tagIncest/TabooWarming Up the Tropics Ch. 03

Warming Up the Tropics Ch. 03


Note: In the first two chapters, I introduced Sarah and her niece Jennifer, who are on vacation in a warm, open minded tropical place, where Jennifer is being treated to the resort time by her aunt as a "turning 18" gift. Meanwhile, Sarah is being treated to the opportunity to let her naughty inside spot show at will, and to the delightful gift of discovering just how much her lovely niece already is capable of. You may want to read those first, as this is a continuation, and though many of these thoughts have entered my mind as a transfer from my real life, *sigh* none of them have actually happened. Yet.


The cab in which Jennifer, barely 18, and her Aunt Sarah, 38, had mercilessly toyed with Tony, their pickup friend for the evening, came to a stop at the resort where they all were staying. As Jennifer and Tony slid out of the curbside door, Sarah leaned forward and patted the driver's bulging erection.

"Be sure to take care of that before you go to sleep," she winked. "And thanks for the slow ride around town."

"Call me, call me whenever you are want to go somewhere!" he answered. "The ride is always awaiting!"

No doubt his mind will be filled with visions of these two insatiable women for many nights to come.

Still dressed in their "on display" outfits from dinner, now a little rumpled from the sexy activity in the cab, the three marched into the resort lobby and paused, looking around. A new group of arrivals lingered, their luggage making a maze of the pathway across to the elevator. Jennifer tugged her blouse closed and buttoned the bottom button, then stopped, looking over at Sarah. She dropped her hands and also left the slit in her short black skirt where it had shifted, around to the inside of her left thigh, almost providing an inverted Vee framing her smooth glistening mound, but not quite, at least not while she was standing up. The open blouse did little to hide her pert "b" cup breasts, but she was deep into it now, and seemed to relish more and more her newfound freedoms and daring.

Sarah knew that her sheer floral patterned top did almost nothing to hide the shape and color of her own fuller tits, and it made her shiver in renewed energy to see eyes begin to settle on them as she wound her way through the group. Tony moved along with the two, trying to recover his energy, and feeling an amazing sense of erotic power return as their bodies rubbed against him at the elevator.

Sarah turned, looking back at the group milling about the lobby, and her eyes fell on a young woman with light chocolate skin and DD breasts that showed some deep cleavage in her low scoop necked tank top and tight white shorts. Brooke's long black hair cascaded about her shoulders, and her dark eyes sparkled as she looked around. Sarah smiled to herself and wandered over.

"Hello Brooke," she said in a low voice as she stepped into the young girl's private space, her own tits nearly grazing the full round ones in front of her. "I'm so pleased... that you have followed my directions....(lowers her eyes to Brooke's exposed flesh)....so completely."

Sarah rested her right hand on Brooke's hip, just above the low rise shorts, where her warm dark skin was exposed, and let her fingers slide up and down lightly. "Have you been a naughty girl recently?"

Brooke lowered her eyes and muttered, "Yes, Sarah....I'm always naughty, when you say."

Sarah lifted her left hand to Brooke's chin, raising it with her palm, sliding her thumb across Brooke's pouty mouth.

"Suck," Sarah whispered.

Brooke opened her mouth obediently, even as she felt her pulse quicken at Sarah's command, and even as she knew that others around would probably notice. She sucked gently on Sarah's thumb, rolling her tongue around it, feeling Sarah's fingers stroke her chin and throat as she did. She also felt her nipples respond, and a shot of fire grow in her belly. Back in the presence of her boss, Brooke felt herself already close to losing control, and she leaned into Sarah's hand as it stroked her bare skin.

"I like the way you dressed, my lovely young one," Sarah whispered to Brooke. "I'm sure you turned some heads along the way. I especially like the way your nipples show through, when you don't wear a bra...don't you?"

Brooke nodded, her eyes dropping to her own large breasts, and saw how extended her nipples had gotten.

You didn't even bring one with you, as I directed, did you, my dear?"

Brooke shook her head to affirm Sarah's statement, and felt another rush rise in her, anticipating what might be in store, how she might be made to put her tits on display.

"Sway," Sarah whispered.

Brooke moved from one foot to the other, twisting her shoulders a little, making her massive hanging breasts move back and forth, nipples scraping the fabric of her top. Sarah smiled and removed her thumb.... wiping a little of the saliva from her thumb onto Brooke's cheek, then stepped back to watch.

