tagIncest/TabooWash Day

Wash Day


Helen lay back and relished the beautiful sensations caused by the stranger's tongue plunging in and out of her exceptionally wet pussy. She was building to a wonderful orgasm when suddenly her bliss was interrupted by a persistent and irritating noise. Reluctantly she slowly opened her eyes and the room shot back into sharp focus.

"Shit!" she exclaimed glaring at the alarm clock. "It was only a dream."

She turned the clock off and lay back, still slightly breathless. She looked down at the tangled sheets barely covering her naked body. Her left hand still nestled in her pussy hair. She rubbed her thumb and forefinger together and felt the slippery wetness of the juices that coated them.

She smiled and said to herself, "So the stranger's tongue was just my fingers, damn!"

She idly continued to rub her swollen lips and clit. God she felt horny.

"I need a damn good fucking," she thought.

But there were no cocks to be had. Her husband was 4 days into a week-long business trip, and she was alone in the house with their 18 year old daughter Clare, back from university for the holidays. As her fingers carried on their caressing she thought about digging out her biggest vibrator and ramming it up her cunt and giving herself a 'good seeing to'.

"I must be horny," she thought. She never referred to her pussy as a cunt, unless she was feeling really dirty.

As she lay there debating what to do she suddenly thought, "What the hell are you doing? You're a 42 year old woman, not some teenage girl who can lie around all day playing with herself. Get a grip of yourself and get moving, jobs to do."

Reluctantly she climbed out of bed and immediately caught sight of herself in the full length mirrors on the wardrobe doors.

"Not bad," she thought.

Her breasts were a nice size, "a real good handful" her husband would say. She pinched her hard nipples and shivered.

"Belly still nice and flat," she said as she ran her hands over it, "and a lovely hairy pussy."

She admired her neatly trimmed bush. Her husband insisted she didn't shave, he liked the natural look; he said he loved the way it smelled and tasted when it was soaked with her pussy juice. She liked it too, and she smiled when she saw her swollen pink lips and clit still poking out through the hairs. She licked her fingers and gave her clit a last delicious rub before slipping a gown over her still naked body and then heading out the bedroom to begin a new day.

She wandered through the living room and kitchen and then into the small utility / laundry room between the kitchen and garage. She loaded the washing machine, and then went back into the kitchen to make breakfast.

Sometime later, breakfast finished and the paper read, she started to feel a little lonely, and grumbled to herself about teenagers' ability to sleep until lunchtime.

"The least she could do is keep me company!" she murmured.

As her mind started to wander her thoughts turned back to her lost but lovely dream. Her robe had slipped open slightly and almost subconsciously her hand slipped between her legs. As she gently stroked herself the other hand began to rub her breasts. She leaned back, spread her legs and the gown slipped open even further. She continued to caress her body for the next few minutes, concentrating on rubbing her pussy and gently pinching her nipples. Just as she was starting to feel warm and tingly she heard a noise from upstairs.

"Oh shit!" She stopped suddenly, and quickly wrapped the gown around her. "That would look great, being caught frigging yourself in the dining room by your teenage daughter!"

She continued listening, but all had gone quiet again -- false alarm. However the moment had passed.

"Back to reality," she declared glumly, stood up and headed off to do some housework.

She went back into the utility room, and leaned over the washing machine to reach a box of washing powder on the high shelf behind it. As she did so the corner of the washer pushed gently into her pussy; the effect was startling, almost electrifying. Helen yelped and leapt backwards.

"Wow!" she exclaimed.

Steeling herself this time, she placed both hands on top of the washer and gently brought her pussy back towards the machine. Through the thin fabric of her gown she could easily feel, and appreciate, the deep and rhythmic vibrations of the washer's motor and rotating drum. She pushed harder into the machine and felt vibrations increase deliciously. She licked her lips, her mouth had suddenly become very dry, and her heart was beating faster.

"Oh my god," she thought, "this could be fantastic."

She moved her hips up and down slowly, allowing the corner of the washer to stroke up and down her slit. At the bottom of the stroke her legs quivered as the vibrating machine touched her clit. Helen was now in an erotic world of her own. All thoughts of housework, daughters and mundane things replaced by one single thought -- she had to come, and come hard.

