tagMind ControlWarped Mind Pt. 06

Warped Mind Pt. 06


The next morning Cindy got up like a normal day and left for the gym before I was awake. I was much less concerned with her talking to Becca now after the dual personality talk. About nine o'clock I got a call from Glen. They had already posted the flyers around the college campuses for female volunteers for a medical research project that paid ridiculous compensations.

"We had fifty women call for more information in the first two hours after posting the flyers. The others are setting up interviews now to narrow it down to the five. Since all they, I mean we, care about is mostly looks since their brain will be controlled, the interviews should go very fast," he said.

"Sounds like you'll have a good selection to choose from. Any idea who's going to be the controller yet?" I asked.

"We're going to meet today before the interviews began to decide that. It might end up being a couple coin tosses since everyone wants to be the one."

I laughed, "Yeah, I'm sure that's true. Good luck."

"We were hoping you'd let us each have our own girl and chip so we don't have to decide."

"That's not going to happen. The cost would be much too high and the risks with four different women too great. You get one and that's it. Figure out what to do about the single chip and who gets it or come up with a way to transfer control between all of you and take turns."

"That's an excellent idea! Maybe we could rig something that could be worn instead of implanted. It would take more time and research but I don't know if they guys want to wait that long. I'll have to ask them."

"Damn, you guys are hilarious. You got a taste of unrestrained sex and it's all you can think about now," I laughed.

"You're one to talk. You got Cindy at your beck and call any time."

"My idea, my money, my rules. Learn to be happy with what you get."

"We will. I'll keep you up to date. We should have them narrowed down by tonight."

I ended the call, showered and went into work. It's always good to make an appearance every now and then. Besides I was curious to see how many women wanted to volunteer and what type the research project would attract.

When I arrived at my office I found one of the flyers they had posted. They had narrowed the age group to between eighteen and twenty-one and specified on the flyer they only wanted women currently on birth control, be it pills, patches, IUD's or similar highly effective methods. They said it was for part of the study. I was impressed they got fifty calls in two hours with all the stipulations. Or maybe I shouldn't have been. I could just be old school and not realize that those stipulations meet most of college age girls now days.

I headed toward the lab after taking care of some minor issues that needed my attention. When I got there I found the hallway outside the lab full of chairs and many women waiting for interviews. Wow, talk about a tough choice. It was a virtual cornucopia of hotness. I walked down the hall, past all the young ladies and was amazed by the collection. Almost all of them were hotter than my lab guys deserved and would fit the purpose very easily. I was curious to see who they narrowed it down to. I did notice one particular stunning blond that caught my eye. She was sitting with her legs crossed in a short sun dress. Her legs were incredible, tan and toned and her breasts were outstanding. Possibly fake but I couldn't tell with the limited look I had. Her face was gorgeous with bright green eyes and she smiled as I passed. If she didn't make the top five the lab guys were insane.

I walked into the lab as another young lady was leaving from her interview. She was a cute brunette, tiny little body and small breasts but her toned legs and ass made up for them. Scott was seeing her out and smiled at me before calling another name and waiting for the young lady to respond. I watched the process they had set up. Scott welcomed the woman and escorted her into another smaller room. I followed and sat in the back to observe.

She was introduced to Glen, Paul and Todd and then Todd took her picture. He took two and I was sure one was of her face and the other the entire package. She sat down and they asked her only two questions. First, was she a virgin? And second, would she submit to a blood test? The first question took her by surprise and I was sure it had all of the others.

"It's imperative you answer honestly for the nature of this medical study," Glen responded when she asked why they needed to know.

"What kind of study needs to know that?" she asked.

She was a pretty Asian woman with stylish glasses, long shiny black hair and a classic hourglass figure. She seemed very intelligent and reluctant to answer the question.

"Were studying the effects of different male pheromones on human females," Paul replied.

"Okay, and why does it matter if I'm a virgin or not?"

"Because, the control group we wish to study is one or the other," Glen responded.

"And you're not going to tell me which group, right?"

"Right," Glen said, smiling.

