Warming the IcePrincess Pt. 05


"Yes, I believe you will," he answered as a slow smile crept across his face.

"Just nail that rat-bastard Keith we're all counting on you." I told him then turned to face Cliff Adams.

After taking a second to think I said to him, "Cliff I'm sorry for everything you've been through. I'll talk to Bart and tell him what's been going on. Maybe he will find a way to help your family through this. I can't make any promises but if Bart Stillwell is nothing else, he is a decent and honorable man."

Adams nodded and replied earnestly, "Thank you so much Jane I can't ask for any more than that."

Chapter 22


When I left the jailhouse, I was spent. The emotional roller coaster I'd been riding the entire morning left me feeling exhausted and frazzled. It was already getting late and I'd missed lunch, which wasn't helping my mood. Mostly I just didn't want to think anymore, but I headed back to the office to see what else needed to be done. When I got back, Liz was fielding angry calls from all over the building. She seemed to be having a bit of fun telling folks what they could go do with themselves. She grinned and waved as I strolled in and picked up the other extension and called down to the computer room.

Reaching a relieved Dan I told him, "Hey buddy this is Jane, go ahead and release the network for everything else, but you keep mainframe access locked down for now."

He delivered a quick status report telling me he decided to initiate a system wide security sweep to see if anything else was lying dormant in our files. I filled him in on what had happened at the jailhouse making sure that I spoke loud enough for Liz to hear it all too. I didn't want to repeat everything as soon as I set down the phone. I told him he'd done some great work today and as I said good-bye, I used an old joke that always made us laugh.

"Hey Dan, there might be a little something extra in your paycheck next week."

He laughed and said, "Yeah, sure boss."

He didn't know it yet of course, this time there would be, even if I had to pull it out of my own pocket to get it in there. Liz told me that an FBI agent had already been through the office collecting evidence. He also visited Dan in the computer room before leaving as well. I looked around the room at the heaps of paper still stacked everywhere and told her to call him back quick, he didn't take enough. My stomach growled right on cue as I asked her if she'd eaten yet and motioned her to follow me to go rectify our sad state. We made it to the cafeteria just as they were closing up for the day. I had to pull rank on the woman trying to lock the gate, but we managed to get some soup and a salad to eat without me feeling too much like a bully. While we ate, I filled her in on some of the details of the relationship between Cliff Adams and Walcott. When I told her about the threats Walcott had made and what he had done to Dorothy Adams she was as shaken and angry as I was.

As tired as I was, it was very tempting to knock off early, but the two of us went back to my office intending to start boxing up the heaps of paper lying everywhere. Sending them back into storage and clearing out my office had suddenly assumed an outsized importance to me. I wanted to be finished with the whole Adams/Walcott affair and get on with life. I had quite a bit to look forward to and Walcott and Adams were the FBI's problem now. However when we got back upstairs, there was a bit of a surprise waiting there for both of us.

Claire and Bart were both standing just inside the doorway looking around as though they were afraid to enter the disaster area. When she spotted Bart, Liz shocked us all letting loose with a happy whoop as she ran at him full-speed jumping into his arms and wrapping her legs around his waist. He staggered backward dropping his luggage trying to maintain his balance while he caught her.

I sidled up to where Claire stood watching their exuberant display and said, "Ya think she might have missed him a little."

Watching as they clung to each other and kissed Claire just smiled happily. I slipped an arm around her waist Claire leaned into me kissing me softly on the cheek, and asked, "How about you baby, did you miss me?"

Letting my fingers do some of the talking, they dipped between the firm spheres of her ass tracing along the bar of her thong through her skirt. I whispered into her ear, "More than I know how to say gorgeous." My hand continued roaming over her curves enjoying her tight skin under the light fabric.

She started chuckling while shifting her hips in encouragement and whispered to me, "If you keep talking like that baby, you'll have me wetting my pants."

Bart reluctantly set Liz on her feet but they remained wrapped in each other's arms when he said, "Now that's what I'd call a welcome."

We all chuckled in agreement but Liz told him, "You aint seen noth'in yet Cowboy, just wait'll I get you home," She tugged at his neatly bowed string tie and beamed up at his surprised expression.

