Warming the IcePrincess Pt. 05


"It's not funny, it hurts," I pouted but there was no real fire in my words, all of a sudden, I realized I couldn't be mad at her. It wasn't long after that I fully realized the absurdity of what I'd just said. With the sharpness of the cramp beginning to fade, I found I couldn't resist chuckling along with her.

"My god Claire," I said between uncomfortable giggles, "I don't know what got into me, I'm sorry babe."

She leaned down and kissed my cheek while I told her, "I've turned into some kind of god damn freak while you were away."

She smiled down at me brushing the hair off my face tenderly she answered my self-deprecating quip, "As long as you're 'My freak' baby, I'll just have to learn to put up with it." Then she kissed me again, and it was so warm and loving that tears started pooling in my eyes before she drew her lips away from mine. I felt so utterly ashamed for what I'd just done to her, I couldn't even look her in the eye. She tried wiping away the tears and finally gave up falling into my arms. She told me over and over how much she loved me and missed me, while I sobbed inconsolably against her shoulder. It all seemed so ridiculous to me. Here I'd just finished abusing the shit out of her and I was the one that was bawling. I apologized repeatedly and begged her forgiveness for being such a thoughtless animal. I told her I didn't know what came over me but swore to her it would never happen again. She pulled back staring down at me with a confused almost angry expression on her face that left me totally perplexed.

"It had better happen again lady!" She growled at me as her face split into a wide smile.

She cuddled against my chest and said, "I've never cum so hard before in my entire life baby. That was fucking incredible!"

Relieved beyond words I just laughed softly and hugged her against my chest. We lay on the floor like that for a while until she asked me how my cramp was doing and I told her it was much better now, I'd almost forgotten about it entirely.

"That's a shame," she muttered.

I barked at her sharply, "If you say so, but hey, it wasn't your hip trying to tie itself into some kind of Gordian knot."

"I didn't mean that silly," and she gave my chest a playful slap, "I meant that I heard of a cure for that sort of thing."

I snickered and said, "Oh really, I've got hear this," I taunted her expecting to be told about eating bananas or be teased about my sunshine ploy out on the balcony.

She rolled off my chest to kneel near my head and explained, "It's an ancient remedy that's been used for thousands of years by nearly every culture on the Earth."

I smiled up at her and asked, "Oh yeah, how come I've never heard of it?"

She straightened her back then swung her hips around to straddle my head and answered, "Oh, but you have my dear," grinning down at me between her parted thighs.

She pulled upward on her folds exposing her pink core to me and said, "It's called maiden oil, and it's good for whatever ails you."

"Mmmm, sounds like health food to me," I giggled beneath her.

Slowly she lowered herself over my mouth telling me, "I've been told its effects are greatly enhanced by consuming it directly from the source, ooo...yeah that's it."

I pressed my tongue into her, moaning with delight as the savory flavor of her body enveloped my mouth. I felt her weight pressing my body down into the floor as she leaned forward explaining how she hadn't been getting nearly enough of it lately either. By this time, her voice had become too faint to hold my attention. I did catch something she mumbled about cramps striking at the wrong moment, and an once of prevention bla...bla...bla. I'd pretty much stopped listening at "consuming" and was happily doing exactly that. I lapped at her musky folds and tickled her swelling clit with increasing excitement as her enchanting essence suffused my senses. I remember thinking to myself she may be on to something as I flattened my tongue and ran it over her velvety soft skin. My concentration was diverted when I felt her cheek brush against my inner thigh as her fingers gripped my ass. Seconds after that first feathery touch of her skin on mine, a warm agile tongue started exploring my folds seeking its own source of that ancient healing elixir. I certainly had no objections with being her supplier. We indulged in a deliciously slow and tender 69 on the office floor in the middle of the workday. I guess rank does have its privileges after all.

The sun shining through the large plate glass windows at a surprisingly low angle woke us lying in each other's arms quite sometime afterward. Judging from our burst of frantic energy to get dressed and head for the restaurant, her curative treatment must have been effective. Neither of us suffered from an unexpected cramp all the way to the restaurant.

