tagMind ControlWarped Mind Pt. 04

Warped Mind Pt. 04


The phone ringing woke me up. Cindy was snuggled up to me, with her head on my chest and arms draped around me. I was surprised to see my cock hard, maybe it was the residual of the pill I took last night or maybe I just needed to use the bathroom. Sliding out from under Cindy I grabbed the phone, standing naked in the sitting room with a hardon.

"What is it?"

It was Glen calling. I assumed it was very early in the morning because I felt exhausted, but looking around for a clock I discovered it was late in the morning.

"Sorry to bother you, sir, but we may have a complication," Glen answered.

"May have? What do you mean?"

"It's the chip's power source, the batteries that were supposed to last years... well.... It appears prolonged use, with the chip active constantly, drains them much quicker than we first thought. Another issue is the more intelligent the mind the higher the power loss. Even though you've only had the chips a few days, your wife's chip or yours could cease functioning without warning."

"That's a big complication, Glen. What do we do to fix it?"

"We are working on it. Just to let you know it's not our fault, we purchased the batteries from a separate entity. Their guarantee, they would last, was inaccurate at best. We are contacting them on the problem. But as of right now the only thing we can do is remove the chip, change the power source and re-implant it. They are supposedly sending us replacements that will last."

"Okay, fine, come by the house and replace our batteries."

"It's not that simple. Implanting them can be done off site but removal has to be done here at the lab. You do remember reading that, right?"

"Yes, yes, I do. Okay, Cindy and I will come tonight, after everyone else is gone and you can do the procedure."

"Very good, sir. In the mean time I suggest only using the chips if you have too. You don't want the power running out during something you can't explain away, if you know what I mean?"

"Yes, I do. Just be ready for us tonight, I'll worry about Cindy."

With that I hung up and looked down at my naked wife. Her chip had been active for a long time now. I should have turned it off when she fell asleep but I didn't know this power thing was a problem until now. I had to act fast. She needed to shower, wash off all the cum on her body and get into her nightgown and in our bed before I could turn the chip off. I wondered if the chip had that much power left. With no other options I woke her up, happy to see the chip was still working.

Quickly, I want you to shower, dry your hair, dress for bed and fall asleep in our room.

The instructions were clear but she didn't jump immediately to obey them. It took a few seconds, during which she had an odd expression on her face. I knew I didn't have much time at all. I needed to implant in her head a normal dinner with Becca and Randy instead of what really happened. I needed to inform her that Becca was taking the day off, and also that she needed to come to the office with me this evening incase the battery went dead. All of this before the chip completely died. I was worried I wouldn't have enough time.

I followed her up to our room, making sure she was following orders. She paused every few feet, almost like she couldn't remember what she was supposed to do. It was only a matter of time before the chip turned off. I didn't have time to have her shower, dry and get into bed so I improvised and convinced her she was in the shower the next morning after the dinner with Becca who was taking the day off. The chip went dead just as the last command left my head.

I got dressed quickly, hurrying down stairs where I would normally be at this time in the morning. As I was walking down the stairs I remembered I forgot to tell her we needed to go to my work tonight. Shit! How was I going to convince her now?

About a half hour later she came downstairs and found me in my den. I was trying to think of a way to get her to my office tonight without sounding suspicious. So far nothing came to mind.

"Hey, Trent, do you remember what Becca said last night at dinner. Why she needed today off? I can't for the life of me remember."

"Umm, I think she just needed to get some things done on her own."

"Well, she can do that on her normal days off. I need her today. I'm going to call her."

"No!" I said, jumping up from my seat.

"What? What's with you?" she asked.

I had to think fast. I couldn't have her calling Becca without her chip active. The crazy things we did last night would surface and ruin everything.

"Okay listen, you can't call her because... You see, she's planning something special for you... that I asked her to do. She just told you she needs the day off so she could get it all done. She's actually working, but for me."

"But she's my assistant. Why would you need her to work for you?"

"Umm... because she knows you well, what you like and don't like so I thought I would use her to make everything perfect. Now if you keep asking questions or call her you'll ruin the surprise."