"Fine, I'm not a virgin and I would be willing to take a blood test to be involved in this study," she finally submitted.

"Excellent, that is all for today, we'll let you know if a further interview is required," Glen said standing.

She looked shocked that it was over so quickly. Scott walked her out and I had a few seconds to ask questions.

"Two questions are all you're asking them?"

"It's all we need to know. We don't want a virgin and we don't want any diseases either. The rest is just looks," Glen said.

It made sense. They didn't care about anything else and this way they could get through a lot of women very quickly. Scott soon returned with another woman. I sat up in my chair when I recognized the very attractive blonde in the sun dress. She looked even better standing.

"This is Monica," Scott said introducing all of us.

When he got to me he told her I was the financial supplier and she smiled. She had her picture taken and then they asked her the two questions. I was praying she wouldn't say she was a virgin and I think the rest of the room was as well.

"I'm... not a virgin, and sure I'll take a blood test," she answered without asking any questions at all.

"Wonderful, we will definitely be in touch for another interview," Glen said.

"Oh, that's it then? Okay, it was sooo nice to meet all of you I hope I did okay," she said, jumping up from her chair.

Her large breasts bounced in her dress but quickly settled. They were fake, I was almost positive.

Scott walked her to the door and quickly came back without a girl.

"Do we really need to interview anymore?" he said when he was back.

"I was going to say the same thing," Todd commented, looking at the camera and the pictures of Monica.

"Well, I don't know, what do you think, Paul?" Glen asked.

"She's gorgeous, and obviously not too bright which will help the function of the chip. I'm good with her."

"Me too," Glen said.

They all turned to me; the question didn't need to be asked.

"I saw her in the hall earlier. She's definitely a stunner. If she's your final choice then I'm fine with it. Are you sure you don't want to interview anymore, you never know there might be another even hotter?"

"Why waste the time. We can call her back later today and tell her she got the position and implant the chip tonight. We could be doing her by this evening!" Scott said.

Holy fucking shit! I've created monsters by letting these guys have Cindy. I could see it on their faces what they wanted to do and I had allowed this to happen. But it wasn't like I could stop it now.

"What about the blood test?" I asked.

They started laughing until Scott spoke up, "We're lab techs. We can test her blood for any disease while she gives us blowjobs."

This made the others laugh even harder. I just shook my head until they finally finished laughing.

"What about all the other ladies waiting for an interview? Are you just going to tell them to go home?"

"Or do nothing, they'll eventually get sick of waiting and take off," Todd said.

"Nice. I can see this exercise was all about what you guys want."

"Just like you, Mr. Jenkins. The creation of the chip was the ultimate selfish act," Paul cut in.

"Right, well, you still haven't picked the lucky guy that gets to receive the control chip. What are you going to do about that little problem by tonight?" I asked.

"Nothing, you're going to control her with the chip in your head. We figured you did such a great job with your wife for us we would save money and confrontations by having you do it," Glen said, taking me by surprise.

"Excuse me? You want me to control her for you? How's that going to work?" I asked.

"Easy, you just tell her what we want and she'll do it."

"But that would mean you'd have to have me around to activate and deactivate it."

"So. It's not like you didn't want to watch or even participate," Scott said, grinning.

I looked around at the four guys. They were totally serious. It didn't make sense to want me to control the woman, unless they knew something about the implant that I didn't. Maybe there was a side effect they hadn't told me about. Scott was right, though. I had thought about watching and possibly joining them with Monica. But what were they not telling me? Could it really just be that they couldn't come to a decision on who got the chip so they compromised on me? I didn't think it was that easy. It was early in human testing. Maybe being lab guys they didn't want to risk their own minds when they could experiment on me and get what they wanted with the girl.

"What aren't you guys telling me? You were all so excited to be the controller, why the sudden change to give it to me?"

I caught them glancing at one another before Glen answered, "We all wanted the chip and couldn't come to an agreement who should get it so none of us will. That left you, and since you already have one implanted it just made sense."

"So, what you're saying is it ended up being a "if I can't have it none of you can?" I asked.

"Pretty much," Scott confessed.

