tagInterracial LoveWas He or Was He Not

Was He or Was He Not


I had just completed a daylong seminar and was preparing to go home. My butt was dragging form sitting all day listening to how to project my image in a group setting. It was one of those human resource things. You know the ones that large corporations make their employees attend.

It was seven in the early evening, in the hotel parking ramp. I was bending over, under the hood of my car; not knowing anything about the engine that I was looking at.

A male voice startled me by asking, "Troubles miss?" Fear overtook my body. I could barely utter, "Yeah."

I lifted myself back out from under the hood and was looking at a man of pure muscle.

"What seems to be the problem, miss?"

"Well it turns over but will not run."

"May I see if I maybe can diagnose the problem or do you prefer to call for other help?"

I saw that he was immaculately dressed in a business suit and holding a brief case. I decided to make use of his generous offer since the alternatives would be more time lost.

I relaxed a little and said, "Yes, that would be so kind of you. Maybe I can get out of here sooner that way instead of waiting around."

"Hop in the car and get ready to start it when I tell to you."

As we passed each other switching positions, his cologne got my attention. It was very appealing. He placed the brief case on the hood of the car parked next to mine, opened it, took something small out, leaned under the hood and after a minute said, "Try it."

It turned over a few times and I stopped when the engine did not start.

The guy backed out from under the hood and said, "Well you have no spark. You will need a tow to a shop so they can diagnose the problem. I checked all the wiring and it appears to be fine. We know you have battery power."

My heart sank as the impact of hearing 'tow' hit me.

"Do you have a number to call or shall we walk into the front desk and ask who they use?"

"I prefer to call daddy. The guys at the front desk have favorites."

"Sounds like the beginning of a plan."

I called my father and he said he would call me back.

"Daddy is going to call me back. Thanks for your help."

"I'm John by the way and you are?"

"I'm sorry my mind is not focused. I am Heather."

"I wish the circumstances to meet you Heather were more pleasant. Do you mind if I hang with you until your father calls back? I might be able to assist you more, depending on what he says."

"No not at all John, I will feel more secure with a man here in this ramp at this hour. By now all the tension that was in me when first hearing his voice was gone."

We were doing minor getting to know you chatter. I was looking him over at the same time. Maybe 6 foot or better, about 190 to 200 pounds, black skin, shaved head, immaculate clothes and fingernails. It was obvious he worked out with no overweight in evidence. He was all pure muscle. My cell interrupted the chat and my sizing him up.

"It's daddy. Yes, Dad, Okay dad. Yes, I am fine. I will wait until the tow truck comes and ride with the guy to his shop and you can meet me there. I will call you from there then so you don't have to sit around and wait."

"Heather, I am sorry I over listened but after the tow is here how about you and I having some dinner. It's late. I would enjoy the company and then being it's a hotel, there will be hundreds of taxis. I will pay for the taxi fee just for you having dinner with me. It will make my meal so much more enjoyable believe me. Please join me."

My mind clicked into gear. I was hungry and tired. It would be late by the time I would be home. Even after the tow, it would be another thirty-minute ride with dad.

"John, since you helped me out I will accept your offer to make your dinner more enjoyable."

I picked up my cell and called dad. "Dad I met a friend and we are going to have dinner and then she will take me home. I will wait for the tow. Oh, he is pulling in now. Thanks Dad. Talk to you tomorrow."

The tow pulled up and the driver asked if I was Heather. I handed him the keys. He walked to the front of the car and pushed the hood down. I heard, "Heather, I am going to push the car into the aisle. When the front end clears the parked cars, turn the wheel as if you were lining it up to go forward. I will then back into the front end and hook up. He handed the keys back to me."

I followed through as he advised.

When he had my car secured he said, "Hop in lady and we will get you and the car to the shop where your dad can pick you up."

"Thanks but to save a lot of people extra effort, I am going home in a taxi, thanks anyway."

"No it is thank you, Heather. I can take the car home then and drop it in the morning on my way to work. Thank you sweetie. I wish all broads were as understanding and sweet as you."

I stood and watched as my car disappeared, walked to John and said, "I'm starving."

