tagLoving WivesWas He Guilty? Ch. 03

Was He Guilty? Ch. 03

byDG Hear©

Please read the previous chapters to make it easier to follow the story. Also a big thank you to Estragon for editing this story.

Chapter 3

Jeff speaks:

"At around five o'clock I got a call from Darcy. She reminded me that she wouldn't be coming home before going shopping and to the movies with Shauna. I was debating with myself whether I was going to follow her again but I had no idea where she was going.

"When they go shopping it's usually at the mall and the theatre is there also. She said she hoped to be home by midnight depending on what time the movie let out. I told her I loved her and would probably be in bed and see her in the morning.

"It was about ten minutes later when I got a call from Bob. 'Hey Jeffery,' he said in a very demeaning way.

"'What do you want Bob?' He knew I didn't care for him.

"'Is that anyway to treat a friend?' he laughed. 'Brad, told us about how he fucked Darcy on your honeymoon. He said she was one nice piece of ass and loved his cock.'

"'What the fuck do you want you piece of shit?' I asked.

"'Brad took the night off and we are going to Mark's cabin to fuck your little wife.'

"'Bullshit! She wouldn't go near your scabby ass. Just go fuck yourself,' I said.

"'Hold on good Buddy. Brad told us about the mole on her left thigh right next to her pussy. We told her if she lets us fuck her tonight we would keep it a secret. Just thought her husband should know where his little slut wife is.' He laughed and hung up

"I didn't believe him but it really pissed me off. I called Darcy's number, it was the same number that Bob called me from. I could tell from the caller id. The phone rang and rang. Finally, Cindy, another girl in the office answered. I asked to speak to Darcy but Cindy said she already left. She said she was going shopping and to a movie with a friend.

"I asked if anyone else had just used her phone and Cindy said Bob did. He was calling me to come up to Mark's cabin to go fishing, at least that's what Darcy had told her. When I asked to speak to Bob again, she said he went back out to the factory to clock out."

"Ok Jeff, exactly what did you do next? This is very important," I explained.

"I tried calling Darcy's cell but it was turned off. She usually turns it off while she is at work. I guess she forgot to turn it back on."

"Then what did you do?" I asked.

"I was pissed but yet worried so I called Shauna. I asked her if Brad went to work that day. She said, 'No, he took the day off to go fishing at Mark's cabin with Bob'. I asked her what time was she going shopping with Darcy. She said Darcy had called and told her she couldn't make it that night, that she had other plans. When I asked her what other plans she said she didn't know.

"Did you tell her that Bob called you and what he said?"

"Yes, she said she didn't believe me. Darcy wouldn't do such a thing and Brad promised that his extra curricular sex was over ever since Las Vegas. I told her I was going to Mark's cabin to find out for sure. She asked me to pick her up and she would go with me. She said she had to see this with her own eyes."

"So you're saying you went and picked up Shauna and the two of you went out to the cabin. It that correct?"

"First I went down the basement and got a machete out of my gun and knife collection."

"What did you want to take a machete with you? Why didn't you just take a gun?"

"I was only going to use the machete as protection. I wasn't planning on killing anyone. I thought if I took a gun and saw anyone fucking Darcy, I'd probably shoot them."

"So you're saying, you took a machete and went over to pick up Shauna and went to the cabin?"

"I was pretty messed up when I arrived at Shauna's. She give me a couple of pills and a beer to calm me down. She said she wasn't going to ride with a madman."

I would like to explain a couple of things. It was approximately a twenty- minute drive to Mark's cabin and about another ten minutes to get to the mall using the back roads from the cabin.

"Ok Jeff, what happened next? Don't leave out anything."

"Shauna and I drove out to the cabin. For some reason I wasn't feeling too well. Shauna must have noticed it and asked if I wanted her to drive. I told her it was only a few more miles, I can make it. I have to admit I really wasn't feeling well."

"So what happened when you got to the cabin?"

"I saw three cars there. Brad's, Mark's and Bob's. I looked around but didn't see Darcy's car. I felt good about that. I took my machete and went to the front door. I could hardly walk, I felt so drowsy. I held onto the door handle just to stand up."

"Where was Shauna during this time?"

"I don't know. I don't remember if she even got out of the car."

"So, did you knock or just walk into the cabin?"

"I opened the door and couldn't believe what I saw. The next thing I remember was passing out."

"What did you see before passing out?"

"All three guys were laying in puddles of blood on the floor. I don't know what happened to them at the time. All I knew is I saw a bloody mess and then passed out."

