tagNonHumanWarming Up the Slopes

Warming Up the Slopes


This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


Warming Up the Slopes

"Bethany," Hans breathed, both paws tightening on the steering wheel. "What are you...ah..." He swallowed. "What are you doing?"

The bat shook his head, the wolf in the passenger seat licking her lips as she unbuttoned her blouse, the garment pulling lower and lower over her breasts. Their little blue hire car veered from side to side of the road, the bat's paws twitching on the wheel. Snow lined the ground as they climbed the mountain, weaving higher and higher up an increasingly twisty route that, to anyone but the locals, required a great deal more concentration than he was currently allowing for.

Giggling, Beth shrugged, letting the blouse fall loose, slipping back beneath her arms as she bared her undergarments - at least on her top half - to anyone who cared to see.

"The drive is taking too long," she said, as if that was sufficient explanation for what she was doing. "It is tedious and I am bored."

"But you cannot do that in here!"

She smiled to hear the formal edge re-entering his voice. He'd almost lost it, spending so much time with her, but the months together, as a couple, had not teased it entirely from his tone. He would always carry that note, she was sure.

"Why can I not?" She challenged him, rolling her shoulders as if to drag his attention down to the simple, black bra she wore, lace cupping her breasts sensually. "I am and that is all there is to it."

Arching her hips up from the seat, she growled playfully, ears splayed to the sides of her head, and unbuttoned the catch on her skirt, letting the pale green fabric slip down her legs. Cradling around her surprisingly demure pair of black heels, it still somehow managed to complement her fur, setting off the grey tones as if it had been designed especially for her. She kicked it aside and sat up, playing with the strap of her bra.

Hans growled and shook his head, leathery wings creaking softly. Cresting a ridge, he tried against all odds to keep his attention from his sweetheart's breasts, bouncing lightly with every bump in the road. It was not the best of tracks to take, but a necessary one to reach one of the very best slopes in the Colorado mountains, reserved only for those with influence at their fingertips.

The resort, styled to appear as a massive lob cabin that contained all manner of luxuries within, rose in the distance as a flurry of snow splattered across the windscreen. Hans grumbled under his breath, words indistinct, the insides of his ears a decidedly darker shade as he blushed. Beth teased her fingers across his hip to the catch of his trousers, playing with the button as a coy smile quirked at her lips.

Should she...?

"We are almost up at the resort, Bethany!" He gulped and shook his head, leathery wings folded uncomfortably back into the seat. "What if someone sees you?"

She shrugged again, her grey muzzle displaying as unconcerned an expression as she could possibly draw on.

"Are you afraid of someone seeing me like this, Hans?"

She slid her paw down his thigh, fingers creeping over his dark trousers to the bulge growing in his crotch that she knew she'd find there. The wolf smiled and licked her lips, a very pink tongue flashing out to snake along the side of her muzzle. Shivering, Hans groaned and half-closed his eyes, steering wheel shuddering with the tremor of his paws.

"Are you afraid..." She leaned in closer, breath brushing his large, pointed ear. "Are you afraid of someone seeing you in need? Wanting me?"

He exhaled sharply.

"It is indecent."

The words came out forced, his teeth ground close together. A muscle jumped in the line of his jaw and Beth drew back, fur ruffled. Sometimes he still took a little more persuading, though she would have thought that he would be more amenable to what she would call 'interesting' experiences after their very first time being out in the open. She smiled at the memory, eyes growing distant.

Running her paws down her flat stomach, she admired her own form, knowing that his eyes were on her even if she was not looking directly at him - not for the moment, at least. She fingered the hem of her underwear, tight around her hips and soft, feminine buttocks, slipping them down just enough so that the thicker fur of her crotch peeked out. Implying more to come, she pushed herself up from the seat and gave a throaty moan, paw easing beneath her bra to squeeze a nipple lightly.

Hans sucked in a breath.

"Bethany!" He snapped, eyes wild and scanning the road for other cars - others than may see Bethany if she did not comply. "Put your clothes back on!"

She frowned.

"Now that must be a phrase that a lady does not often hear."

She jumped as the bat's paw brushed her breast, pushing into his touch without conscious thought. Casting him a questioning look, the wolf didn't have the chance to speak as he squeezed her breast in one paw, drawing a gasp from her lips. Beth trembled and rolled her head from side to side, delighting in the cool brush of air against her fur even within the controlled confines of their vehicle.

