tagSci-Fi & FantasyWarriors of Xel

Warriors of Xel


Jorvais and his men had themselves sprawled leisurely around the table. Jorvais at the head, with Elcan, and Reerdon to his left, and on his other side Damian and Orilios were appraising the various women around the tavern.

Jorvais could imagine sinking the lithe raven haired girl on to her knees and coaxing her to take his long thick shaft in her sweet mouth. His length stiffened slightly, and the thought of her locking her eyes on to his, and swirling her tongue around his cocks fat bulbous head . He wanted to tie her hands behind her back, and finger her pussy while he let others watch her wanton and lusty whimpers fill the room. Then he'd bend her over, guiding his cock to her tight dripping channel and slide in his thickness, millimetre by millimetre. He'd rock back forth, building a slow grinding rhythm. He wanted to hear her groans, he'd circle her clit until she was on the edge. He'd surge into her, slapping his aching heavy balls, her tight little channel would ripple and milk his enormous cock helplessly, and as she came he'd roll and pinch her nipples to make her make as much noise as possible...

"I'll wager that Jorvais can tumble the tall raven girl he's been covertly eyeing since we arrived, before you can get the fat wench behind the bar to smile at you." They all momentarily looked at one another,

"Reerdon" he grinned wickedly.

"Wager what exactly?" his interest piqued.

"Let the girl decide, since she'll be the prize." Jorvais grinned lecherously rubbing his hands together.


Across three large wooden tables, Aliyah stood quickly when she saw the Xelian warrior push his chair back and stand. He'd exchanged some words with his companions --his eye's never leaving her-and then began to stalk around the tables toward her.

The three of them had been following her with their eyes since she'd entered the tavern. Bending down quickly to one of her female companions she whispered, "I will meet you back at our lodgings."

Jorvais saw the exchange and frowned. She looked like a startled Deer. Her brilliant green eye's retreating as she began backing away, and then suddenly she leapt over an empty table, and rushed past his comrades table and out the door.

He swung bewildered beyond his senses to the bar, to see Reerdons advancement. He ground his teeth in cold fury when he saw Reerdon handing a pouch of coin to the bloated old hag. At first she scowled in distrust at him, but when her greedy hands opened the pouch and found silver, she screeched in delight and yanked his entire upper body across the bar top, and pressed his alarmed face into her wrinkly bosom.

Trembling slightly, he returned and seated himself in his down. Damian and Orilios couldn't contain their hilarity any longer and guffawed long and loud to themselves. A fresh round of drinks were delivered to the troop 'free of charge', they all cast eye's over to the bar, and the woman waggled her eye brows at Reerdon in what was supposed to be amorous way. It set them off again, and they were stamping their feet and banging their fists on the table, even Jorvais couldn't help himself when he saw the colour leaving his friends alarmed face.

"Maybe you could learn something from that."

Reerdon smiled smugly at Jorvais. "What on earth did you do to make her run off like that?"

Jorvais downed his ale, and shrugged in bemusement.

"She must have caught a whiff of your breath." Orilios supplied unhelpfully, laughing at his own wit until Jorvais partially rose and extended his fist.

He watched Damian keeping his silence with his look of mock innocence. Jorvais scowled at him.


Orilios choked and spat out his drink, stunned faces stared at him in disbelief. Jorvais however snarled and looked ready to beat them all.

"You mean to say she's a mercenary."

"Probably not hired at the moment judging from her company, but I'd say so yes." Damian leaned back in his chair and smiled at them all serenely.

"You knew she would take one look at me sitting with the lot of you, spotting the crest on Ori's breast plate and you let me approach her." Damian refused to be cowed by the Jorvais' larger and taller frame.

"Yes." He grinned up at him.

Jorvais was standing over him ready to pull his tongue from his mouth, when Reerdon stood quickly and pulled him back and told him to sit down.

"There's no way she'd have pulled a blade on you in here. Too many soldiers for a start, not to mention her kind are outlawed in this part of the city."

Jorvais decided to let it go. "Atleast you lost an entire pouch of silver." Reerdon grunted at this fact and reluctantly went back to the bar to order more ale. Oblivion was called for...