We were late as hell getting there, (This was becoming a bit of a habit with the two of us.) Liz and Bart were in such fine spirits not even our outrageous tardiness dampened their celebratory mood. I waited until after dinner to destroy that. I told them all the gory details of Walcott's evil scam, his feeble attempt at blackmail, and the murder of Clifton Adams mother.

Chapter 23

(The Residue of Treachery)

The next few days at the office were for me both maddeningly hectic and incredibly exciting. After cleaning up the debris of old records, borrowed tables, and temporary workstations it was all replaced with my newly delivered furniture. Claire and I both had a blast arranging things and swapping pieces until both of us were satisfied with our new environs. The rest of my time was taken up with a seemingly endless series of meetings. I did find time to complete one project with a great deal of help from Liz. We tried to build some projections on how we could expect our investment income to perform now that we were fully in control of it. I was busy summarizing a second report on our cash reserves Wednesday afternoon when Special Agent Gibbons name lit up in my caller ID display.

The first bit of news he had to tell me was stunning. Continental was not the only corporation that Walcott had infiltrated, in fact there were three more. Each of them was being electronically looted in the same way. There were other similarities linking them to Walcott. They were all were privately held companies, used computer systems similar to ours, and were targets of investigations lead by a younger Ashton Walcott III while he was still a field agent.

"The scope of this thing is just incredible Jane," Keith told me sounding almost ashamed at what Walcott was able to do from inside the most powerful law enforcement agency on the planet.

"We've found accounts where he was funneling money in Luxembourg, the Caymans, and Belize. So far the banks have agreed to freeze them all but it might take years for the courts to return the money to its legitimate owners," he said and chuckled, "You were lucky you had Mr. Phillips to pluck it out of that account in Zurich like he did."

I smiled telling Keith, "He may have earned himself a hell of a bonus for being so damn devious. I'm still negotiating with Mr. Stillwell on just how nice we can afford to be."

"Well you can put in a good word from me if it will help his case," he laughed into the phone. "He's been instrumental in helping us locate those other accounts."

"I'll pass that on, thanks Keith," it might be helpful indeed. I went on explaining, "I'd hate to lose him to just because we were too cheap to reward his talent and good work. Besides having him lurking out in cyberspace makes me nervous, know what I mean?"

He laughed and told me, "Us too, I've already added his name to the list of Hackers we need to watch. Dan just might be too good for his own good."

Then he offered a possible solution to improve Dan's bonus prospects. Keith told me that with any luck, the funds we removed from Walcott's Swiss bank account might be released to us as early as next week. The prosecutor assigned to the case would be submitting an affidavit based on our records to a federal Judge who only had to sign the order. I told him that might make Bart very happy but all I wanted to hear from the FBI that they caught that slimy bastard Walcott.

"No," he sighed and said, "We found his issue car abandoned just outside Danville Virginia. That only means he might have been headed south into the Carolina's or continuing west through Tennessee or Kentucky."

"Damn it Keith, I was really hoping you were calling with better news, I can't believe that asshole has been able to stay loose for this long," I grumbled into the phone.

He released a weary sigh and told me, "You're forgetting Jane that the man has been in law enforcement for almost thirty years. After that much time, a cop does tend to learn how to think like the criminals he's supposed to be hunting."

I fired back without humor, "Well this puke was applying the tricks of that trade long ago Keith. Maybe that's why he was always such a shitty cop, he was too damn busy being a crook."

Keith agreed with me giving a bark of nervous laughter but when he next spoke, there was no amusement in his tone.

"Jane I'm going to say it again whether you want to hear it or not. If he is running somewhere further west that puts you right in his path." He paused then said it in a rush as though that would make hearing it more palatable, "I want to put you, Ms. Stillwell, and her father under FBI protection. We've found connections to two more suspicious deaths while investigating this case. We can't be sure if Walcott is behind them both but can't take any chances with him, he's already proven himself absolutely ruthless. You may think he's just an asshole Jane, but he is still a very dangerous asshole."

"Alright Keith you win," I shocked him into silence with those four words. "Have your people meet us at Ms. Stillwell's condo tomorrow morning. You have the address. I'll let her know what's going on. You'll have to track down Bart Stillwell yourself, try his cell. He's been kind of busy making wedding plans today and hasn't been in to the office yet."

