tagMind ControlWarped Mind Pt. 03

Warped Mind Pt. 03


I sat naked at my kitchen table, contemplating what had just happened. My wife had yet to return from paying Becca and letting her out the front door. Becca, the hot blonde assistant my wife hired a few months ago, had eaten my semen from off my wife's body just a few minutes ago. She did it without any mind control at all, acting like she enjoyed it very much. Now why couldn't I have married a woman like that? Instead, I've resigned to using a specially programmed chip, which, when properly implanted latches onto the brain and spine chord effectively controlling her thoughts and actions. It would have been much easier and less expensive if I would have married a woman that enjoyed sex, eating semen, taking it in the ass and all the other things I could think of at the moment.

Becca seemed to be that kind of woman, or maybe she just didn't want to lose the money. But she did mention she has anal sex with Randy, her boyfriend. That leads me to believe she is the kind of woman that enjoys it. The ways she sucked my cock and ate my load didn't seem like it was just for money. What she said must be true. She likes to suck and eat tasty cum. Randy's a very lucky guy.

With all this rumination I half expected my penis to get hard again, but looking down it was soft and small, and actually sore. I hadn't used it or cum like this in quite some time, actually can't remember the last time it's been so long. My age was catching up to me. I doubted I would get hard even if I told my wife to suck it again.

I heard the door close, a minute later my naked wife reappeared in the kitchen.

"I paid her and told her to contact me as soon as she has an idea about what Randy will do," she said standing next to me.

She looked good, but still my dick didn't move. I think I had officially worn it out.

Let me know immediately when she calls. I want to hear the conversation as well. Now go upstairs, shower and prepare for the day.

She followed instructions perfectly. I kept the chip active while she was getting ready. I took the time to call into work, specifically to call Glen.

"Hello, Mr. Jenkins, I trust the chips are working optimally?"

"Yes, Glen, they appear to be working perfectly. Your team did an excellent job."

"As we were paid to do."

"Indeed. I don't think I'm going to make it in today. I thought I touch base and make sure everything is still good."

"You mean that I've kept my mouth shut."

"I trust you, Glen. You're a smart guy. I mainly called to see if there was anything else I needed to know."

"Nothing to report. We are conducting long term effects by keeping the chips active continuously and so far the animals are responding perfectly with no side effects. How's your wife progressing?" he asked with a slight regret.

"Very well. I know you don't approve of what I have done and my reasons but if you were in my shoes you might. Just think of this as the ultimate experiment before we reveal what you have accomplished."

"So you were going to release this technology to the world then?"

"In time yes, but there is no hurry."

"You're the boss, Mr. Jenkins."

"Very good then. Contact me if anything changes."

I hung up, got to my feet and walked up the stairs to my bedroom. The shower was still running so I let myself in the bathroom. I took the liberty of watching my sexy wife wash herself through the glass shower, wondering if this would spur my penis to life. She finished up and stepped out. My dick was still limp and remained that way even when I told her to fondle her breasts and finger her clitoris. I needed time or a pill it seemed to get hard again.

I let her get dressed, told her to wait by the phone and to come and get me if Becca called. I showered and dressed, only to find her by the phone fidgeting on a chair like a little girl that had to go to the bathroom. I realized that she had only one thought and that was my last order. I needed to be more specific. I told her to go about her daily life as normal but to let me know when Becca called. She immediately went to the bathroom as I shook my head.


Becca didn't call until late afternoon. Cindy rushed into the den holding the phone and mouthing the words Becca. I instructed her to put it on speaker so I could hear.

"I talked to Randy. It wasn't a big surprise, but he acted like a normal guy and is all for helping me with your husband. He's actually excited. He mentioned how hot you were for an older woman the first time he saw you."

"Excellent. I'll ask my husband when he wants to get together with you and Randy, and I'll be in touch," Cindy said.

"Okay, Mrs. Jenkins. Just let us know."

I was actually surprised. I didn't expect two young people in their twenties to so readily agree to sex with us, but then I got to thinking what the money offered would persuade them to do. I thought about having my wife schedule a meeting tonight but I didn't know if my penis could handle that, though it was showing signs of life just thinking about the foursome. I opted for tomorrow night, which would give me time to recover and acquire some potency pills before they came over.

