tagMind ControlWarped Mind Pt. 05

Warped Mind Pt. 05


I woke up long before Cindy. She didn't know why but she was exhausted and sore, which made perfect sense to me considering all the different positions the guys put her in last night. Not to mention the orgasms that had to have drained her energy. I let her sleep, she didn't know it but she earned the chance to rest. I sat up in bed and watched her while thinking about the last few days. The chip had exceeded my expectations, that was for sure, but at what cost? No, I wasn't going to grow a conscience and remove them. I'm not that stupid. But I was worried about how many people knew about them and the power they had already exercised over me and Cindy. Gangbanging my wife, so they would keep quiet, was blackmail at its worst. But sitting there thinking about the problem didn't give me any solutions. It was just a matter of time before they wanted something else or at least another go at Cindy. I was a guy, I know how we think and after having what they did last night, they're going to want it again and soon.

If it did happen again I planned on being better prepared and participating more with my stash of potency pills. That way I could get harder faster and not have to sit on the sideline while they fucked my wife. This thought got my cock to stir. I pulled back the sheets and watched it rise slowly on its own accord without touching it. The idea crossed my mind to activate the chip and take it to Cindy again. Commonsense won out and I let her sleep.

The phone rang, making me jump slightly. I quickly grabbed it so not to wake Cindy. It was Becca calling. I remembered that Cindy had given her the day off yesterday but not today. She was probably calling to go over Cindy's schedule.

"Hello, Becca," I answered walking into the bathroom.

"Hello, Mr. Jenkins. Is Cindy available?"

"She's still asleep. I don't think she's going to make it to the gym today."

"Oh... is she really asleep or are you two fooling around again?" Becca asked.

It was obvious she was getting more relaxed around me or she would have never asked that.

I chuckled and said, "No, I wish. She's really asleep this time and not sick."

"That's good then, I mean that she's not sick. So, what should I do?"

"I guess whatever you want. I'll have her call you when she's up for the day."

"Alright then, I'll just wait until I hear from her. Unless there is something I can do for you?"

I didn't know how to take this. What did she mean exactly? Cindy had told her she expected Becca to 'help out' with her husband, which was me. Was Becca offering to 'help out' right now because I wished I was messing around with Cindy, and since she was asleep, Becca was willing to do it? Or was I over thinking a simple request? I guess my hesitation in answering the question tipped Becca off because she clarified before I could answer.

"Like, dry cleaning or errands you need run?" she said.

"Oh, right, in that case no, I don't need anything."

"I'll just wait for her call then, goodbye Mr. Jenkins," she said, disconnecting.

Looks like she wasn't going to take the initiative to 'help out' unless my wife told her to and paid her the going rate. That makes sense, I guess. When I walked out of the bathroom Cindy was up.

"Who was that?" she asked.

"Becca, I told her you were sleeping."

"What time is it?" she asked.

"Past nine. She was calling about the gym. I told her you weren't going to make it today."

"Nine! Wow, I don't get why I'm so tired. I feel like sleeping all day."

"Well nothing's stopping you. I told Becca you'd call her when you were up, but that could be anytime."

I always got nervous around her without the chip activated. I never knew what she was going to remember or not remember, but so far everything I had told her has stuck and today was no exception. She had no memory of being knocked unconscious at my office and fucked by five of us. She knew she was sore and worn out but had no recollection of the gangbang she had a major part in.

She looked fabulous laying on the bed, her hair a little flat on one side. I wanted her most of the time anyway and now having the chip and the option just made my urges worse. But I'm not going to apologize for wanting to make love to my wife. My mind was wandering as I stared at her. All the things I've done to her lately and what I could do to her now ran through my mind.

"What are you thinking? You have a very mischievous look on your face," she said.

"I was just admiring how beautiful you are," I said.

"Oh, here we go. Since I didn't go to the gym you think you can sweet talk me into fooling around this morning. I'm so not in the mood."

"You never are, that's why I implanted the chip," I said.

Just as she was going to say "What?" I activated it, taking control of her mind. I figured I wouldn't wear her out too bad or make her sorer if she just gave me a handjob or a blow. It wouldn't take that long.