Anyone could see in, see what she was doing with her boyfriend - anyone at all. The wolf's breath quickened, ears twitching to catch a light chuckle breaking Hans' lips.

"I would never tell you to put your clothes back on without due reason, Bethany," he murmured, eyes on her body and the rise and fall of her breasts. "But times must..."

He trailed off, sparing a quick glance for the road and quickly oncoming resort.

"Perhaps for the bedroom, sweetheart," he said, voice trembling with a lick of what could only be desire. "If I take you out here as you deserve to be taken, we shall never make it to the resort at all!"

Huffing, Beth folded her arms over chest and obstinately refused to redress herself until they pulled right up to the resort. And, even then, the wolf flashed him a smile and tugged her underwear to the side, allowing him a fleeting glimpse of her pussy lips, the sliver of pink just showing through the thin fur. Hans groaned and squeezed his fingers around the back of his neck as the wolf tugged up her skirt and re-fastened her blouse. She couldn't help but notice how his eyes lingered and he covered his crotch with one paw, trying and failing to hide his hardness.

Chuckling to herself, she cast her eyes over the resort as a moose and deer couple clip-clopped up the steps to the main entrance of the resort, a smartly dressed snow leopard employee darting after them with bags clasped in both fluffy paws.

Scrambling from the car, Hans turned his hips towards the vehicle and stretched his arms over his head. Beth dropped her eyes to their bags squashed into one another on the back seat, a matching set.

"Leave the bags." Hans coughed into his paw. "The concierge will take care of that for us."

He tugged at the collar of his shirt, too stiff and formal for the location, and offered his arm to his wolf.

"Shall we?"

Arm in arm, they padded lightly into the resort, Beth trying to take in everything at once. The interior was as splendid as she had been promised, a wide, sweeping room with a wood fire roaring across from the reception desk, polished to a high, rich sheen. Beth smiled and clasped her paws in front of her chest, eyes shining with the myriad of possibilities the resort held. They had earned a good, long break from all their studying, the final years coming to a close, if they did not choose to undertake further studies. All that hard work and no play... She shook her head. It did a fur no good, no good at all.

"Good afternoon!" The mouse at the front desk squeaked, pushing his glasses up his nose. "What may I do for the lady and gentleman this afternoon?"

Hans stepped up to the desk, hips twisted away and lips pressed tightly together. Beth folded her paws innocently behind her back and shot the mouse a winning smile.

"We'd just like to check in, please."

"Of course, sir."

As the mouse took care of their check in, Beth pressed herself up to Han' back, arms wrapping around his waist as she poked her muzzle over his shoulder. His wings shuffled against her chest and he murmured softly, turning his head to drop a sweet kiss on her nose.

"I'm so sorry." The mouse shook his head and pursed his lips. "Your room is not quite ready. Perhaps you would like to adjourn to the bar or one of our dining rooms while you wait? Complementary drinks and a meal for the both of you are, of course, on the resort for your trouble."

Hans shrugged.

"That's no problem. Which way's the bar?"

As the mouse gave directions, Beth's mind whirled. How could he lose interest in her so quickly? She frowned. Was he even hard anymore?

Oh, that simply would not do.

As they padded down the wide hallway in the direction of the bar, Beth's tail wagged and she cast her partner a sly grin that he was all too familiar with. The bat's ears twitched and he parted his lips in question as her finger pressed to them, shushing him before he even had the chance to talk. Her nerves shot through with fire and the wolf's eyes gleamed. A door marked with 'Supplies' lay to her right, as good an option as she had at her disposal.

"Follow me."

Her tone left no room for argument and, as she slipped into the cupboard, a flat bat nose swiftly nosed around the door with a square of opaque glass set into it, following closely on her tail. She kicked it closed after him and pressed her body up against his, moaning into his mouth as her lips crashed into his. She kissed him deeply, heart hammering, and wagged her tail as his arms encircled her waist, body reacting even as his mind struggled to catch up with what was happening.

"Beth..." He breathed, back pressed to the door. "What are you doing?"

She shot him a look, eyes sharp.