Bart recovered his composure after a few seconds and introduced the two women in his life to each other.

After a brief hug, Claire told Liz how happy she was to finally meet the woman who had the moxie to take care of an ornery old cuss like Bart Stillwell.

Liz told her with a suggestive leer that she was gonna "take care of him good as soon as she got him home," and we were all laughing at the silliness that seemed to be pervading the room.

Getting in on the act I told her, "Now don't you hurt my drink'in buddy Liz, after this week he's gonna owe us both a few."

At that point Bart had enough of us women talking about him as if he wasn't even there.

He noisily cleared his throat and said, "You two girls meet us for dinner over at the Stockman's around seven and I'll by a few rounds for everyone. We're celebrating tonight."

"You got the contract?" I asked looking from Bart to Claire and both were smiling and nodding.

"Lock, stock, and barrel," he told us, "In fact they were so pleased with the package Claire came up with, we're meeting with them next week to negotiate a deal on everything they have including all of their U.S. facilities and corporate headquarters."

"Hot damn!" I said, "Its awful good to hear that something has gone our way today."

Bart asked me pointedly, "Why Jane? What's been going on around here?"

I sighed trying to frame an answer for him and finally said, "You aint gonna fucking believe it Bart, you just aint."

He looked at me with a concerned fatherly expression gripping my shoulder and said, "Jane honey I'm sure you handled it the best way you could, and that's all I can ask from you. Is there anything we need to do right away?"

"No," I told him and added, "It's a long story, but it'll keep until dinnertime and maybe...after I've had a few."

He chuckled kissing my forehead as he hugged me and said, "Now that's my girl."

Turning to Liz and throwing his arm around her he asked, "How about we get outta here and go work up a bit of an appetite lady?"

They left my office each lugging one of his heavy bags I could still hear Liz's giggled reply from well down the hall, "Yee haw Cowboy lets go."

The second they were gone Claire and I were at each other. I had almost forgotten just how good it felt to be held and kissed with passion. Our lips and hands were all over each other, and our bodies pressed tightly together was awakening feelings in me that were stunning with their intensity.

After a few minutes she gasped, "Oh god, let's go home baby."

I told her breathing heavily, "I can't wait that long," and pulled her back against me kissing her again hungrily.

I paused looking into her eyes and panted when she said, "Wow, I guess not. But where babe?"

I grabbed her hand and commanded, "Follow me," pulling her across the hall into her abandoned former office.

I turned locking the door the instant we were both inside. I stood for a moment simply looking at her, my eyes devouring the visual treat she was presenting before stalking over to her. Without a word, I started running my hands all over her body. She remained still with her arms at her sides while my hands glided over every inch of her. They stopped only briefly to savor certain portions of her exquisite anatomy before continuing on to find something new to explore. My brain had entered some kind of catatonic state unable to process anything but sensation as my hands closed around her wonderful heavy tits and felt her nipples hardening beneath my palms. I quickly zeroed in on one of the thickening nubs, my body shuddered with excitement. Suddenly I wanted the thin fabric layer gone anything separating her skin from my touch was totally unacceptable. The pinches I delivered to nipple drew a gasp from deep in Claire's throat as my other hand slipped over her belly wrestling with her skirt to trying to get to my favorite parts of her. Frustrated I wrenched the side zipper downward and forced the material down over her hips. I traced along her satin covered mound locating her hidden cleft feeling the resistance increase as the fabric soaked up her moisture. Still behind her, I pressed myself tightly against her body, gasping at the feel of her luscious curves. I whimpered to her how much I missed her before attacking the nape of her neck with my lips and tongue.