"What happened when you woke up? How long were you passed out?

"I believe I was out for about an hour; I'm not really sure. When I woke up I went crazy. All three men were still lying on the floor. I could now tell they were each shot in the chest. Now it was even worse. All three had their heads nearly decapitated. It was done with my machete which was lying next to me."

"Where was Shauna when you woke up?"

"I don't know, she wasn't there. I don't remember anything after opening the door."

"What did you do next?"

"I was going crazy. I was totally covered in blood. I looked next to the machete and it was my gun that was used to shoot them and my machete was used to cut them up. I panicked and grabbed my gun and machete and ran to my car."

"Why didn't you call the police?"

"I wasn't in my right mind, I just wanted to get out of there. I jumped and my car and drove away as fast as I could. When I got to the highway the police stopped me. They put in their report that I was speeding and driving erratic."

"What happened when they saw you covered in blood and saw the gun and machete covered with blood on the seat?"

"They pulled their guns and told me to get out of the car and lay on the street. I did what they asked. I was almost too scared to talk. They called for backup and in a couple of minutes there were four squad cars and an ambulance surrounding us.

"One officer put cuffs on me and they put me in the ambulance. He asked me what happened and I told him they were dead. I could hardly talk straight. I had a hard time talking but I told them where Mark's cabin was. The ambulance driver told the officer that he couldn't see where I was injured. He didn't believe any of the blood was mine.

"He was instructed to take me to the county jail as cruisers headed to Marks cabin."

"I kept telling them that I didn't do anything. I tried to explain but no one believed me. One officer gave me my Miranda Rights and told me I better be quiet till I saw an attorney.

"My clothes were taken and I was hosed down to get rid of the excess blood. I was given some clothes to put on and led to a jail cell. The following day I was charged with three counts of first-degree murder. They let me call Darcy and she was crying and said she would get a lawyer right away.

"It was the last time I was able to see Darcy till the trial three months later. My lawyer asked for an insanity plea and the judge sent me to the psychiatrist who found me sane to stand trial. We then changed my plea to not guilty.

"Joe," he said to me. "I didn't do it. I swear I didn't kill those men. I thought Darcy and Shauna were on my side till my lawyer told me that when he talked to them that their stories were quite different than mine. It was funny that Darcy sat behind me during the whole trial often crying. The first thing I noticed when she walked into the courtroom was that she was four months pregnant. She did tell my lawyer that it was my son.

"I knew about the baby while waiting for the trial but it was still a surprise to see her in that condition. Even though I didn't see Darcy she wrote me often. I cried when she told me she was pregnant with our child. My mind was nothing but a cluster fuck for months. I couldn't think straight and had no memory of what the hell happened at Mark's cabin.

"My parents attended the trial and were praying for me but I guess there was just too much evidence against me. Darcy talked to them regularly, seeing she was carrying their only grandchild. No matter what they believe about Darcy, they wanted to see their grandson."

"It might have been a mistake but my lawyer had me sign a power of attorney and he gave it to Darcy. That way she could pay our bills and take care of things. I signed it before I found out she lied on the stand, but it was actually Shauna who put the hammer to my case. She said she never went with me to the cabin. I had no witnesses."


"Jeff, before I go through most of the evidence with you and you can say what you believe are lies and what's the truth in your opinion, would you mind telling me about your situation and what you know about your family? It's been six months since your trial."

"Needless to say I live the life of a convicted criminal while the real killers go free. Darcy stayed in touch with me after the trial. She wrote me pretty faithfully till after our son was born. I guess I cried the first time she showed me pictures of my baby boy. He was so tiny.

"Mom and dad were at the hospital along with Shauna when he was born. She named him Jeffrey Michael Johnson. She only came to see me twice after he was born. I don't hear anything from her anymore."

"I don't understand. Jeff. Why did she stop communicating with you and what about your son?"

"When she came to see me I asked her how come she lied to me. She told me she didn't lie. Everything she said at the trial was true. She said it was me who had lied, not her, but she stuck with me through the trial because of the baby."

"So is she and the baby still living at your condo?

"Darcy's living at the condo along with Shauna. She told me the last time she came here that she wasn't going to raise the baby by herself. She gave the baby to my mom and dad to raise. They were more than willing to take him. How can a mother give up her baby like that? She has all the money to give little Jeff a good life.

"I guess I should let you know that my dad had a DNA test done on the baby as soon as it was born. He is my little boy.

"Because of the power of attorney I signed she has everything. Everything I owned and all my savings accounts were put in her name only. Dad tried to put a stop to it but he didn't have any legal grounds and she was going to take little Jeff from them.