"The surprise? Really, you're planning a surprise for me? You expect me to believe this?"


"Are you fucking her, Trent? Are you having an affair with my personal assistant?"

"What! No way, she's like half my age. Why would you think that?"

"Why? I know you... you're like a sex crazed teenager but with lots of money. This story doesn't jive. It sounds like a front for a get together."

"I assure you it's not. If you don't believe me you can accompany me everywhere I go today. Even to my office."

"I might just do that," she said turning around to leave.

Damn those fucking batteries! Now I had to come up with a surprise party for her or did I? If I could get the batteries changed I could just make her think she had a surprise party. And if she follows me around today that could get her to my office this evening. This just might work out after all.


She left me pretty much alone all afternoon, occasionally checking that I was still in the house and not off fucking Becca. About six P.M. I found her, snacking on grapes in the kitchen.

"Hey, I'm going into the office now, did you want to come along to make sure I do just that," I said a bit spitefully to make her want to go even more.

"I certainly do. For some reason I don't feel like I can trust you right now. It's just the way you've been acting lately."

"Great, you can't trust me. Well, fine then let's go, you'll see the truth soon enough."

We drove in silence to the office. I checked my emails while she sat in my office watching me. I emailed Glen, telling him we were here and that she would need to be drugged again somehow because the chip was completely out of power. He responded by telling me to just get her to the lab and he'd take care of the rest.

"Looks like I'm needed in one of my labs. You coming or are you going to stay here?" I asked her.

"I'll go with you, it's better than just sitting around here."

As soon as we entered the lab I saw Glen across the large room. He waved me over and Cindy followed. Suddenly I heard a muffled scream, and struggling behind me. Turning around one of my lab assistants had my wife's arms behind her back, with a white cloth over her face. She soon succumbed to the drug, falling limp in his arms. He swept her up, carrying her toward a gurney where he laid her down. He was a large kid, not the average lab geek at all.

"What's going on, Glen? I though I told you not to tell anyone else."

"I can't do this alone. Extraction is much trickier than implanting the chips."

Two more male assistants soon appeared, turning on equipment and hooking my wife up to an IV drip to keep her out.

"So you all know? What do they want to keep quiet?" I asked suspiciously.

"Well since you brought it up, I guess we can discuss that."

The group of men assembled before me. I looked them up and down, reading their names on their ID badges. The one that knocked out Cindy was named Scott; the two other guys were Paul and Todd. They were young, bright looking and probably the top three guys on this project besides Glen. They knew what was possible with the chips better than anyone.

"Let me guess, you all want more money?" I said.

"Not just money. Glen told us why you implanted your wife. What she's like and the reason you started this project in the first place. Well, we want a piece of her. Everyone knows what a babe she is and I think since we made this all possible you owe us at least that," Scott said while the others nodded.

"Excuse me? Did I just hear you right? You all want to fuck my wife to keep quiet."

"That's exactly what we want. It's why the chip was created in the first place. Might as well get our time back by fucking your hot bitch wife," Paul laughed.

I looked at Glen; he stared back at me with a very stern look. I knew they were serious; they wanted to gang bang my wife here in the lab, tonight. I knew it was morally reprehensible, but I had already stepped over the line with Randy. But four of them? I assumed Glen was all for it as well. Five if I joined in. Five of us fucking my wife? It would be just like a gang bang porno session.

My mind was spinning. What was I going to say? Did I have a choice? They could blow the lid off this project; ruin me if I didn't let them have my wife. It's not like she wouldn't enjoy it. With a new battery she could be told to take care of us all quite easily. It was a simple decision when it came down to it. And I couldn't help but think my wife kind of deserved it.

"Fine, let's change out the batteries in her and me and then we can get right down to what you guys really want.


I watched the four guys work. It was indeed in-depth, and took all of them working quickly to manage everything. They worked on Cindy first; placing a type of ultrasound device over her head they were able to find the chip. What I saw on the monitor was amazing. Thousands of tiny filaments extended out of the chip and connected to parts of her spine and brain. They told me that each filament had to be retracted before the chip could be removed. It took over an hour for them to successfully retract the sensors. Once they were back inside the tiny chip they made a small incision and removed it.

