tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWarming Up the Tropics

Warming Up the Tropics


Anticipation is so delightful, like a jolt of adrenaline when I know I'm going to do something naughty. It makes me feel incredibly alive.

I'm Sarah....36, sales rep for a pharmaceutical company on the east coast. It gives me an opportunity to travel, sometimes with my boyfriend, sometimes alone. Either way, it also gives me a chance to be in places nobody knows me. Nice places. Warm places, where I can usually find a way to do the things that make me feel sexy and wild. So this afternoon as I'm catching a bit of sun by the pool at my hotel, I'm buzzing inside with anticipation about what might happen as the evening comes.

I stretch my lean body, thankful that I've taken good care of it, and aware of how often the eyes of people around me settle on it. 5'9", with long, strong legs that are toned by constant exercise, and that spread so fully wide when I'm ready. Light brown/blondish hair that falls straight, swingy and soft against my shouldertops if I brush it out, or swings in a saucy ponytail that makes me look years younger. My skin is nicely tanned, with only the slimmest of lines from my tiny thong bikini and the narrow triangles that just cover my dark brown areolas and over-long thick nipples. My tongue slides lazily over my full lips and I smile to myself thinking about how delicious it is to let myself show on the lounger by the pool.

My areolas pucker with little bumps and my nipples harden further, pushing in a clearly visible way against the semi-sheer white bikini top. My breasts are C cups, and still stand firmly out from my chest in a way that leaves me able to dress wilthout a bra. They are shaped in almost a sloping, pointy way rather than round, with my nipples tilting a little upward and a little out. God how I love my nipples! They have always been super sensitive, and larger than my girlfriends' nipples. I loved watching them grow when I was a teenager, loved how they were hard to hide, even behind a bra, and when I masturbate, which is often, I most always spend time caressing them, feeling the incredible surge straight to my pussy when my nipples are teased. Nipples....ohhhh why is it that I can't stop thinking about my own darkish red thick rubbery nipples!!!

Those thoughts ran through my mind as I lay there, occasionally looking around through dark sunglasses, noticing the constant gaze of a good looking guy a few chairs to my right, and I again felt that surge of anticipation move through my body, making those nipples more erect, and urging a bit of woman juice to begin sliding through that inner tube, all the way to my outer lips. I rubbed my knees together, wondering if any wetness was showing through my thin white bikini. I had removed the liner, so only the slightest of fabric covered me, and I could feel it clinging to my full pouty lips. They were shaved clean, smooth, with just a trimmed vertical strip of light brown pubic hair leading upward from them, maybe 2 inches or so, and when I opened one knee a little, to look, I could see that the nylon was clinging to them, outlining them perfectly for whoever might notice. My lips are wide and full, like a mouth slightly open, begging to be kissed, and my clitoris pokes out just a little from a prominent hood at the top. Now, as I let myself become more aroused, I could almost see its shape as well, as if it wanted to beckon to my admirer, calling him over for company. I giggled a little to myself.....what a girl, so out of control when her body begins to take over, and here, in a vacationland paradise, I'm so ready to let it happen.

I let one hand slide to my bare stomach, warm in the sun, as I pretended to continue reading my magazine. Fingernails just caressing myself, a little lower, far below my tanned navel, to the top of the triangle of fabric that barely covered me. The side strings crossed my flanks to connect with the thong string in back, and almost gave the impression of nakedness when viewed from the side. I let the leg nearest him move off my lounger chair, and open slightly, lifting the other knee up, and absent mindedly scratching the inner part of my thigh there. I noticed him adjusting his posture, trying to hide the growing bulge in his suit, and the thought that just looking at me was making him hard only added to my excitement.

"Ahem...." I heard a soft voice from behind my shoulder...."You are showing a little, Aunt Sarah..."... and then a giggle.

Part of the reason for my vacation was a graduation present for my niece, Jennifer, who was just turning 18. Jennifer and I had been such good friends for as long as she could talk, and as she grew up, finding that her mother wasn't very comfortable talking about all the things a girl should learn and know, I became her confidant. She would visit often, and sometimes stay at my summer house on a lake for a week. Since my divorce some years ago, I've been fancy free to live my life as I please, and a good job has made it easy to be a little luxurious. Jennifer is a very free spirit, curious, smart, with an athletic body that has developed nicely. Her hair is a little darker than mine, also straight and swingy, past her shoulders. Her sparkly blue eyes dance when she is feeling frisky, which was right then as I turned to look at her. As she had developed breasts, we talked about bra styles and other girl lingerie things, and it became a sort of standing joke between us to say if we were "showing a little too much".

