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This is one of the longest Jakewho69 stories. This one will not please the btb crowd, but making allowance for some exaggeration for the sake of the story, it does have a sense of plausibility. If it fits into a 'type' it is that of roll reversal. The husband Ken, reminds me of the frog slowly boiled to death. Ken is married to an over the top, exuberant, free spirited loose woman, and ends up rationalizing most everything.

I was assisted in editing this by Overstar. He made the mistake of offering criticism of my editing, and agreed to help next time. Little did I realize at the time, I dumped just about the longest story Jakewho69 ever wrote, but he went through it line by line, as did I.

We did correct a lot of clear errors, but kept Jake's wording and voice. If you don't like his stories, then save yourself the trouble...



My name is Ken Spencer and my wife is Kimberly Williams. We have been married eleven years. I first met my wife in my last year of high school. My school's football team played a rival school, her school, and we won the game 16 to 14. After the game we returned to their school as there was a big church fund raiser going on with a carnival and all. I drove my car with two of my buddies over there to check out their girls.

My buddies are Nick and fat Andy. I grew up with them and we have gone all through school with each other. All of us played sports and were pretty good at whatever we played. Andy was going on to college and Nick was going into the army. I had hoped to nail a maintenance job with the state.

We met three girls from the other school while we were enjoying the carnival and took them to a burger place to eat. As we sat there talking, Kimberly and I were immediately attracted and were making eyes at each other. After we finished eating and flirting with each other, we went back to the fund raiser and Kimberly asked if I could drive her home when the evening was done. On the ride I found out Kim didn't want to stay because her old boyfriend was there with a new girlfriend and she was pissed off. He had seen the two of us holding hands, which she wanted him to see, so he would be pissed too, but he just bent over his date and kissed her hard.

Kim took me to a place to park as it was still too early for her to go home, and I figured she wanted to neck and forget about her boyfriend. You could tell he was still bothering her because she talked a lot about him while we were parking. I hadn't been with too many girls as I was into sports pretty heavy and behind in my schoolwork, leaving little time for fun. I needed to graduate from high school to get a job with the state or I would be looking at a future with Burger King flipping burgers for a living.

Kim was telling me she was going off to college to get a degree. When I heard that I gave her a line of shit saying I was going off to college too. When we were at the burger place, I thought she had taken her bra off while she was in the ladies room. When I felt her tit through her sweater and found no restrictions, I knew I was right and she was hot to go. Being inexperienced and still a virgin I didn't have rubbers with me and kind of hoped we wouldn't have sex. Now I was under her sweater and pulling on her nipples as she moaned. The next thing I knew her hand was on my cock I got all excited and was ready to cum. This was the first time a girl had ever touched me.

I finally lifted her sweater up and she pulled my head right into her tits. Even though this was one of my first times with a set of bare boobs, I was sucking away like I was a pro. This girl was plenty hot; I was never with a girl like her before. I had always dreamed of this and was in heaven. I had only played with tits through shirts before and never had a tit in my mouth. I knew she was experienced and I wasn't, but I played like I had done it all my life. After a long time of sucking on her tits and hearing her moan I made a play for her pants and belt but she moved fast, grabbed my wrist and stopped me from going any further.

I figured I had blown my chances when instead she leaned over and unzipped my pants. Next she reached in and pulled my cock out and started to rub it. I knew I would never last long and was scared I would shoot all over her as her head was close to my cock. Then she leaned into my cock and took it in her mouth. That was it! I don't know if she even sucked on it or not. It exploded and I was humping her mouth and she continued to suck my cock as I shot load after load into her throat. After a few minutes she sat up and reached for her purse and opened it.

That's when I saw her bra in the purse. Kim pulled out a baggie and it had a damp wash cloth in it and she washed her face off. Then she reached over and pulled my cock straight up and washed it off too.

After I calmed down and came back to earth, we just sat there in each other's arms talking for about an hour. We continued to talk about her and me and what we would do in college and the good jobs we would end up with. Damn this college stuff sounded good and I almost wished I were smart enough to go. It sure sounded like a good way to land a decent job. I was starting to recover from my first blow job and I wanted to fool around again but she said wait till next time, it was getting late and she had to get going.

When I got back to the carnival to pick up Nick and Andy I had to wait till Nick got back. He walked a girl home and Andy had struck out with his girl so he was there. We waited an hour and he showed up with the girl's bra in his pocket. We exchanged stories on the way home laughing all the way.

I called Kim the next day and we talked. She didn't come right out and say it but I could tell she was still pissed at her boyfriend and probably wanted to use me to get back at him. That would be fine with me. The next few days we talked again and she said she was back with her boyfriend but we still could be friends. Sure, just what a guy wants to hear after his first blowjob. We talked from time to time, until her boyfriend dropped her again and then she called me more.

We finally ended up talking right up to June and then her boyfriend came into the picture strong this time, so I could see it was hopeless to proceed with her. We did date. I drove over to pick her up for a date or stay at her house and watch TV. I did get about five more blowjobs out of it and played with her pussy so it wasn't a waste of time for me. It was a thirty-mile haul to her house and that is why I didn't see too much of her.

