tagMatureWas it a Dream?

Was it a Dream?


I am a nineteen year old young woman with a large interest in older men. Although we’re not just talking about men ten years older. We’re talking about men old enough to be my father, and if he’s good looking at times old enough to be my grandfather. Those will be described more later. Ron is nearly my grandfather at times, actually my friend’s grandfather.

Maybe in his early sixties, but he has the sense of humor like a perverted young boy. He’s got that twinkle in his eye like all the spark isn’t gone yet. Silver hair but all of it, with seducing blue eyes, a nice groomed mustache and a smile like he’s undressing you with his eyes while talking to you. Not to forget he’s still in great shape, strong tanned arms and right at my height of five-seven I can look him right in the eyes while melting in front of him.

“Ready to go Moto Mouth?” He says bright and early at five in the morning.

“Oh Ron, no man has been able to get me up this early ever!” I said and shot him a crooked smile.

“Don’t like it in the morning eh?” He winked. “Where’s everybody, we ready to go? Gates open at nine-thirty. We’ve got to get going...”

“Here we are, we’re ready!” Crystal and Randy come out of the room with all their bags.

I got front seat of the truck for the first time ever, I was elected to keep Ron awake while driving. Part of the reason I got my nickname. I am always just so nervous when I’m alone with a man I’m attracted to, I talk a lot. It being so early, everyone falls asleep quickly. I failed my job though I fell asleep against the window in the pick up.

Sitting in the truck I got nosey and started asking questions knowing it wasn’t my business.

“When did you and your wife stop sleeping in the same room?” I said with a soft voice.

He looked at me for a second. “Now what sort of question is that??” With an annoyed tone. After a few seconds of silence he asked, “What does it mean to you anyways?” A deep raspy sound to it.

“I was just wondering when was the last time your wife gave you head? Because I’ve wanted to for the past twenty miles.”

A look of shock appeared on his face with out looking at me. “It’s been a very, very long time.” He said slowly. Shifting his arm over the seat I scooted towards him. I had noticed a slight tent that was growing very quickly as I undid his pants. I quickly had his pants down and his underwear out of the way. I gasped, what was a small tent emerged to be an eight inch raging hard on. His swollen purple head nearly jumped in my mouth. He gasped and swallowed hard. I just ran my tongue around his tip sucking slowly. Around and around, then licking from the tip all the way down to the base. Then I tried to see how deep I could take him, not making it halfway down he gasped again, “BBBBBBRRRRRRRRR!!”

Everyone in the car jumped and almost hit the ceiling. He had jerked the wheel onto the trucker sleepy lines and it jolted everyone. I looked over and he was laughing hysterically. I was mad, but I looked again. His pants were up, and my face was smashed against the window of the truck drooling on the window.

“What were you dreaming about Moto? Your boyfriend? I thought I heard you moaning.” He winked at me again.

I blushed,”Nothing, No!” Smiling big I turned quickly and just looked out the window. We rode the rest of the trip in silence. I couldn’t talk or even look at him for that matter. I fell back asleep quickly.

This time dreaming of nothing. I was awoken by the sound of Crystal talking to me and shaking my arm. “Ok, I’m up!” I finally said.

“Go get the bikes ready, Ron’s already trying to get one fixed. He won’t be back over here for a while. If you hurry we can go smoke a joint before the first race.” Crystal said looking around to make sure no ones around. I worked quickly and we got the bikes to the right places. We smoked the joint quickly and she ran off to watch the first race.

“Oh, I’ll be right behind you, I want to have a couple beers first!” We both knew why, I was old enough in my friends eyes to drink but not the race officials and security. I grabbed one beer out of the fridge and drank it quickly. One, two, three, four...I felt it soon.

I ran to the stands and caught the last few races and they were great. Randy did really good and so did our friends in the other races. Once the last one was over we were all walking back to the trailer. I finally saw Ron for the first time all day. Walking side by side behind everyone else I tripped, but Ron caught me quickly.

“How many did you have hon? I thought you college girls were supposed to be good at partying. And you’re already walking funny.” He said teasingly.

“Oh I’m just getting started. I’m ready to party now! You want to dance?” As we walked up to camp I flirted giving him a little shove with my shoulder.

“Only if I can teach you how to dance.” He grabbed my hand and spun me around and then pulled me real close to him. “Now you’re supposed to straddle my leg like this” He pulled me closer and stuck his leg between mine rubbing my groin with his knee, sending a jolt of warm though my body. The very tip of his knee rested right over my mound in my tight pants and rubbed from side to side. I was wet right away, every second being held like that just drenched me more.

I finally whispered to him, “Does mine go here?” As I rubbed his groin with my knee. I could feel the large outline between his legs get bigger and bigger. The firm bulge pressing against his pants just screaming to be freed. His arms went around me and held the small of my back. We stood there for a minute kinda dancing real slowly moving back and forth. He stopped as if woken from a dream suddenly, he stammered.

“Yeah, thats right, I don’t know, it’s called grinding...” He kinda trailed off. Looking at me, “Umm, I’ve forgot to pick up that part from Danny...” He walked away real quickly.

Ten minutes later he came back, but didn’t talk to me all night. Finally I was outside smoking a cigarette before going to bed alone and he walked up to me.

“Going to bed?” Was all he said. “Yep. Here in a minute. You really want to know what I was dreaming about earlier in the cab?” I said slowly.

“Nope...I already know. I could tell, just by the look on your face. Plus I heard my name. Sweet dreams hon.” He winked at me then climbed into the camper.

To be continued...I hope!

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