It began with comparisons, I suppose....she was so curious about her budding breasts at first, and how big they would get......would they be as big as mine someday?....And since sunbathing topless was a habit of mine, she wondered why her nipples weren't as dark as mine, or as thick and long. I told her that they would grow, of course, and they did. Now she is not quite as large as I am, a full B cup, maybe more, and quite proud of the way her tan/pink nipples stand out, not as thick as mine, but every bit as long.

We had good talks about some of her girlfriends. and how all girls are different, some so very small, some huge, and about how they change, and how they feel when they are touched, and what kinds of bras to wear when you want them to show a little, and when not. That was the thing, I guess. Like me, she isn't shy about her body at all, and enjoys letting it show in an easy, unassuming way.

That, and her natural way of full body hugs, no holding back the front to front body contact whenever she hugged anyone, it seemed. I had to remind her that as she grew older, it would have a definite effect on boys, and maybe even on some other girls, to allow herself to show through, and to let her body be so open to contact. She smiled with awareness, and said that she has learned a little about that already, and that it doesn't bother her....in fact, it excites her a little to know that someone might be seeing, or feeling....innocently, of course. And so we reminded each other, sometimes in a teasing way, sometimes for social correctness, but always with a fun and accepting attitude.

Jennifer had asked lots of questions over time, questions that became more and more sexual, because she said her mother just wouldn't talk about some things.......we talked about her period, when it started, about masturbating, which her mother would NEVER talk with her about, and about some of her high school girlfriends who "experimented" with each other sometimes. I told her that I had done that as well, and that it isn't harmful as long as nobody is being forced or being used unfairly. Of course we talked about boys and being safe and all that, and she was so curious about things her friends mentioned, like how to give a boy a good "blow job". Jennifer seemed at first just so innocent and curious, and grateful to have someone she could come to openly. As time went on, and I somehow felt the daring creep into me, I let my language become more direct, deeper into the details. She would giggle with me sometimes as we talked, then I could see her thinking, letting the ideas simmer in her mind.

The sense of intimacy overwhelmed me sometimes, and I had to hide some darker thoughts. I never told her that I had been actively bisexual in high school and college, enjoying all the delights that girls can give to each other, as well as with boys. But somehow I think she knew, and had a way of letting me know that I was still "OK" in her eyes. When she told me that she had given her first blow job to her boyfriend, and actually enjoyed swallowing it, I knew that whatever boundaries we might have had were gone, and we could share our common sense of erotic delight.

So this was a special trip for us, a week at a seaside resort where nobody knows us, and secretly I wondered how it might unfold. As I glanced back at Jennifer, smiling at her warning, I noticed that her own bikini was much smaller than I had anticipated. Her long slim Bambi legs were strong from swimming, and I wondered if she still kept a little strip of pubic hair like mine. We had talked about that as well. Her hair was so sparse and light that she hardly needed to trim or shave it, but she told me that she liked "primping" and taking care of it.....that in fact, she pretended she was preparing it for playtime when she masturbated. It made my stomach churn intensely when she told me such intimate things, without hesitation or embarrassment. I loved it.

Her bikini was pale yellow, small, but not a thong. Still, just flaps in front and back, with bow ties on the sides that showed a wide space of bare flank and half of each cheek, exposed her hipbones, and slid down the V groove from each hip in front, just seeming to fold over her protruding mound and labia. Her tight young bottom wiggled when she walked, as if it had a mind of its own. Her ribs showed a little, and those magnificent breasts looked spectacular on her slight frame, even though they were a little smaller than mine, her body was smaller, and they stood out proudly, jutting firmly a little to the outside, like mine. Her top didn't quite cover their undersides. My eyes must have lingered a little long on her amazing body, and I laughed as I told her that I thought she was showing a little, too, but that perhaps here, this week, it was an OK thing to do.