Tell her you want to have them over for dinner tomorrow night. When you wake up tomorrow you'll just remember we have a dinner appointment with them and nothing about sex. If Becca mentions 'personal training' you will react normally, as if it were a real workout session she helped you with.

"On second thought, why don't you and Randy have dinner with us tomorrow? I'll let Trent know. I'm sure he won't complain," my wife said before Becca hung up.

"Tomorrow? Well okay, I'll talk to Randy and call you if it is a problem."

"Excellent, have a good evening, Becca," Cindy said, hanging up.

I knew it was risky, turning the chip off, but I needed a break. It wasn't a terrible pain to have it on but more like a pressure or a weight on the back of my neck. I wanted to let her go back to her life as well and to think for herself. I knew I'd just have to see how she reacted in the morning. But first I figured I'd give her a reason to be sleepy.

Come up to the bedroom with me. Once there remove your clothing, pick your favorite toys and begin to masturbate with them in the bed.

Following her up the stairs I already felt the blood slowly engorging my shaft. I was excited to see the toys she chose and what she would do with them while I watched. I took a seat next to our bed in a plush chair, watching her begin to remove her clothing. She dropped all of it on the ground. Once naked she pulled the bag of toys out from our dresser and began searching for her favorites.

My dick was almost fully erect by the time she pulled out a clitoral stimulator and a large rubber dildo with ribs down the shaft and a big handle to hold onto. It's supposed to be used for anal sex but she likes it in her pussy as well. Once she found the toys she wanted she climbed on the bed, lay on her back and turned the clit vibrator on. As the vibrating toy came in contact with her warm flesh she moaned, pressing it harder so the hum struggled under the pressure.

I fished my fully hard cock out of my fly, running my hand up and down the smooth surface lightly. Her moans continued, as I told her mind to enjoy the sensations the vibrations caused. Using the large toy she rubbed it up and down her flushing lips but didn't insert the tip yet. Her nipples hardened from the clit play rather quickly. She was working the small vibrator into her folds and under her clitoris, running the end over the top and then repeating the process. I soon saw her lips glistening with her secretions and the head of the long toy soon was wet as well. Her lips opened up around the head as she inserted the tip gently into her body.

With only about an inch in she continued to vibrate her clitoris and moan. Slowly inch by inch she pushed the long dildo in. I watched, without blinking, each ridge of the toy disappear into her wet tunnel until she had it buried up to the handle. The toy was longer than me but not as wide, and she was taking it all. She held it deep, pressing harder on her clitoris until her legs began to shake and her chest rose and fell rapidly. Damn I wished she would do this without me controlling her mind. It was so fucking sexy to watch.

Pulling the toy free in one smooth motion she pressed it all back in, trembling with pleasure. I quickly removed my clothes, climbing on the bed to get a closer look. Her pussy was extremely wet, coating the rubber ribs of the toy with thick secretions. She sped up thrusting the dildo in and out, keeping the vibrator steady on her clitoris. Her lips were fully engorged and open allowing me to watch the ribs bump up against the sides of her inner tunnel as she thrust it in and out.

She was producing a plentiful amount of lubrication, which collected on the toy until it was enough to rub off onto her outer folds. More and more secretion deposited until it ran down her ass, pooling around her puckered rosebud. My cock was raging by then, oozing its own supply of lubrication. I was planning on just watching her and saving myself for tomorrow but the visual was just too alluring and I had to have her ass again.

Lift your legs and keep the toy deep. When I put my dick in your ass you'll absolutely love it.

Kneeling in front of her I wiped my pre-cum around the head of my cock, slowly pressing my ridged member into her tight ass. It was much tighter with the large dildo stuffed into her pussy. As I entered her I felt each individual rib of the toy as my head bumped the toy through the thin membrane between her ass and pussy. The sensation was mind blowing, making my cock enlarge suddenly with added blood flow. Just this one experience made the money and my lack of ethics worth it. This coupled with what I'd already done solidified my thinking of never removing the chip.