"Will do thanks," just before the line went silent he told me, "Hey Jane, please do be careful we both know what this man is capable of."

I dumped the phone into the cradle and got up to go see Claire muttering angry curses about how that pig was still messing up all our lives. I grumbled all the way to her office but as soon as I stepped through her door, I almost forgot why I was so pissed off. Sitting in one of the chairs facing Claire's desk and smiling at me (and looking fabulous I might add,) was Sue. She looked adorable without all of the piercings and wearing a snug cream-colored skirt with sexy open toed pumps with a burgundy cotton blouse that had cute little pockets and epaulets on the shoulders. As I neared the desk, I grinned wondering if she had abandoned her no underwear rule too since she'd gone "all girly" on us

Claire grinned up at me and said, "Hey babe guess who's coming to dinner," then nodded toward Sue.

I flashed her a quick smile but when I turned back to face Claire my smile disappeared, "And You'll never guess who'll be joining us for breakfast."

Her eyebrow shot up and grin widened while she purred looking back over at Sue, "Mmmm... there's a nice thought."

Sue and I were both chuckling when I told her, "Sorry to rain on your parade my love, but I got "a good news, bad news" call from Agent Gibbons a few minutes ago."

I flopped into the chair next to Sue and spilled my load of unhappy beans.

"Walcott is still on the loose and might be headed this way. Gibbons is putting your Dad and us under FBI protection first thing in the morning."

Claire shrugged and asked smiling across the desk at me, "So what's the bad news?"

I chuckled admiring her pluck and answered, "That's it you goof, and the good news is we might get access to the money we stole back from him next week. You might wanna have legal contact that prosecutor to make sure he doesn't find some way to screw it up."

Without hesitation, she snatched up her telephone and placed the call while Sue and I chatted quietly.

"You look fantastic," I told her.

"Thanks," she said crossing her legs and leaning toward me, "I'm just trying to emulate my mentor."

I looked down scanning my attire. Grey slacks, matching jacket, plain off-white blouse, and uninspiring but very functional leather flats. It didn't take more than a second to determine that there must be a new sheriff in Sue-town and she certainly wasn't me.

I looked back up into her eyes and she told me grinning, "She told me that wearing short skirts with a pretty blouse was the only way to get your attention sometimes."

My eyes flicked upward to see that Claire had already put down the phone and was grinning mischievously as she listened in on us.

I shook my head in resignation feeling a bit the victim of a budding conspiracy and told Sue, "Well my dear, one thing I've learned from "your mentor" is never to argue with her, especially when she's right."

They both laughed at me but it was such a warm comfortable sound, I couldn't even make myself pretend to be upset with them.

Having as much as I was going to sit still for I asked them abruptly, "Alright you two, what's for dinner?"

Claire answered saying, "We were discussing that when you came in. I'm about done for the day and was thinking about heading for the market now. Are you going to be much longer?"

"Yeah, shit at least another hour probably more, I have to finish with the cash reserve analysis before I can leave. I have to present my projections at the executive committee meeting tomorrow morning," I told her feeling terribly put upon and letting it seep into my tone.

"That's alright baby do what you have too." Claire glanced over at Sue and asked, "how about you?"

"I can be outta here in the next half hour, do ya need any help?" she asked politely.

Claire beamed and said, "That'll be great, meet me back at my place that should give us plenty of time to get everything ready for when my hard working honey finally gets home."

Claire leaned across the desk with her lips pursed expecting a goodbye kiss from me but at the last second I faked her out. I slid to the side to nibble at her neck while coping a quick feel of one her wonderfully plump boobs. I thought I'd been pretty slick about it but I heard Sue snicker behind me and say, "I saw that!" Claire and I both burst into guilty giggles while she shook an accusing finger at me.

