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Was the Bitch that Stupid


Have you ever had a the sudden feeling come over you that something is wrong, that moment when you get cold chills and the hair stands upon the back of your neck. Tonight was one of those nights for me.

My name is Bill Jackson, I'm 46 yrs old, 5 ft. 11, 175 lbs. I am the plant manager at a major beer brewing company in Fort Worth, Texas.

My wife is Janice or Jan, she is 46 also 5 ft. 6, 130 lbs. and well stacked nice large breast and flaring hips with a tight ass, especially in the dress she is wearing tonight. Jan works for a large advertising firm in Fort Worth, she is in the design and graphics department.

Janice and I have been married for 25 years, as kids we lived on the same block since the 4th grade, we were best friends through middle school and were a couple through high school. Jan was even my date at the prom, that's the night we became a lot closer, we gave each other our virginity that night.

Jan and I attended the University of Texas together for 3 years, the last 2 years we shared a 1 bedroom apartment, I guess you can say we lived together. We have a daughter, Judy, she is 21 years old and going to the University of Oklahoma, the traitor, lol. Judy is also engaged to Brad Johnson, a very nice young man from Oklahoma City.

Brad is from oil money, his dad is a big wig in a major oil company in Norman Oklahoma.

Brad also is 26 years old so he is a little more mature and head over heals in love with our daughter, we are very happy for both of them. My future son-in law is studying Business Law, Judy was studying any class they put her in, no major, just going to school, she was a cheer leader and spending my money lol.

Jan makes about 55,00 per year at her job and as a manager for the High Life brewing company, I brought home over 300 grand so we were financially sound.

About 15 years ago we found a house on Lake Arlington that was in foreclosure. We made an offer on it for 350 thousand cash and bought it, fixed it up and at this time it is valued at 2. 3 Million.

Now I guess I should get back to the night that got my skin crawling and my mind to wondering.

Jan let me know 3 days ago that her company was having a party this coming Saturday night and after telling me about she told me.

"Bill, I know you don't like going to these things and you would probably be too tired so you don't have to go if you don't want to."

"No Jan, I am off the next few days and would love to go."

For 3 days, Jan kept on telling me I didn't have to attend, but I kept saying, I am excited about going and meeting her co-workers.

At the party, my wife was wearing a beautiful but tight black dress that made her long blonde hair shine with those blue eyes, as soon as we entered into the main room, a man about 50ish was walking toward Jan when I noticed her put her hand out away from her body, like it was a stop motion, then she turned toward me and kissed me on the cheek.

That was the first of my bad feelings that night. Jan and I had a few drinks, I was going to stay sober because I was driving and also, I wanted to be aware of everything going on tonight. I have never had suspicions of my wife cheating before and didn't think she was tonight, all my bad feelings came from this guy, later finding out from someone sitting at our table, his name is Jack Taylor.

Jack Taylor was one of the senior advertising sales reps for my wife's company.

Jan and I danced several dances, I caught her a few times looking over in Jack's direction, and he was staring back at us.

After sitting down from one dance session, Jack came over and asked Jan if she would like to dance, he never looked at me, or even asked may I dance with your wife, he asked her directly, the arrogant son of a bitch.

Jan seen how red my face was getting and my fist balled up so she politely declined and told him all her dances were for her husband. I could tell he was pissed as he walked away and started dancing with some other woman.

Jan was ready for another drink so I went to the bar to get her one, on my way back, I saw Jack in front of Jan asking her something, She was looking at him with sad eyes and shook her head no, then I seen the movement of her lips. I could read her lips, she said. "Sorry Baby."

I am pretty good at reading lips, here in our plant it is very noisy in some parts and we wear hearing protection, so I know what she said.

The rest of the night I watched and didn't drink anything else, I wanted to have control of all my senses, I paid a lot of attention to everyone around us, they were all watching me, watching Jan, and yes watching Jack.

I new then something was going on, but what and how long had it been going on. I am not very good about keeping things inside so, on the way home, I asked Jan about Jack.

"Jan who is this Jack guy, the 2 of you seem to have a connection, are you cheating on me?"