Aliyah waited longer than 3 hours before going back to join her obviously by now, inebriated friends. She was surprised they hadn't returned. She sighed and was forced with the decision that she'd have to find them herself.

She walked down the long street, dodging horses and armoured warriors, blatantly ignoring the sleazy looks from a lot of them. She was taller than most of the women she'd met and was slim, with long legs. She was not however a delicate thing. She had strong legs from riding, and strong arms from duelling.

She'd been a soldier once, like these warriors. It wasn't their fault she and her friends had been forced to flee their city, but they were a long way from home and where they'd started 2 years ago.

She'd taken a risk following her friends to this part of the city. She had worked as a mercenary a few times. Never being the aggressor, but these warriors and commanders didn't seem to notice the difference. Her colouring wasn't that different from these people, but it was her dark clear green eyes that would give her away if she were challenged.

Aliyah tugged at the annoying skirt she'd donned, to as not be appear a threat. As she trudged back toward the tavern, her feet dragged. She hoped to the Goddess that those fools had left. Pushing her way through the fold of bodies, the sight she found made her groan...


Her hair was loose now and she was wearing a black wrap skirt, and a long sleeves black cotton top. The V was not immodest but gave a keen eye a hint at what lay beneath, it also accentuated the graceful arch of her neck. She had a slightly angular face, with high cheek bones and a slightly pointed chin.

*Aliyah inherited her father eyes, so her mother had told her as a child. She hadn't known her for long enough. When she was 8, the bitch sent her away because there simply hadn't been enough food to keep her and her younger brother fed. So she'd been the one to go. A fact she'd never forgiven.

At eight years old she'd initially been trained to sew, and cook but her temper got the better of one day when a boy several years older than her started to pick on her one afternoon.

Two of the keeps guards had followed the noise and found this tiny slip of a girl flogging a boy a lot taller and nearly double her weight. They'd sought out her minder, and convinced her to let Aliyah join the boys and one or two of the older girls in weapons training. In Deloran there was honour for women who fought.

10 years passed and Aliyah had never gotten picked on again. Her comrades became her family, and they all looked after one another. When she turned 18 she was set in charge of her troop of 200; a year later she'd been forced to endure her first battle; 2 years after of near constant war, her city had been invaded and burnt to the ground. Most of the civilians had escaped and sought shelter in the neighbouring lands. Like Amenia, Elania, here too in Xel.*

Having a large pitcher of ale in her hands, she approached the rowdy table with apprehension. They hadn't spotted her when she'd entered, but now she surveyed her drunken friends with what would've been amusement, if they had chosen their companions more carefully.

If they'd been mere soldiers she would not have bothered, but she knew rank when she saw it and everyone of them held it.

Reina looked up and jumped from one of the warriors laps to throw her arms around her.

"Aliyah you look so different! And your hair, you look sooo pretty." Aliyah endured her friends' foolish exclamations by grinding her teeth. She'd tell her off later, but she could see after she'd been released no harm had been done.

"Introductions!" a deep male voice enthused.

"Right," Reina piped up, "This gorgeous man here is Orilios". By this she meant the one with piercing blue eyes, next she pointed to who Mari was straddled across, "this is...eh?" She looked to him for help and he took over the introductions for her.

Damians' eyes were also blue, but warmer and they smiled at her in appreciation.

'Trust Mari to get her hands on the gorgeous one,' she thought wearily.

She hadn't been listening to a single thing being said until, her eyes roved to the man she'd sprinted from.

' She was beautiful', Thinking to himself as he smiled brilliantly at her before Reina pushed her forcefully into his arms.

Ali, however scowled and was about to leap from his grasp when Reina chimed in with a plausible excuse.

"Sorry Ali, there's no more seats, and anyway I wouldn't complain." Ali was stunned into silence, and she turned to look into his eyes. He was all white teeth, dimples and solid muscle. Her insides coiled in sexual attraction.

The drink flowed and she started to relax. When Jorvais talked, his lips were close to her ear and she shut her eyes when goose bumps rose across the back of her neck, and a delicious shiver went down her spine.