You want me, you want to suck and play with my cock so bad right now. Your nipples are hardening just thinking about it. Your clit is engorging with the thought of my hard rod in your mouth.

She instantly sat up on the bed, the look of desire on her face and her body reacting to my persuasion. She crawled, all sexy like, toward me as I stood by the side of the bed. Her eyes trained on my boxers. She knew what she wanted and she was going after it. My cock was already rising. Her hand reached out, finding my semi hard shaft. She pressed it up against my body, running her hand up and down the quickly growing shaft.

"I want to suck you so bad right now!" she said, grabbing my dick hard. "I've got this uncontrollable urge to devour you."

She tugged off my boxers, pulling my cock down with them until it flipped out and slapped me in the stomach. Before it stopped moving she had it in her mouth like a woman possessed. Sucking so hard it almost hurt, she pulled on my head with her mouth, making my toes curl in the plush carpet. She grabbed my ass, pulling me near her and taking more of my shaft into her mouth. Hot wet pleasure surrounded my rod, making me throw my head back in extreme ecstasy. Shit, I would never get used to that first initial sensation.

Take it all the way... down your throat. Play with my balls. Suck the head. And repeat. Now slap it on your cheek, lick the tip and deep throat it again.

I stood there, feeling my balls rising and my legs beginning to shake as she manhandled and sucked my cock. It was so damn good. Anything I told her to do she obeyed and accomplished. I finally had her slow down before I nutted in her mouth. Pulling away I crawled naked onto the bed and lay on my back.

Take all of your clothes off. Now grab my cock and stroke it hard, faster, faster, not so tight, that's it... down harder, harder, perfect don't stop.

Her handjob felt amazing, she was rapidly stroking up and down but with added emphasis on the downward stroke. Her breasts shook in a circular motion as she knelt on the bed and hammered away at my cock with her hands. I was seconds away from climax when I had an idea pop into my mind that I wanted to try. It was another thing she would never ever do in a million years naturally, but now she'll do anything.

Slow down and lick my asshole while you stroke my cock.

I bent my knees and arched my back so she could get to me. When her hot wet tongue hit my asshole I almost lost it. The sensation was wonderful especially with my cock on the verge of exploding.

Press your tongue in my hole... deeper... deeper.

Holy shit it felt amazing. I had her barely stroking my shaft because the sensation of her tongue in my ass had me so excited and turned on I couldn't take much more stimulation to my cock. Right then I didn't want to cum yet because of the new experience I was enjoying.

Stick your finger in... deeper, curl it toward you and find the lump. That's it now press on that, over and over.

When she found my prostate the sensation took me by surprise. At first it felt like I might urinate but then waves of euphoria began to spread over my body. Not just my cock but everywhere. It was something I'd never felt before but heard of. A whole body orgasm! And it was actually happening to me. I was so overcome I had stopped sending her mind instructions so she was following the last continually. I could scarcely focus my eyes but when I looked down at my cock there were gobs of white cum oozing out of my slit and down my shaft. I hadn't ejaculated I was sure. Then I realized, among my bliss, she was pushing out the semen manually, milking me with her finger. I watched, each time she pressed hard more cum would appear, ooze down my shaft as the intense euphoria increased.

My body felt like it was floating, spinning and not quite tangible. It is hard to explain but it was phenomenal. My breath came in small gasps. My heart pounded in my head I didn't know how much more I could take. Cindy kept pressing my prostate, running her finger back and forth on it and pressing firmly, which caused the most pleasure. I had a difficult time gaining control of myself to finally tell her to stop. No more cum was oozing out by the time I finally told her to remove her finger. I had a large puddle of semen with globs of thick very white cum on my stomach where she had milked me. It looked like I had ejaculated already but my cock was still hard and I still had the desire to cum for real.

Suck and stroke me, make me cum.