"Jack is just someone I work with Honey, and I can't believe you would ever think I would cheat on you, I love you more than anything."

I didn't say any thing else that night. Jan knew me very well, if I caught her cheating, there would be hell to pay. When we were growing up she was aware of how I always got revenge, and she always was on my side and backed me up when I needed her.

Once in high school a guy gave me a wedgie, I caught him later after school and beat the crap out of him and took his pants off and left him there taking his pants with me. Jan backed me up, at school telling them I was with her and couldn't have done it. Once at the University of Texas one of the football players was trying to force Jan to kiss him and I kicked his knees out from under him, causing him to miss a few games. The coaches were wanting me kicked out until Jan told them she was going to the police and press attempted rape charges, they let it go real fast.

So Jan knows I wouldn't just sit there and be cuckolded, or she should have.

Like I said earlier, Jan makes better than 50 grand and I make more than 300 grand, plus Jan has over 125 thousand in her 401k and I have over 1 million in mine, so I decided I need to know for sure.

I hired a private detective that we had used before at my brewery on a few workers comp cases and to make a long story short, I the had audio, video and photos I needed.

So a few weeks later we were sitting at our dinning room table one morning drinking coffee, when I asked Jan.

"So you would never cheat on me would you or never have before, right Jan?"

"No honey I never would, why would you ask me that Bill."

I took the large envelope and started throwing pictures down on the table one at a time.

"Well Jan, In this picture you are kissing Jack out side Motel 6, this one you are going inside the door, this one is his car parked in front of our house, this one is you sucking his cock while he sits in my recliner, this one is him fucking you in our bed, this one is his cum pouring out of your ass. Jen, you never let me have your ass, you always said it was gross."

"Bill, it doesn't mean anything, I don't love him, it's just sex."

"It means everything to me Jan."

"Is he better than me Jan, is he bigger than me, how long has this been going on and why?"

"No he is not bigger and not even as big, Bill. And as far as better, I can't say he is, it's just different is all. and we have been doing it for over a year."

"You have had a boy friend for over a year?"

"Bill, at work we don't call it boy friend, I am his office wife, several people at work do it."


"You're not going to leave are you Bill?"

"Hell no BITCH, I am not leaving you are, I have packed most of you clothes and personal belongings in your B.M.W. I want you out of my house now slut."

I grabbed Jan by her arm and escorted her to her car. "Where will I go Bill?"

"I don't care where you go whore, go live with your office husband."

"I can't go to him, Jack is married with 3 kids."

I had already knew this it was in the P.I.s report, his name wife's name and kids as well as address but I didn't let Jan know that I had that info.

"Jan, I don't care where you go, head on back to motel 6 and be sure let your fuck buddy know, but get the fuck away from here and stay way."

"Bill are you just going to throw away 25 years of a good marriage."

"Jan, it was less than 24 years of a good marriage and over 1 year of a cheating marriage, and you are the one that threw it away whore."

Crying Jan got in her car and drove away.

3 hours later the phone rings, it's my loving daughter, "Hello Judy, how's all the wedding plans going."

They were doing all the planning but I was covering the expenses and she was having a large wedding, but it is my only daughter and I do love her very much.

Then the conversation went all to hell.

"Dad, mom says you kicked her out of the house, why the fuck would you do something like that?"

"Well Judy, your mom should be the one to tell you this, but I caught her cheating on me."

"Oh grow up dad, this is the 21 st. century, that happens all the time, it's not that bad when a woman goes out and gets her some, men use to do it all the time."

"I never have and I wont put up with it either, so are you doing that to Brad?"

"Dad that's non of your business, and Brad and I aren't married yet, so what I do is not his concern."

"Ok who else does this crap that I know."

"Aunt Betty does dad, so what."

"My family, the 3 whores."

"Dad get over it and let my mom come back home, besides it's not that big a deal, and dad, I have met Jack, he is a wonderful man, mom wants him involved in the wedding and so do I."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing, are these bitches stupid, did they fry their brains on drugs or something.

"Well Judy, if you want him in your wedding, let him walk you down the isle, because if he is there I wont be." Then I hung the phone up.

My phone rang several time through out the night, but I refused to answer it.