Trying to keep my grades up as best I could and playing sports, I didn't have too much time for her. Plus I had a girl in my area that I was making a run at. So in June when she said her old boyfriend was taking her to the prom I more or less quit calling her.

I next ran into Kimberly three years later out at the lake. I had been working for the state for three years right after high school. I had bought a cheap speedboat to pick up chicks and have some fun. I didn't have a steady girl and what I could see from the girls I dated, I didn't know if I wanted to marry one of them. The girls I knew had sex once week with one guy and sex the next week with another guy. I had just as much fun chasing them around and get a piece of ass every now and then rather than tying myself down with one steady girlfriend.

Kim was with a couple girls and they were on the island drinking like the rest of us. I finally got up the nerve and went over to talk to her. The last time we had spoke on the phone, which was about eight months after our first meeting, I had told her I was going to college. Now she was in her senior year and asked where I was going and what year I was in. I told her I decided to go to work for the state and to go to school part time. Another big ass lie. She asked me what I was taking part time. I finally laughed and told her I wasn't taking anything and not going to school at all, that I had lied to her.

She laughed at me and said, "You guys say anything to get a piece of ass from a girl." I agreed with her and we headed for the beach for volleyball. We fooled around and had fun all day eating drinking and playing around. As night came we all left and I maneuvered it so that I drove her home. I found out when we went in her house that her parents and brother and sister were at a party.

We sat on the couch and started to neck. After a lot of swapping spit I started for her tits and took her shirt off to reveal no bra underneath. We were in all kinds of position as we kissed and felt each other up. About half-hour into it she once again had a hand inside my shorts and pulled my cock out. I was thinking this was great and this time I had rubbers with me.

After five minutes of her playing with my dick I started to move for her shorts to pull them down. She lifted up to let me slide them down. She had beautifully trimmed pubic hair shaped into a perfect triangle. I slid my hand over it feeling its soft texture. My hand progressed further to find her wet lips. I easily slipped a finger in and she moaned in ecstasy.

She started humping my hand ever so slightly with every stroke of my finger. Then she moved and she once again took my cock in her mouth, just like years ago. Unlike our last encounter, I had gained some experience and would not shoot that quickly.

I'm not sure how long she pleasured me with her oral expertise, but I did shoot again in her mouth without any warning. She gagged and tried to keep up with the flow but some did seep past her lips and down her chin. She wasn't mad but she let me know I should give her a warning when I was ready to shoot. She sat up and reached for her beach bag and pulled out a baggie with a wash cloth in it just like old times and washed her lips and face. This girl sure got good use out of her baggie and wash cloth. Then she washed my cock off, gave me a slight smile and told me it was my turn to do her.

She spread one leg over the top of the couch and one leg on the floor as she sat up against the arm of the couch. I got down on the couch and just took in the gorgeous sight before me. I bent down, getting closer to the forbidden treasure denied me years ago. I slowly took her lips into my mouth, gently sucking them. Her juices had a slight sweet taste that I fell in love with the moment it touched my tongue. I probed my tongue deeper into her gathering as much nectar as I could. She again started her soft gyrations on my face. While I was busy devouring her pussy her foot had found my raging hard on and started a slow stoking with her toes along the length of my shaft. She had really started to get into it as I zeroed in on her swollen clit, she started bucking in earnest and I continued my assault on her engorged button.

I worked her pussy good (if I do say so myself) she moaned and screamed and kept pushing my head into her pussy. I tried to come up to fuck her and she pushed me down, indicating to me there would be no fucking at least till I had finished eating her to orgasm. I could feel my cock getting ready to explode all over the couch. I lifted my head from her and told her she had me as hot as I had her and I was going to shoot.

That must have put her over the edge because she immediately started to shake and convulse in an earth shattering orgasm. After she calmed down she softly pushed me away needing to rest.

I was just about ready to shoot on her foot that was playing with my cock even though she had just gone through an orgasm. She just lay there completely exhausted, keeping up her manipulations with her foot on my aching cock. After five minutes of me just watching her give me a lazy foot job, she crawled up to my lap and took my cock in her mouth again.

After a few minutes she looked at me and said you will tell me when you're coming won't you. I nodded my head yes as she went back to work on my cock. Her talent had gotten even better with practice over the years.

When I told her I was coming, she took her mouth off it and I spurted gob after gob of my cum on her tits. I came harder than I ever had from a blowjob before. When it was finished she rubbed it into her tits and we started laughing about it. Finally, she once again took the wash cloth and cleaned up. I left shortly after that and she told me she was going back to school in a few days. In the weeks that followed, we really didn't see each other much. The last time I saw her I took her out to dinner. We neither stayed in touch nor did she ask to stay in touch or write.

We talked a lot at the dinner we had. She told me she was getting a job in a public relations firm once she got out of school and it was all set because it was a firm run by a close friend of their family. She was all excited about it but was nice enough to ask about what I wanted to do with my life. I told her I was working in the maintenance section for the state and we were getting all new computers. I told her that maintenance was sure changing and that with computers coming on, and I knew enough about them so that I would be moving right up the ladder.