"She gave them the rights of guardianship over little Jeff if dad would stop going after her to save my assets. They chose to save the life of my child. Since I was an only child it would be the only grandchild they would ever have. Dad made sure she gave up her parental rights to even see him."

"You had mentioned or at least your lawyer had suggested that Shauna and maybe even Darcy were the murderers. Do you really believe this? What did they have to gain killing three men and if so, why didn't they kill you?"

"Yes, I do believe they did it. I'll explain my theory later but they did it for the money. Let me began with Shauna. She is a slut. Right from the beginning she was enticing me to have sex with her. I have no idea if she was the same way with other men. The more I thought about it, the more I believe she and Darla set me up."

"Isn't that grasping at straws, Jeff?"

"Not at all. I've had plenty of time to replay my life over and over in my head. It was Shauna who seduced me at her house that first night. Every time I danced with her she was pulling me to her tits. She was the one that asked me to go along the night in Las Vegas. She really didn't want me, she was setting me up. I'm sure Darcy was in on it too."

"She didn't love Brad but she liked the rough sex he gave her. At the house I could hear her and Darcy talk. They often made fun of Brad and his friends. They use to say they could make them do anything. I guess I never thought about it much because I didn't care for the guys that much, but they didn't deserve to die the way they did."

"So how did Shauna make out financially?" I asked.

"I get a lot of information from letters in prison. Hard to believe I have people writing me all the time and it isn't always hate mail. I heard that Shauna bought a hundred thousand dollar term life policy on Brad shortly after they were married. It paid double for accidental death. That's two hundred thousand dollars.

"His insurance at work was worth fifty thousand which also paid double for accidental death giving her another one hundred thousand dollars. Plus she got ownership of everything they owned. Believe me, she sitting pretty comfortable."

"Let's talk about Darcy. What did she gain? Do you feel she did it for money? If you believe she was involved in killing these men why did she let you live? Why not kill you also?"

At this point, I was just trying to get all of Jeff's ideas and opinions out. There was nothing in the evidence to say that Darcy was lying or in anyway responsible for anyone's death. I wanted to see how Jeff saw this whole scenario. Both Darcy and Shauna were questioned time and time again but they both had very good alibis.

"Joe, I have never talked to anyone about what I'm about to say to you. I do believe Darcy was involved. There could be a number of reasons why I wasn't killed but I'm still not sure why.

"It's like there is something out there that hasn't been found out yet. I have no idea what it is. I will say that to this day I may be a wimp, but I still love Darcy but hate her for ruining our family that might have been. Everything was going so well until she ended it all that one night.

"Financially, she is set for life. I had over a quarter of a million dollars in stocks and bonds. Actually I still have them but she has control over everything through that power of attorney. Our condo, which she now lives in with Shauna, is valued at over three hundred thousand dollars.

"My dad had set me up great at the bank for the next three years. I will be drawing a paycheck of eighty thousand a year for three years even though I won't even be there. The money gets automatically deposited in our checking account which Darcy has control of.

"It's ironic that she doesn't just take the money and run. She is living a normal life just as though we were still together. She'll never divorce me because of the pre-nup. If I even try to divorce her she would just take everything anyway.

"I also know my gun and knife collection are worth a lot of money. She hasn't tried to sell anything. If I were being honest, I'd say as mental as she is and I do believe she has some real problems. I believe she loves me. I know after all this shit happened between us, I believe Darcy loves me, as hard as it is to believe.

"Maybe not in the beginning but us being together and making love, I think we really grew on each other. Somehow, someway she had an ulterior plan and was going to carry it out regardless of her feelings for me. I believe Little Jeff was an accident she didn't plan on. She cared for him too much to abort him but at the same time didn't want him. I feel that's why she gave her parental rights to my parents.

"Looking back I think she had a hatred for my dad. She talked nice to him and all but I think she had some deep-rooted hate for him. I have no proof but I could always feel it in my gut. My mom and she always got along and I believe she knew mom loved Little Jeff and would give him a good life.

"You have to understand that I have proof of nothing but my gut feelings. I doubt we will ever find out the truth. I have nothing to hide and nothing to gain. I just decided that I want my story told. Maybe someday someone will look back and say, 'You know that Jeff Johnson really was telling the truth.' Maybe I'll live long enough to see some sort of justice."

Chapter 4 out soon. Story is finished

Lots of twists and turns yet to come.

Comments are welcome and appreciated.

DG Hear

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