tagLoving WivesWas He Guilty? Ch. 05

Was He Guilty? Ch. 05

byDG Hear©

The last chapter. Thank you to Estragon for his editing and making this story a much better read.

Chapter 5

When I got home after visiting with Darcy and Shauna I couldn't help thinking about them. I now know what Jeff felt like. When you see and talk to women like them our brain turns to mush and all you can think about is sex. My wife walked in the room and I kissed her.

"What brought that on?" she asked. "Did you go to a porno movie or something?"

"The kids aren't here, let's go have a nooner." She laughed but I took her in my arms and I kissed her again.

She didn't have the body of Darcy or Shauna but she looked good and she was mine. We went in the bedroom and I began taking off her blouse.

"Joe, what's gotten in to you?"

"I want to make love to my wife, is that so bad?"

"Have you been writing your dirty stories again?" she laughed.

When I wrote some of my stories I would get hot thinking about the steaming sex. Usually I would have sex with Julie my wife those nights. I just told her yes, I was writing. I wasn't about to tell her I just left the home of two hot babes in bikinis.

I left her panties on and my jockeys as we got on the bed. I began making love to her. I think she thought it was just going to be a quickie but I was going to give her a workout. I sucked and kissed her breasts while sliding my hand up and down her midsection; she was getting hot.

I moved down and began kissing her belly. She began to moan lightly. I slipped off her panties very quickly and got between her spread legs.

"Joe, No! Don't! I haven't showered yet?"

I didn't care how clean her pussy was right then. She was my wife and I truly love her. I spread her legs and buried my face deep into her pussy. I thought about how Jeff told me he ate Darcy's pussy and I wanted to do the same to my wife. I was using my tongue and rubbing her clit with my thumb.

"Joe what has gotten into you? God! It feels so good." It wasn't long before she was totally into it. I kept eating her out, I didn't stop even as her orgasm began. I kept sucking on her pussy. It's been a very long time since I last did this with Julie. I sucked and sucked on her pussy lips, getting her juices all over my mouth and face."

"Fuck me you horny bastard!" screamed Julie. I quickly dropped my pants and she spread her legs for me, and my cock slid right in.

I didn't know what got in to me but I fucked my wife into another orgasm. This one was even larger than the last. I pushed my cock deep into her; her legs high in the air. I held my cock against her pussy and came, loads. She even screamed out. In another minute it was all over. We were both covered in sweat.

"Joe, what brought that on? We haven't had sex like that since I don't know when. Probably before our kids were born. Joey's already eight and Mandy is six. Is there something we need to talk about? I'll admit I loved it but something had to bring this on."

"Let's both take a shower and I'll try to explain. You better go first; if we take one together I can't promise it won't happen in the shower," I smiled at Julie.

After we both sat down and were drinking a cup of coffee I explained to her that I had gone over to talk to Jeff Johnson's wife.

"Why would you do that?" asked Julie. "I thought you were done with writing about that case."

"I don't know. On the outside it looks like a neatly tied package. I believe there is something wrong. All the evidence leads to Jeff Johnson's guilt but those two women were just too cool and calm. You know, like way over- confident."

"Ok, what were they wearing when you saw them?" asked Julie. There's nothing I could get past my wife.

"Both had on bikinis and weren't afraid to show off their body. Everything about their looks that Jeff said is true. They could easily draw most any man into their web."

"So you think they are like the black widow spider?"

"Honey, I do. I know there is more to this case. I have to go help open a new store in Illinois next week and I thought I might see if I can find out anything. Darcy was from Illinois."

"Joe, promise me you will never see these women again. The after sex was the best but I'm worried about you. If they did kill these men, they might consider you a threat to them." Julie hugged and kissed me.

"I promise. I will do some on-line checking and see if I can find anything at the library in Illinois but I promise to stay away from Darcy and Shauna."

"Can we still have the after sex?" asked Julie with a smile.

"That I can promise you. I might have taken you for granted since we've been married almost ten years, but never again. I'm going to make love to you till you tell me to stop."

