tagBDSMWas She Submissive? Ch. 02

Was She Submissive? Ch. 02


It was only the night before, but somehow it seemed a lifetime ago that he had said the penetrating words, "This is the beginning of your training." The words hung in the air and in her heart she wondered what exactly he had meant by that? Still she trusted him and he had been there in her home with her in her bed and every part of her wanted more...to do more, be more, to have more of him... To walk away was not an option.

She let her mind wander back to what he had said and what had happened. She thought about the way he looked at her, the way he took control, the way he touched her, the way he explored her orally, The way he teased her and then used her full lips to satisfy his desires. It was an exceptionally erotic evening and it was haunting her today as she remembered it. She hadn't wanted it to end but the night had ended. He untied her kissed her deeply as he touched her wetness and told her he would be back when he had time to train her further...

He instructed her that is my pussy and not to use it with anyone else. She agreed that it was HIS now.

As she lies in her bed alone, stretching and thinking of his words, of how she felt in each moment he spoke them, she realized she was changed. He had moved her, more than any man from her past ever had. He had her where he wanted her in such a short amount of time. Was it real? Had it really happened? Did she, a strong independent woman, really submit to him in every way? Yes. She had chosen to submit to him, the thought of her submitting to anyone was enormous., but somehow in his arms she had to.

At work she was insignificant to him, just another employee, and he treated her as he did every one else in the building. He was a tough boss demanding perfection and she felt his passion and power as he would tell her his expectations. She wondered if things would be different today. She walked past him and he had a scowl on his face, not even acknowledging her presence. She was unsure what that meant, but she was at work and knew she must keep her mind on what she was doing. She spent every spare moment looking at the end of the corridor toward his office. She would squirm and feel her panties dampening when she saw him there. Still there was a lot of work to complete, so back to work she went. Five o'clock seemed to take forever to arrive but once it did she looked at him, turned, and left the building.

As she arrived she wondered if he would be coming to visit her tonight, but he hadn't even spoken to her today, she hoped it was because he was so busy there today. Once inside, she walked into her bathroom. She turned on the shower and began to undress, her muscles needed to feel the heat of the water. The water began running down her body long curvy body taking all it's twists and turns until it reached the drain. As she stood in the warmth of the water trickling down her breasts and off the nipples, she began to think again of him. Then she imagined him stepping into the shower behind her. She moved her hand down her voluptuous breasts and on down her body and found that the wettest spot in the shower, was between her thighs. She wanted the touch she had felt last night, his tongue on her clit. Her hands just were not as satisfying. She just couldn't get into it in that moment knowing how good it was the night before being with him, his tongue taking her.

She turned the shower off and stepped out of it and there he was, standing there. He had been watching her silhouette in the shower screen as she showered. He found it very erotic, so much so that he had his manhood out in his hand and had been stroking it. He asked her, "GIRL, why did you stop touching my pussy?" She asked quietly, "Your pussy?" He said, "Yes, I took it and you, as mine to train last night." "Who's pussy is it sweet girl?" he asked. Looking up into his eyes she said, "it's yours." Though inside her she thought it doesn't matter what I say, I am still in charge of my pussy and of my life. He smiled and said, "You may call me sir or master, that's how I am to be addressed, girl." "Yes, Sir," she replied. "Furthermore, he told her, "I know what you think but before your training is through you will tell me it's my pussy and MEAN IT!" His statement was strange to her, that he knew her mind. She pushed that thought out of her mind and was excited that he was with her again. "Now step back in that shower and touch my pussy" he commanded. He watched and she began to touch herself again. This time the shower curtain was open as he told her to keep it open. She starred in his eyes as she touched herself and the excitement of watching him and trying to tempt him made her cum for him almost immediately. He stopped pulling on his cock as he got close to orgasm and said, "You haven't earned my cum yet, girl." She smiled but didn't say a word.

"Come with me," he commanded as he wrapped her in a towel and then he kissed her deeply. "Dry off, girl," he told her. She began at her hair, then her face and down her neck to her buxom bosoms and on down her stomach, to her ass, on to her long legs and her feet. He watched each move she made and she wondered why he was watching her so intently.

He stood up and walked toward her and taking her in his hands he bent her over the edge of the bed and put a blindfold over her eyes. She was still waiting to know what was to happen next. She held her breath hoping that this would be the moment he pushed his hard cock inside her, the moment she dreamed of. His hand reached into her toy drawer and he found her favorite vibrator, long and thick it resembled his strong cock, he smiled. He turned back to her and took the tip of the vibrator and ran it up and down her slit as she began to feel the vibration she began to moan very quietly each time it hit her clit. He told her to spread her legs wider, she moved them wider and he pushed the vibrator deep within her pussy. He could see she was wet as he pulled it in and out. He kept hearing her moan more and more loudly. With his hand on one hip he felt her begin to tremble.

"BEG FOR MASTER'S COCK!" he demanded, as he thrust the dildo faster and deeper with in her. She moaned, "PLEASE GIVE THIS GIRL YOUR COCK MASTER!" "SAY IT AGAIN, SLAVE!" he commanded. "PLEASE MASTER, Give ME YOUR COCK!" This time it was a plea that was so sincere, she found herself begging to have him. He pulled the dildo out and shoved his thick hard cock into her and grabbed her hips and rammed his cock into her time and time again. Fucking her faster and harder, and then grabbing her hair he pulled her back to him. He kissed her lips then rammed his cock in her again and again.

He stopped and turned her around. He took off her blindfold, laid her down on the bed and lifted her left leg and pushed deep inside her. He said, I want you to look at me because I want to see your face as you cum for your MASTER. She had a very expressive face he had known that but this time he wanted to watch her as he took her for the first time with his cock. He instructed her, "TELL ME WHEN YOU ARE ABOUT TO CUM FOR YOUR MASTER."

He began pushing deeper and deeper inside her and as he fucked her as rough as he could he watched her face. She was loving every minute of it and wanted more. He was near his point of his cumming when finally she said, "MASTER I am about to cum for you!" He said then, "YOU MAY CUM FOR YOUR MASTER BECAUSE HE IS ALLOWING YOU TO... ALL PLEASURE IS DERVIVED FROM ME."

He pushed on and on until she began trembling and came for him in an explosion, she had squirted all over him and his cock and the bed was soaked from their sexual encounter. As she lay in his arms he stroked her hair and said we are still only at the beginning of your training, you still have so much to learn... As you learn your lessons we will be drawn closer together and perhaps someday you will wear MASTER'S COLLAR... He kissed her deeply and told her I am very pleased with you and your progress. He got up and left the room and she lingered there in the exquisite ecstasy of what had transpired between them...mmmmmmmmm

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