The replacement power source was microscopic, not resembling any battery I had ever seen.

"This is the new and improved version they brought over this afternoon. This should last much longer," Glen said, his head down looking through a microscope to replace the battery.

Once the new power source was in place they shot it back into my wife. I watched the tentacles extend out and attach themselves again. It was my turn.

"Do you want us to put you out for this? It could be a little unpleasant," Glen said.

"No, I'll be fine."

I laid on my own gurney and they went to work, disconnecting the chip in my head. It didn't really hurt but was very irritating, making me want to move or scratch at my skull. They informed me that I couldn't move or they would have to knock me out. Finally the chip was out and the power source was replaced. Mine was completely dead as well. They shot the chip back in just as Cindy was coming out of her drug induced slumber. I activated the chip before she was fully aware.

Say hello to the guys. Glen, Scott, Paul and Todd, honey. They are going to fuck the hell out of you very soon. I said into her head.

A big smile came on her face as she sat up, "Hello boys, I hear you want to fuck me. Well what are you waiting for?" Cindy asked.

"Chip seems to be working perfectly, gentleman. She's all yours," I said standing up.

The four of them looked at each other, and back at Cindy. I didn't know if they were actually going to go through with it. I mean they were mostly geeks after all. They hesitated big time, even when Cindy started unbuttoning her blouse. Their eyes got huge as she tossed her shirt onto the floor. Her enormous bra covered tits had their attention fully, like deer in headlights.

Remove your bra and play with your tits for them.

I didn't think their eyes could get wider but when the bra fell to the floor and she proceeded to twist her nipples with her fingers, pull her breast up to her mouth and lick them, the guys about passed out. It was almost like they had never seen a naked woman before.

"Well... come on guys, she can't fuck you with your clothes on," I said taking my shirt off and dropping my pants.

My cock was slowly rising as I walked toward the gurney my wife was sitting on.

Drop to your knees and start sucking my cock.

As soon as I approached she fell to the ground, devouring my growing member. Sweet bliss surrounded my shaft as she took me deep, easily taking my semi hard dick into her mouth. It grew much quicker after that and was hard within a few seconds from her expert sucking skills. I looked around at the four other guys. They were locked onto my cock being sucked energetically by Cindy.

Scott made the first move; he was the least geeky among them. I could tell they all had hardons, watching my wife strip and now suck my cock. Scott came forward, trying to fish his cock out of his pants. Once he got it out I was impressed to see a very healthy eight inch monster. It matched his bigger body, standing fully erect and already oozing.

Suck his cock, take him as deep as you can and stroke the rest.

When he was within reach Cindy took me out of her mouth and grabbed Scott's cock, pulling him toward her. He moaned loudly as Cindy sucked the head, taking his large member deeper in her mouth. She only got about five inches in before stopping. This gave her plenty to hold onto and stroke. Scott was freaking out. Swearing and moaning like he had never had a blowjob before. From the look on his face I expected him to blow his load any second. I think he would have except Glen interrupted and shoved his much smaller penis into Cindy's face. Taking Scott out of her mouth, she went after the new member with her mouth, but kept stroking Scott's mammoth cock. Reaching out for me, she grabbed my shaft with her free hand. She was sucking Glen while stroking Scott and me. It was crazy shit.

"Hey guys, don't just stand there and watch, grab the pads off the gurneys and make us a place to do this. Cindy's knees have got to be hurting by now."

Paul and Todd acted quickly, setting up a place on the tile floor for us to continue. Once it was ready. Cindy stood up under my orders, removed the rest of her clothing and lay down on the pads. We all took the break to remove our own clothing. Inhibitions were gone, lust had taken over and all five of us got naked. Paul and Todd were both skinny and looked like they hadn't worked out in their lives. Their cocks were about the same size. They seemed out of proportion, being longer than wide. I think both of them were longer than me but I had them beat on girth easily.

Glen was older than the others, with a pot gut and average penis. Scott had a nice body, especially for a geek. He had to exercise to have the chest and abs he was sporting. Naked, his large member was even more impressive. I was curious to see what he could do to Cindy with it. Paul and Todd were the last to remove their clothing but with the rest of us nude the finally joined in.