"Good girl....good, good girl," Sarah cooed as she backed further away, and turned to rejoin Tony and Jennifer in front of the elevator. "Sleep deep tonight, my pretty....you will need all the energy you can get."

The light flashed, and the door opened, letting out a group of young couples on their way to whatever party they had scheduled, and one by one their heads turned to take in the sight of two beautiful women so confidently showing themselves, even here. Jennifer rubbed her tits against Tony's bare arm, back and forth, clearly stimulating herself as the couples passed. She was losing control, she knew, but it felt so good... soooo damn good, to be seen in heat.

They stepped into the elevator, accompanied by several of the new arrivals, and Sarah punched the number for their floor. "You will come with us tonight, won't you, Tony?" she said with a low growl as she stepped into him, rubbing her body against his hip, and ignoring the strangers who were with them in such close space. Jennifer smiled to herself, watching her incredibly sexy aunt flaunt herself, even in front of the group. They felt a charge of anticipation as they exited a few moments later, and slipped down the open air walkway to their room. Once inside, Jennifer and Sarah walked to the far window and pulled back the curtain. It was a large double sliding glass door that led to a small balcony overlooking one end of the pool, 3 floors up. They felt high enough to be removed, but low enough to be visible, and they winked at the thought of leaving it open. Tony joined them and looked out into the warm tropical night. The pool was lit, and still open, with a few swimmers and some guests lingering around tables that were scattered at the end. Jennifer stepped out and felt Tony slide out beside her as Sarah disappeared into the bathroom.

As Sarah returned, she slipped out of the outfit she had been wearing, and kicked off her sandals, leaving her totally naked, and feeling so ready to take the next step. She found Jennifer and Tony standing on the balcony, locked in a deep kiss, with Tony's hands cupping her lovely young niece's firm taught bottom. She walked up behind Jennifer and reached around her waist, loosening the button that held her split skirt together, and peeling it off. Then she reached around again, undoing the one button on Jennifer's blouse, and peeling it from her shoulders. Jennifer moved her arms, one at a time, allowing her sexy aunt to finish the job, and stood naked on the balcony while they continued kissing. Sarah's warm body pressed into Jennifer from behind, and again reaching around,

Sarah dropped the remainder of her clothes on the floor beside the bed, and then tenderly slid Jennifer's blouse past her shoulders and off, bringing her beautiful firm young tits into view. Their long pinkish/tan nipples pointed outward and a little upward, with a brazen stiffness brought on by the surges of erotic feeling that had built up inside her, and by the fact of her aunt taking further charge of her naughty immersion into her sexual exploration. Their eyes met as Sara reached to her side, unzipping her tiny skirt and letting it fall to the floor, leaving her warm naked body nearly quivering with anticipation.

Sarah stepped closer, letting her own turgid nipples brush against her niece's fantastic body, her hands on Jennifer's smooth hips, her knee sliding between Jennifer's legs, and with a brush of her lips across Jennifer's, she whispered, "What would you like, for right now, Jen?"

Jennifer reached out to her side and found Tony's long hard naked cock, within reach where he stood beside the pair, watching and sensing their urgency. "For right now, I want more of this...." She let her hand slip along the steely shaft, circled its tip, then pulled him closer to her, rubbing its tip along her flank. "...and I want you to hold me."

Sarah let her lips move more firmly against her niece's moist mouth, tongue sliding over her lips, and murmured "Of course, sweet Jennifer, let me hold you while you enjoy it....all of it." She moved to the side of the king size bed, and pulled Jennifer onto it. She propped herself up with her back to the headboard,her legs spread open and knees up, so Jennifer could lie on her back, her head on Sarah's stomach, her eyes at half mast, feeling all the warmth and safety her aunt afforded.

Tony crawled onto the bed, and when he touched the inside of Jennifer's thigh, her legs opened willingly, exposing her glistening pussy lips to his hungry eyes. He grazed her beautiful bare lips with one finger, barely touching them, up one side, once around her hood, and then down the other side, curling it and teasing at the perenium below them. Jennifer sighed with the feeling, and opened wider, inviting him.