"Okay, so I agree to do this, how does it work with two chips? If I activate Cindy's will it activate Monica's at the same time?"

"No, not unless you want too. We'll add new code to your chip so you can specify which chip you are activating. You'll just use their names before a command now."

I didn't respond, thinking about it.

"So, what do you think, Mr. Jenkins? Will you do it?" Todd asked.

"Call her back, have her come in and get everything ready. I'll be in my office thinking this over," I said, leaving the lab.

When I entered the hall, the amount of women had increased. The chairs were filled and many were standing, waiting for an interview. I shook my head and did what I had to do.

"Can I have your attention please!" I shouted over the talking, "The study was for a very limited number and I'm afraid we have all the volunteers we need. I'm sorry for your trouble."

I heard several complaints from angry women, but the majority just stood up and left. I went to my office and waited for the call.


At five, Glen called for me to return to the lab. When I got their Monica was already waiting, sitting in a chair while Glen was explaining the fake study.

"You'll feel a slight pinch on the back of your neck when we inject the pheromone but it will be very minor."

She just smiled, completely clueless to what was really happening. I noticed she had a bandage around her arm where they took some blood and Paul looked busy testing it already. Glen saw me enter and pulled me aside to talk.

"Okay, she's ready for implantation. I should be just like your wife's. We need you to sit over by Scott so he can update your chip to control Cindy's and Monica's separately. And remember you'll have to use their names now or it won't work. To activate just think, 'Activate Monica' and it should turn her chip on. Then, use her name before every command."

I sat down next to Scott. He pushed some buttons on his laptop and I watched code flash on the screen, but felt nothing.

"It is wireless, should be done in a few seconds," he said.

From my chair I observed Glen take out the gun to implant Monica. She didn't look nervous at all, even when he pressed it to the back of her neck and shot the chip into her.

"See? Easy. How do you feel?" he asked.

"Fine, nothing different," Monica responded.

Scott tapped me on the shoulder and nodded. I guess the update was done. The four guys were all staring at Monica, practically undressing her already. It was do or die, if I activated Monica's chip there would be no turning back. I hesitated, which caused an awkward silence in the lab. Monica looked around at all of us, wondering what was going on. She looked amazing in the little sun dress, with her legs crossed and her beautiful blonde hair falling over her shoulders. Curiosity of what was under the dress got the better of me.

Activate Monica.

I didn't see a noticeable change in her right off and wondered if anything had happened. There was only one way to find out.

Stand up.

Nothing happened, she remained sitting and I thought the chip wasn't working until I remembered I forgot to use her name.

Monica, stand up.

Monica instantly reacted, standing up off the chair. Smiles crossed the guy's faces. The chip was working.

Monica, answer the questions honestly.

I stood up and walked over to her. "Monica, are you really not a virgin?" I asked.

"I'm really not a virgin, I've been with several men," she answered.

"Do you have any sexually transmitted diseases?" I asked.

"Not that I know of," came the reply.

"Are your breasts real or fake?"


"How large was the biggest cock you've ever fucked?" I asked.

"Umm, let me think. I don't really know, I never really measured," she said.

"What if Scott here shows you his and you see if you've had anything bigger?" I asked.

"Okay, that would work."

Huge grins were on every lab tech and Glen. Scott stood up and started undoing his pants, fishing his semi hard cock out.

"Well, Monica? What do you think?" I asked.

"Oh, wow, no I've never had anything that big before," she said.

Monica, the big cock is making you horny. Your pussy is getting wet just looking at it.

I wanted to see her naked, I think they all did so I told her to undress while thinking about fucking Scott's big cock. We all watched in awe as the gorgeous woman pulled her sun dress up and over her head. She was wearing cute boyshorts panties and a lace bra to match. Her incredible tits were stunning, the bra barely holding them in. She unclipped her bra, letting it fall to the ground.

"Holy shit! Those are amazing!" Todd voiced before any one.