He grinned and said, "This place has suburb food on the upper level. Have you ever been up there, Heather?"

"No, John this will be my first time."

"Good, this will be a real treat for you."

We took the elevator up and step into a luxurious restaurant setting. The hostess looked our way, ignored others in line, and approached us. "Good evening Mr. Boston. So nice to see you again and with a guest. This is a memorable occasion. We have never had the pleasure of seeing you with anyone. You are always solo. Permit me to seat you at your special table and we will then place another setting."

I was aglow listening to her. The stares of other customers, particularly the females were of hatred and from the guys, jealousy.

This caused me to wrap my arms into John's arm and to lift my chest up as she escorted us to his table. The purpose of the seminar was to help me to project my image, so I was practicing my lesson, right. I was stunned at the view of the city lights. I froze in my steps. I heard, "Heather, enjoy the view. I am going to my room to drop off this brief case and be right back."

I looked over the city lights below me. I was startled by, "Your drink miss."

My God, John remembered my favorite drink as we were talking at my broken down car.

A menu was offered to me. I was looking it over. My jaw dropped when I saw the prices. To me they were astronomical.

John then appeared and sat. He was in a long sleeve silk black shirt and trouser. He had a beautiful gold necklace. He had the shirt open, down three buttons. I was looking at a fine specimen of a man.

"Heather, look the menu over slowly. Please do not look at the prices. Lock onto something that you would love to try and experience."

I was shocked at what flashed into my brain.

I looked the menu over and made the decision for pheasant under glass. I placed the menu down, which solicited, "It appears you have made a decision. What is your selection, Heather?"

I giggled and said, "The pheasant."

John turned his head and in a flash, there was a waiter. "The lady will have the pheasant, Ambrose, and the usual for me."

My brain was wondering who this guy is. Where does he get this power and the attention he is getting?

Our conversation centered on our younger years until the food arrived.

I heard, "Wine madam?"

My eyes opened and I said, "No thanks."

"Very well madam, enjoy your meals." Madam, what is it with this madam thing?

I noticed John did not take any wine either. He was nursing his martini.

During the meal were talking about our teenage years.

"Heather what is your favorite dessert?"

"My God John, that bird was awesome and I have no room for dessert but thanks anyway."

"I understand but what is your favorite dessert."

"Bing Cherries Jubilee is my favorite."

"Sound delicious, I have never tried that. Care for tea or coffee?"

"No thanks John, it is late, and I better get home."

"Okay Heather but first I want to show you something, then I will go with you for a taxi."

Everyone wished him a pleasant evening. He never even signed anything. Who is he?

The elevator arrived. We stepped in and he placed a key into a lock. My heart skipped wondering what was up.

The doors closed and the elevator moved for maybe thirty seconds and stopped. I was ready to open my mouth to ask what was going on and the doors opened. I was looking into a fabulous living area.

"Come in, this is my home when I am in town."

He did not touch me as he gave me a tour of his home. Well to put it into print would be a book in itself. It was the plushest place I had ever set foot into.

It had three bedrooms, two Jacuzzis; a huge shower that would hold eight to ten people and a huge wet bar along with a dance floor area. It had all the latest high tech movie and sound systems. He even had an office the size of my apartment. My jaw was resting on my chest most of the time.

We walked to the wet bar and he asked what would I like. I said, "Thanks but it's late."

"Come with me. We walked out onto a balcony. Never have I seen such a nighttime view of any city. We were standing shoulder to shoulder. I could not take my eyes off the view. I leaned my head on his shoulder and inhaled the fresh air and the sight I was looking at.

"Heather, I am a wholesaler stock salesman. That is how I make my money. I also have made some wise investments. I have a place like this in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and Chicago. I concentrate my efforts from Chicago west.

His cell rang. He answered, "Please do."

I leaned over onto his shoulder again not wanting to go back to my dreary place.

The cell rang again. He answered and said, "Thank you."

"Come with me Heather." I turned to go into the living room and there was Ambrose, with desserts, smiling at me and motioning for me to sit. God, I needed to get home but....