"It will never happen," said Julie. "You'll never wear me out."

God! I love that woman. Looking at a case like this made me realize how good I had it.


I did go to Illinois the following week. We were opening up a new store and I was there to help train the new personnel. I would end up with a lot of free time, which I would use to check out Darcy's past. I hoped I could find a reason for the death of these men. Right now it sure seems like revenge killing done by Jeff. He just seemed so adamant that he didn't do it.

I had already talked to Jeff's father and he gave me everything he could find on Darcy till he hit a solid wall with her childhood papers being sealed. He did have the high school and college she attended. He had a background check done but there were no violations of any kind. I figured I would start there.

I went to the local library and found the yearbook section. In her junior year I found Darcy's name in it but listing (not pictured). I guess Darcy didn't have the money to buy pictures. I was lucky enough to find a number of pictures of her in group shots. She was in different choirs and listed in the drama club.

In the senior pictures it was the same way, no photos. But again she was in a number of choirs and starred in their senior drama. I skimmed through the issue, jotting down names, hoping I might be able to find a couple of old classmates to talk to.

I was surprised when I came across the name Shauna Rosenkvist. She was an exchange student from Denmark. It showed her picture and there was no doubt it was Brad Skinner's wife. I tried to remember at the wedding what her last name was. It was something shorter like Land or Lune. Then it came to me. Her last name at the wedding was Lund, she was Shauna Lund now Skinner.

It made me wonder if she might have been married before or why the name change. Now I had some information from which to ask a few questions. I asked the lady at the library if she knew any of the names I decided to start with.

The first thing she said was she remembers seeing on the TV where Darcy's husband killed a number of people. I guess I should have expected that a lot of people probably watched the trial since Darcy was from their town. Because of the prominence of the case, even though it was over eight months ago, people were willing to talk to me.

Everyone said about the same thing. In her junior year Darcy was a loner. She didn't seem to have a lot of friends and, even though she was in the drama club and choir, she never hung out with the other students.

I will say that a number of the guys that were acquainted with her thought she was a fox and asked her out but said she didn't seem to date. One guy mentioned that she was a foster child and one time when he talked to her she mentioned where she lived. It was with a Dolly and Ed Davis.

I found Dolly and Ed Davis in the phone book and went to talk with them. They were an older couple who raised foster children most of their life. They agreed to talk to me. Darcy had lived with them for only two years. It was her junior and senior years of high school.

They said she was a really troubled girl. Her parents were killed when she was three years old and she was put in the foster care system. They had told me that many of the kids they'd got had been abused even by their care givers. Before she came to them, she had stabbed a man for trying to molest her.

I wasn't surprised to hear that many kids going through the system were abused. She was released when it was found out she did it in self-defense.

The problem is there were no witnesses and the man didn't press charges. He said he was just joking and playing with Darcy. He didn't mean anything by it. She pulled a knife out of the kitchen drawer and stabbed him.

They talked with her and she wouldn't tell anyone if she was molested before that time but Dolly said she was pretty sure she had been.

They said Darcy was a real loner. The following year they also took in an exchange student, Shauna Rosenkvist, who came from Denmark. "From the day she moved in Darcy seemed like a new person. In looks they were complete opposites but both were beautiful in their own way. They soon became the best of friends. We were so happy for both of them."

"Did they spend a lot of time together?" I asked.

"They were like Siamese twins, stuck together at the hip. I swear, wherever one went the other one was right there too. Darcy's grades went up and she even got accepted at a number of colleges. She was really a smart girl. We were really proud of her. I mean she did a complete turn around. I think Shauna had a lot to do with it."

"Do you know anything about her childhood?" I asked.

"Not really, her mom and step father was killed when she was three. After that it was one foster home after another. We usually take older troubled teens. We try to show them love and help them into adulthood. We're in our sixties now so we're too old to keep up with any more of them. We do get a number of them that come back and say hi once in awhile."