My hands never stopped moving as I ground my own mound against her ass I was becoming frantic. I felt almost drugged, it was though any loss of contact between us would have been painful, and unbearably so. Christ I couldn't even stop myself long enough to undress her I wanted to touch her so badly. I finally had to stop sucking the skin of her neck and throat just to pant over her shoulder as my heart was hammered inside my chest. Claire purred and backed against me as I continued massaging her breasts and teasing her nipples. My mind cleared only enough to seize on a memory of something she said to me not long before she left on her trip. I stepped back almost falling over the conference table close behind me. I managed to upend the canvas bag I'd left there this morning as my arms flailed trying to keep my balance. I growled looking back at where it fell to the floor before barking at Claire, to "lose the damn blouse." I bent to gather up the loose items from the spilled bag shoving back inside roughly. When I looked back at her, she was wearing only her dark stockings, garter belt, and her thong. The way they framed the satiny globes of her ass made me swallow against the dryness in my throat, I could hardly breathe. She stepped out of the skirt pooled at her feet and peeled off the sodden thong tossing it aside. My eyes never left her skin as she moved, I was completely mesmerized.

She turned and asked over her shoulder, "Babe, aren't you going to get undressed?"

I stood staring her and said nothing, my vision captivated by the swell of her smooth bottom. She said my name again and I shook my head and mumbled, "Later."

I blinked a few times trying to gather my wits and finally said to her, "Do you remember what you told me on the balcony about 'the next time'?"

She giggled and answered, "Yes, I think I do."

"That's good," I said stepping toward her, "Well the next time is right now woman so don't make me push you down."

I stooped over reaching inside the canvas bag and pulled out the first thing that my fingers touched. It was the long flexible double-ended dildo, it wasn't ideal for what I intended but it would have to do. I stepped over to her pressing my hand on the small of her back guiding her to lie down on the floor. She rested her head on her folded arms and held her hips up for me willingly but I pushed them down against the soft the carpet. For an instant, I just looked down at her lying down there waiting for me and I was awestruck by how lucky I was to be with her. She was so beautiful, so feminine, and so willing to submit to my desires. I was almost overwhelmed by how much I loved her. However, it didn't take long for my raging carnal urges to muscle those and any other thoughts aside. I knelt between her legs nudging them apart exposing the moist pink flesh of her pussy to my eager eyes.

I had no idea why but something within me was provoking an overpowering yearning for really angry, dirty sex, and I couldn't seem to stop myself. I'd never before allowed myself to succumb so completely to the influence of emotions like this but today I was consumed by my own salacious desires. I felt so oddly detached from my normal reserve I felt possessed even demonic with the lust that burned through my mind and body. It was as if a switch inside me had been thrown and I couldn't turn it off. I felt almost as though I was watching someone else taking the fleshy dildo and pushing it roughly against her waiting pussy, swirling it around in the juices gathering there, and then lifting it to my mouth to taste the now glossy end. Her musky scent and tangy flavor sent my mind spinning. I felt dizzy and the sounds that reached my ears had a thin hollow echo as my heart thundered in the foreground. I pressed it against her opening and watched transfixed as it disappeared slowly into her body between the expanding pink folds. The sight of her lips stretching to grip the smooth glistening shaft each time I withdrew it was bewitching. Watching it slide back into her until my knuckles rapped against her pubic bone sent shivers through my body. Claire shifted her hips seeking a more comfortable position and when she did, it again sparked something unfamiliar inside me.

I was furious that she would dare to interrupt my fascination with watching her pussy taking the tumescent pole. I mumbled softly, "Fine, have it your way." I tightened my grip and started pounding it into her. With every stroke, my hand slapped against her rapidly moistening mound. Every time I rammed it deeper into her, I could feel her lips swelling against my finger and thumb where they were circled around the thick shaft. Claire whimpered in surprise at the feral nature of my assault, and that's what it was, an assault. It was turning me on so much I didn't care what she thought about it and told her to "shut up," while watching her ass bounce as my hand slammed the dildo into her body. I slowed my pace re-gripping the shaft and extended my thumb allowing it bang against her darker pink rosebud each time the staff reached the limit of her depths. Her hips titled again reacting to this new stimulation and I growled a question at her through clenched teeth.

"So you like getting your cunt fucked on the office floor like a dirty slut?"

She grinned but didn't make a sound, which only served to renew the anger within me fanning those flames to a blinding intensity. I reached out grabbing a fistful of her hair and savagely yanked her head backward while stuffing the thick pole faster into her body. Her arms shot out trying to support her upper body and lessen the strain on her scalp. The sight of her back arching the way it was and her ass rippling when my hand smacked the fat dildo into her body drove me deeper into my frenzy.

