hard dick probing at her pussy. Our eyes met and suddenly we were in a deep kiss that went on and on until we were hunching against each other frantically. I adjusted my cock so that it was centered up against where I thought her pussy was and began to move it gently back and forth. She moaned in response and laid her head on my shoulder and whispered that it had led to the best sex that Bill and she’d ever had, that they’d been “fucking morning, noon, and night.”

“Maybe, we’ll find a way to get together later,” I said.

“I don’t think so, not with Marcie here.” She thought for a moment and then giggled. “It’s too bad you didn’t bring someone else, someone who likes to play. The way I feel right now I’d give Bill his favorite fantasy.”

“Oh yeah? What is it?”

“He’s dying to watch me do another guy while he’s fucking another girl. I hope when we do it, you’re the other guy.”

I wondered what she would think if she knew Marcie was exactly the kind of girl that did like to play. Bill and Marcie were stretched out together on some beach towels. I grinned because I figured Bill was lying on his stomach to hide his hard on. After Gina and I dried off, we lay down on the towels with them.

Everything was really quiet, abnormally so, until Marcie said, “Would one of you guys rub some lotion on my back?”

Bill said, “I’ll do it since I’m the closest.”

“I guess that leaves you to do me, Tim,” Gina said, turning toward me and giving me a sly smile.

Bill and I poured a generous portion of oil into our hands, pausing to let it warm. They both gave a groan of appreciation as we began to knead the lotion into their neck and shoulders. A couple of times I ran my slicked up hands up underneath the V of Gina’s suit to touch the sides of her breasts. Bill just looked at me and grinned because what he was doing to Marcie could hardly be called a massage. He slid his hands down to her nearly naked ass and began oiling it down, making it glisten in the afternoon sunlight. He winked at me and lifted the little triangle covering her blonde pussy.

Marcie bit her lip and purred in pleasure when he eased a finger inside. She turned her head to Gina and tried to act as if nothing were going on. “Your husband’s hands feel so good. You’re a lucky woman.”

“Well, Tim’s no slouch,” Gina said as my hands slid up under the bottom of her suit. Within a couple of minutes I had two fingers in her pussy, finger fucking her in the same rhythm Bill was using on Marcie.

Bill and I grinned at each other. We knew that both girls thought they were getting away with something, putting something over on the other one. But they didn’t have a clue. I guess Marcie thought I was watching Bill finger her, and Gina thought Bill was watching me do her. When I found her G-spot, Gina gasped, but immediately put an end to the game when she brushed my hand away and rolled over onto her back.

As the girls turned over, Bill said, “I guess it’s time to do you in front.”

“Now, don’t be naughty,” Gina said, but from the look in her eyes I knew that if Marcie weren’t there we would already be going at it.

We had a couple more drinks before Marcie announced that she was getting hungry and was going below to make some sandwiches. Bill told Gina to stay put, he’d be glad to help Marcie out. As soon as they were out of sight, I rolled up against Gina so that my body was up against hers. “I’m going crazy. I want you so bad,” I said and slid my hand into her bathing suit to stroke her oily nipples.

“Me too,” she said, biting nervously at her lower lip. “You were driving me crazy with your fingers. God, with Marcie right there. All she had to do was look back over her shoulder. I was almost ready to come.”

“Let me see them.” I pulled her top aside and stared at her brown, puckered nipples. I bent and sucked one into my mouth. She smelled and tasted of coconut. She gave a moan of pleasure and we stared necking again. “Let me put it in you for a minute,” I said.

“We can’t—they could be back at any minute. Besides I don’t know if we should do it if Bill isn’t with us.”

“He won’t care. He didn’t say anything when I put my fingers in you, did he?”

“No, but he was there …”

“Just for a minute. We don’t have to take our clothes off.” Not taking no for an answer, I moved between her thighs and pulled the crotch of her suit aside and pulled down the front of my suit enough to get my dick out.

“Poor baby, you really want me, don’t you? Okay, but just for a second … hurry.”

She was so wet and slick I slid into the balls in one long slow stroke.

“Oooh, you feel so good in there like that,” she said.

“Uh-huh,” I said and pumped her a couple of times.

“You’d better take it out now,” she said, panting. Her hands went to my shoulders, as if she were trying to push me away, but at the same time her hips were moving to meet my thrusts. I was already to the point that I could come.