Sarah's hands caressed Jennifer's hair, her cheeks, her bare shoulders. She moved one finger across Jennifer's mouth, and it opened, sucking in the digit to roll it in her tongue, sucking on it lightly, as if a natural response to her high. Sarah's left hand slid down, cupping ner niece's left breast, squeezing just a little, feeling how smooth and firm it was, and then capturing her nipple between thumb and forefinger. Then she moved her other hand to Jennifer's right breast, doing the same thing with fingers now wet with Jennifer's saliva.

"You are so beautiful, my sweet...and so ready for him, aren't you!" Sarah's whispered words elicited a nod from Jennifer, face flushed, lost in the growing feelings inside her. "Tell him what you want, always tell him what feels the best."

"Oh, Aunt Sarah..." Jennifer's small voice answered, and she tilted to look up and back at the older woman holding her so securely, "....yes...yes, it all feels so good. Do that to my nipples, just like that...."

Sarah smiled as she watched her niece disappear further into her own passion, and felt her shudder as Tony, on his hands and knees, his balls hanging, swaying, his cock dripping a release of his own early fluid, slid one finger between Jennifer's pussy lips, parting them, coating his finger with her juicy offerings. Tony added a second finger, and pushed them deeper, curling them, gathering a full portion of her tangy sweet juice. Then he withdrew them, and reached his hand forward, recognizing the special bond that was growing between these two amazing family members, and offered them to Sarah. Sarah looked directly at him as she leaned in a little, opened her mouth and sucked the tips, licked between them, and cleaned Jennifer's juices from his fingers, bathing them in wetness from her own mouth.

Tony's cock throbbed at the feeling. He was surprised how sexy it was to have his fingers suckled by this brazen sexy woman while she held her naked niece, as if she was preparing her for him. He lowered his face to jennifer's stomach, licking around her belly button, then moving downward, into the hollow spot on either side of her mound, and across it, then down to the insides of her thighs, and upwards, to the outsides of her pussy lips, all around, while Jennifer squirmed, moving her hips, adjusting, trying to find his mouth.

Tony slipped his hands palm up under her firm young bottom, his head spinning with the thought of this barely 18 year old siren opening herself to him, wanting him. He could feel how taught and shapely her young ass cheeks were, almost small in his large hands, and his heart beat faster.

"Oh, yes, lick me....lick my pussy, lick it deep!" The words slid out of Jennifer's mouth like water pouring from a pitcher. For Tony, it was like holding a bowl of nectar as he lifted her hips a little, and let his mouth settle over her mound. His tongue moved in a circle, pushing her pussy open, licking left and right on the insides of her lips, then down to the heat of her channel, lapping, tasting, feeling the slippery flaps of her inner lips, and dipping as deep as it could into her hole. Then he moved it upwards, finding the top, and licking furiously at the bare tip of her clit. It seemed to jump out more as he massaged it with his slippery tongue tip. He let his thumbs move to the insides of her cheeks, and upwards to capture and open her labia further. When he moved back a bit, and blew on it, from bottom to clit, Jennifer squealed at the new sensation and whined for more.

Sarah chuckled at his ability. She had experienced the total attention to the oral massage Tony was giving only with other women, and she leaned down to kiss her young niece's forehead, further cupping her tits, pressing them inward and continuing to caress her long nipples. "We will have to try all those things, won't we, my dear," she whispered.

"Oh....oh yes yes yes Aunt Sarah, I want you to... I want to..." Then she looked down at Tony, "But right now I want you to fill me with that beautiful fat cock....Is it ready?"

Tony moved his body upward, keeping contact with the insides of Jennifer's thighs, scraping his chest and stomach along her mound until his shaft nestled in the groove of her pussy. He wiggled his hips teasingly, knowing she could feel the hard tube rubbing along her clit. She raised her hips in response and rolled them in a tight circle, increasing the contact.

"Suckle her."

Sarah's words were barely a whisper, just able to be heard above Jennifer's heavy breaths and tiny murmurs of pleasure. Tony hunched his back and lowered his head to the long hot nipples that Sarah pushed upward with both hands. One at a time, he captured those nipples in his lips, holding them tight, pulling at them with his mouth and lashing at them with his tongue. Jennifer reached up and held his head tightly to herself.

"Oh....oh my God what are you doing????... Harder...just a little harder.....Ohhhh I love that!!!"

Sarah smiled to herself, and knew that she would have some further lessons to teach her little minx of a niece, and vowed to make her feel things in ways she had never known.