She said "I hope so, Aunt Lesie, because back home we always have to be so goody goody all the time, don't we? Besides, if I pull it down all the way, my nipples start to show at the top, and that might be too much, for now?"

She's a girl after my own heart, and I whispered to myself, "Yes, Jenn....for now..."

Just then our admirer stood and walked towards us, his speedo suit conveniently hidded by a white towel that he held in his hands. "I'm going to the pool bar for a refreshment, and I'd love to bring you something...?"

I smiled and looked up at Jennifer. "Would you like something, Jen?" I winked.

Here on the island she would be of age to drink, and I knew that she had already experimented some with alcohol, very carefully, of course. I knew, because some of that"trying out" was with me, and I wanted her to know how much she could drink without losing control, and what kinds of things might make her sick, and all that, so she would be prepared if she got into a party situation. I turned and said to the gallant admirer, whose eyes flitted back and forth between my tits and Jennifer's, "Bring us each a Bloody Mary, would you....with a nice firm stalk of celery." I let my eyes drop to his waist as I spoke, and I heard a little giggle from Jen.

"That would be great," she added. "I've been looking forward to something tasty all morning." He nodded, and introduced himself as Tony, from Atlanta, here for a day or two until his girlfriend arrives to join him. We introduced ourselves, and he quickly departed for the drinks.

Jennifer leaned over and said, "He's older than you just a little, isn't he, Aunt Sarah? But he's very good looking, and I think he seems at ease with the way you let him see! You are pretty daring this morning. Do you think you might like to......see more of him, so to speak?"

I could hear the thrill in Jennifer's voice, and I reached up to put a hand on her hip, smiling at her awareness. "Of course I would, my lovely niece, and I can almost tell from the sound of your voice that you might like that too? He's a lot older than you are, my dear, but then....."

She cut me off. "Auntie, you know I'm not a virgin, and somehow all the things we've talked about seem to allow for lots of differences..... in age, and anything else, if the feelings are right. You aren't going to change that open minded way of yours now, are you?"

Tony arrived back with our drinks, and one for himself. I adjusted my bikini top a bit, brushing the cold wet glass against it as I moved my hands, wetting one nipple instantly, so that the material was basically transparent, and pretended not to notice as my areola puckered with little bumps around it. We talked, drank, and soon Tony indicated that he'd enjoy to take us to dinner, at a lovely indoor – outdoor spot he knew just a little ways from the resort. We looked at each other and smiled....he had invited both of us, and we heartily agreed.

As we were getting ready, Jennifer came to me and gave me a big hug. "Aunt Sarah, I just want to thank you for not being judgemental about me, and about the things I might do or say while we are here. I can tell that you are feeling really sexy, and I want you to know that so am I.....that I'm really really ready for new experiences, and you shouldn't worry about me. Just go with the flow, if you can...is that OK?"

My heart must have raced a bit, hearing her words, and feeling her body, so grown up, it seemed, all so suddenly, pressed against me, almost wiggling a little, her nose barely an inch from mine. "Jennifer, I don't want you to think badly of me for anything that happens while we enjoy this vacation. I know we've talked about so much of this, these feelings that live deep inside us, that have urges to burst out in ways that sometimes we ourselves don't expect. And I know that you have grown to be so wonderfully in tune with your own body, your own erotic feelings. So let's agree to enjoy all the opportunities that come, but to keep in touch with each other about them, and help each other in whatever ways we can."

"I'd LOVE to help you, Aunt Sarah, and I'd love to learn all I can from you as well, and maybe there are even things about each other that we have yet to learn. Her little pixie smile was full of the devil as she kissed my cheek, holding the back of my head still as she stood on tiptoe, letting her warm breath linger and her lips slide softly toward my ear. She blew in it lightly and giggled, then stepped quickly back and added, "Let's get dressed....something really daring for our first date!"

We walked into the evening arm in arm, our sandals clicking and our emotions high as could be with energy and anticipation. The restaurant flowed out onto a terrace where the half light was provided by torches along the sides. There was a roof, but no windows, and the décor was heavy into jungle, with green plants spaced to give each table a measure of privacy.