2 days later, Jan showed up at the house with a piece of paper, it was a court order. Her office husband did have a great lawyer, and she was granted a temporary order to be let back into the house until everything was resolved.

She also wanted to talk about her affair, the stupid slut felt like it was not affecting our marriage, she was affectionate to me when I asked for it and would continue be that way to me. and she seen no reason to stop with Jack.

"Bitch, you know I will never put up with a cheating slut for a wife, and as far as wanting to be affectionate with you, I will never touch you again slut, you can have the master bedroom since that's where you fucked him. I have been sleeping in one of the spares since I found out how big of a whore my wife was."

"Bill I am not a whore."

"Jan, I don't care what you say, it doesn't matter any more, I will file for divorce this week and get rid of your skanky ass."

"Bill, I don't want a divorce, and besides, Jack and I have talked to his lawyer and if you divorce me, I get the house and half of all our assets, then you make more than I do, so I would get a big chunk of your check for alimony, so my dear husband you might as well sit back and enjoy the ride as Jack says."

"Fuck you and Jack you whore."

I got up and went into my bedroom. about midnight, Jan knocked on my door crying saying she was sorry and she wanted it to work out for us, but she wanted Jack also.

The next morning, I went to see one of our company lawyers, he pretty much said it would go as Jan had said, she would get the house and half of everything, Judy was out of the house, so there would be no child support, and yes she would get at least 125 thousand a year alimony.

"Bill." He said. "You are fucked if you divorced her, sorry my friend."

The next few days was calmer, we never spoke to each other, but the 3rd day Jan asked me. "Are you still foolish enough to try for a divorce?"

"My lawyer is looking at it as we speak."

"Fuck you Bill, I will take everything you have."

I didn't say any thing else, just drank my High Life.

About an hour later Jan had been talking on the phone in the dinning room and she brought me the phone, "someone needs to speak to you Bill."

"Hello. Bill, this is Jack, hey man, I know you are pissed but you just need to go along with it cucky boy, we will take everything and make your life miserable if you don't."

"Prick, you don't know who you are fucking with, you can have the slut, I don't want her anymore, she is damaged goods, so go fuck your self and your whore." then I slammed the phone down.

I looked at Jan and couldn't believe how stupid her and asshole were, I had caught them by putting a private detective on them, I had video and Audio, I had pictures, speaking about the audio, if they were so smart, wouldn't they know the conversations in this house and on this phones were still being recorded, stupid people.

The next week, Jan met with her Office husband 4 times, it was at motel 6 and not here, I did tell her if she fucked him here again, I would kill them both I think she finally believed me.

The brewery that I worked for had been purchased last year by a larger brewery from Colorado, the rocky mountain one yes.

We were running both products out of our plant here in Fort Worth, we were using 2 managers, myself on my product and the other product was being ran by James.

James was the plant manager from Colorado, he was much younger and a very bright person, I liked him a lot. James had went through a divorce before he came here, so he knew what I was going through.

Our company had been wanting to downsize and have just one manager, The good thing that was on my side was, we are unionized, they wanted the younger guy and James was from the purchasing company. They had been trying to buy me out, the latest offer was 500 thousand and turning my retirement from the previous company over into stocks.

What better stocks to have in this depressing world, beer stocks lol.

James and I went to a local strip club close to the plant, James came here often seeing he was divorced and had nothing much to do every night. That's when everything came to me. It was in our chat, my life got better.

"Bill, I know what you are going through, that bloodsucking ex of mine got everything, I wish, I had just sold off everything or gave it away and just ran off and never got a divorce."

"James my friend, you are the smartest man I know."

I downed my beer and shook his hand. " Thank you my friend." Then I walked out of the door and drove home.

Luckily Jan wasn't home, guess she was out getting her office dick tonight. Jan didn't come home all night and I realized how little I missed her. At one time I loved Jan more than anything in this world, now I hated the cunt.

My plan was going into effect soon, today was Sunday and I was at home watching football when my daughter called.

"Dad are you getting over your mad spell."

"What do you want Judy?"

"I'm calling because mom wanted me to talk to you about the wedding."

"Ok what is up daughter."

