tagIncest/TabooWarming Up the Tropics Ch. 04

Warming Up the Tropics Ch. 04


Note: In Chapter 1 I introduced Sarah and her niece Jennifer, on vacation in a warm, open minded tropical place, where Jennifer is being treated to the resort time by her aunt as a "turning 18" gift, and where Sarah is being treated to the opportunity to let her naughty inside spot show at will, and to the delightful gift of discovering just how much her lovely niece already is capable of. You may want to read that first, as this is a continuation, and though many of these thoughts have entered my mind as a transfer from my real life, *sigh* none of them have actually happened. Yet.

This chapter takes a rather different turn, and it was suggested by a reader, whose reality fits the new character here. It does require me, if I think of myself as Sarah, to disclose a bit of personality that might be a stretch, in reality. Yet, as I wrote, I found myself wondering, and opening my mind once again.

Brooke was 21. She had been an intern in Sarah's firm for about 4 months, trying to do a good job, trying to impress people with her intelligence, and trying mightily to not let her incredible libido get in the way. She had a weakness for anything that remotely resembled a sexual advance, and particularly she had a weakness for people in positions of authority. Submissive? In a way, although not to the point of slavery or physical punishment or bondage....well, maybe a little bondage, but her juices would flow if someone's eyes lingered on her DD breasts, or if they smiled as they openly stared, up and down her body as it walked across an office.

Brooke was a closet slut, you might say, whose body took over her mind, and gave her messages all too often that she should open her legs and enjoy deeply the natural urges that lay just barely below the surface all the time. She wondered, sometimes, if it was the pierced nipples. Her nipples were wonderfully wired directly to her pussy, and when she had encountered the advances of a woman who was actually selling her a used car, of all things, Brooke had let her mind slide into a rapture of touch right there in the car in a corner of the sale lot. When the woman had suckled her and touched her into a wonderful orgasm, and then unbuttoned and demanded that Brooke return the delight, she commented on the woman's pierced nipples. Her intrigue turned to action when the woman took her to a place where she could make it happen, and held her tits out in the palms of her hands while two shiny silver rings were placed through her gorgeous full nipples. Ever since, they seemed to rub more delightfully on whatever she wore, and sometimes she just couldn't help reaching up and tugging the piercings a bit, sending more flashes of joy to her clit.

Brooke carried a change of panties in her purse every day, like most of us carry lipstick, blush, a brush and a mirror, because inevitably she would soak her way through one pair by midday. But she loved it.

She stood 5'5", with a deliciously curvy body, dark hair, light brown skin that showed an ethnic mix, full lips surrounding a sensuous mouth, and a captivating smile that hid wicked thoughts, even when in the middle of a work project, Oh, she had a wandering mind, but was sharp enough to get her work done nonetheless.

Now she walked back and forth in her room at the resort. She was there because Sarah had demanded it. Although there was some excitement in her stomach, and she couldn't get the feeling of Sarah's hand firmly cupping her chin out of her mind, she was going crazy wondering what was to follow, and who the people were with whom Sarah had disappeared into the elevator. She closed her eyes and felt again how willingly her mouth had opened when Sarah had simply said "suck", and let a thumb slide into Brooke's mouth, caressing her cheek, eyes locked in control. Absent mindedly her fingers had stolen to her nipples, using the bars to twist them a little, and lightning shot through her body.

She had gone to the pool as instructed earlier in the day, parading in a thong bikini that barely hid anything, feeling exposed, feeling on display. Her supervisor at the company, Sarah, had given it to her for that purpose, and Brooke had felt the anticipation of being seen as she stepped out into the sunlight. The thing was that Sarah had told her to wear sheer panties instead of the bikini bottoms....actual panties, not intended for swimwear, but colored and shaped sort of like a thong bikini bottom. Just the knowledge that she was in her underwear in public....And when she had looked at her hanging tits, watching them sway as she moved around the pool looking for a lounge chair, she noticed that the triangular strips basically covered her nipples and large areolas, letting the sides and bottoms of her tits show nicely. The rings that pierced her nipples were obvious through the thin fabric, and the thin nylon triangle that covered her full puffy wide pussy lips threatened to pull in between them if she moved just so, or sat with her legs very far open. The overwhelming sexual cravings that lay so close the surface were primed, and soon she felt the wetness slide down her channel and make a visible spot in the light violet fabric. She worried that she would be asked to leave or change her suit, but she also noticed that there were others wearing very revealing things, and came to realize that this resort had a very permissive atmosphere. That realization alone had put her on a heated edge, playing to her love of showing her body. But she also knew that she didn't dare refuse Sarah's commands, and she looked around for her boss, wondering when she would be approached again.