I thanked the Davis's for telling me about Darcy and Shauna. They did say that Darcy was sad when Shauna had to go back to Denmark. She had told Darcy that she would be back. I also found out that this older couple never followed the trial on TV. I wasn't about to tell them any bad news. I just mentioned that she applied for a position where I work and since I was in the area I was talking to her references.

I was back at the library finding out who it was that Darcy stabbed. His name was Chester Williams. When I brought up his name on the computer it said he was deceased. He was shot in a holdup. He owned a party store that was robbed. What was odd is that after being shot he had a butcher knife stuck in his chest. The thieves got away with an undisclosed amount of money.

I checked further and found out that it was two years after he was stabbed by Darcy. It would have been her senior year. Darcy was questioned because of the prior stabbing but she had an alibi. She and Shauna had been shopping at the mall and had receipts showing their purchases. Boy, that sounded familiar.

I still had a lot of questions but I was making a little progress. Dolly Davis did have a good question. Darcy got a number of scholarship offers in Illinois but she chose to go to a Technical college in a small city, Newark, Ohio. They were rather surprised since it was only a two-year degree program.

According to Dolly, Darcy wanted to get away from Illinois and start a new life where no one knew her. I had to wonder why she picked Ohio also. It wasn't as though she knew anyone or did she?

I wanted to find out more about her mother. Jeff had told me she was raised by her mother till she was three. At least that's what she was told. I went back to the library and looked in the newspaper achieves to when Darcy was about three. I was looking for accident reports. I wasn't having any luck using the last name Adams.

I went week by week at each accident report. I came across a husband and wife killed in an auto accident. They were Carl and Meredith Holder. I pulled up the article and it mention that the couple were killed when they hit another vehicle driven by Harold Johnson.

According to the article a third person in the vehicle was a little girl, three year old Darcy Adams, the mother's daughter. She was taken to the hospital with superficial wounds and turned over to children's services.

I was totally surprised when I continued the article and found out that Harold Johnson was from Newark, Ohio. I then realized it was Jeff's dad whose vehicle collided with the Holder vehicle. No one would have realized it because of the name difference of Darcy's mother.

The article went on to say that Carl Holder had run a red light. He was also intoxicated. There were no witnesses that saw the actual accident. It was Mr. Johnson who said Carl ran the red light, hit his vehicle on the right side rear and ended up hitting a light pole. He and his wife were killed instantly. Mrs. Holder's head was nearly decapitated.

This answered a lot of questions. I was sure Mr. Johnson never realized that Darcy was the daughter of the people killed in the car accident twenty years before. I figured sometime in her junior or senior year that Darcy went hunting for her past and found this same article. It would explain why she might want to move to Newark, Ohio. I could picture a plan of hate and revenge starting to form in her mind.

I made a copy of all the information I had found in Illinois and wrote down the conversations I had with different people. I was now wondering how Shauna ended up marrying Brad and was it a coincidence that Jeff and Darcy met? I could think of so many scenarios it would make me dizzy. I guess that's what being a writer does to you.

When I got home I showed Julie all the information I had found out. Instead of being happy she was scared.

"Joe, can't you just drop it now? You wrote your story; it's over now, let's just go on with our life."

"What's the matter Julie? I thought you would be proud of me for being able to find this information."

"Joe, I'm scared. If these women were possibly involved with the death of other people and you say they were involved in this case, they might come after our family. The case is finished; you kept your word and wrote the story, can't you just let it go now?"

"Honey, everything is fine. I'll just do a little checking in my spare time. You know me, I can't let it go after finding these past details. I promise I'll keep a low profile."

"Promise me that you won't go back and see these woman."

"Oh, a little jealous are we?" I know she wasn't but I was trying to inject a little humor.

"Don't be funny Joe! You know these women could be dangerous and if they know you're still checking up on them...." She had tears in her eyes.

"Honey, it's ok. I promise not to go see them again. I'll just do a little on- line checking. I promise not to visit them again. I would never let anything happen to our family. I would never put you or the kids in harm's way."

