tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWas Intruder Unwelcome

Was Intruder Unwelcome


Anita parked her smart red Santro in the long, curved driveway of her large home. Her matching red high heels clicked on the stone steps leading to the front door. Amit watched her from the den and, after six years of marriage, still couldn't help thinking what a lucky man he was to have caught her fancy. He admired the way her frequent trips to the private health club kept her trim 28-year old body in fantastic shape. Even now, as she skipped up the steps, he could see the shape of lithe, athletic legs flexing in her jeans. She wore a tight T shirt that scarcely hid her shapely breasts which bobbed perceptibly as she pranced into the foyer of the house. A jacket was carelessly draped over her shoulders.

Seeing Amit watch her, Anita smiles self consciously. In spite of her beauty she was humble and modest, as modest as her voluptuous body would allow her to be. She shook her long black hair free from it's bun and he watched the light wavy locks cascade down her shoulders

"How was your day, dear," Amit asked, sipping juice and offering a glass to Anita.

"Oh, bad. Some thing or the other keeps happening at the office but then that's life." She smiled.

Noting that she carried her gym bag, Amit asked, "Stop by the gym today?"

She paused for a moment, seemingly at a loss for words.

"Yes. I stopped by during my lunch hour. Why do you ask?' she added suspiciously.

"Nothing. I'm glad you got a chance to visit the club. I know how much you enjoy your work outs."

She seemed to relax with that.

Anita removed her jacket and laid it across a chair in the foyer. The outline of her breasts were clearly visible through the sheer material of her white T shirt, and her large, perpetually hard nipples tented the tips, in spite of the bra she wore. She stretched luxuriously.

"Don't either of you move!"

The sound of the deep masculine voice caused both Anita and Amit to spin their heads towards the kitchen door. There, holding a revolver leveled at the two, was a large Black man dressed in black sweat pants and a black turtle neck. He wore a black watch cap and leather gloves.

"Don't make any noise. I just want your jewelry and valuables. If you cooperate neither of you will get hurt," he growled.

"Oh my God," Anita said meekly, holding her hand at her throat. Amit said, "Take what you want. Just don't harm us!"

"Move into the dining room!" the burglar demanded. Anita and Amit entered the open kitchen. The Black man ordered them to sit at the breakfast table. Amit could smell the burglar's sweat.

"I'll have that broach, lady," he said, waving the barrel of his gun at the expensive bobble at Anita's neck.

"No. My husband gave it to me on the day we were engaged!" Without hesitation the burglar grabbed the broach and ripped it from her blouse. His action pooped the buttons on the top of her shirt and it spread to reveal her deep cleavage. Her alarmed breathing seemed to make her tits grow, threatening to burst the catch on her bra.

"Now, those look pretty good, too" the burglar commented, licking his lips. He slowly traced a line from Anita's neck to her cleavage with the tip of his gun barrel.

"Now see here!" Amit rose to his feet. A blinding flash of intense pain forced him back to his seat and he realized that the burglar had hit him across his jaw with the revolver. Amit could feel a trickle of blood begin to meander down one corner of his mouth.

"Please, Amit! Do what he says," Anita pleaded.

"Yeah, do what I say" the burglar gave an evil grin.

"Now, I'm gonna have you both strip and I'm going to tie you in your chairs. That's give me time to get what I want and get out of here. You strip first, young man."

Shaking with rage and impotent shame, Amit began shedding his casual clothes. The Black burglar's eyes darted from Amit to Anita and back. At last Amit slipped off his expensive jockey shorts.

"Shit! I am sorry but you shouldn't be so tense. Look what it has done to your cock" the Negro guffawed.

Amit looked down and saw that his penis, through fear, had shrunk to just a button.

"Bastard" Anita hissed at the burglar. He silenced her by drawing back his arm as if to strike her.

"Sit in your chair, white boy. Now, let me help the little lady with her clothes."

"No! I won't allow it..." Amit started to rise but the burglar brandished the gun at him, then placed the muzzle to Anita's head.

"I'm going to split this bitch's head if you don't do as I say, young man!"

"Please! Please don't hurt me!" Anita pleaded, tears coursing down her cheeks.

Standing behind Anita the Black slipped one hand around to her tit and began to massage it roughly. Anita hung her head in shame and sobbed quietly. He then forced her to take the T shirt off. He pulled off one glove with his teeth and reached around to unsnap her bra. Anita's tits feel free and swayed slightly in front of her. He resumed his handling of her firm, large tits.

Amit averted his gaze down at the floor, burning with rage.

"Look up, young man! Don't feel shy. If she is going to enjoy it, you too should!"

Amit raised his head and noticed that Anita was no longer sobbing, She seemed to be biting her lip to keep silent. At the same time, Amit saw that Anita was, barely perceptibly, grinding her butt against the burglars front.

"She is a smart girl. Knows how to make best of a bad situation" the Black laughed.