"Would you prefer to wait until our room is ready?" She demanded. "Sit in some stuffy bar and exchange pleasantries while we wait for our friends to arrive? Is that what you really want to do? Right now? At this very minute?"

She was sure the bar and restaurants were not all that bad, but her words did the trick. As she tried to pull away, he tightened his arms around her and unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse with his lips and teeth, release the curve of her cleavage to his hungry eyes. Beth yelped in delight, arching her hips up to the tent in his trousers, letting his hardness grind against her through the unwelcome barrier of clothing.

"We should not be doing this," he murmured, eyes roaming her body in the dim light, the non-translucent glass in the door letting a little light through. "We really, absolutely, should not be doing this."

Beth rolled her eyes, ears slipping back.

"Be quiet, Hans."

Pulling her skirt up as the bat pinned her back up to the wall, a broom crashed down and they giggled, lost in their love drunk spell for one another. He unbuttoned his trousers and let his hard-on out of his undergarments, a shaft that she was intimately familiar with poking from the gap in the fabric. His trousers held around his backside and thighs, tight enough not to fall and catch around his hind paws, and he slid his paw up Beth's leg to her panties, sliding his fingers against them as her wetness drooled on to them.

He licked his lips hungrily, but the wolf shook her head and dropped to her knees. Her skirt demurely fell to cover her modestly, although there was nothing modest in her actions. She growled softly as she freed his cock, wasting no time in leaning in to take the tip between her lips. The bat groaned and let his head loll back against the wall, hips arching up to meet her, as the wolfess devoured him. Inch after inch of his thick shaft eased between her lips until her wet nose pressed into the thicker fur of his crotch, his musk enveloping her senses.

Beth moaned around his length, pressing her thighs together as her wetness soaked further through her panties. Why was every time with Hans so much more erotic than the last? She bobbed her muzzle, wrapping her flexible tongue around his shaft and dragging it slowly, oh so slowly, up to the tip. If he didn't fight her so, tell her that they had to wait until a more private location, they could have so much more fun!

But maybe the fact of the matter was that the bat simply preferred a more private location to truly enjoy her. Eyes rolling back into her head, Beth clung to his thighs and squeezed his balls lightly in one paw, enjoying their furry warmth, filled to the brim with promise that she fully expected him to deliver upon. The bat hissed through his teeth, twisting his head back and forth as he tried to contain himself. He balled his paws up into fists and slammed them back into the wall, bucking away from it into her muzzle as if he was no longer in control of his own body. Beth rather liked the thought of him losing control of himself around her. She liked that thought very much, bringing a fresh tingle of pleasure to the corners of her mind, thus far unexplored.

Suddenly, the bat grasped her hair and dragged her away from his cock, whimpering as she gasped, though what she craved was not air. She snaked her tongue out from her muzzle to steal a last lap of his cock, frowning like a cub that had been denied a treat as the bat shook his head, struggling to pull his trousers back to a respectable level with one paw.

She snapped and snarled, lips curling back from her teeth, but the bat leaned in, a paw on each of her shoulders. His eyes bore into hers and she caught her breath, momentarily spellbound by the desire burning in his eyes.


"Come with me."

Beth squealed as she was pulled from the supply cupboard, Hans yanking his trousers up as he hauled her after him.

"But Hans! Why leave?"

She yelped and licked his seed from the side of her muzzle, ears back. He didn't seem to hear her protests, towing her bodily to the desk and using his greater size against her. As much as the grey wolf struggled, she could not free herself and her heart could not have claimed that she wanted to be freed either.

Shaking her head as they re-emerged into the reception, she stood back and let Hans storm up to the desk, arms stretched out a little from his sides so that the casual observer gained the full effect of his large, leathery wings. They wouldn't do much to hold his weight in midair, but, when it came to intimidation, they did the trick for the otherwise demure, delicate bat.

Her stomach did a back-flip, leaping up into the vicinity of her ribcage as her partner slammed his fist into the desk and demanded a room - any room. It would not be the one they had reserved, the abruptly trembling mouse told them as he held out a key, but would it tide them over for at least a few hours? Hans smirked and took it from the mouse without a word, spinning on his heel. Beth smiled lewdly, kissing him full on the lips as he slung her over his shoulder as if she was as light as a feather. Her heart sung and she blew the mouse a cheeky kiss as she watched his startled face retreat, ropey tail curled up against his thigh.