Sounds of the ocean rolled in the background, and the breeze made my barely there thin summer skirt waft lightly, parting the wrap-around fabric in a dangerous way, since there was nothing underneath. It came just to mid-thigh, and its sandy color with light floral prints in just the right places kept it from being totally sheer. My top was of the same fabric, backless, tied around my neck and styled to criss-cross my equally naked breasts and end well above my belly button. I've worked hard to keep that tummy trim and tight, and letting it show always makes me feel wicked, especially with this skirt, with its jaunty low-rise waistline at an angle to let one hipbone show above it.

Jennifer had opted for a lightweight black miniskirt with an off-center leather belt. It was slit up one thigh, all the way to the waist, so that it was apparent that she either had on thong panties, or none. She had grinned as she whispered to me earlier that she was going totally commando, and she hoped I would too. As she took each step the slit parted so show the creamy smooth skin of her lovely young flank, and the natural hollow spot that curved into her round muscular bottom. Her top was off-white and almost totally sheer, with front buttons that were undone to the middle of her breasts, and splayed open to allow a full view of their curvy swell, from top to bottom. It hung loosely straight down from the tips of her nipples and like mine, was short enough to leave lots of exposed skin, and a belly button with a sparkly jeweled piercing that nearly said "Take a look at this." She had a thin shawl thrown loosely over her shoulders so that she could opt to cover with one more layer, or let those amazingly tempting teen tits show right through. I had felt her shiver when I had adjusted it in our room earlier, letting the back of my fingers graze those rigid nipples a little, just for play.

"Careful, Aunt Sarah," she had said, "or those might just pop right out at the wrong time." My thought was that it was going to happen, and how could there be a wrong time!

Tony stood to greet us wearing black slacks and a light blue shirt, open several buttons deep as well. His eyes worked back and forth from legs to breasts to faces as he seated Jennifer on one side of the table and me on the other, his chair between us. I noticed Jennifer drinking in his athletic form. He must have been six feet and a little more, with a firm muscular frame and dark curly hair. He had little hair on his chest, however, and it looked smooth, toned and inviting on his solid body. His narrow waist and hard round bottom spoke of a man who took good care of himself, and a pleasant musk cologne scent was just right, not overdone.

We lifted our glasses of wine, already poured, and I hoped it wasn't too much of a new thing for Jennifer. She sipped and smiled with delight, and I felt the warmth of the alcohol settle into my stomach as well, thinking that we should be eating something to keep it under control. "Easy, Jennifer," I laughed. "This is a really nice wine that Tony has been so kind as to order for us, and you don't want it to go to your head too quickly!"

"Not too quickly, Aunt Sarah," she returned, "but it does make a girl feel so good to be treated like a queen, doesn't it! Especially by such a surprising new aqcuaintance." She clicked glasses with Tony, and let the side of her shawl nearest him drop away. His eyes flickered, trying to hold hers, then unashamedly dropped to take in the shadowy but clear outline form of her left breast, with its pink nipple so clearly formed against the thin fabric, pressing out as if asking to be caressed. I felt Jennifer's foot travel beneath the table, without her sandle, knocking against my ankle as if to say how much fun it is already, and for me to go ahead and loosen up.

Our waiter lingered forever, and we giggled when he left, his eyes not nearly capable of ignoring two pair of healthy tits so obviously on display. Another glass of wine and Tony dared to ask whether we were enjoying teasing the poor boy a little.

"Why, Tony," I mocked, "do you think we might be dressed too casually for this kind of place? It seems to me that there are others here who are also enjoying the warm night air of the tropics, and after all, a girl has to wear something that matches how she is feeling, right?" A slow smile came over his face as he soaked in the meaning, and as several others got up to dance, he asked Jennifer if she would like to.

I watched them move together on the small dance floor, mixed with maybe 5 or 6 other couples. She had both arms around his neck, leaning back to give him opportunity to see all the way down her widely spread top, a position which also left her hips pressed tightly to his. Then she stepped just a bit sideways, letting one of his legs slip in between hers, and I noticed her hips moving back and forth, then up and down against him as they moved. The slit in her skirt was pulled open, and as they turned I noticed his hand had dropped to cup her naked cheek, inside the slit, helping her grind her pussy against his leg, and feeling the warm smooth skin.

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