As soon as they were naked, Cindy proceeded to suck both of them, taking turns with each cock. They reacted very similar to Scott and I really believed this was the first time they had had their cocks sucked. It had to be because Todd started shaking and creamed my wife's face and body seconds after she started sucking his dick. His cock burst forth, shooting a large amount of jizz into her mouth and onto her face. His cum dripped down onto her neck and the gurney pads while she stroked him to completion.

"Wow, I guess you are a little excited," Cindy said, wiping the cum out of her eye.

I handed her a cloth and she cleaned herself up. She smiled up at Todd and said, "Don't worry about it, just take a break and return when you're hard again."

Todd backed out, embarrassed. He was quickly replaced by Glen. Cindy proceeded to suck Paul and Glen while on her back. I motioned for Scott to take advantage of her spread legs. He got the hint really quick, kneeling down beneath her. I though he was just going to shove it right in without thinking of anything else but himself. I had Cindy stop him before he shoved his cock in her pussy.

She took her mouth off of Paul and said, "Now I know your mother taught you better than that. Don't just shove it in; you need to eat me first."

Surprised, Scott hesitated with his dick in his hand before finally lying down and sticking his face in my wife's crotch. I moved around to my wife's face to get my turn in. The three of us surrounded her, waiting our turn to be sucked and fondled while Scott ate her pussy and Todd sat on a stool, playing with his soft member until he could join again. I enjoyed the visual treat, watching my wife suck the myriad of cocks in the room while enjoying her pussy being eaten. Then it was my turn. Cindy grabbed my member and swallowed it, using her tongue on the head and sucking it deep. It felt amazing and the excitement of gang banging her had me very hard.

They boys were really getting into it now. When she wasn't sucking them they played with her perfect breasts, sucking and groping them while stroking their cocks. Scott had her moaning and rocking around with his talented tongue. I let her cum before he stopped, wiped his face and prepared again to enter her.

"Do it, Scott, shove that huge cock in my wife's pussy," I said rooting him on.

He didn't hesitate, grabbing the base, bending it horizontal and sliding it in easily. Cindy had a mouthful of cock but still managed to scream in pleasure as Scott's broad and long rod spread her wide. He threw back his head and grunted an animalistic roar before pulling out and thrusting back in. Cindy's breasts began to roll in a circle as he thrust in and out, grunting like a crazed ape. I think he had thought about fucking Cindy for a while now because he had a look of satisfaction on his face that was uncharacteristic to just having sex.

Watching Scott pound my wife while she sucked the three of us got Todd hard in a hurry. He was back kneeling next to us with his dick in his hand soon after Scott started fucking Cindy. She noticed immediately with a big smile on her face.

"That a boy, back so soon. I'm impressed. Now let's see if you can last a bit longer this time," she said sucking down his newly hard member.

Glen stood up, wanting a shot at her pussy. He tapped Scott on the shoulder, wanting him to move so he could give it to Cindy. Scott finally pulled out, after pounding a few more times and moved out of the way for Glen. Scott walked up to her head for his turn to be sucked and Glen pushed Cindy's legs up and out, sliding his smaller cock into her worn in pussy. I let him fuck her for a few minutes before suggesting something.

"You know guys; she does have two holes to fill down there."

"That's right. One of you need to fuck my ass while the other fucks my pussy," Cindy voiced enthusiastically.

"Here, babe, climb on to my cock and then Glen can fuck your ass," I said lying down on the pads.

Cindy jumped up, straddled me, and eased my cock into her wet hot pussy. Once she was down on me, Glen came forward with his hard dick in his hand. The look on his face was priceless. I was confident this was his first time shoving his cock in a woman's ass.

"Just start slow, Glen, she'll adjust quickly and then you can fuck her hard," I said to him, looking over Cindy's shoulders.

The look of pure shock appeared on Glen's face as his cock slowly penetrated Cindy's ass. I could feel his shaft above my own and watched his expression. I knew just how he felt. The tight hot sensation of Cindy's ass was unreal.

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