I sat and woof the dessert went up in flames. It was a Cherry Jubilee, my favorite. I lurched back and we all laughed.

Then I heard, "Heather take a few bites and then I have something to show you and then we can finish the dessert."

I did as he asked. Ambrose pulled the chair and John took my hand and said, "Come with me."

We went into a bedroom and I panicked and turned to run.

He grabbed me and he started to laugh. Come on Heather the tour is not over. He wrapped his arm around me, lifted me off the floor and into another room as I was kicking me feet. My God, the room was a walk in closet with nothing but female items.

"Heather, feel free to spend the night. Every thing in here is new and has never been used. Through that door is a bath. Everything and anything you need or want is here for you to make your overnight stay comfortable. Go to work in the morning in a new outfit and feel good. I am sure you can find many things that will fit you. There is a tote that you can place today's clothes in if you so choose to accept my offer. I hope you do accept my offer and would love to have dinner with you again tomorrow. If you do elect to stay, in the morning on the table at the elevator there will be a fifty dollar bill for breakfast and taxi."

I stood there in utter shock.

He startled me saying, "Let's finish dessert, and then you get some rest." We walked back and I was numb. We ate a little more dessert. John then said, "Heather, leave me a note with your phone number please and if you desire dinner again tomorrow evening, include that in the message also so I can plan my day."

I was staring into those brown eyes as he said, "Why don't you make yourself at home and have a good nights rest." I was stunned that he was so positive I was going to take him up on the staying over offer.

I walked up to him to call his bluff. However, when my eyes looked into eyes that had magnetic attraction, I melted and said, "John thanks for the evening. It has been an awesome experience. I'd like to see you for dinner again tomorrow."

That came out of my mouth so fast it even shocked me.

"Good night Heather, I will call you tomorrow to set a dinner time."

He did not make any move to kiss me. I placed my hand to the back of his head and pulled him to my lips for a soft kiss. "Thanks for the meal and evening, Good night, John." On the way to the bedroom and in the shower, I could not get John out of my mind.

In the shower, his stature, his demeanor, his cologne were all ganging up on me at the same time and causing my hands to roam all over my body, imaging that they were his. I have had fantasies from time to time in the past about sleeping with a black guy. Was this the driver for me to be doing this?

I set the clock for normal wake up time. I was happy I had a seminar in the hotel again so did not have to drive. It would give me time to look for clothes in the morning.

I was out like a light when I hit the pillow.

In the morning, I searched and found all that I needed. I took another shower, dressed and by-passed breakfast because there would be snacks and juice at the seminar.

Before leaving, I saw the money on the table and a paper and pen. I wrote my phone number down and wrote that I would love dinner again even though I mentioned it before retiring. I did not want him to forget. Besides, was I desiring him for some romance or was it the lack of him not being fresh that was making me feel that I needed to seduce him? On the other hand, maybe, our age difference made him a gentleman. I was confused but I knew that I wanted to be with him another night.

Upon entering the meeting room my co-workers jaws dropped at seeing my selection of clothes for the day. Normally I am in more casual than formal. This day I had a lawyer looking like appearance wearing a suit pantsuit outfit.

I did not discuss anything about the past twelve hours.

Some of the guys came up and said that I could be their boss any old day dressed like that. They indicated I had a much more mature aurora about me.

At four, the meeting ended. I went into the hotel lobby and took care of my cell messages. Dad left me a message that the car was at my place and working. John asked me if I could meet me at six-thirty at his table in the restaurant.

Since I was downtown, I went shopping. At six twenty, I was standing by the elevators when I heard, "Good afternoon Heather. My you sure look awesome in those clothes." I turned to see John smiling at me. I approached him and gave him a cheek kiss, "Thanks John for the compliment."

The elevator doors opened and we went in. "Do you mind if we stopped at my place to permit me to get more comfortable? How about you, do you desire to change into something more casual? I really think you should. There are many clothes to select from. Use that seminar to select something that will project your image."

Did he mean project my attributes? Did he desire I put on some sexy looking, eye drawing attention clothing? My heart was letting me know it was there.

"Thanks John, I will do that."