Suddenly we heard Marcie say, “Oh Jeez, Billy, you can’t …” This was followed by a loud, drawn-out moan.

“What the hell,” Gina said, scrambling out from under me.

I followed her over to where we could look down an open window into the cabin. What we saw was Marcie leaning up against the counter that divided the small galley from the sleeping quarters. Her pink bikini panties were lying on the floor, and Bill was down on his knees with his face buried in her pussy. Her head was thrown back, her face twisted in pleasure, and she was biting at lower lip. She looked as if she were having a hard time standing up.

“Shhh,” Bill said, rising to his feet and turning her around. Marcie pushed the jar of mayonnaise and the sandwich fixings out of the way. “I can’t help it—I’m so turned on. Hurry,” she said, spreading her legs and laying her head down on the counter. Bill pushed his trunks down to his knees, stood up behind her, and fisted his dick looking for her opening.

“That’s the wrong hole, silly,” she said. She grasped his dick and centered it. “Right there,” she moaned as he began to move it in and out in slow strokes.

Gina looked at me and said, “Goddamn him.” Although she was whispering, I could hear the fury in her voice.

I didn’t know what to say.

She caught the look in my eyes, though. “My God, you’re both fucking her, aren’t you?”

I shrugged my shoulders. “We thought it might be better to get everything out in the open.”

“I can’t believe you guys tried to set up something like this. You’re a couple of sick bastards. Marcie too. Is she in on this too?”

“No, she doesn’t know about you.”

I tried to embrace her to calm her down, but she angrily pushed me away and stalked off toward the gangway. I thought she was going downstairs to catch them in the act, but instead she yelled out, “Hey, you two, what’s taking so long down there. We’re starving out here.”

I was relieved when she didn’t make a scene. But the look on her face told me that my worst nightmares about our plan had come true. For the rest of the afternoon, Gina sat silently, slowly sipping one Margarita after another. Once in a while her eyes would drift from Bill to Marcie to me. She obviously wasn’t a happy camper. I remember thinking I sure wouldn’t want to be Bill when she finally got him alone. I tried to get Bill aside to warn him about Gina, but I could never get him alone. The two of them seemed to be in their own little world. They were laughing and flirting, touching each other in ways that were far from normal for a brother and sister. Once, when she knew Gina couldn’t see, Marcie pulled her bikini bottom aside to show Bill and me her pussy.

When the sun went down, and the air began to cool, we all went inside. The sleeping quarters on the boat were designed for four people and consisted of two narrow beds set at a right angle. Marcie and I supposedly were going to be sleeping on them, and Bill and Gina were going to sleep on an air mattress that Bill and I were setting up. Of course, if things had gone according to Bill’s plan we would have all ended up on the mattress together. It was too bad it wasn’t going to work out, I thought, looking at the two girls.

Once we had things arranged, Bill brought out a joint, and that seemed to calm Gina down some. Her face was set in a little half-smile as she watched the rest of us laughing and talking. Bill said, “How about a little game of cards?”

“Oh goodie,” Marcie said, “let’s play Euchre. You can be my partner, Billy.”

He laughed and said, “Well, that’s not quite what I had in mind.”

For the first time in a long time, Gina said something. “Wake up, Marcie. This is just the first step into getting us to playing strip poker.”

Bill grinned and shrugged his shoulders.

“But that’s just part of the plan. What they really want, Marcie, is to get you and me naked. And after that they want to talk us into—well, you can use your own imagination from there.”

The rest of us sat there stunned, looking at her.

“But let’s cut to the chase. Why don’t you and Bill finish what you started this afternoon? I’m sure Tim and I can find something to do to amuse ourselves in the meantime.” Bill relaxed and grinned, but Marcie looked as if she were in shock. “That’s right,” Gina said to Marcie, a catty grin on her face. “I saw you, and I know all about you’re being your brothers’ little fuck toy. And from the look on your face when I saw you earlier, you love it. But I bet you didn’t know about the three of us.” She took my hand, tugged, and said, “You can do whatever you want. Come on, Tim.”

I stood and we embraced and fell into a deep kiss. When we paused, she shrugged off the robe she had changed into when it began to get cooler. All she had on was a pair of gauzy red panties. “Like my new panties? I bought’em just for you,” said and lay down on the mattress. “I think you should be the one to take’em off, don’t you?”

