tagSci-Fi & FantasyWarrior's Infiltration

Warrior's Infiltration


Halamir walked into the Emperor's war room with some apprehension. He had been summoned before on many occasions but this time was different. As the Emperor's most decorated assassin, he was used to seing generals, rangers, and other military personnel specific to the mission at hand. This time, however, there was an old bearded man in strange foreign robes and a petite young woman who couldn't have been older than 20. They seemed out of place against the exquisite interior of the Emperor's palace and Halamir sensed this would not be a normal mission.

Halamir recognized Doromar, the grizzled Field Commander of the Sarkangh campaign. He had left the front lines for this? Very interesting.

"Halamir," the Emperor spoke. "You have served me well. There is no man who has dispatched more enemies of the Zanj Empire than you. But today, we must ask of you something which no person of this realm has ever done before."

"It would be an honor to serve again, my lord. What do you ask of me?"

Field Commander Doromar spoke. "You are to assassinate the Grand Vizier of the Sarkangh." Doromar paused, allowing his words to sink in. "The Sarkangh campaign is not going well. Our only chance is a decapitation strike. With the Vizier's death, the ensuing power vacuum would sow discord amongst the Sarkangh. The Vizier's Emirs would inevitably turn upon each other. This is how we achieve victory."

The Emperor stared at Halamir and smiled at how the assassin remained composed despite the fact that he was tasked with what he surely considered a suicide mission with zero chance of success.

"I know you must be thinking this is an impossible task," remarked the Emperor, "but I will not simply throw away my greatest assassin. We have a way to get you inside the Vizier's palace. Sindaba, explain your talents."

The old robed man took a step forward and cackled softly. "How old are you Halamir?"


"And how many men have you killed?"

"89 primary targets and countless foot soldiers."

"And how many innocents have you killed? Women? Children?"

Halamir bit his tongue. He would just as soon as dispatch this foolish old man for his insolent line of questioning but the Emperor had a purpose for him and so he kept his composure.

"There have been some... unfortunate cases of collateral damage. This is the nature of war."

The old man cackled again. Halamir glanced at the Emperor and the Emperor nodded, understanding the frustration in his eyes.

"Sindaba, get to the point. Explain how you can get Halamir inside."

The old man smiled. "As you are today, Halamir, you are a well known monster. You would never make it into the inner provinces of the Sarkangh before you would be drawn and quartered. But as an unborn son... no one would ever know."

"Wh-what?" Halamir stammered. "How dare you make a mockery of -"

The Field Commander cut him off. "Halamir, Sindaba is the Emperor's personal mage. And a powerful one at that."

"Halamir," the Emperor explained, "Due to the war, the Sarkangh will not allow any male to cross over the border. Sindaba can perform an ancient spell that will reduce you to an unborn child. In this way you will be smuggled across by Dina." The Emperor glanced in the direction of the young woman who was blushing intensely and looking at the floor.

Field Commander Doromar explained, "Dina is no ordinary girl. She is the niece of the Vizier and therefore has access to the royal family quarters. She defected to us after her father, the Vizier's brother, was beheaded for suspected treason. As it turns out, the Vizier was mistaken and later apologized and took Dina into the palace as his own daughter. You will be born inside the palace and you will kill the Vizier."

"But I will be an infant! How am I supposed to kill anyone?"

The old man's eyes gleamed. "After you are born, Dina will feed you an elixir that will restore you to your rightful age."

The assassin's mouth was agape. The young woman fidgeted, her cheeks beet red. And the old man cackled...


And so it was that Halamir approached Dina on the bed, terrified at the prospect of having sex with this woman. How humiliating! This slender creature that he could snap in half with little effort was to... conceive him!

An hour before, the mage had each of them drink a potion and uttered some incompressible words. According to the mage's explanation, Halamir had to inseminate Dina. At the moment of conception, Halamir's essence would be magically transported to the seed that fertilized the girl and would thereby grow inside of her. It could take minutes for conception, or hours, as the mage explained with glee, but don't be afraid to repeat the... ministrations... to the girl multiple times to be sure, the mage said with a wink.

"Is everything ok, Halamir?" Dina asked softly.

"Yes... I... this is still just very strange to me." Halamir said.

Dina decided to take the initiative and crawled on her hands and knees to the muscled, toned figure of the assassin sitting on the edge of the bed. Her silk tunic didn't leave much to the imagination, Halamir thought. The small raven-haired beauty was exquisite and had it not been for the magic he would have not hesitated to bend her over and plow her.

Dina caressed Halamir's head and gently kissed his cheek, enjoying the feeling of his stubble grazing her face. "Don't worry," she whispered, "I will take care of you."

Halamir pulled her face close to him, staring deeply into her sparkling green eyes that the Sarkangh royal family was known for. He would be completely helpless. All of his training, all of his strength, would be reduced to nothingness; he would be a tiny speck in the womb of this girl. If she were to take one of the abortion elixirs from the fabled Sarkangh witch doctors, he would be flushed away without ever again seeing the light of day. But the Empire depended upon him. This was to only way to infiltrate Sarkangh and kill the Vizier.

Dina's tender eyes conveyed sincerity and calmed his nerves. Halamir kissed Dina's soft lips, slowly at first, and then with with increasing passion. He let his tongue dart into her mouth as his manhood grew erect and began thrusting his tongue into her mouth, symbolic of his desire to enter her below. His hands cupped the bottom of Dina's breasts through her thin tunic and the girl moaned softly, urging him to continue.