She reacted as instructed as my member vibrated down the shaft of the toy into her pussy. She screamed out in pleasure, tightened up and squeezed my dick in her ass, only increasing my gratification. I stayed buried deep, telling her to move the dildo out and in so I could feel the ribs bounce along my shaft. It was so freaking hot and tight. I could also feel the powerful vibrations from the clit stimulator she hadn't taken of her nub.

Enjoying the ribbed sensations on my cock I let her fuck herself for a good while, not even moving myself. The toy running over my cock and the heat and tightness of her ass kept me plenty stimulated and hard. The reaction it was causing in her body was a visual treat as well. She was fully aroused from her face being flushed to her nipples taunt, down to her large plump clitoris. It was almost purple from the blood and vibrations she held steady on it.

I watched with awe as she pulled and pushed the large long toy out and into her wet pussy, adding additional white foamy lube to the top of my buried shaft. Taking her legs in my hands I finally pulled back out, almost passing out from the pure pleasure of her tight hot ass. I began timing my thrust in when she was pulling the long toy out. It sped up the vibrations from the ribs on my cock, sending deep pleasure into my shaft and balls. I was amazed at how good it felt, as well as surprised how quickly I was on the verge of cumming. I thought I'd last a long time since I'd had so much action the past two days but this new excitement and sensation had my balls tight and the pleasure peaking within minutes of me moving in and out.

I pulled out before I lost it, squeezed my head and pulled my sack away from my cock as best I could. It was so tight it was virtually impossible. Her ass was slightly open, covered in thick cream from her pussy. My cock easily went back in, putting me almost back to where I was when I pulled out. It was just too good again. I wondered if it was possible to get accustomed to this kind of pleasure. I wanted it to last longer but every time I started to move inside of her I had to stop before I blew my load. She hadn't slowed down on the dildo, fucking herself silly with it, which didn't make my staying power any better.

I finally just gave up, clenched my muscles and pounded away until the explosion was inevitable. Pulling out of her I moved to the left side and sprayed her breasts with another impressive amount of clear gray cum. My ejaculatory muscles were sore; I could feel the strain as my contractions took over forcing my semen all over my wife's chest and tits. I hoped I recovered by tomorrow night, it wasn't exactly painful but I bet I'm sore in the morning.

In my excitement and own orgasm I forgot to allow her to cum as well. She was still thrusting the toy in deep and vibrating her large nub. Her cum covered chest heaved up and down for air as her body was on the pinnacle of pleasure.

When I say anal sex out loud you'll climax in another memorable rush of waves.

I held the words back, watching her working extraordinarily hard for a release until I finally said the phrase. Not only did her body seize up and convulse but she let go of the toy and pushed it out of her pussy with velocity, spraying the bed with her secretions. She continued to wiggle and spasm under the force of her climax. Sexiest damn thing I've seen out of her ever. You can judge me all you want but that chip was worth every penny. I sat next to her with a huge smile on my face, watching her convulse for a good two or three minutes before coming down from her orgasm. She rolled around so much most of my semen was on the sheets as were her fluids.

I made her change and wash them before we went to bed. Next time I'll have to put a towel under her. Once she was asleep I instructed her to remember only what I told her. That she had a personal training session with Becca an then the rest of the day was just a normal day. I also programmed her to remember the dinner party with Becca and Randy so she would plan accordingly. After telling her what I wanted her to remember I turned off the chip, making sure she didn't wake up before I fell asleep.


I woke up the next morning with Cindy hitting me with a pillow.

"Oh good one, Trent. You really do have a one track mind. We had sex just the day before yesterday and you want more already? It's not my fault you didn't cum; if you'd stop playing with yourself maybe you'd be able to!"

"What? What are you talking about?" I asked not knowing why she thought I wanted sex.

"Oh right? As if you didn't know. The toys! You put our sex toys on my dresser for me to find. Gee, talk about a hint. Judas Trent you're shameless."

I looked up at the dresser, seeing the bag of toys I forgot to put away from last night. Shit, that wasn't good. It did appear that her memory of yesterday was what I wanted it to be but I just complicated things by forgetting to put the toys away. I had no choice but to admit to what she thought.