Most of the guys there were in their late 30's or early 40's and I didn't think they would pick it up as fast as I would. Also, I didn't think a lot of them were as bright as I was. She seemed really interested and caring about my life. She told me to take it easy and not to drink or do drugs and things would look good for me in the future. We also talked about her life plans. She said she didn't want to get married right away and wanted to wait till she was about 30 and then marry some rich guy and quit work and spend all his money raising the kids, we both laughed. I took her home and it was the last I saw of her till three years later.

Three years later I was at a fundraiser for a Congressman that our union was backing. Seeing I got free tickets for the fifty dollar a plate dinner I went. I had asked Nick and Andy to go but they had tickets for the ball game so I went by myself. I figured a lot of women would be there so why not me chasing one of them around. As it turned out, I got to know the Congressman quite well. We think alike, and have dinner three or four times a year.

As I was moving from one of the bars to another checking out the women to see who was free I felt a pair of warm hands cover my eyes.

She was saying, "Guess who?" I gave up and turned to look at her to see who it was. It was Kim. A big smile came on my face when I saw her.

She asked me if I was the congressman running for office.

"NO", I said laughing.

Kim said, "Damn! You clean up nice in that new suit I figured you were the congressman."

Then she laughed and told me her firm was running his campaign in this area and she was part of the team, in fact she was the one in charge of it. She said, "I figured I would bust your balls", as she laughed but then she said, "You looked real nice in a suit; you should get a job wearing one." We headed off and danced a few tunes.

I called her Kim and she asked me please call her Kimberly when she was working.

"Kim does not sound classy enough for my job while working a room full of influential people", she said.

I told her, "Sure! Kimberly! I have no problem with it."

I have to say it was hard at first but I got the hang of it and most of the time I called her Kimberly anyways.

So we danced about six songs at different times in between her taking care of her organizer responsibilities as the night went on. I could see her working the room, talking to people and feeling them out. She would walk up to a group of guys and put her arm around one's neck and whisper in his ear. They both would laugh and the other guys would move closer to her. She would shake hands with different people and hug others.

You could almost see her rubbing her body against some of the guys. She sure knew how to play a room. She never stood by herself for long. All the guys flocked to her. They were all different ages, from twenty to eighty. They all wanted to be near her, to hear what she had to say.

During one of our brief encounters during the night she asked me if I would drive her home after the party was over, and I jumped at the chance. Since it was a Friday night and it was relatively early, we went and had a few drinks. Time slipped away from us and before we knew it the bar closed and we had to leave. We went to a diner for something to eat and some coffee. We sat there and talked till four in the morning. She told me she didn't really need a ride home but back to the hotel to get her car. She just asked for one because she wanted some time alone with me. We made a date to go out again.

We went to a dance club that she hung around all the time. I knew the place but it was way out of my league. She knew everyone there, plus the doorman, so there was no charge other than a tip to him. We ran into her friends and sat with them. She had two girls that she used to go to school with that I didn't like much at all. They where Sara and Rita, and they played up to all the guys, which is another way of saying they would fuck anyone. Now that I'm not a kid, I didn't like that in a woman. Her other friend seemed nice but you could tell they all came from money.

The short four hours I was there I hoped they were not her best friends. As it turned out she hung with them in college but was only so-so friends now. Those girls were just out for a good time with anyone who had the money. I sure felt way out of place as they were all dressed up in expensive suits and I had one off the racks. Kimberley loved to dance and we danced quite a bit and she also danced with a bunch of other guys. She also worked the room just like I saw her do when she was working.

She seemed to know everyone, and the ones she didn't know, she got to know within a few minutes. She and the Congressman were birds of a feather. All charm, focus completely on whoever you are talking to and call them by name, she had a great knack for remembering names, and move on before someone asks anything you have to say no to. Around midnight we left to go to another bar for a few drinks. After that I took her home and she invited me to come by her place the next day to hang out with her. It was Sunday and she usually stayed home to prepare for the week's work she had to do. She said it was her lazy day.

Hanging out with her was fun. We didn't do that much except talk all day about our lives and what had happened to us over the years. She told me that she was doing well in the firm but too many guys there trying to get in her pants. Everyone, guys from the mail boy up to the president of the firm. Kim said she had two promotions since working there. She said she could fuck her way to the top if she wanted to, but was working for it honestly, instead.

When she said that I was thinking: 'save one of the fucks for me'.

It was a month before I did get in her pants. I dated her once a week and she would call me once or twice a day to talk to me. She had a lot of other dates while I was with her so I wasn't the only guy she went out with. I didn't know if she was doing the other guys or not, but I wore a rubber.

We started to have sex after about six dates. Oh yes she still did the wash cloth thing - I guess that was her signature. She said she was on the pill, but I told her I used rubbers just to be sure she didn't get knocked up, but really to protect myself in case she came down with something while she dated other guys. I never did ask her if she was doing other guys or not.

A few times I went alone to her favorite dancing spots on the weekends and saw her with her dates. One time I went with Andy and Nick as they were more into the high class places than I was.

They both got married a few years ago and their wives where both at a baby shower that night, so they had the night off and went with me.

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