"Please.....put it inside me....fill me all the way...." Jennifer moaned, spreading herself as wide as she could, and lifting her knees back, tipping her pelvis to invite him. Tony raised his hips and lowered them, feeling the large spearlike crown of his wide cock slip between her slippery pussy lips and rest there, then pushed a little harder, finding the opening she offered, and felt himself pop inside. Tony's cock had a distinctively large ridge that circled the head, and it filled Jennifer's young pussy side to side. She expanded to receive him, gripping him, using her hips to pull him further in, and then anchored her heels on his back, pulling, urging it deeper.

She moaned again as she felt his shaft slide deeper, expanding her, widening her wet tunnel, and filling it with his hot surging meat. Tony's head swam with pleasure as he felt the young woman's slippery pussy grip him, sensed her desire, her wanton need to be fucked while her aunt looked on, holding her, caressing her, helping her abandon herself to him. He felt the head of his cock reach the limit of her depth, and held himself there, his curly pubic hair resting against her wide spread mound. He paused, waited, heard her whimper, and he moved side to side a little, as if to pry her further open. Then he withdrew part way, and paused again, letting himself feel the inside of her to the fullest. He slid forward again, until he felt its broad head reach her core, and then pulled back, nearly all the way out.

Jennifer cried with a lustful hiss, and tried to pull her knees further back, opening herself wider yet. Sarah released Jennifer's beautiful firm tits and reached out, finding her niece's long shapely legs and held them back, held them wide apart, giving Tony a totally unrestricted target for his spear. He put his hands on each side of Jennifer's body, partly lifting his torso away, so that he could even look down and watch himself disappear into her lithe young frame. He saw her inner lips grip him and pull tightly as he withdrew. He heard her gasps as he plunged again, as deep as ever, setting up a rhythm with his pelvis, moving it down to meet her upward thrusts, barely moving anything but his driving hips, and he saw the coating of wetness foam out, coating him and running down the sides of her pussy into the hollow where her puckered rosebud collected it.

Jennifer's noises grew less coherent, ragged as she gave herself to be fucked. Sarah could see over her shoulder, and watched the massive cock seem to split her beautiful niece wide open. She caressed Jennifer's head and ears with her mouth, leaning in to sense her heat, and to encourage it with whispers.....

"Touch yourself, if you need it, Jenn,".....

"Feel his cock as it grows...make it grow bigger inside you," ......

"Try to milk it, pull it in as far as you can,".....

"Touch yourself now...do it... .before he cums,".....

Jennifer's eyes were more closed than open, as she felt herself deep in a zone of naughty erotic pleasure, being fucked so thoroughly by this older man, being held and caressed and encouraged by her beautiful aunt. She reached down and felt her mound... felt her spread lips, felt Tony's cock sliding out, then in, felt his heavy balls against her ass when he reached full depth. She gathered wetness from his shaft and used it to roll the tip of her clit, protruding and begging for attention. She ran one finger over it, then two, faster, then slower, matching Tony's rhythms.

"Fuckkk ittt......Fuckkk my pusssssy.....Fuckkkk my pusssssy baby......" Jennifer's wicked sex-filled words rolled out of her sweet mouth, so opposite from the innocent looking beautiful young face before him, and Sarah was incredulous at the transformation happening in front of her.

Tony was moving faster, plunging deep, but with a way that let her feel each stroke as well. His face contorted as he neared the limit, and he muttered, "Where...where do you want it?"

"Inside.... mmmmm....let it go uhhhgg...inside me....it's okkk....uhhhh...okkkkkk"

Sarah's own heartbeat raged inside her, and she could feel the juices dripping as she sat spreadlegged, holding her niece between her knees, holding her niece's legs back and out so she could be ravaged as totally as possible, and she knew that there was a bond being made, a line being crossed, and they would forever be together in ways she had only imagined. She heard Tony growl a deep gutteral cry, and knew that he was cumming.

Jennifer felt it.... felt his cock spasm and spurt, once, again, and again, splashing his hot jism into her. She felt it hit her cervix, and she felt more filled, more deeply thoroughly fucked than her limited experience had ever known. Her fingers flew against her clit, and she let out a long cry a she felt her own surge go over the top. She bucked her hips as much as she could, and felt him release again, 3, 4 hard spurts, and then shorter ones, diminishing, but hot and deep.

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