He unzipped the fly of her jeans and shoved his hand between her legs. Suddenly Anita moaned and her knees buckled. She was supported by the Black's strong hand on her womanhood. Anita seemed to go limp. Her head lolled from side to side and her eyes were shut. She sucked her breath in between clenched teeth.

The Black turned Anita to face the table then leaned her forward. Her breasts mashed flat against the table top. She was chewing on one knuckle.

"Anita..." Amit said meekly.

"Oh, Amit. I'm so sorry..." she moaned.

Amit was perplexed. Anita never seemed to abandon herself during sex and, quite frankly, never seemed all that interested in sex in the first place. Now she was moaning like a cat in heat with this stranger pawing her private parts. Amit could smell her lubricated labia and could hear the increasing wet sounds on the Black's thick fingers working her vulva. At last the Black backed away from Amit's wife. Amit gasped when he saw the distinct outline of the burglar' bulging erection through the material of his sweat pants. Anita twitched on the table, her rump rising and falling at if to some arousing music.

"See this, young man? This is what a thick cock is!"

The burglar kept the gun trained on Amit and tugged down his sweat pants with his free hand. His unbound cock suddenly cleared the waist of his pants and sprung out from his body and bobbed obscenely. Amit couldn't believe his eyes. The man's penis was at least nine inches long and at thick as Anita's wrist. It had a slight upwards curve to it. The Black massaged his cock with his free hand, pulling the foreskin back and forth. Amit could almost feel it vibrate in the air, much like the way a fine bass guitar is felt rather than heard.

The Black pulled down her jeans to reveal her shapely ass. Smiling wickedly, he ripped the delicate pink lace panties from her and tossed them at Amit's face. The panties hit them and slipped away. Amit could feel the cool air on his cheeks from Anita's damp panties.

"Don't do this, please! I'll pay you anything!" Amit pleaded. The burglar only smiled and worked his horse cock to rock hardness. He them positioned it at Anita's pouty pussy. Her eyes suddenly opened and she rose on her palms to look back over her shoulder. Her gasp sent shivers of fear down Amit's spin.

"I can't take that! Please...." she begged.

The burglar ignored her pleas and slipped his cock-tip up and down her groove. She shuddered involuntarily and moaned again, loudly. Amit suddenly became aware of an odd feeling. Looking down into his lap he saw that his own penis was fully erect and lifting Anita's torn panties. His heart leapt into his throat. How could this be?

"Hey! Look at your dick, young man! You sure are enjoying it. And why not? When your girl is! I always like girls who keep their pussies trimmed and shaped. Always prepared. And you, girl, kick off your sandals. I like my girls barefooted especially when they have fuckable feet." the Negro boomed.

Anita bent down to unbuckle her sandals and as she did so she dreamily opened her eyes and regarded her husband's erect cock. She narrowed her eye brows and looked at it with mixed feeling. The burglar slipped an inch of his bloated cock into Amit's wife's snug snatch. Anita's eyes clenched and she hissed through her grinding teeth.

"Tell me you want it!" the burglar commanded.

"Please... don't fuck me..." Anita hissed.

"Say it!"

"I... I want your cock... please," Anita said softly.

"No. Say it loud. Say it with feeling!"

"I... I want your Black cock!" she hissed.

"Go on!"

"I want your big Black cock in me. I want to feel you deep in my belly!"

"You're a natural, kid," the Black laughed." But I guess we should do it the proper way especially since your husband is enjoying it so much."

He placed his butt on an armless chair and beckoned Anita towards him.

"Okay, you'll come here, hold my dick, rub it against your pussy lips and girl, you are so lucky you will get to ride it. Now be quick."

Her barefeet making no noise Anita moved reluctantly towards him. She caught hold of his dick and as instructed rubbed it against her pussy. Amit watched spellbound, his erection growing harder. Anita was so engrossed that she did not notice that her bare breasts were right next to the man's lips.

He took her pretty face in his hands and forced his mouth on her. She tried to avoid it but he was much too strong. He drove his tongue into her mouth and played with her tongue, he withdrew and kissed her with loud smooching sounds. He held her hair and held it in a tight bunch as with his free hand he squeezed her soft swollen breasts. Anita felt the heat of his blood engorged penis between her thighs and with every slight movement, felt it inch closer and closer to her pussy.

As he sucked her taut nipples haltingly and slathered her breasts with his hot tongue, she felt the knob of his dick begin to spread her pussy open and begin it's journey into her. It hardly met any resistance with all the juices that flowed freely inside her and Anita felt her walls stretching as he filled her up slowly.

He continued kissing her and playing with her lush tits while he drove his cock deep into her and filled her aching pussy with his cock.

He then bared his teeth and slowly caught the thick nipple between his teeth. Anita gasped and he laughed and he now sucked it fully. Looking towards Amit he laughed. " This is one of the juiciest nipples I have sucked. You are a lucky man."

He kept the revolver on one side and with both hands caught hold of her buttock cheeks pulled them so that his cock was firmly and fully inside Anita's pussy.

Anita squealed. It was too thick and long. He laughed. "Take it easy, babe. Okay, you regulate the tempo while I concentrate on your tits."