It took Hans several attempts to get the key into the keyhole, but, when he did, he stumbled into the smaller, double room with a wolfess cradled in his arms. He tossed her on the bed and growled like a wolf himself, ears twitching back and forth as if trying to catch a sound that was not truly there.

Yet Beth was not willing to give up the semblance of control she'd acquired - oh no! Scrambling up from the bed, she pressed herself to the bat and inhaled sharply as his hardness squeezed up to her. Oh, how good he'd tasted in her muzzle...

He caught her lips with his, tongue flicking between to claim her mouth as she struggled back, gasping for breath as his paws slid to the crook of her arms, just above her elbows.

"Wait... Not here," she forced out, legs trembling. "Haven't you always wanted to try it in the shower?"

She gasped, breathless as his lips nibbled a line down her neck.

"Wet fur on fur... Soaping up each other's bodies..."

He pulled back, eyes shimmering.

"You are persistent in deviating from the norm, do you know that, Bethany?"

She flashed him a grin and squirmed away, darting into the wood-panelled en-suite with a spring in her step.

"Only keeping things interesting for you, darling!"

She flung the words back over her shoulder as the bat chased her, catching up just as she tossed her skirt on the floor, blouse ripping open and destroying half the buttons. She laughed recklessly, not even thinking how she would get from this room to their actual one later on. What did she care? Let them see her as she truly was! Beth drew herself up tall, setting her shoulders back as her bat backed her into the walk-in shower, making quick work of her bra and panties. He slipped both off without fuss, forgetting his own clothes as he turned the shower on with a scramble of claws on the dial and switch.

Beth giggled as warm water flowed over her muzzle, turning her snout up to the stream as it flattened her fur slickly to her body. Hans grumbled and shed his clothes, kicking them out of the shower as she arched up to him, letting him ease her back against the wall. He ran his paws down her sides and kissed her full on the lips, tongues dancing together as the heat between them rose. She almost lost herself to him right then and there, caught in the sinuous sway and fall of his body.

But she had him, not the other way around, oh no. Beth moaned softly, trailing her fingers around his cheek and down his muzzle.

"I want you," she breathed. "Take me here...right here!"

She pushed her hips up to him, slinging an arm around his neck for leverage as the bat's cock jabbed against her lower abdomen. Pre cum drooled on to her fur, only to be swiftly washed away by the shower, sweeping away evidence as quickly as it appeared. Bethany licked her lips, longing for the evidence to stay, a dirty mark of their liaison.

"Please, Hans!" She swung around, placing her paws against the wall and wriggling her rump at him, tail flicked as high as she could to keep it out of the way. "You've had me tease you, you've had me get you hard... Now make me yours right here and now!"

Hans sucked in a breath, ears slanting to the sides of his head even as he advanced, one paw wrapped around his cock. Nuzzling the tip of it up to her pink sex, showing through her fur, he leaned over her, a paw landing on the wall beside her head. She moaned and wriggled her hips further back for him, stretching up onto her toes until the head pushed into her cunny and the chill of water cooling on her fur didn't matter anymore.

The bat huffed as he slid his cock into her, one paw dropping to her hip as he put the weight of his body behind the motion. Even after all their times together, stolen moments in homes where they could not have claimed to be alone, she was still tight and Bethany moaned with relish, enjoying every moment of him pushing into her, deeper and deeper until something hidden inside her tingled.


She forced out the words past lips that did not want to form the word, spreading her legs further apart for balance that suddenly seemed exceptionally difficult to maintain. Her paws slipped on the polished wood underfoot - neither of them had thought to toss down a shower mat before things heated up. Beth ground her teeth together, biting down a howl as her pussy clenched around her lover's shaft.

The wolf ducked her head down between her arms as Hans thrust, paws on her hips for balance as he moaned and pulled her back to him with every thrust. Grinding in deep, the bat's breath quickened, chest heaving as water trickled between the joining of their bodies, Bethany's tail wagging wetly and slapping his abdomen. She yelped, resting her forehead against the cool wall as the shower warmed whether it hit her fur, beading on her eyelashes as she blinked it out of her eyes.

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