How did it come to pass that Sarah had this control, this mastery of Brooke's submissive side? One Friday evening, after work hours, Sarah had returned to the office to retrieve something she had left. As she passed through the reception area and neared her own office, she heard intense female moans and whimpers, and a strong male voice urging the female to "squeeze it.... let me feel you squeeze it with that sweet young pussy."

Sarah had slipped through her office door quietly, looking around the corner at a desk that sat in front of a large window, overlooking the city, and saw Brooke, her face lost in total sexual abandon, her legs splayed wide, and held up and back by her own hands as Jason Stevens, one of Sarah's colleagues, pumped his cock deeper and deeper into Brooke's willing pussy. He would give her four or five rapid pumps, eliciting grunts and panting breath from the hot vixen, and then he would withdraw until the head of his cock lay just a few inches inside, and instruct her to squeeze it.....milk it...pull it in. Brooke would whine a little, her hips rising, trying to capture more of the steel-like rod that filled her so. Then he would slide it slowly in until his pubic hair ground against her smooth bare labia, hold it there, and then pound it deep again with several strokes. His hands held her massive tits, pushing them together and lifting them so that her nipples were available to his thumbs.... he would flick the bars that pierced them, back and forth, which made Brooke cry for more of it.

Sarah was amazed to see how her darling little intern went at it with such a submissive tone, answering his every question with "yes... oh yes, please", and doing whatever little move he demanded. Sarah had slipped out her cell phone and captured several nice photos, stepping ever closer from slightly behind them as Jason began to cum. Brooke's full red lips glistened with saliva as she licked them. Her beautiful dark skin gleamed with beads of perspiration. Brooke's face was tight with the passion of feeling his hot load shoot deep inside her, again and again, and neither of them were aware of her presence. Sarah had enjoyed Jason's cock more than once, and she knew what Brooke was feeling. Still, she was amazed at how deeply Brooke was giving herself to it, how she held her own legs in her hands, wide and back, tipping herself up for the deepest penetration. Sarah smiled, slipping the cell phone back into her purse, and stealing quietly out the door, never giving herself away.

The next day, when Sarah had called Brooke in for her monthly review, she had asked a few questions, about Brooke's choice of dress, about the length of her skirts, about the buttons on her blouses being undone just a little too much. The truth was that everyone knew that Brooke was a bit of a flirt, and that she must have enjoyed letting herself show, but when she tried to defend herself to Sarah, Sarah simply flipped open her phone and asked how much she had enjoyed herself the day before. With these photos as evidence, and the threat that Brooke would never find a job there, or anywhere in the city unless she was totally compliant with Sarah's instructions, Brooke had over time become Sarah's submissive pet, and performed wonderfully whenever and wherever Sarah commanded.

It was common for Brooke to be summoned at the end of a workday, to give Sarah an accounting of her activities while masturbating in a chair facing the window, her huge tits on display, her legs spread wide and her feet up on the glass. At first Brooke had complained about the world being able to see, but it took only a casual reminder of the consequences, and she complied without argument. Sarah was so aroused by the lewd display, and many days Brooke would finish by kneeling in front of her dominant boss and licking her to orgasm as Sarah sat on the edge of her own desk. It soon became clear to Sarah that Brooke was quickly developing an uncontrollable response to being commanded.....that possibly the experiences turned her on as much as they did her beautiful boss, and when she had been told to show up at this tropical resort, with a given list of sexy things to wear, Brooke had nodded, a warm rush of blood flushing her face, and had gone home and masturbated several times, trying to imagine what she would be required to do in such a place.