As I hurriedly undressed, I looked back to see that Bill had pulled Marcie into his lap and was busy kissing her neck and shoulders while whispering into her ear. When his hand slid into her bikini’s panties she gave out one of those long moans she makes when she’s really excited. They both began tearing at the buttons on his shirt.

I went right for Gina’s panties. I gave a little grunt of pleasure when I saw the way the wet crotch was clinging to the puffy lips of her pussy and began unrolling them down her thighs. “What changed your mind? “ I said.

She cupped one of her breasts and squeezed it, as if offering it. As her other hand slid down through her pubic hairs, she shivered and said, “I’ll tell you later. Right now just do things to me.” She gasped as I moved between her legs and began kissing my way up her thighs, breathing in the essence of her excitement. I felt the mattress shift as Tim and Marcie joined us. “Let me be on top,”Sis said.

I wanted to look, but couldn’t because Gina had pulled my head tight to her crotch, holding me in place. “Oh yes, do it to me,” she moaned. “I’m burning up and have been all afternoon. That’s it right there. Oohh, I can’t believe it. I’m gonna come already. Don’t stop … that’s it … now!!”

I crawled up between her thighs when she started to calm down. I needed to get my dick in her as soon as possible. “Wait, let’s watch a while first.” She nodded toward Bill and Marcie. She was on top of him—her favorite position—riding him like a woman possessed while Bill thumbed her nipples and told her how much he loved fucking his little sister’s tight pussy.

I stretched out on my side behind Gina and slid my dick into her as we watched, fucking her with short strokes. When I pushed all the way in, she whispered back at me, “Not so fast. I want to watch both of you do something to her. I want to watch you guys do her, like you did me.” Her voice was husky, and she was panting again.

“She won’t let anybody fuck her ass.”

“Well, I guess it’s up to you to make her like it.” Trying to distract her, my hand went to her clit. “Oohh, that’s nice. I think I can come all night, but first do it to her. I want to watch her squirm.”

Reluctantly, I pulled out and got up behind Marcie. When Bill saw me he grinned because he knew exactly what I had in mind. He pulled Marcie down so she was stretched out on top of him. As their mouths met in a long kiss, I moved into position. Bill then pulled the cheeks of her ass apart, so I could see my target. I gave a little groan of appreciation when I saw her pink rosebud. It looked so inviting. “Go ahead,” Bill said, “I can’t hold out much longer.”

When my hand went down to where their bodies were joined, so I could get some of her pussy juice for lubricant, Marcie looked back at me startled. “I told you guys I don’t do that,” she said trying to squirm away from my fingers. But I had already smeared some lube on her ass and was moving into position.

“Do it,” Bill said, holding her tight so she couldn’t move away from me. He was kissing her and telling her how much she was going to like it.

“Yeah, do it,” said Gina excitedly. While I was getting Marcie ready, Gina had gotten on her hands and knees beside me and was watching me maneuver my dick into position. “Here, I’ll help,” she said and grasped my dick roughly, centering it for me.

As I started to push in, I was surprised to hear Marcie say, “Go ahead, fuck my ass. I guess I wanna try it, at least once.” I had to shove it a little hard to get it in because it was so tight. When the head popped past her sphincter, she moaned and started begging me to take it out. “I’ve changed my mind. I don’t want anything in my ass. It hurts. Please take it out now.”

“Don’t listen to her, Tim. She’s going to be loving it in just a minute. It’s the kind of girl she is. Trust me, I know. Just do her nice and slow until she gets used to it,” Gina said. She had gotten up on her knees beside me and was kissing my neck, stroking my back and ass. “Oh I must have looked like that—on that night,” she moaned. As she cupped my balls in her hand, she told Bill that “next time we’ll have to bring a video camera.” Marcie groaned. “Starting to feel good, isn’t it?” Gina said to her.


Bill and I had gotten a good alternating rhythm going. He’d drive it in deep and then pull back, and then I would do the same. Suddenly, Marcie started going crazy, meeting our thrusts, moaning and sobbing. “Oh Jeez, I’ve got two dicks in me and it feels so fucking good! Oohh yess …Fuck my ass hard … yeah like that … ooh my pussy … ooh my ass … I can feel it all over my body …don’t stop … I’m gonna come so good … oooohhh … oh yeah like that … oh yeah … I’m doing it … NOW!!”

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