She took my cum coated cock and obeyed my command, sucking and stroking me vigorously. It felt wonderful and I expected to cum quickly but I didn't. I guess the milking took the level down so I lasted much longer. I began to wonder if I would cum at all. Then something clicked. My cock hardened fully and my balls began to rise pending the climax. I don't know where the liquid came from, I didn't think I had that much in there, but when she finally managed to take me over the limit my cock exploded in a geyser of milky gray semen splattering my stomach and chest with small droplets since it sprayed so intensely. Talk about powerful; the pleasure was inconceivable, tapping portions of my reproductive system I think never have been used. I was literally covered from cock to neck in my own juices.

When I finally gained coherence, Cindy was staring down at me, stroking my limp cock since I never told her to stop. I was so gone I really don't know how long I was out of it. I do know my cock was completely limp so it had to be a while. I told her to stop and get me a towel to clean up. The sheets needed to be changed again because the explosion went everywhere. I told her to change the sheets, wash them and the towel while I lay on the mattress trying to recover. I thought I had experienced it all, that nothing could get better. I was so wrong. That experience revealed to me how wrong I was and what was actually possible.

When she was back with the sheets I finally was able to get up. While she made the bed I showered, got dressed, changed her memory again and deactivated the chip. She showered, prepared for what was left of the day, never acting like anything was amiss.

I was in my office, checking emails and doing a little work from home when Cindy came in dressed for shopping.

"I don't know where the day has gone but I'm leaving for a few hours. I trust you'll be able to find something to eat if I'm not back for dinner?"

"Sure, I'll be fine," I said.

"I need to call Becca and have her meet me," she said, removing her cell and turning to leave.

As she left the house I hoped the false memories I implanted were good enough and also that Becca would stick to the rules of not discussing helping with me outside of the home, unless my wife brought it up. Which, she won't since she doesn't remember it. Time would tell. If she comes home from shopping all confused and pissed off at me I'll know it didn't work and the time might come to activate the chip full time.

Cindy was gone about an hour when I got a call from the lab. Glen was calling. I thought it would be just the typical check in call but the conversation went a different direction, one I didn't think would happen so soon after the gangbang.

"Scott, Paul and Todd want to know when we can 'see' you and your wife again."

"You've got to be kidding. First of all when Scott suggested we do that again my 'maybe' answer was in jest. That was a onetime thing. You can't expect that kind of access to Cindy. No way."

"They're not going to like that answer, Mr. Jenkins," Glen said, snidely.

"I don't care what they like or don't like. I pay them ridiculous salaries and now bonuses to keep their mouths shut. They had Cindy multiple times apiece last night, which was more than sufficient. You were not to tell anyone else about Cindy and the chip implant. Now that you've done so we have a major problem with secrecy, which was written in the contract the three of them and you signed before they were hired. If any of you breathe one word of this study or human testing to anyone you will break contract and never work in this field again!"

"Let's not get carried away, Mr. Jenkins."

"Too late, Glen! You piece of shit! I paid you three million to keep your mouth shut when I really didn't have to! Now you pull this shit! I should fire you now and destroy your reputation all together."

"Okay, Okay, I apologize, sir. We will never bring up Cindy again or talk to anyone else about the human studies."

I paused for effect, hoping he would be sweating on the other end. I couldn't believe how ungrateful these guys were. I didn't need to share Cindy with them, I could have thrown the contract in their faces then and not even pay extra but I was trying to be a nice guy and I was curious to see how Cindy could handle five guys. I guess being nice gets you nowhere but being taken advantage of.

"I'm really close to calling HR and firing all of you. I know they are there listening to this conversation and personally I'm disappointed in all of you. You do realize I didn't have to do any of that last night, the money and Cindy. Now you think you can take advantage of me further! That pisses me off to no end."

"I speak for all of us, when I say we are very sorry, Sir. It won't happen again, we weren't thinking," Glen back peddled.

"No you were, but with the wrong heads! I get how exciting it was last night and why you would want to do it again but it's not going to happen with Cindy. Now I expect you to forget all about that, work hard and keep me up to date on any further problems or breakthroughs. Is that clear?"

"Crystal," Glen responded.


"Can you hold, sir? Scott is trying to get my attention."

I just grunted a response. There was a pause and I could hear muffled voices talking. They were up to something but what?

"Sir, Scott wants to talk to you," Glen said, when he came back on.

"Fine," I said acting put out.