In the morning, I saw some clothes that I was attracted to but not suitable for the seminar, in my mind not. I hurried to find them and put them on. I looked in the mirror and was happy with what I saw.

When I returned to the living room, John was on the balcony looking at the city. I stood about five feet behind him and did a slight cough. He turned and did not complete saying, "Read...." His mouth stayed open and his eyes surveyed me from head to shoes. He managed then to say, "My God, Heather, you are awesome looking in those clothes. Wow! That is projecting your image in such a magnificent way."

"Thanks John. I really feel good dressed this way for some reason."

"Come with me. I want to make you even more stunning looking."

He took my hand and we walked to his bedroom. My mouth opened but nothing came out as he was holding me and I turned my head taking everything in. It was so lavishly decorated.

The walls were of dark wood and shinny. Most of the linens were white with two pink pillows. There were beautiful paintings hanging on the walls. I did not dare ask how much. They probably were five years of my salary each.

He moved a carpet on the floor to expose a safe. He opened it and retrieved a black felt box. He stood and placed the box on a table and was rummaging through it.

I heard, "Heather, please go and stand in front of the mirror and close your eyes. I did as he instructed."

He walked up behind and placed a necklace around my neck.

"Open your eyes now Heather."

My jaws dropped at seeing myself with the necklace he had placed on me.

Tears swelled in my eyes. I turned and placed my head on his chest and hugged him tight. I was too emotional even to thank him. I knew if we had kissed, I would have wanted him to carry me over to the bed. However, would he have?

I was dressed in a black silk, sleeveless blouse. I do not have large breast so I can go braless. This blouse only had two buttons. One was three inches below my breast and the other two inches up from the waste, so a lot of skin was showing and it was obvious I did not have a bra on from the amount of skin showing. The black blouse had white ruffles around the shoulders and under the armpits, along the bottom and up the center.

I had on a flared white skirt, knee length that had black ruffles along the bottom. I was wearing black flat heel shoes.

The gold necklace was thin. The weight of the ivory shaped heart and the length of the gold wire, positioned the heart at the beginning of my breast in the center f the little cleavage that I had.

"Let's go and enjoy a nice meal, Heather."

As we stepped off the elevator, we were greeted in the same manner as the previous evening but the eyes of the hostess surveyed me extra long. The thought crossed my mine was she a Les and interested.

I ordered a filet mignon for my main course and had shrimp cocktail as an appetizer. John had his usual prime rib, nearly raw.

We talked about my work and his work. As we were finishing the dinner, he asked if I desired dessert in his suite as the previous night. I smiled. He then asked, "What will it be this evening for dessert?"

I asked to see the menu. I chose strawberry cheesecake for my dessert.

We retired to his suite and I immediately headed to the balcony to look at the view. It was as magnificent as the previous night.

John brought me a Cream De Cocoa on the rocks.

We talked about my future plans for working and marriage. He asked about my interest in work. He asked if I might be looking at alternatives.

I mentioned that I was always open to new adventure but working the hours and enjoying my social life, I was not spending a lot of time in the hiring section of the newspaper.

John's cell rang. It was a repeat from the previous night, so I assumed it was dessert time.

I was right. We walked back into the suite and Ambrose was setting up the dessert setting.

John said, "Heather grab the dessert and let's sit on the balcony and chat."

He made more inquisitions about my desire for work and type of work.

After discussing more of them, I said, "John, do you have a girlfriend?"

"No Heather I do not. I was a stupid horny young man and married by twenty-one. Three years later, I was divorced and broke. I had an uncle that gave me a talking too one night. He gave me the opportunity to get my GED and get into college. I needed to promise him I would make sure he would be comfortable in his old age if I succeeded in graduating.

"I have busted my balls to prove to my family that I was somebody. Therefore, I have not really looked at any women with marriage on my mind. Most could not put up with my life style, anyway. I am on the road 90% of my time. Women will assume I am having flings every night I am not home with them. Besides, it would not be right to have a woman sitting at home, alone.

"I have a goal and that is when I am forty-five I will give up this job. I will have sufficient money to select a 9-5 job, marry, and have some kids if whomever I marry desires them."

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