From the balcony of her room above the pool, Sarah's eyes sparkled as she watched Brooke stroll around the pool. She watched heads turn and eyes follow Brooke's barely clad body as she walked, Sarah licked her lips at the sight of Brooke's full round buttocks so exposed, moving independently with each step, and she called to Jennifer to come and see. Jennifer slide alongside her lovely aunt, wrapping one arm around her waist, and the two stood there in open terrycloth robes that barely covered their naked ass cheeks, watching, and wondering aloud to each other if anyone just 3 stories below was noticing them. They watched as a young bellhop appeared at poolside, looking around. Sarah had sent him to fetch Brooke, and it didn't take long for him to spy her, approach her, and walk with her back to the entrance. Sarah had asked him to bring her to the elevator, and when she saw them enter the lobby, she tied her robe mostly closed and hurried to the elevator, entered it, and rode down with an older couple. Sarah felt particularly daring that morning, and smiled openly at the man, whose wife scowled at the sight of Sarah's barely covered body being shown so openly. The doors opened to the lobby, and the couple exited as Brooke entered. Join us, won't you, Sarah said to the bellhop, who looked nervously over his shoulder, and then slipped in as the door closed.

Sarah pushed the buttons to the 4th floor, and every one all the way to the 10th, which was the top. She said to Brooke, "You do look so elegant in your new swimwear, my dear. Did you enjoy your little display time around the pool? Now stand in the very center, one small step back from the door, no matter who or what we see." The bellhop stood to the side, casting a glance at Brooke, then at Sarah, mouith open at the sight, and her words, then blushing with his closeness.

"Do you like what you see today, Freddie?" she asked with a grin. He nodded, a bead of sweat jumping out on his youthful forehead. "If you are a good boy, you may get to see a lot more." She leaned against a far corner of the small enclosure to watch as it made its stop, doors opening to either an empty hallway, or to one with people waiting. Some stood waiting for a down elevator to arrive, gawking at the nearly naked Brooke as the doors opened. Others entered, brushing past her to get inside. Brooke stood obediently front and center, her nipples rigid with the knowledge that Sarah had purposely put her on view, but also with a quiver in her pussy that gave away her own surge of sexual energy. People dressed for the day crowded around her as they went to the top, and then down again, gathering more. All the way back to the lobby, with smirks and chuckles and even a comment or two about visiting the pool later, if this one was going to be there. Sarah managed to stay mostly out of the mix, but she, too, felt the excitement of being naked under her small robe in the presence of strangers.

When the elevator finally emptied at the lobby, and the doors closed again, Sarah pushed 3, for her own room. On the way up, she told Brooke to turn and face Freddie. "Go ahead, Freddie, you can touch her tits if you want, just for a moment."

Freddie's eyes grew wide, and the bulge in his uniform pants gave away what had been going through his mind all this time. Tentatively he reached out. Brooke stood obediently, her mouth dry, but her body losing control to the feeling of being commanded in this wickedly naughty way. As Freddie's hands closed around her firm globes, not even able to fully hold them, Brooke's breath came harder. "Not outside her suit, Freddie," exclaimed Sarah...."Here..." Stepping behind Brooke, Sarah reached around and easily slid the top of the ridiculously small bikini up and over Brooke's massive tits, exposing her dark brown nipples with the silver rings through them. Freddie again moved his hands over Brooke's tits, back and forth, feeling their weight, feeling the smoothness of her skin.

"She likes to have her nipples tugged a little, Freddie," Sarah said, her breath coming more quickly. "Go ahead, use the rings." Freddie gained confidence, and smiled, using his fingers to manipulate the piercings. Brooke whimpered as she felt the jolt go through her body, and as she felt Sarah's hands caressing her ass, exposed but for the thong that ran between her cheeks.

"Tell him how good it feels, my lovely pet," Sarah whispered into Brooke's ear. "Tell him you love it."

Brooke's words could barely be heard through her heavy breathing, but she managed to repeat as Sarah had directed, and the young bellhop swooned with desire as he felt this amazing full busted woman respond as directed. The door opened to let them out, and Sarah guided Brooke out into the hallway. She blew a kiss to Freddie. "Be on call for us, won't you? I really think she likes the way you touch her."

Freddie grinned widely, his cock hard and ready. In his newfound confidence he looked down, patted it and answered, "Of course, of course. We will be ready and waiting."