"Umm, what can I say? I thought maybe seeing them you'd be interested."

"You thought wrong. Your idea of romance just confirms what a pig you are."

Oh wonderful, it wasn't even seven in the morning and she was already on me. Keeping that chip activated constantly was making a lot more sense now.

"Damn, I'm sorry, I'll put them away. Forget you even saw them!" I said, quickly getting out of bed to put them away.

She was glaring at me, about to say something more when I walked into the bathroom to pee. I was really hoping Glen got back with me saying the long term effects were harmless because I really wanted to turn that chip back on in my wife's pretty little head.

"I'm thinking about calling Becca and canceling tonight's dinner. I don't think I can trust you around her. You'll probably be drooling all night," she said from outside the door.

I knew it was partially my fault for forgetting the toys, for her to be acting like this. I resisted yelling at her and turning the chip on. Opening the door I smiled at her. Kissed her cheek and said, "I'll be on my best behavior tonight, promise. To make up for my pigness I'll make you breakfast. What sounds good?"

This caught her a little by surprise, stepping back and folding her arms. I kept smiling, waiting for her response.

"Oh really? Best behavior? We'll see."

"Cross my heart. Now really, what do you want for breakfast?"

"What's with you? You're acting strange."

"Nothing, just making up so we aren't fighting when our guests come over tonight."

"I still can't believe you thought getting the toys out would turn me on. You're really clueless sometime. We should just get rid of them, it's not like we use them anymore anyway."

"You never know," I said with a grin.

"Pig," she snapped back.

"Bacon it is. I'll fry up some eggs to go with it," I grinned bigger.

She tried to hit me in the arm as I walked by her but I dodged it, laughing. She chuckled a little at my joke as I headed downstairs to make breakfast. I knew I held all the power with that chip in her head. I knew what was going to happen this evening and what 'my best behavior' was going to be. It consisted of me and Randy fucking the hell out of my wife in both holes. Knowing that, I could take her shit for a few hours.


After breakfast I left for a few hours to run to work and get a small supply of potency pills for tonight. I didn't want to be the loser that cums once and then can't get hard again, especially with Randy around. I remember being his age, how easy it was to cum and harden in five to ten minutes again at least three times in one night. I didn't want to sit around a watch him fuck the girls while I had limp dick.

I left Cindy to her own devices, feeling pretty confident she didn't remember anything that had gone one the last two days. When I returned in the afternoon she was out by our pool, sipping a drink and reading a book. Everything seemed normal until I went outside and got a better look. From a distance I couldn't tell she had her bikini top off, because of the book she was holding. But now, walking toward her it was obvious. She never lays out by the pool topless.

"Hello, husband. Did you get all your errands done?" she asked, lowering the book to reveal her perfect breasts.

"Umm, yeah sure did."

I knew if I commented she would throw it back in my face so I chose to ignore the naked breasts staring at me. It occurred to me that even if she didn't remember exactly what happened to her some residual effect was present. Some random thought or feeling had sparked her to take her top off and it wasn't normal one bit.

"Good. I've ordered out for dinner tonight. Didn't feel like cooking much. Becca and Randy should be here around 6ish so we have a few hours to do what we want," she said moving the book back over her breasts to read again.

"Great. Good book?" I asked.

Her eyes left the paper and rose to mine, "Yeah, I'm really into it."

"Oh, so that's what you're going to do for the few hours until they get here?"

"Well yeah, why?"

"No reason, enjoy yourself," I said turning to leave.

She made no response, reading again before I was inside. So not much has changed, really, I've been replaced by books for years now. Back in the house I stashed my new pills in my den. Sitting behind my computer I wiggled the mouse, typed in my favorite porn site and sat back to watch the hot blond get pounded by two meaty cocks. If everything went as planned I was going to be doing that to Cindy in a few short hours.


The doorbell ringing caught me off guard. I had lost track of time watching more and more double penetration videos. It was already 5:45 and the door had to be the food my wife had ordered. I cleared the computers memory and files, and logged off before finding Cindy. She was already dressed and looking splendid for our guests. She got one look at me and shook her head.

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