She wondered if he could feel the blade she'd wrapped to the side of her leg, or the one at her side. It was later when she felt, a stealthy hand sliding against her skin that relieved her of her weapon, did she get her answer. His hand came around her middle, pulling her against rippling muscle and his other hand gently clasped her free hand. It all looked very natural but Damian caught her eye, and gave her an understanding shrug, repositioning Mari, he raised his mug to her and drank deeply.

She tightened again when she tried to pull her hand from his grasp. He leaned in and brushed his stubbled chin against her ear. His baritone sent an ache straight to her groin.

She hadn't even listened to him, she just wriggled on his knee. She could feel her pussy getting wet, and then his voice registered.

"Aliyah, I said you may have them back once we are out of the tavern. None of us mean any of you any harm. You however should have known better than to come armed into this part of the city."

'The gall of him', she thought until he shifted her again, and she was sitting on one leg and she had to stifle a moan.

As she straddled his leg he deliberately moved so as her pussy rubbed along his leg. He could feel the heat their through his trousers and he wouldn't be surprised if she was already wet. The other two could share their girls, because Jorvais would be damned if anyone else was going to impale her before he did.

His fingers found their way under her top again, and he caressed her soft skin. His palm stretched the span of her stomach, monitoring the other girls advanced stages of intoxication. He was free to nuzzle her neck. Aliyah guzzled her ale, and once she'd finished hers, she picked up his and downed the contents. Watching her efforts, amused he pressed his lips to her neck.

"Reerdon, it's once again time to pay your lovely lady a visit."

Mari began to cackle and Jorvais laughed heartily at Reerdons' disgust. Forlornly he rose to his feet, but not understanding Aliyah frowned at him in confusion.

She had a nervous feeling in the pit of her stomach and she knew from experience her instincts were never off. Reina was going to get the fucking she'd been moaning about for the last 3 weeks, and Mari, well from the look on Damians face, he could charm a girl into do doing anything he wanted. He caught her staring at him again, and this time winked at her. She felt Jorvais rumble in amusement behind her.

Aliyah turned her blushes and looked away. Jorvais started moving his leg up and down, he could feel the damp from her pussy and he locked eyes with Damian once again.

'Maybe she'd enjoy an audience', he thought.

Ali whimpered, as deep inside her pussy ached. She'd started to ride his thigh without even realising it. When he moved his leg, it sent a zing all through her and she now trembled slightly...

It had been too long since she'd been with anyone and she was willing to beg this man to take her.

"Would you like me to lick your pussy for you Reina?" She heard Orilios ask a very horny Reina. Ali shut her eyes and shuddered to what Reina might say in response. Whatever she decided to say, Ali knew from previous experience it would undoubtedly be pure filth.

She smiled back at him fiendishly, and thoughtfully surveyed the table for a moment. Licking her lips she fixed them on Elcan and responded. "I'd be more than happy for you to lick my aching, tight pussy."

Elcan felt his shaft throb in anticipation. He knew an invite when he saw one. Reina would fit into Xel well. Orilios smiled darkly at her, and Reina never one to be cowed or intimidated, threw her back and shouted.

"Oh boys, I can't wait!"


Closing time came too soon, and we all wondered down the street. We got to one of main buildings and passed several guards outside the entrance. The place was alive with chatter, women's laughter and men in various states of dress.

Mari and I exchanged nervous glances and I stopped on my heels.

Taking her hand, I rounded on Damian and Jorvais who had been walking behind. I took a deep breath and swallowed. Facing the two of them down, I instinctively took a step back. My eyes flickered on our surroundings, and wondered how I would get us out of here if things were to turn nasty.

"What's wrong Ali?" Damian took a small step forward looking slightly concerned.

"Reina may be into gang bangs and all sorts but Mari and I do not do multiple partners!" My voice rang down the corridor and stairwell.