"Mr. Jenkins, I would first like to say I'm sorry for our, shall we say, over excitement. But please put yourself in our place. You've seen us. What chance do four guys like us have to get a woman like your wife and to do the things we did to her last night? Slim to none. But now that we've had it we want it again. You of all people can understand that right? It's why you started this project in the first place."

"Get to the point, Scott," I said interrupting him.

"Okay, hear me out. What if we started another human test," he began.

I think I knew exactly what he was going to say, but I let him continue anyway.

"What if one of us receives a chip like yours, linked to another woman, besides your wife, for me and the guys to enjoy?"

Yep, it was exactly what I thought. He wants to put a chip in some hot chick so the four of them can fuck her anytime they want. It was disgraceful, but I saw his point. They were geeks, nerds and dweebs. They would never have the chance with someone as hot as Cindy and especially do what they got to do last night. But they were talking about taking the mind away from some stranger, to do with what they wanted. At least Cindy was my wife and kind of deserved it for being such a frigid bitch. These guys probably wanted to kidnap the Playboy centerfold of the month and implant the chip in her.

I paused long before I said anything, "And whom do you have in mind to control, Scott? And who gets to be the controller?"

"Umm, well, we'd have to work that out, but we'd need the go ahead before even thinking about it," Scott answered.

"The go ahead? Yes, well, let's think about that. You're asking me to give you permission to control an innocent girls mind so the four of you can fuck the hell out of her whenever you want. Do you see anything wrong with that?"

"We could ask students to participate in a study, have them volunteer and pay the one we choose. You have to admit it would be a great test of the chips ability," he suggested.

"Oh shit, I can just see the four of you now, interviewing hot college girls and deciding on which one you want to have the most. There would have to be some iron clad contract she would have to sign and you still have to decide who gets to control her."

"Is that a go? Are you giving us permission to start interviewing?" he asked excited.

I knew this wouldn't go away easily if I told them no. They would bug me nonstop and possibly want Cindy again if I didn't let them do this. Then there was the threat of blowing the whole study by one of them. Letting them do this would keep them happy and off my back.

"I can't believe I'm saying this but you have a go. Pay the woman well and make sure she doesn't remember your little sessions with her. Oh, and I want to meet your final five and interview them myself before you pick the winner. Don't make me regret this, Scott. I'll be waiting to hear from you regarding which one of you gets to control her and when I get to meet the five," I said, hanging up before he could respond.

I sat back in my chair, contemplating what I had just unleashed. Four geeks, horny geeks, are going to have total control over some hot college girl to do with what they wish. The idea got me hard. I should be disgusted but it got me horny instead. My cock rose in my pants. Unzipping, I pulled it out, stroking it to full height while clicking on a gangbang porn site on the web. I played, while watching the videos, imaging the guys as the geeks and the one girl as the test subject. The possibilities were unlimited.

I lost track of time, keeping my oozing cock hard and on the verge of climax, while watching video after video. I didn't even hear Cindy come home over the moaning of the porn star on screen. Cindy's voice from the doorway to my office was what jolted me out of my pleasured stupor.

"What the hell! Are you watching porn and whacking off!" Cindy yelled, very upset.

I looked up and she wasn't alone. Becca was standing behind her. I didn't even have to think twice before activating the chip.

"You told me to start without you, remember?" I said as calm as ever.

"I do, I'm just teasing you, sweetie. So how long have you been going?" Cindy asked coming around my desk as a different person.

Becca was still in the doorway, looking totally confused. I smiled up at her with the moaning of the porn star coming from the speakers.

"Oh, you've been at it for a while, haven't you? You bad boy, you've oozed all over," Cindy said dropping to her knees to suck the pre-cum off my cock.

I kept my eyes on Becca. She was frozen in place, watching my wife's head bob up and down on my cock behind the desk. She definitely didn't expect this to happen. I had no idea why she had come home with my wife but it was obviously not to please me again. I had to wonder what they had discussed while they were gone. I didn't wonder very long because the sensation in my cock was getting intense. I was already tremendously turned on by the porn and now Cindy was giving me an excellent blowjob.

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