He unwrapped her tunic and let it fall to her waist, exposing her soft, perky breasts. Her nipples were already standing at attention. Halamir began to fondle her breasts in earnest now, his fingers alternatively kneading her soft chest and gently pinching her tits. His mouth descended upon her right breast, pausing for a moment to breath upon her nipple. Dina writhed and pulled Halamir's head to her chest. Halamir was happy to comply and took her nipple into his lips, nibbling it gently and letting the tip of his tongue flick the tip of her swollen tit. She gasped and Halamir took that as his cue to take as much of her breast into his mouth as possible. He realized that he would probably be nursing from this young woman in due time. He sucked on her nipple with increasing vigor.

Dina's hand found Halamir's erection which she squeezed through his pants. He gasped and she smiled playfully. Halamir turned his attention to her lower half, stripping away the tunic and leaving her completely naked before him. He looked at her neatly trimmed short black pubic hair with hunger in his eyes. He began tracing kisses up along the inside of her soft creamy thighs and let his hands slide beneath her legs until they reached her buttocks. His kisses reached her inner leg and he could smell her sweet musk and felt her heat emanating from her exposed sex. His lips grazed the top of her groin, feeling her pubic hairs against the stubble of his face.

Halamir clenched Dina's ass tightly as he let his lips touch the top of her slit. She yelped as he began to lick the tiny nub of female pleasure that was her clitoris. "Imagine," thought Halamir to himself. "This tiny, delicate little spot that I can tease effortlessly... which is pitifully dwarfed by my own steely manhood... will be infinitely larger than me when this magic turns me into a single seed inside this woman's womb."

Dina couldn't take much more of this - she wanted him inside of her, now. She fumbled with Halamir's clothing and quickly stripped off his pants and underwear, licking her lips at the sight of his dick bouncing up as it was released from its fabric prison. A drop of pre-cum dripped down the tip of his dick.

"His manhood will unleash countless numbers of his seed inside of me," she thought, "and how funny it will be that he will be turned into one of them!"

Halamir guided his throbbing erection between Dina's legs. He rubbed it along her inner thigh, communicating its admirable length to her, and then ran the full length of his shaft along her slit, delighting in the feeling of her soft, moist pink labia on the underside of his cock. He positioned the tip of his dick so that it was directly upon Dina's clit. His penis pulsated as he rubbed the slit of his dick, slick with his juices, against Dina's aching clitoris.

The torture to Dina was too much to bear. She wrapped her legs around Halamir and grabbed his penis, pushing it against the entrance to her vagina. Halamir didn't need any more encouragement. He pushed his manhood against her vaginal opening and felt her soft petals part as he slid into her. He felt resistance for a moment and realized Dina was a virgin. Tears welled up at the corners of Dina's eyes but she nodded for him to continue and he pushed his hardness deeper into her and her hymen gave way. The full length of his penis penetrated her tight loins and Dina grunted with both pain and pleasure as she felt Halamir's dick ram against her cervix, filling her completely.

Halamir begin bucking his hips, thrusting inside of her and Dina felt herself pinned to the bed as the muscles rippled along the assassin's body and he became less gentle and more primal with each stroke. His masculine drive took over and he pounded into the young woman's pussy which was now thoroughly lubricated. Despite its tightness, Dina's cunt was now soaking wet and provided generous lubrication for Halamir to enter her with ever increasing speed. No matter how tightly she clenched her vaginal muscles, she would not be able to stop or slow down this man if she tried. She had no control anymore; she was simply being fucked, and she internalized how weak she really was compared to the raw male power that this man possessed.

Halamir's balls slapped against the bottom of Dina's groin with increasing frequency and their thighs made a wet slapping sound as they came together faster and faster. Dina felt a tingly glow building within her and realized that Halamir must be close to his own orgasm too; he was thrusting into her at impossible speed now, gripping her tightly around the waist and penetrating her hard.

Halamir felt the stroke that pushed him over the point of no return and at the same moment Dina's pussy trembled with waves of rippling pleasure. They both screamed and Halamir's penis erupted. Dina felt Halamir's hot streams of semen gushing into her as he continued to pound into her, the head of his dick against her cervix as it spurted more and more of his sperm inside her womanhood.

Panting, they finally separated from each other and simply stared into each other's eyes in silence. "What now," they thought. "What will it be like? Will it happen now? Later?" After a few minutes passed they kissed each other. Halamir wrapped his arms around Dina and began to tell her stories of his many exploits... missions in the frontier... escaping from the gallows at Trebenach... making the pass through the Yatorian mountains in the peak of winter... the strange Franj people of the forbidden West...

They ended up making love many times that night. Halamir wanted this virgin to enjoy it as much as possible and showed her the many different methods he had acquired during his adventures in the orient. He mounted her from behind and twisted her nethers into a frenzy of ecstasy.

Afterwards, Dina straddled him and impaled herself on Halamir's cock, bouncing up and down as Halamir grabbed her breasts from below, her raven black hair dangling down her shoulders and her eyes filled with passion. She arched her back and closed her eyes as she felt her pussy glow hot as a coal. She exploded with pleasure, her vaginal muscles gripping... nothing?

She looked down. The magic had worked. Halamir was gone. But between her legs, his sticky white seed dripped from between her pink folds. A tear streamed down her cheek. Halamir was now engaged in the greatest infiltration mission of his existence.

"Swim well and strong, brave warrior. I will see you again soon."

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