"That's just as well because I have no intention of letting another near, the only cock you'll be banging tonight gorgeous, is mine." Hearing Jorvais' dark and frank words made me flush and my pussy clench. I was stunned into silence. I'd never been spoken to like that by a man before and it made me hotter than I could've imagined. I knew if I thought about it too much, my core desires would shame me beyond redemption.

"Damian?" Mari asked timidly.

"Honestly little flower, if one of the others had expressed an interest to watch me pleasuring you I'd have acquiesced, but you are mine for this night to pleasure, and on my honour no other shall lay a hand on you..." He brushed past me caught her in a kiss that I imagined would be making her toes curl. I couldn't tear my eyes from them.

Damian threw me a backward glance and swept Mari into his arms and carried her giggling up the stairs.

Jorvais frowned angrily, unimpressed by the interest Ali was showing in Damian. He'd satisfy his anger by coercing her into sucking Damians' cock, while he took her pussy. That however, would be much later...

Startled, Ali saw the dark look on his face and thinking she'd made him angry, made her cream even more. "This way..."


He steered her down a long corridor to a much quieter part of the building. His chambers were at the very end of corridor, and once he'd unlocked the door and ushered her inside, she looked around impressed. The burgundy rugs covered the floor breaking up the stone, and the large balcony draped in black curtains, certainly set the place off. For a moment, she eyed the balcony; her wicked imagination visualising the possibilities.

She risked a quick look over and gasped. A broad warrior two stories down, and across in another building, was busy pounding a pretty red head over the railing. He was wearing full armour. He had his cock shuttling in and out of the girl while her eyes were scrunched tightly shut, and from the way she was moving she was in the middle of excruciating rapture.

The soldier suddenly looked up and caught me. Arrogantly he lifted a hand and saluted me.

'I watched her pale small pointy breasts bobbing up and down, Jorvais came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me. "You like to watch?" He stated. I felt my face flush. I was too mortified to move. The warrior bellow grinned at me again wickedly, enjoying my predicament.

The girl sobbed below when her warrior slowed his thrusts. She had been just on the edge. I felt Jorvais pulling up my skirt and I struggled for a moment, and then froze caught in the warriors evil grinning gaze. 'The pair of bastards', I groaned.

He murmured his approval when he felt no under things. My shaved pussy was on show and I whimpered as he tortured me with the barest of caresses against my lips.

"Please..." I whimpered.

I'd never begged anyone for anything in my life, and now here I was being masturbated for a total stranger.

He slid his index finger between my sticky wet folds and found my clit. I jumped and gasped when he touched it. Jorvais rumbled his amusement in my ear. My knees were giving way, but he locked my arms to my side and held me up. He then threaded his knee between my legs to stop me from closing them.

"Beg me Aliyah. Beg me and I may let you cum."

His words horrified me, and he chuckled when a gush of cream trickled from my pussy. Despite his words, he started on my clit again, in tight little circles. All my senses were honed in on that one delicious spot and without any other stimulation I'd climax a lot sooner. The girl bellow was pleading and sobbing to cum. Her shrieks were drawing quite a bit of attention. My back arched as I climbed higher and higher, my pussy was ready to explode.

"Remember, you won't cum unless you beg..." His voice alone upped my heat and I sobbed. I was nearly there. I knew he'd stop. He wanted to hear it, and by the minute the girl bellow was getting louder and louder. The warrior was still watching me grinning. He stopped mid-thrust for a second, and then shoved in hard making the poor girl scream.

"Please." I whispered a harsh tortured whisper. "I'll do anything you want, just please let me cum."

He groaned and I felt his massive bulge press forward into my ass. He kept to his word, and pressed more firmly on my button. Just as I was about to crest, he yanked up my shirt and twisted my nipple. I cried out, louder than I'd ever have wanted to. The girl bellow looked up at me in astonishment. Her warrior had decided it was her turn, and he began thrumming her clit and riding her hard.

Her shocked expression disappeared in exquisite agony. Jorvais however kept going until I came a second time, and all the while I writhed and gasped and sobbed.

When it was over I slumped over the railing. Jorvais began kissing my neck and I groaned and swayed. The girl gave a weak smile and a half hearted wave as we were both carried inside to different rooms...

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