Helen stepped back grabbed a cloth off the nearby worktop and wiped the top of the washer clean. She then turned her back to the machine, frantically untied her robe, hitched it around her waist and then sat her naked arse and pussy on top of the machine. One leg dangled over the front of the machine and one over the side so she could see the corner of the washer poking out from under her damp pussy hair. The sensations were even better in this position, and seemed to go through her whole lower body. She found that if she leant forward and pushed her pussy hard against the top the vibrations were magnified enormously, and so was the pleasure. How could she have only just discovered this marvellous device, she'd been using washers for over 20 years!

As the machine whirred and trembled Helen rocked back and forth, controlling the feelings in her loins to just how she wanted them, and she wanted them intense! Her gown was now wide open; she pulled and twisted on her magnificent tits, and almost brutally ground her hairy pussy into the washer top. Pussy juice was flowing out of her freely, soaking her pubic hair and the washer top; she could see it squelching as she rocked back and forth.

Suddenly there was a click from the washer and it began to spin. The sudden increases in vibration almost made Helen come on the spot.

"Christ!" she screamed and clung onto the machine shaking with passion as the intensity became almost too much.

The spin stopped after just a few seconds though, and Helen composed herself. She looked down; a small pool of creamy juice had formed under her lips. She dipped 2 fingers in and brought them to her mouth, licking them clean and loving the taste of herself.

Helen knew that the short spin was just before the final rinse cycle, and that the final spin lasted 3 or 4 minutes. She was in for a hell of a ride! During the final rinse Helen was preparing herself, and building up for what she expected to be a cataclysmic orgasm. She rocked back and forth, pulling and pinching her nipples, rubbing her clit frantically, pushing her fingers deep into her pussy and then slurping down her own juices.

Her timing was perfect, she was on the brink of orgasm, when she heard the click and the motor went into overdrive.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck," she screamed as the spin cycle took her over the edge.

Orgasm seemed to follow orgasm as she bucked and screamed on top of the machine. She had truly never experienced such a feeling and seemed to spend the last minute or 2 of the spin just howling, while she pummelled her tits, ground her fingers in her clit, and succumbed to the constant shuddering of her body in the throes of orgasm. Just when she thought she could take no more, another click and the machine started to slow. She heaved a deep and satisfied sigh, and looked down at her sweat soaked body with immense happiness.

Then she heard: "Mum! What the hell are you doing?"

She looked up sharply to see Clare stood in the doorway looking absolutely horrified. For a second Helen considered making an excuse -- 'I fell on the washer, and this happened?' It was of course laughable, she had no excuse.

So she smiled sheepishly at her daughter and said breathlessly, "I was just enjoying myself."

She added, "How long have you been there?"

Clare replied in a very indignant tone, "Long enough to see you 'having fun'!"

"Shit, shit, shit," thought Helen. "Seeing this could have traumatised her?"

She worried Clare may run off crying or something, so she climbed off the washer and went over to comfort her. She hardly looked the part of the caring mother, mostly naked, covered in sweat and stinking of sex, and then when she glanced back at the washer she saw the copious amount of her pussy juice smearing the washer top. She felt rather ashamed.

Helen need not have worried. Clare was acting indignant and aggrieved because she felt she should be. She had been very shocked to see her mother writhing on the washer. She knew a daughter should never see her mother like this. But she was a whole bundle of conflicting emotion; because in reality she had enjoyed the 'show'. She had never seen anything so erotic, and was more than a little turned on by the sight of her mother's still lovely body writhing on the machine. She felt very guilty and dirty about this, but couldn't deny the fact that she was more than a little moist between her legs. Perhaps the thing that made her most indignant was the fact that she wanted to be the one on the washer having fun!

Helen tried, albeit rather unsuccessfully, to put herself back together -- tie her robe, straighten her hair.

She put a hand on Clare's shoulder and said, "Sorry darling that must have been awful for you. I don't know what came over me."

Clare just grunted, still trying to come to terms with her conflicting emotions.

Helen did not know what to make of this reaction so took a more radical approach. "It really was quite wonderful though. Why don't you have a go?"

"What!" cried Clare. "You're suggesting I masturbate on the washer in front of you?"