With her head spinning, her massive tits naked, swaying, and tingling with the naughty desire she felt by being so controlled by Sarah, Brooke walked down the hallway, almost hoping they would pass more people. Sarah opened the door and ushered Brooke inside. Jennifer sat on a stool in front of the mirror, brushing out her hair, wearing only the tiny white terrycloth robe that the resort rooms supplied. She rose and turned to see her aunt accompanying the young delicious looking intern. Jennifer's eyes took in Brooke's light chocolate colored skin, her long dark hair, her full woman hips and thighs, and were drawn directly to the amazing, tantalizing tits, which Brooke made no move to cover.

"Jennifer, this is Brooke. She is an intern in the ad marketing department where I work, and she has come to spend some time with us on this vacation. She has been a little naughty at work from time to time, and she feels so bad about it that she will do almost anything to keep in my good graces, isn't that true, Brooke darling?"

Brooke lowered her eyes and nodded her head. "Brooke is the kind of girl who I think Tony might like to see, don't you think? We had a little fun with the young bellhop just now, in the elevator, and I actually think that she enjoyed herself. See how her nipples are still aroused, and see the wet spot she has made in her bikini? Sit here, and show this pretty girl how moist you have gotten, Brooke."

Brooke felt another flush, not knowing who or why her boss was introducing her to now, but her insides again betrayed her, and boiled with the anticipation of being made to display herself to a stranger. She sat in the armchair indicated by Sarah, and slowly spread her legs. The light colored triangle covering her pussy was soaked through, and darkened with her leaking fluids.

"Wider," whispered Sarah, sitting on the bed beside Jennifer, watching. "Wider, my lovely slut."

Brooke lifted her legs to the side, letting them drape over the arms of the chair, and the tiny thong panties slid easily inside her puffy dark lips.

"Tug it," commanded Sarah, and Brooke reached down tentatively, pulling on the waistband, releasing it, pulling it again, making it disappear into her glistening groove. Her breath became more ragged, and her nipples seemed to swell again.

"Brooke, this is my niece Jennifer, and I want you to show her just how you enjoy to use the silver rings you carry on your nipples.....after you remove those darling panties. They seem to be in the way, don't they, my pet?"

"Don't they, my pet?" Sarah repeated louder when she got no response from the trembling intern.

"Yessss, ohhhh yessssss," Brooke gurgled, and shed both the top and bottom of her tiny suit, again splaying her legs out wide, over the arms of the chair, her fingers sliding to her nipples and using the rings to tug them out, twist them, and manipulate them until she moaned with pleasure. A little drool slid from her lips.

Jennifer sat mesmerized by the lewd display, marveling at this side of her aunt that she had not known, nor anticipated. "She's so turned on, just by your words, auntie," Jennifer whispered, leaning into the close warm body of her aunt. They sat on the bed, barely 5 feet from the trembling full bodied intern, Jennifer's head on Sarah's shoulder, Sarah's hand tracing circles on Jennifer's smooth thigh.

"Masturbate for us, Brooke....show us how you pleasure yourself when you think about the taste of my pussy."

Jennifer let out a low giggle, realizing that she was witnessing an amazing source of pleasure for her increasingly naughty aunt, and let her own mind slide into new erotic territory. She felt her own excitement beginning to rise, and looked back at Brooke, who seemed relaxed, into herself, eyes half closed, with one hand pushing up her left tit and the other hand sliding to her pussy, spreading it open, sliding two fingers deep inside, then using her own slick juices to caress her clit.

Sarah rose and went to a drawer beside the bed, pulling out a fat black vibrator. She turned it on and walked to Brooke, who turned her eyes to look at the source of the buzzzzz. Sarah turned it up to max strength and commanded Brooke to spread her pussy lips. Brooke rested her hands on the sides of her Vee, and with two fingers pulled her labia apart. The glistening insides came into view, and by the action Brooke's clit was pushed out a little further from its generous fleshy hood. Sarah ran the vibrator across Brooke's mons, back and forth, then around the side of her clit, the tip teasing Brooke's inner labia. Then she stood back and looked at her sexy intern while large drops from Brooke's wet pussy flowed out and ran downward, between her cheeks.

"If I remember right, my dear, you know another trick as well. Put one finger inside yourself, and show my lovely niece that you know how to squeeze it tight." Milk it.

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