He was right, her naked breasts were phenomenal and I wanted to shake the doctor's hand that performed the surgery. It was more than that though. Her areolas were small, not too dark and high on her orbs. Fabulous rack. Her stomach was flat and toned as were her legs and arms. She was almost perfect. When she shimmied out of her panties another lab guy called out. They had chosen well, she was hot, damn not. She had no tan lines, everything was the same light tan and she had shaven her pussy clean. The boys were salivating and Scott's cock was rock hard.

Monica, rub your tits with your hands and tell Scott to come closer.

"Come closer, Scott, I want to see that thing better," she said, grabbing both of her fake tits to fondle them.

Scott walked over to her and stuck his hard member right in her face as she crouched down to inspect it.

Monica, grab his cock and stroke it.

She responded, grabbing his rod with her right hand and rubbing it up and down. Scott moaned looking down at the beautiful woman yanking on his cock. She remained crouching and stroking hard and fast.

"Okay guys, the chip is obviously working so what do you want me to tell her?" I asked.

They looked at each other, clueless to what to tell me. Finally, Glen spoke up saying, "Just tell her to do and act like your wife the other day. That seemed to work."

I tried to remember what I said to Cindy but figured it really didn't matter.

Monica, do whatever the guys want and act like the best porn star you know of, fucking all four of these guys until they can't get it up anymore. Monica, your pussy will remain flushed and wet the entire time and if they want anal you will love it.

Before the thought had finished she was already sucking Scott's huge dick, twisting her head and hands on his cock like a professional. Scott started freaking out, it must have felt amazing.

"Okay, guys, she's all yours. She'll do anything you want her too," I said about to walk out of the lab.

"You're not staying?" Glen asked.

"Cindy's expecting me home, and besides I have her all to myself."

"But, how will we deactivate the chip and change her memory to get her back home? We can't keep her all night," Todd said.

"See, this is a problem. I can't just stay here all night either; I've got things to do and a wife to fuck."

Glen, Todd and Paul were looking at me like I was crazy to want to leave and trying to figure out what to do if I did. Suddenly, Scott began to curse and moan loudly.

"Fuck! I'm going to cum!"

Monica had is cock tightly in her hand, stroking vigorously with her mouth wide open. All our attentions turned to them and a second later Scott ejaculated into her mouth while she stroked him continuously. She must have some serious cock sucking skills because he didn't last five minutes. His volume was impressive, spurting a good six or seven thick cum ropes. Monica acted just like a porn star, letting his creamy load splatter on her face and into her mouth. She spit it out, like most porn queens do, letting it dribble onto her firm tits. Scott continued to jerk and spasm, especially when she pulled him into her mouth to suck the remainder out of his cock.

"Are you sure you want to leave? She seems well versed in fucking," Glen said.

"I'll call Cindy and tell her I'm working late," I said, my eyes glued to the blonde bombshell sucking Scott's huge cock.

I left the lab quickly to call. Cindy wasn't home so I left a message on our machine and hurried back into the lab. I didn't think I was gone that long but when I got back all four guys were naked. The three that had hardon's were getting their cocks sucked one by one as they stood in a semi-circle around Monica. Scott was setting up gurney pads next to them, his cock had gone soft. The visual was fabulous. Watching the perfect blonde take turns sucking each cock had me so horny and hard I couldn't help but pull my cock out through my zipper and stroke while I watched.

Once the pads were situated, Glen laid down on them and pulled Monica over to him. Well, this was it. Glen looked like he was going to be the first to have Monica's pussy. I had to admit it crossed my mind how wrong what we were doing was. It seemed even more demented than when I let them have Cindy. Monica was a stranger, some hot girl off the street and I was letting these guys pretty much violate her. Granted she would love it and not remember a thing but still.

As I watched her ease down onto Glen's shiny wet cock I pushed the thoughts away, it was too late now. Glen let out a sigh of pleasure as the blonde's pussy slid down on his cock. She was facing forward and already rising up and down on his member. Todd and Paul quickly moved over to the pads, shoving their almost twin cocks into her face. She sucked and stroked them while riding Glen. Scott was busy trying to get his cock hard again, while sitting on his lab chair.

"Hey, Monica, have you ever been double fucked?" Paul asked.

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