The resistance of her tight vagina caused his long cock to bend and buckle, but slowly almost the entire length was embedded in her pussy. Anita moved her ass from side to side and up and down, trying to accommodate the massive invader. It was obvious that while the thick cock was inside she was kind of restless and was involuntarily moving up and down and the motion was that of fucking it. Keeping the muzzle pointed at Amit he reached up with his free hand and cupped one of Anita's swinging breasts.

"Ohhhh..." she said with a shudder.

"You like to have those tits played with, huh?"

"Yes! Play with my tits!"

Precum was drooling from the end on Amit's pink prick. He cursed his body for it's betrayal. He noticed that the forward movement of the Black man's cock had stopped in Anita's gash. Amit knew that the Black had hit bottom. There was still two full inches of unused cock left! The Black made Anita rise fully so that there was a plonk sound and then pulled her down when it went in smoothly. Amit was surprised that Anita increased the tempo with each thrust. Within minutes the thrusts were so pronounced that her bare breasts were bouncing and the cock was almost fully inside when Anita banged down on it with her body weight. Her painted toes were flexed handling most of the movement.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" Anita wailed.

She looked sadly at Amit, who's hand had subconsciously moved to stroke his own erection. "I'm so sorry, Amit! I can't help it! Please forgive me!"

"I forgive you, love," he responded in a whisper. Sweat dripped from the burglar's chin and he seemed to be lost in concentration as he jack-hammered the young wife. A ring of foam formed at the base of his cock at it's deepest marking. He savaged Anita's swinging tits.

At last, he gave a mighty thrust and hugged Anita with his hands while he buried his face between her breasts. His thrusts became ragged, then slowed. Amit knew that the Black had drained his balls deep into his wife's pussy. Anita's body writhed beneath the burglar. She forced herself back against his cock and wiggled her ass uncontrollably. Gasping for breath, the Black finally slid his slackening erection from her ruddy cunt.

"No..." Anita protested softly.

Amit looked down at his hand and realized that he had cum. A modestly riverlette of frosty white liquid drained down his knuckles. The Black's cock hung limply from his crotch. It was glistening with his own discharge and Anita's natural lubricant. Even now, with it limp, it was a massive organ.

"Get up!" he ordered Anita between gasps.

"It would be unfair not to let the man not fuck his own wife. Hey, come and fuck her or your dick will feel bad." He motioned with his gun. " And you, Miss. How about a little blow job? I am not likely to return soon to fuck you again though I am sure you will miss me so...."

He positioned himself on the table and beckoned Anita who was absolutely nude.

"Come come, I don't have all the way." As Anita moved gingerly towards her, he bent down and took her thick erect nipple in his mouth and gave a strong suck.

"Ouch" Anita squealed with pain and pleasure.

"Quick." He snarled menacingly.

Anita bent down and rolled the foreskin back with her hand as she felt Amit's cock entering her wet pussy."Hey, young man. Watch your Miss's movements and synchronize your cock with that. As Anita started sucking the thick cock only half of which she was able to take in her mouth, Amit started fucking the well fucked pussy of his wife.

"Different, isn't it? Wet pussy? Enjoy it. Quick girl." He said as Anita increased the pace. Anita was bobbing her head up and down faster, fucking him with her mouth and stopping periodically. It was now she who was feeding off his massive cock. Finally he said "I'm cumming baby...now arghhhhhhhhhh."

The powerful strong eruptions almost gagged her. She involuntarily wanted to withdraw but his hand held her head in place so that she ended up swallowing a good amount of it since there was no other option..

"You haven't come? Forget it. Fuck her at leisure at night. Your little missus is gonna show me where the jewelry be. You stay right there, white boy, or I cap the bitch."

"Do as he says, Amit." She pleaded. Amit watched quietly as his nude wife surprisingly confident despite her nudity and the fact that she had recently been fucked accompanied the burglar.

As soon as Amit heard them on the second-story floor he ran for the kitchen phone.

"Damn" he thought. "The line's cut!"

Maybe Anita had her cellular phone in her gym bag! Amit began fishing through her sweaty gym clothes when something caught his eye. He lifted a Polaroid picture from Anita's gym bag and stared at the image with disbelief. There was Anita, in her workout duds, standing next to the burglar. Only now, the burglar was dressed in tight shorts and had a red tank top with the words "Trainer" across the chest. From their smiles in the picture it was obvious to Amit that they were quite friendly. Amit was confused. Why did Anita not tell the man she knew him. That would have scared him. He hurriedly kept the stuff back. When Anita returned to the kitchen she collapsed at Amit's feet.

"Oh my God! I thought it would never end! He left by the back gate dear. We are free of him."

"I should call the police, dear," Amit said, running his hand over Anita's head.

"No! You can't! I mean, he knows where we live and he might come back! Let's just try to forget that this ever happened. Okay?" Amit looked down at his beautiful wife. He could see a pool of foamy cum forming on the floor under her pussy. He thought she had never looked sexier.

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