"Mom and I think Jack should be in the wedding also, Maybe he could walk up the isle behind you and me then sit when he gets to mom."

"Judy, is that really what you want."

"Yes daddy, I think I do, and I know mom does, You are my father and mom's husband, but Jack is her office husband, so we think he should be in the wedding."

"Judy, I have a better Idea, let your office dad walk you down the isle, because I wont be there, I will call Brad and give him my apologies."

"Dad don't be silly, Brad doesn't like this either, but he will get over it on our wedding night."

"Judy, I wish you a good life sweetie, bye."

"What does that mean dad?"

I never answered her, just hung up and cried.

Jan came home Sunday night and asked. " Did you miss me honey."

"Slut, I will never miss you, go somewhere and die."

Jan ran off to her room crying.

Monday morning, I was in the corporate office at 8.a. m. I took the buy out, half a million put into an off shore account and one year salary. Our house was paid for and so was our autos, so the next stop was at the bank, I had papers drawn up to borrow money on our house and Jan's B.M.W., The house was worth 2.3 million, so I borrowed 2 million easily, Jan's car was worth 45,000 so I easily got 35,000. all I wanted to do there was give her a little debt.

I had to get her to sign the papers, that was going to be the tricky part. I went back to my job, I had to finish out the next 2 weeks for an easy transition, for James, I didn't mind that, he was a fantastic person.

That afternoon I called the wedding planner, I canceled my cards so, they wouldn't pay the bills coming in, I told her I would no longer be responsible for the wedding cost.

"Then who will pay for the wedding Mr. Jackson?"

"Tell Judy to ask her new dad Jack for the money."

At my office I had drawn up some fake insurance policy applications, for 1 million dollar of life insurance for me.

That evening I called Jan, she was surprised that I had called her.

"Jan, if you are not going to be with Jack tonight, can we have a nice dinner."

"Oh that would be great, I am so happy you are getting over this, where do you want to go."

"The Italian Inn, downtown, under the lights, is that ok."

"That sounds so Romantic Darling, maybe you will get lucky tonight, Bill."

"I hope to get luckier than you know Tonight Jan."

We had dinner and during dinner, Jan tried to kiss me but I just said later. I told her about the insurance policy for a cool million, I lied to her and said the company was wanting me to take it out and she would be the beneficiary.

"Jan, isn't your sister Betty a notary?"

"Yes Bill, she is."

"We have to sign them in front of a notary, let's go over to her house and sign them tonight, then we can celebrate."

"Ok Bill let's go."

I paid the dinner tab, then we went to her sister's house and she signed and initialed all the pages, she was so happy we were together and with the 6 glasses of wine, she never looked at what she was signing, again as I said earlier, what a stupid bitch.

The next day, I rushed the papers to the mortgage company and the bank, The bank gave me the 35 grand instantly, the 2 million would take at least a week. I was having it moved to the account off shore.

1 week later, I was finished at the brewery, I stopped off at the Ford dealer and traded my truck in on a new F350 ford truck, I paid cash of course.

Next stop, to the bank, closed all our credit cards, emptied all our saving out, took all the money from our checking accounts out but 1000 dollars, and had a friend of mine move all my off shore money to different accounts to hide any trace or records.

The next 2 items on my agenda were harder for me, I hated the fact that innocent people were going to get hurt.

I met with my future son-in law, told him what was going on, how I cut off the money and how I felt my daughter would fuck him around, then I gave him the audio of my conversations with Judy, Brad was devastated.

My next stop was to the residence of one Jack Taylor, a beautiful lady about 50 answered the door, it made me wonder how a man could cheat on someone as classy as this lady, like I said earlier, stupid people.

I gave Ms. Taylor the videos, pictures and audio. She was crying, but before I left, she told me this wasn't his fist time, but it would be his last time on her.

It seems she is one of the major stock holders of Beckham Advertising Agency, hope that doesn't affect a couple of peoples jobs that I now, how will Jan make her 700 a month car payment or her 12,000 dollars a month mortgage, lol, Maybe her office husband will help her pay them, you think?

Now I am on my way to the rv dealership, they should have my 36 foot long 5th wheel travel trailer ready.

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