I growled down at her giving her hair another yank about every other word, "You should have answered me slut."

She whimpered and gasped as I relentlessly pounded into her, "I know," she finally answered.

I straddled her thigh where it lay on the floor and ground my pussy against it manically. Claire seemed to be responding to it all, I vaguely recognized that her moans were growing more excited and urgent. I couldn't make myself care about her pleasure, and kept jerking ruthlessly on her hair and slamming the fat rubber cock into her body only because it was thrilling to me. I noticed her reflection in the glossy finish of the dark wood paneling and gasped with excitement. I watched in amazement as each my actions forced her body to react. I used her hair to jerk her head in different directions. Her reflection responding to my harsh manipulations was driving me wild as I forced her into new erotic postures. I pulled harder on her hair just to watch her tits bounce and sway, to tilt her chin upward farther, or just to feel her muscles straining against my arm. I was so intoxicated by every sight or sound she made because of my viciousness I didn't even notice when she started cumming. The slow flood of her warm creamy cum started washing over my fingers surprising me as I continued humping her leg watching it flow from her body.

I ground myself so hard against her thigh that the seam of my pants was starting to dig painfully into the skin of my pussy. As exciting as savaging Claire's body seemed to me it still wasn't enough I desperately wanted to cum. I stood, letting go of everything so abruptly she flopped helplessly to the ground as her arms crumbled beneath her. My hands tore at the zipper and buttons on my pants like they belonged to some sort of hyperactive nymphomaniac. I managed to rip them open only to struggle to get them off over my shoes. I was in such a frenzy that it never occurred to me remove the damn things to make the process easier. I only knew the damn pants had to go and I pulled and yanked at them savagely to make it happen. Finally, I was free and flopped to the ground between Claire's legs. I lifted one of them scooting myself closer resting her calf muscle on my shoulder. Hugging her thigh with one arm, I used my other hand to align the excess length of the dildo with my own very hot juicy opening.

As I forced myself down onto it, I felt like it was burning the hole into me but I still couldn't make myself slow down. I just ground myself against her until it stopped at the limits of both our bodies. Thrusting my hips forward roughly against her immobile form, I sank its full length deep inside me repeatedly until my mound slapped wetly against hers. My hips bucked and gyrated driving the slick pole into both of us over and over until my knees burned from the friction with the carpet. I could only grunt with the effort of each thrust as the sensations building in my belly and pussy seemed to rob my vocal chords of all coherent forms of speech. I felt fumbling fingertips moving across my pussy but still couldn't make myself stop grinding myself against her body. I looked down in time to watch them grip the fleshy folds surrounding my clit. As I drew my hips back, the skin tightened on my angry red nubbin. I felt a rush of heat sizzling through my body but kept pounding myself down onto the dildo relentlessly.

Claire's fingers tugging on the hood of my clit shifted slightly and the next sensation that burned through to reach beyond my sub-conscious was an intensely sharp pinch. I gasped as my insides clenched at the rubber intruder slipping in and out of me. She pinched it again and again as each of my strokes banged against her body. My hips suddenly started losing their rhythm and waves of spasmodic muscular activity rippled all through my insides. I felt the warm streams of my cum splash onto her skin then wash over both of us. I twitched and grunted still holding her thigh tight to my chest as I came. As the shuddering spasms marched through my body, each one weakened me until I barely had the strength to remain upright.

When the pleasant warm sensations were just beginning to ebb away, a fiery bolt of intense pain shot through the bunched muscles of my left hip. Yowling in shock, I threw myself backward off her body and writhed on the floor in agony clutching at the blinding pain searing through my hip and downward into my leg.

Claire was next to me in a flash asking, "Jane...honey...baby, what's wrong?"

I groaned out a single word trying to get her to leave me alone, to let me suffer in peace, "Cramp!"

She knelt beside me while I massaged the offending muscles and experimentally straightening and re-bending my leg. It took a few seconds for the sound to penetrate but I realized with a start that she was laughing at me, and enjoying herself enormously.

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