"Well, err, well I suppose so," stuttered Helen, rather out of her depth.

Clare just shook her head, not because she didn't like the idea, but she couldn't believe her mother would suggest it. Clare's reaction was not helping Helen. She tried another tack.

"I guess I just want to try and explain by showing you how good it felt. Just come and stand by the washer like I did at first."

This was Clare's chance to take the upper hand.

"OK, I suppose so," she said acting all innocent. "But it seems so wrong," and then allowed herself to be led by the hand towards the washer.

Helen looked at her tall slender daughter wrapped in a thin white robe. Despite her willowy figure she had large boobs, definitely bigger than Helen's. "Probably an E cup," Helen thought, followed by, "I'd love to see them," as a guilty afterthought. "Where were these sudden lesbo tendencies coming from?"

She led Helen over to the washer and switched it on to rinse. She smiled at her daughter and said, "Gently push your crotch against the corner."

Clare did as she was told in a rather stiff and awkward manner. She stifled a gasp when she felt the buzzing on her clit, it was wonderful, but she was going to keep up the prim daughter act for a bit longer!

"Nice huh?" said Helen.

"Hmm," replied Clare non-committedly.

She experimented moving up and down and side to side. It really was as good as her mother said. She could feel her lips opening up and wetness spreading from her pussy. The corner of the washer touched her clit again and she gasped suddenly, her mother smiled. The feelings were immense and Clare knew her role playing was nearly over, there was no going back; she just had to come on this huge white vibrator!

"This is only the start," said Helen. "Why don't you sit on top?"

"You bet I will!" said the increasingly horny Clare, but only to herself. She turned her back to the machine and gently sat down.

"No, no," said Helen. "Open your robe first." Clare looked at her shyly.

"I've seen it all before," said Helen, although not for a while she thought, and not the grown up version with those tits!

Clare loosened her robe and climbed on-board like her mother had done. This was Helen's first glimpse of her daughter's body. Her boobs were still covered, but Helen was shocked to see her pussy was shaved completely smooth, so unlike her own.

Clare started to rock back and forth and grind her pussy, just like her mum had. As she got increasingly excited, rubbing her fingers up and down her smooth slit, creamy pussy juice started to leak from her lips. Helen sat back on the chair opposite the washer and watched her daughter with growing desire. Her hand slipped under her robe and she started to finger her own pussy.

As Clare started to thrash around her robe opened further and revealed her breasts to her mother. Helen gasped, they were magnificent, and in response she started to caress her own. She was also fascinated by her daughter's hairless juice machine! As Clare writhed it seemed to be pumping out lovely thick creamy fluid in an unending stream. Helen's own arousal was increasing in line with her daughter's. All of a sudden Clare screamed and the noise of the washer increased hugely. Helen looked up to see her bucking and thrashing on the washer -- the short spin had caught her unawares.

As the spin stopped a dishevelled and breathless Clare looked at Helen and mouthed, "Oh Fucking Hell!" and then smiled.

As the lower intensity rinse returned Clare fumbled with the belt on her robe, fought her way out of it with some difficulty, and flung it on the floor. She needed to be naked.

Helen was enthralled by her daughter's now naked body. It was beautiful.

"Those tits are wonderful," thought Helen. "She has the body of a porn star."

She slumped back in her chair still staring at her daughter. Loving the way she was bumping and grinding on the washer, her breasts wobbling seductively, her body arching in near ecstasy and that beautiful hairless pussy being thoroughly abused on the washer top, and still pumping out fluid. Helen's robe was fully open now and she was rubbing her own pussy towards another orgasm, smearing her own juices over her already matted hair. She pushed 2 fingers up her cunt and started to finger fuck herself. She looked up and caught her daughter's eye, who smiled and held up 3 fingers. Doing as she was told Helen inserted yet another finger into her sloppy cunt and continued slowly fucking herself. Clare smiled appreciatively.

Just like her mother, the start of the spin cycle pushed Clare over the edge and into a string of multiple orgasms. Helen watched Clare screaming in passion as her body vibrated and bucked all over the washer. She was violently tugging her nipples and slapping her soaking wet cunt as her body was wracked by orgasm after orgasm. It was also too much for Helen and she brutally finger fucked her own cunt until she was hit by another stunning orgasm and let out a massive scream. Her fingers continued to fly until she could stand it no more, and she collapsed back on the chair, just as the washer clicked on, and the spin cycle ended with a final ecstatic scream from Clare.