"I'm just afraid you might have already. Just be careful Joe. This isn't one of your fantasies from your books. This is our life we're talking about."

I hugged and kissed my wife. I could feel she was nervous and worried. I would do whatever it takes to protect my family. I also knew I couldn't leave this story hanging. I was going to find out some more answers.

I had a friend, well not really a friend but a fellow author who lived in Denmark, that I talked to on line a few times. It was just a chat room where authors would ask different questions and get help with their writing. I wrote to her (I think she was a she), but you never know for sure when writers use aliases. But, her A/V showed a woman in panties. Back to the subject.

I asked SweetMaj, that's her writer name, if she could do me a favor and check out the names Shauna Lund and Shauna Rosenkvist. I explained I was writing a true story, and needed some background on this woman. She went by these two names. I explained whatever she could find out would be appreciated.

I couldn't believe how quickly she got back to me. Apparently she knew some high level people or worked for the government.

She told me that Shauna Rosenkvist was an orphan. Her parents were killed in an auto accident when she was ten. She lived with her grandparents for two years, but they just couldn't handle her. She had become a wild child. Boy, that sounded familiar.

She became a ward of the court and went from one foster home to another. The government promised her that for her senior year in their high school system, she could be an exchange student and take her senior year in the United States, but she had to get her temper under control.

That's what she did. She came to the US for one year on a student visa. I knew what happened that year from fellow students and from talking to her host family the Davis's.

SweetMaj told me, that according to her records, she came back the following year. She went to school for cosmetology, which she had began in the US. She wanted to earn enough money and move to the US.

She married Victor Lund three months after returning to Denmark. There wasn't much information about their marriage except that Mr. Lund was an t accountant and was forty years old. Quite different from the twenty year old Shauna.

According the records Victor was killed three months later in a car accident. He ran into a telephone pole after his tire blew out. No foul play was suspected. He left his entire estate, which was only a hundred thousand dollars, to his new wife, Shauna Lund. Six months later she had sold everything she had and went back to the US.

"Since then we received notice where she applied for citizenship in the US five months ago. I hope this information helps you out," SweetMaj e-mailed me.

I thanked SweetMaj and told her it helped me out immensely. My gut reactions and my thoughts were now fitting together.


Putting all my notes together, I was able to compile quite a picture of these two wayward girls and now very rich women. I did some local checking since I had names, dates, and more information.

Julie asked me when I was going to stop so we could get back to our normal lives. I explained that I was just putting the finishing touches on the information I had found out. I let her know that she could be the first to read my theory.

I did my best to do my writing in the evening after my family went to bed. I knew this case was bothering Julie ever since I talked to the women. She told me I was getting too involved. She was right but I had to see it to the end. I promised her that I would not communicate with Darcy or Shauna in any way.

Most of what I'm writing here is my thoughts and feeling on the relationship of these two women. Most of the information can be proven.

I did continue checking up on their pasts by any means necessary. I found out that Darcy had gotten a roommate to help share an apartment for her second year of college. It just so happened to be Shauna Lund. While Darcy was at college, Shauna finished taking her cosmetology course and got her certificate.

She worked out of a salon close to the college. It was said by customers that she was quite good. She also had a lot of men getting their hair cut there also. It had more to do with her looks than for the haircuts.

Darcy had started at the manufacturing plant. She had no problem getting hired. Besides being gorgeous she had exceptional secretarial skills. She had become quite popular and did date a few guys. As I mentioned earlier, there was no one she was serious about.

Shauna must have talked with her about her visa running out again. Darcy helped her file the necessary papers for citizenship. They were afraid they might not have enough time before her visa would run out. That's when Darcy came up with the suggestion that she get married. It would then give her time to finish studying and taking the citizenship test. She would help her study.

Now all they needed was a sucker, someone who thought he was god's gift to women. Darcy had dated Brad a couple of times and was sure he would be the perfect patsy. She also knew that he had graduated with Jeff Johnson, who was her goal to get to know.

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