Two and a half hours later as my key turned in the deadbolt of the condo door I felt like it had been ages since I'd last seen or touched Claire. I rushed inside with building excitement, but before I could even dump my purse and keys my expectations were dashed in bitter disappointment. My anticipation for a quiet evening alone and maybe some pleasant lovemaking evaporated when the sound of two voices along with the pleasant aroma filling the room reached me. I realized that I had forgotten that she invited a guest for dinner. Crestfallen but trying to conceal it I marched into the kitchen and was a bit stunned by how I found the two of them. They were both smiling at me wearing white frilly aprons and sipping on tall glasses of wine.

Sue pranced cutely toward me holding out another glass and announced, "The aprons where my idea, the wine was hers. I wanted champagne but I was overruled."

I laughed circling both of them in my arms and told Sue, "She is the boss after all. I've learned the hard way not to mess with her once she's made up her mind."

I gave each of them a quick kiss before taking a sip of the rich buttery chardonnay and asked, "Is it soup yet? I'm starved."

Dinner was fantastic and I told them honestly that they could make dinner for me anytime.

I'd just started to clear away my dishes when Sue jumped up and said, "I'll get those boss, I mean it's only fair after the last time I messed up this kitchen, and kinda left you to clean it up by yourself."

Claire stood grinning at me and told her that she would help with the dishes. I got the impression from her smile that she already knew every detail of the mess Sue was referring to. While they started on the dishes, Claire suggested that I had time for a shower and chased me out of the room. I did feel a somewhat grubby and probably smelled a little gamey after a dozen plus hours at the office, so she only had to pinch my ass a few times to get me moving.

Chapter 24


Part 1


I had only just shut off the spray when I heard the echo of heels clicking on the tile inside the room. An indistinct shape moved past the shower just outside the fogged glass. I stood inside watching a little unsure what to make of it when the shower door swung open.

Claire peaked inside handing me a dry towel and telling me, "C'mon hustle up we're just about ready for dessert," and closed the door again.

I dried off watching the dark silhouette through the glass standing near the door when it suddenly became two shapes one dark one considerably lighter. Confused I quickly wrapped the towel around my body and stepped out through the door. When I saw how Claire was dressed, my mind went completely blank while I tried to make sense of her outfit. While I was showering, she had donned a stunning white leather corset with matching leather leggings and spike heals tall enough to have her towering over me.

"Claire what the..." was all I managed to say as she pulled me by the arm toward her and away from the door. Sue slipped up from behind me dressed much the same as Claire only in stark glossy black. Each of them started pulling my arms away from my body and buckling padded leather cuffs around my wrists. I was getting a little freaked because neither had said a word. They dragged me out of the room by the wrists. Stunned by their behavior I didn't resist quickly enough and they had me all the way to the bathroom door before I started putting up much of a struggle.

"Hey you two, what the hell do you think you're doing, god damn it," I yelled while they hauled me roughly down the hallway toward the bedroom.

Neither of them bothered answering me while they led me inside and stopped by the foot of the bed. As Claire pulled my arm upward, I tried to pull away but was too late. She was too quick hooking the ring on the heavy cuff over the stout finial on the top of the nearly seven-foot tall bedpost. When Sue tried to follow suit I was starting to get pissed and put up a more determined struggle. She ended up needed Claire's help and strength to get it done. Finally, they managed to hook the second ring over the bedpost leaving me standing with my arms suspended over six feet apart and seven high and my toes barely touching the floor.

I glared at them both when they stood in front of me grinning at my predicament. "Un-do me god damn it Claire, I'm in no the mood for this shit," I demanded.

She stepped close to me chuckling, the glossy leather encasing her body creaking slightly as she moved, she leaned forward to whisper in my ear, "You may not be yet...baby."

She kissed my ear softly and stepped back jerking the towel off my body leaving me stark naked and completely helpless. Sue gave a naughty bark of laughter and stepped closer running her hands over my naked skin as I thrashed and swore loudly at both of them. When she stepped back I saw that her outfit was more of a cat suit that fit her smaller form like a second skin. It left certain select portions of her body on full display. They stood smiling at me a few feet away looking unduly proud of themselves. If I wasn't so pissed, I might have enjoyed how devastating they looked together. I knew Claire would never really hurt me, as for Sue, I wasn't quite so sure. This wasn't at all the kind of evening I was looking forward to when I stepped through the door a few short hours ago.

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