Silence returned to the utility room, broken only by the sound of 2 very breathless ladies.

Clare leaned back on her elbows, wiggled her boobs and pussy seductively and said, "WOOOOooooooeeeeeeeee! That was fucking wild. I'm exhausted, and I'm still shaking." Helen grinned, "Good, isn't it."

"Too right," replied Clare.

Both ladies slumped back to recover, both now completely comfortable in their own, and each other's nakedness. They lay opposite each other, with legs splayed open in a lewd manner, gloriously displaying their battered pussies to one other.

Helen, sprawled in the old armchair with her gown thrown wide, was fascinated by her daughter's shaven puss. So different to her own; it looked so soft and inviting. She was also astonished by her wetness. The fluid was all over her lips and pussy mound making them both shine like she had used lip gloss.

From her slightly higher position on the washer Clare gazed down at her mum. She watched as her breasts trembled deliciously with each laboured breath and then worked down to look at her pussy. The hair, which she was sure must normally be nicely trimmed, was wet and matted. Like a small dog left out in the rain she thought to herself with a smile. Her lips were red and her love hole was still gaping open after her recent exertions.

"My god!" she thought. "I'm lying staring into my mum's well fucked cunt, this is so bizarre, and very wrong, but also so very horny."

She felt her mum's eyes on her and looked up to meet her gaze. Their eyes met and Clare grinned, "Who would have thought we could spend such lovely moments together just staring into each other's battered twats!"

Helen just laughed. Normally she would have told her not to use bad language, but that was hardly appropriate now. Instead she said, "I'm absolutely fascinated by your shaved pussy. What made you do it?"

"I used to be hairy like you; a friend was talking about shaving, and so I tried it as an experiment, but found I really liked it. I like the way it feels so soft and squidgy, it seems more sensitive without hair. It also feels really really sensual when I rub my juices over a bald pussy, much more so than with hair."

She demonstrated by dipping her fingers into the pool of pussy juice between her legs and rubbing it gently all over her pussy.

"Hmmm," she purred. "As you can see I'm a bit of a gusher. I love my own juices, and since I shaved I seem to produce even more. I don't know if it's heightened sensitivity, or just no hair to soak it up, but I like being so wet."

"You certainly are very juicy," said Helen.

As her daughter was talking Helen was watching the pool of pussy fluid spread across the washer. It had now reached the edge and she watched as rivulet of her daughter's secretions ran slowly down the front of the washer. Helen got up slowly and shrugged off the remains of her robe, making her completely naked like Clare, and walked slowly towards her daughter. Clare looked at her quizzically. Helen reached out her hand and with her index finger wiped up the rivulet of Clare's juice that was running down the washer. Clare realised what she was doing and smiled, but the look turned to surprise as her mum, seemingly in a world of her own, brought the finger to her mouth and licked Clare's juice from it.

"Eughh, Mummy's eating my pussy juice!" Clare squealed teasingly.

Helen looked up suddenly and blushed with deep embarrassment. "Oh my God I'm so sorry," she said. "I don't know what came over me." "Hey, it's no problem," said Clare urgently. "I was only teasing. Do I not get any?"

"What?" said Helen.

"Do I not get to taste my own pussy?" replied Clare, opening her mouth like a baby bird.

Helen smiled and dipped 2 fingers into the still slightly warm pool. She coated them with as much juice as she could and stretched them out towards Clare's mouth, losing a few drips on the way.

"Hmm, lovely," said Clare as she hungrily slurped down her own juice.

Helen looked down at her daughter's naked body. A big blob of juice had dripped onto the large areola of her left breast. Helen wiped it off with her finger, but spent rather longer than was necessary caressing Clare's nipple, before licking the juice off her finger again; much to Clare's delight.

Clare looked up at her mum. "Usually my lovers like to lick my wet pussy clean after our sex sessions. I like it too. Not necessarily to have another orgasm, but because its leaves me with such a nice warm and tingly feeling."

"Really," said Helen, completely missing the point.

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